Good Bye Vinny

It wasn’t a normal baseball day.  It was the day we all were saying goodbye to a legend, our broadcaster of 67 years, Vin Scully.  No one can remember anyone else being the voice of the Dodgers.  We were all preparing ourselves for an emotional day.  Is there any Dodger fan who doesn’t love Vin Scully?

The whole weekend was being dedicated to Vin but Friday was the special day.

My friend had given me a Vin Scully tee shirt right before the game.  It was a total surprise.  Thank you!!

The grounds crew were busy setting up for the tribute.
There were hugs all around.
We were all early.  Robert brought his Mom.

I was excited because FedEx had delivered my new iphone 10 minutes before I was going to leave for the game.  I was trying to transfer data from my old phone to this one at the Stadium.  It’s always such an ordeal to transfer data from one phone to another.  I just have too much junk on my phone.

Micah Johnson was at the dugout and seemed thrilled to sign a couple of pictures for fans.  Show us how you really feel.

I went to the club to eat early since I wasn’t sure how crowded it would be.  They had opened the auto gates at 4:10 for everyone but only let season ticket holders into the stadium gates.   Everyone else entered at 4:40.  They had anticipated a crowd.  But even 30 minutes before the ceremony was to begin at 6:30, the stadium seemed empty.  I think they forgot this is a Dodger crowd.  Many fans tend to arrive late and leave early.  The food was wonderful.  The Asian tostadas were unusual but worked with crunchy tortilla rounds, a spicy cabbage garnish and a perfect combination of garnishes.

We were all looking forward to the tribute.

Yasmani walked across the field as usual.  He still has the tape on the right arm.
And he absolutely doesn’t look at me.
Charlie Steiner was the MC of the event.  The Dodgers looked on from the dugout.
The guests were introduced.  They included the commissioner of baseball, the mayor of Los Angeles, Sandy Koufax, Clayton Kershaw (representing the Dodger players), and Kevin Costner.

Mayor Garcetti gave Vin the key to the city.
Others gave heartfelt speeches in tribute to Vin.  I could see the emotions in Vinny’s face.

John Williams who conducted the Los Angeles Philharmonic orchestra in a magnificent rendition of the National Anthem.

After the tribute to Vin, it was business as usual with the guys stretching while the grounds crew cleaned up.  The game was delayed until 7:45.  I knew it would be a late night considering there were fireworks scheduled.
It was a great night for families.
Duke was enjoying a little watermelon.
Scott Kazmir, fresh off DL, was to start for the Dodgers.
First pitch
The first inning didn’t go well for the Dodgers.  We had hopes for a Win for Vin.  Charlie Blackmon singled, Carlos Gonzalez also singled but luckily no one was able to score.  

Corey walked
Justin was hit by a pitch, Corey to 2nd.
Adrian walked, Corey to 3rd, Justin to 2nd
Yaz singled, scoring Corey and Justin.  2-0
Ross Stripling replaced Scott Kazmir by the top of the 2nd.  Apparently Scott was having some intercostal pain.  The Rockies were out in order.

Ross Stripling walked but was left on base.
In the top of the 3rd inning,  Adames singled, Charlie Blackmon singled and stole a base.  They were left on base.  The Dodgers were out in order.

In the top of the 4th inning, Tom Murphy and Cardullo both walked but were left on base.

In the bottom of the 4th inning Joc hit a solo homerun. 3-0.

Andre Ethier came into the game to pinch-hit.

And he also hit a solo homerun.  4-0.

In the top of the 5th inning, the Rockies were out in order with Luis Avilan pitching.  In the bottom of the 5th inning, Justin Turner and Adrian Gonzalez singled.

Yaz struck out, Justin out on 3rd.

In the top of the 6th inning, Nolan Arenado hit a solo homerun.  4-1.  David Dahl singled.  Tom Murphy singled, scoring Dahl.  4-2.

In the bottom of the 6th inning, Joc drew another walk.

In the top of the 7th inning, the Rockies were out in order.

In the bottom of the 7th inning, Chase was hit by a pitch.

Justin singled.  Adrian hit a sacrifice fly scoring Chase. 5-2.  Yasmani walked but was left on base.
In the top of the 8th inning, carlos Gonzalez hit a double but was left on base.

In the bottom of the 8th inning, Andrew Toles singled but was caught stealing 2nd base.
Joc drew a walk.
Yasiel hit a ground rule double.  We thought it was a homerun.
It looked promising for the Dodgers in the top of the 9th inning when Kenley came out to close the game.

It was a great win for Vin.  The game didn’t end until  11:29.  They were able to finish the night with fireworks.  We were all tired.

During the game I was surprised by my good friend Jessica Washington who was at the game.  She was so lucky winning Fandango tickets.

It really made my night complete seeing her.  

I was given this awesome hat by another friend.  Thank you so much.  I love it.

Saturdays game will feature Ace Clayton Kershaw 11-3 ERA 1.73 and Chad Bettie 13-7 ERA 4.79.  The Giants lost to the Padres Friday night so the magic number is now 2.  

Thanks for stopping by.  GO DODGERS!!!  What a thrilling night it was from start to finish.  Wouldn’t it be special if the Dodgers could clinch at home for Vin.  Maybe Saturday or Sunday.

Vinny Day

Rockies Game One

The magic number is now 4 with the win Thursday night against the Rockies.  The Giants were able to beat the Padres.  We keep hoping that the Dodgers can clinch the Western Division at home.  It looks like it may happen on the road but we have our fingers crossed that we can be part of the celebration. 

This was two years ago.

Clayton Kershaw was throwing some pitches during early batting practice.
Everyone seemed upbeat.  A win always gets everyone in a good mood.
There wasn’t much going on by the dugout so I went up to the club to eat.

I went back to the field and thought it was a good time to take some selfies.  There were a few that I had wanted for a while including one with Asher.  Look who’s photobombing us…Justin.

My ushers who have put up with me all season are the best!!

Justin Turner came to the side to talk to family.  The baby definitely looks like a relative complete with taffy hair.

Mary was excited to get Justin’s autograph.

  Justin is a difficult autograph to get.  It’s not his thing.

There’s Justin’s autograph on the bottom below Kenta’s.  I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.  The players know I don’t usually get autographs.

Here’s my selfie with Justin…I was a little shy.  But before he left he came up to me and gave me a high five.

Ross Stripling was being interviewed on SportsNet.
Yasmani.  I wonder why his right arm is taped up
Don’t look at me
Brett Anderson was starting.  He had just come off of DL.  
He did some of his stretching with his glove balanced on his head.

I kept looking at his back pocket.

We were celebrating Tommy Lasorda’s 89th birthday.
The Dodgers all came on the field to congratulate him.  It was an awesome show of love.
Corey and Chase were on the field stretching
Stan Lee of Spider-Man fame threw the first pitch.  What a fantastic guy he is!!

Chase Utley signed autographs.
So did Corey
National Anthem
Jesse Chavez definitely has taken over as the guy in the hoody
Andrew Toles made sure his shoes are tied
And Brett Anderson took that lonely walk to the dugout.  He seemed to be in his own world.  
The umps and Doc
First pitch.  Seriously, while I was taking this picture someone actually tried to walk in front of me.  Not happy.  First inning went well for Brett.  The Rockies were out in order.
In the bottom of the first inning, Chase hit a single but was left on base.
Brett ran into trouble in the 2nd inning.  Car Go singled, Nick Hundley doubled scoring Car Go.  0-1. David Dahl singled.  With a wild pitch by Brett, Dahl went to second.  Stephen Cardullo walked.  Descalso hit a sacrifice fly scoring Hundley. 0-2.  Charlie Blackmon singled scoring Dahl.  0-3.  This definitely wasn’t good.  I was feeling uneasy.

Tyler Chatwood pitches well against the Dodgers.  
However, Yaz had him figured out hitting a solo homerun in the bottom of the second.  1-3
Joc walked but was left on base.  
In the 3rd inning, the Rockies were out in order.  Chase walked but was left on base.

In the 4th inning, Descalso singled but was left on base.  

Adrian walked in the bottom  of the 4th inning.

Yaz singled.  Both he and Adrian were left on base.  FRUSTRATION!!!

In the top of the 5th inning, DJ LeMahieu hit a solo homerun making the score 4-1.  The Dodgers were out in order in the bottom of the 5th.

Josh Ravin replaced Brett Anderson.  The Rockies were out in order.

In the bottom of the 6th inning, Adrian singled, Yaz doubled.  Josh Reddick ground out scoring Adrian.  4-2

Joc walked.  He was out at 2nd with a Howie ground out.  
In the top of the 7th inning, Luis Avilan replaced Josh Ravin.  The Rockies were out in order.

In the bottom of the 7th, Tyler Chatwood was replaced by Jordan Lyles.  

Andre Ethier, pinch hitting, hit a ground rule double to right field.
Now why didn’t we leave Tyler in?

  Boone Logan came in to replace Jordan Lyles.  Not a good choice for the Rockies but good for the Dodgers.
Justin hit a fly ball to right field.
Pinch hitter Yasiel Puig replaced Andrew Toles.  He walked.  Is it my imagination or does it seem that the tone of the game changes when Puig enters the game.  Dodger fans were chanting “Puig, Puig, PUIG!!!”
Corey also walked.  Good eye.
Adrian Gonzalez also walked.  Andre scored on that walk.  4-3.
And then Yaz was up to bat.  Why the Rockies didn’t take  Boone Logan out of the game perplexes me but it was good for the Dodgers.
Yaz hit a grand slam homerun from the opposite side of the plate.  We were in a frenzy!!   7-4
Now it’s time for a pitching change.
Almost no one noticed that next batter Josh Reddick hit a base hit.  Joc walked but both players were left on base.
In the top of the 8th, with Joe Blanton pitching, LeMahieu singled but was left on base.
In the bottom of the 8th inning,  Nolan Arenado and manager Walt Weise were ejected by the home plate umpire.

Yasiel Puig singled and advanced to 2nd on a balk by pitcher Justin Miller.  He was left on base.  Definitely not a good day for Rockies pitchers.
We all felt that the Dodgers were poised for a win going into the 9th inning thanks to Yaz’s grand slam.

Kenley Jansen come in to finish it up.

We all breathed a sigh of relief when Cardullo lined out for the final out.

Every win gets us closer to the playoffs.  You can feel the excitement.  The players never give up.
In Friday’s game, Scott Kazmir 10-6 ERA 4.59 faces Jon Gray 10-8 ERA 4.42.  Hopefully the Dodgers can pull off a win and the Giants lose.  We’re still hoping for them to clinch at home.

Thanks for stopping by.  GO DODGERS!!!

Counting Down

The magic number is now 5.   With the Dodger win against the Giants yesterday, the number was whittled down to a mere 5.  If everything goes well for the Dodgers, they could clinch during this homestand.  But going through many seasons with them, I realized that they like to keep us on pins and needles to the last dramatic moment.

The weather was on our side.  It was cool, the sky was clear.  Early batting practice was in full swing.
I hadn’t seen the twins for a while.  They are very mobile now.
My friend Cindy was not working that day so came to the game with her family.  Where’s Crystal?

Doc stopped to talk but hurried into the clubhouse

Jose De Leon also was in a hurry

Joc did say hi as he rushed by.
I took that opportunity to eat in the club.  Cindy went up with me.  Her family wanted to stay at the dugout in case any of the players came out.  I was hungry.  The grilled sirloin steak was so delicious I had to go back for more.  The turkey also was wonderful.  The salads seem to get better and better.
Carlos Ruiz was already on the field.

And I know he wasn’t looking at me.
Robert and I took pictures with our favorite ushers
Robert with his favorite servers
It was Law Enforcement Day at the stadium

Kenta Maeda, the starting pitcher was able to make it down the field before the law enforcement program started.
Corey started his stretching alone on the field.  How magnificent is Dodger Stadium?
And then the motorcycles arrived
LAPD chief Charlie Beck was part of the program
National Anthem
What a marvelous night it was.
Everyone is loving Puig
Even the Giants
Lakers first round draft pick Brandon Ingram threw out the first pitch

A little more stretching
Then Carlos and Kenta with translator Will made that walk from bullpen to dugout
Charlie signed some autographs
The umpires checking the lineup
The twins were ready for the game to start.  Let’s all clap our hands!!!
A little preparation before the game, have to get the gum off that shoe.
First pitch.  It was a little worrisome when Kenta walked the first batter.  I think that the problem was that Ruiz had never caught Kenta before.  They didn’t seem to be on the first page.  Angel Pagan singled scoring Denard Span who had walked.   There was a catching error on Ruiz. 0-1.  That was the only run thank goodness.
First up Howie hit a base hit
Corey hit into a fielders choice, Howie out at second.  Corey on first.
Justin walked, Corey went to second.
Adrian singled.  Corey scored with Justin going to second.
And then that Puig guy was up.  

He  hit a 3 run homerun to right field. 4-1.  He got a lot of hugs once he was back in the dugout.
Carlos Ruiz hit a single
Kike Hernandez also singled with Ruiz going to 2nd.
Kenta Maeda singled to center field scoring Ruiz but Kike was out on 3rd after the run scored.  5-1.  RBI for Kenta.
In the top of the 2nd inning, Ehire Adriana homered making the score 5-2.

In the bottom of the 6th inning, Howie was hit by a pitch.
Corey singled, Howie to 3rd.
At this point, Matt Moore was pulled from the game.
He was replaced by Matt Cain.
Howie was hit by a pitch.  Justin hit a sacrifice fly scoring Howie.  6-2.

All of this action happened in the first 2 innings.  Hard to believe.

The Giants were out in order in the 3rd inning

In the bottom of the 3rd inning, Ruiz singled.
With Kike batting, wild pitch by Matt Cain sent Ruiz to 2nd.
Charlie singled, Ruiz to 3rd.

Howie doubled scoring Ruiz and Charlie.  8-2.  It was starting to look like a runaway.  
In the 4th inning, Nunez walked.  Maybe that’s better since he seems to hit well against the Dodgers.

In the bottom of the 4th, Corey hit another single and then stole a base.  He was left on base.

In the 5th inning, Denard Span was able to hit a single but was left on base.

Jake Peavy came into the game in relief.
Kike walked
Andrew Toles came in to pinch hit.  He doubled to left field, scoring Kike 9-2.
Andre came in to pitch hit but struck out.
Julio Urias came in to relieve in the 6th inning.  Hunter Pence singled and then Brandon Belt doubled scoring Pence.  9-3.
Can’t go through the game without saying hi to my friends.  Their guest was the beautiful Alyssa.

At this point, it was time to get my cookies and ice cream.  I cheated a little and made a small root beer float with my ice cream.

In the top of the 8th, Alex Wood who just was activated from DL came in to relieve.  The Giants were out in order.

In the bottom of the 8th, the Dodgers also were out in order.

But we were happy with the score.
JP Howell came into the game to finish it up in the top of the 9th.  Ehire Adrianza singled.  We all groaned!!
And then it came to this.
Final out with Giant Jarrett Parker grounding out
And then the guys climbed over the dugout fence to run on the field to celebrate.
It was a feel-good victory for the Dodgers.  They had won the series against the Giants.  It was Puig’s game.  He had sparked the victory on Monday with his confrontation with Mad Bum.  His homerun on Wednesday started the Dodgers offense.  Who is a Puig hater now?
On Thursday the Rockies come to town with Brett Anderson fresh off of DL, 0-2 ERA 24.75.  WHAT??  Let’s hope there is a good outcome.  Brett faces Tyler Chatwood 11-9 ERA 4.13.  The Dodgers have a 6 game edge on the Giants for the National League West title.

Thanks for stopping by.  The final days of the regular season are dwindling down.  There are only 4 games left.  GO DODGERS!!!!

No Bueno

The magic number remains the same. Seven. SeVeN.  SEVEN.  The Dodgers were unable to score on Tuesday night being blanked out by the Giants.  The Giants are now in a 3 way tie for wild card thanks to the Dodgers.

Tuesday was game 76.  There are only 5 home games left of the regular season, 11 total games.  I had that fleeting thought that the Dodgers could end up not winning the Western Division.  After last nights frustrating game, anything could be possible.  It’s not that the Dodgers weren’t hitting…they had a total of 9 but the hits were all over the place.  It’s that RISP that were left on base.  

It was a beautiful day.  I was prepared for the usual chaos of bobblehead day.  The front gate was jammed with cars trying to get in.  Early entry is only for those season ticket holders with an MVP card.  Most cars were turned away but it added to the confusion.  That already started my first frustration.  There was a crowd at batting practice, people I have never seen before.  It was worse that day.

The guys were in a good mood after that nice 9th winning walkoff the night before.
Andrew Toles

It was good to see my friend Baseball Head.  He had some pics of Vinny on his face.

I snagged a few autographs on a batting practice ball for friends:  Brock Stewart, new callup Micah Johnson, Kenta Maeda.  Can you tell which is which?

I was so hungry.  I thought I should go to the club and eat before the crowd arrived.  On bobblehead days, there is usually a group in there who don’t know how to act.  The jerk ribs were amazing as was the chicken and rice.  The salads were as usual wonderful.  I was happy that it wasn’t packed yet.

I knew that there would be someone in my usual spot by the field  since I saw him earlier. He will purposely stand there knowing that is where I like to take my pictures.  Oh well.   I like my vantage point there because it’s easier to take pictures but I claimed a spot closer to the dugout instead.  I wasn’t in the mood for any conversation with him.  I was able to take a few pics of Yaz.
I absolutely know he wasn’t looking at me.
Orel Hersheiser uncharacteristically went into the stands to sign autographs.  There is usher of the year Peter guarding him from overzealous fans.
Rich Hill made his way down the field and threw a few warmup pitches.
Interview subject for SportsNet was Alex Wood who was activated from DL.  Bud Norris was DFA’d.  He looks happy to be back.
Familiar faces in the crowd.  So nice to see them!!!
The sky had turned into an gorgeous sunset.  None of the players signed autographs.
Always so serious
Rich made his way from bullpen to dugout.  He left Yaz behind.
Here he comes.
Sneak peek into the dugout.  There’s Trayce on the left.  I wish he was playing.
A discussion between bench coach and umpires
First pitch.  First batter=single.  No bueno.  Nunez was able to single to left field.  I had a bad feeling already.   No score.
Chase was able to also single in the 1st inning.
Corey followed with a single of his own.  Both were left on base.  That was the theme of the game for the Dodgers.  Enough hits but no runs.
In the 2nd inning, Brandon Crawford and Brandon Belt both singled but Crawford was out at third.

Brandon Crawford left the game with a dislocated little finger later that game.
Yaz singled in the 2nd inning.
Josh Reddick also was able to get a base hit.
It wasn’t that the Dodgers couldn’t get hits against Johnny Cueto.   I can’t believe he didn’t wear those neon orange shoes.
In the 3rd inning Corey hit a double
Adrian walked but both he and Corey were left on base.  How frustrating!!
In the top of the 4th inning, Brandon Belt struck out.  Rich Hill got out of a huge jam.  He showed his excitement.
In the bottom of the 4th inning, Josh Reddick hit another single but was left on base.
In the 5th inning, Nunez, who has been a Dodger killer this homestand, hit a homerun that hit a timer and bounced back on the field.  There was a review and it was ruled a homerun.  0-1.  It was shades of the game from the day before.  Behind by one but this time, not able to rebound.

Corey and Justin both had base hits in the 5th inning but were left on base.   AGAIN!!  I could only imagine Corey’s frustrations.  He certainly gave his gum a hard time.
In the top of the 6th inning, Buster Posey singled but was left on base.

You would think that since Johnny Cueto had to be taken out of the game because of a groin strain, the Dodgers would be able to get something together.  Wrong.  Although Andrew Toles and Josh Reddick both walked, Puig and Kike both struck out. Here we go again.
In the bottom of the 7th inning, Justin hit a base hit but was left on base.  No surprise there.

The final insult to the Dodgers was the Brandon Belt homerun in the top of the 9th inning with Grant Dayton pitching.  I have to confess that’s when I packed up my things and left.  I had enough.  I was almost home by the time the game was over.  It was a horribly long tortuous game.  Some games take everything out of you.  This was such a game.

Wednesday Kenta Maeda 15-9 ERA 3.24 will face Matt Moore 11-11 ERA 4.06.  Last time the Dodgers had to face Moore, he almost had a no-hitter except Corey was able to get a base hit.  Hopefully the Dodgers do better so our number will go down to 5.  It seems that the Dodgers like to keep us on edge until the last minute.   At least Wednesday is not a bobblehead day.

My friends had their Vin Scully experience.  I still am waiting to hear the details.  I did hear that besides Vinny, Steve Garvey made an appearance.  

Thanks for stopping by.  GO DODGERS!!!  Please please WIN!!

Don’t Look At Him

First of all…the magic number is 7 thanks to an exciting come-from-behind win by the Dodgers and loss by the Giants.  The game put fans through a gamut of emotions from dismay to frenzy.  I spent most of the game down in the dumps.

The day started with some very weird weather.  The weather forecast called for extreme heat  but what we got was a spatter of light rain, humidity and not-too-hot temperature.  Right before  the game started, we would get a raindrop  here and there.

The guys were on the field for early batting practice.  They didn’t look too bad considering the day before, the D Backs game had gone into extra innings which made their arrival back to LA on the late side.  And it was a disheartening loss.  They had scored 6 runs in one inning to tie the score only to eventually lose it.  I was still depressed over it.

My goal was to get that 4th of July hat of Andre’s signed.  Usually if I brought it, he was on a rehab assignment or not there.  If I didn’t bring it, he would be signing.  Luck was on my side on Monday.  There he was.  I had my hat.  

It was worth the wait.  It is a nice hat and he signed it very carefully.
I wanted to say hi to Yasiel and Kenta but both were talking to people and I had things to do.  Those two can talk forever.

Andrew Toles took a shortcut out of the dugout to sign for some fans.

And when he got near us, I told him with encouragement that he was my favorite player.  He thanked me.  Maybe I was the inspiration for him to get that rally started in the 9th.  He has been clutch in many situations.  He definitely needs to go to postseason.

Josh Ravin and his adorable daughter

I went up to the club to eat.  I had been missing the food.  I wasn’t disappointed.  The turkey meatloaf was delicious.  The pasta Alfredo was the best.  And the salads were amazing.  I know I ate too much.  I hurried back to the seats.
Yasmani was making his way down the field when I returned.
He seemed to be in a good mood.
And then Clayton started down the field to the bullpen area to stretch.  He has been doing well since returning from DL.
He went through his usual routine.  He never changes it.
I always tell myself that they really aren’t looking at me.  I wonder why I would ever think that.
Yaz made a second walk down the field.  He must have gone down the secret passage to get back to the dugout.  He must have forgotten something.
My friends Pat and Norma with their guests
It was Clippers night so their mascot was in attendance.  Not sure what that is.  No one could tell me.  The fans around him look puzzled too.
Kike was starting in center because he is able to hit left handed pitchers.
The sky was absolutely breathtaking. That’s Chase in the foreground.
There’s my Puig.  I know rumors were flying around that no one in the clubhouse likes Puig but I never see that.  You’ll see later on more evidence that that just isn’t true.
A few shots of everyone’s favorite.

National Anthem time
Yasiel and Corey were kind enough to sign autographs and there is my very favorite security person: Asher.  
And then Clayton and Yaz made that trip to the dugout from the bullpen.  I was prepared for a quick game, a pitchers duel.  It’s always interesting when Madison Bumgarner, the Giants ace, is pitted again Clayton Kershaw, our ace.  They are the best.
Not sure of the strike zone that home plate umpire used.  Either that or the Dodgers simply could not hit Mad Bum.
First pitch
Madison Bumgarner had his best game of the year against the Dodgers.  He did his usual snorting, wiping his nose on his sleeve amid several snot rockets.  But his pitches were unhittable.  The Dodgers already have been having problems with left handed pitching but this was ridiculous.  I was frustrated.
Brandon Crawford was able to hit a single in the 2nd inning but was left on base.

Yasiel hit a huge double.  Thanks to Chris Woodward, 3rd base coach for blocking my view.  I know that double made Mad Bum hate Puig even more.
Yaz was plunked by a pitch.  Puig went to 2nd.   They were both left on base.  Not good.  Chance to score but nothing…!  It’s that RISP statistic.
In the top of the 3rd, Nunez singled and then was able to steal a base.  Yaz made a throwing error allowing Nunez to dash to 3rd base.  This already looked bad.  Not sure what happened but this started the comedy of errors.  Clayton threw a wild pitch which enabled Nunez to score a run.  0-1.   I was upset that the Giants were able to score especially on a play like that one.

It was a little dicey in the 4th inning when Buster Posey amid boo’s singled.  But everyone’s spirits picked up when he was picked off at 2nd when Hunter Pence hit into a double play.

You guys are cheaters…all of you!!!  Hernandez walked but was left on base.
Everyone was out in order in the next few innings.  By the 6th inning, I was in a deep depression thinking that the Dodgers could lose because of a wild pitch.  They knew I was not happy so they gave me a double scoop ice cream to cheer me up.

Clayton was replaced in the 7th inning with Pedro Baez.  Uh oh.  With 2 out, Pedro was replaced with Grant Dayton.

The Dodgers were out in order in the bottom of the 7th inning with Mad Bum pitching.  Then the climate changed.  And I don’t mean that it started to rain.  Yasiel was out at 1st making the 3rd out.  Suddenly as MLB@bat put it…there was an on-field delay.  You betcha.  Apparently Puig gave Maddy a hard stare which prompted the Mad guy to ask Puig what he was looking at.  Puig returned with something like Whatcha gonna do?  

The bullpens cleared out faster than you can say, “Hey Brandon (Belt), you have my back, right?”   There was just a little pushing and shoving but no one got hurt.  I had just commented to someone the other day that this season there hasn’t been any bench clearing.  You can tell by all the pictures I took that I do not approve of such behavior.

It looks like Mad Bum has separated himself from the mob

Welcome to bench clearing in America, Kenta.  Looks like he got into it.

Andrew:  Wow, I love being in the Bigs.  Are you getting my picture?

Kike:  Puig can look at anyone he wants to.  What nerve!!!

The bullpen looks really upset.  I have never seen Stripling angry.

Even lovable Charlie looks mad

Trayce:  This is the best part of this game so far.  Pitching duels are soooo boring.!

OK, back to the bullpen.  Do we have to run back?

The game took on a new life.  For some reason, Mad Bum was taken out of the game and replaced by one of the Giants less than stellar bullpen. The baseball gods again were on the Dodgers side.  No one was ejected.  No one will be fined.  No one is blaming Puig.  In fact, he was the spark plug that started the last minute comeback.

Maybe Madison was not happy with the Dodgers because he can’t seem to win against them.  He is now 0-4 with a 5.71 ERA against our guys in blue.  However he threw a fantastic game and if the 9th inning didn’t happen, he would have finally won a game.

In the bottom of the 9th inning with the score still 0-1, Andrew Toles started the rally with a base hit.

The Giants reliever was replaced.
They continued to replace the reliever after each batter hoping someone would get a Dodger out.

Corey Seager singled with Andrew Toles going to 3rd. The dugout watched with much interest.  The game had changed momentum.
What are we going to do?  We have to hold that one run lead???  They know that lead is very tenous.  Buster looks unhappy.  You can see it in his face.  
Then Justin Turner was up to bat.

Justin smacked a single to right field scoring Andrew Toles, tying the game.  1-1.

The guys looked on in disbelief.  What had happened.  That was 3 hits in a row.  Thank you to the Giants bullpen.
We were so excited.  We couldn’t believe what had happened.  Our Dodgers are magic.
Hunter Strickland was on the mound.  There still were no Dodger outs in the 9th.
And then Adrian Gonzalez happened.
He hit a double to right field bouncing by the wall scoring Corey.  2-1.  The Dodgers had pulled it off.  It was a miracle from start to finish.
First one out was Puig.

I think that Yaz hugged everyone.  The win is what dreams are made of.  The Dodgers won with a lot of heart and soul.  It was a team effort from guys who actually like each other.  Right in the middle was Puig who probably was a large part of the win.  It sparked his team.  Walk off wins are everything.

And with that the magic number dwindled down to 7.  It was a hard fought battle.  

Tuesday Rich Hill 12-4 ERA 2.06 will meet Johnny Cueto 16-5 ERA 2.86.  Thank goodness that Cueto is a right handed pitcher.  The Dodgers are now 6 games ahead of the Giants and are on their way to another Western Division title.  Who would have thought that this would happen before the all star break.  

Thanks everyone for stopping by.  Thank you for all your support this season.  You are what makes writing this blog worthwhile.  GO DODGERS!!!  Let’s sweep the Giants.

Last Homestand

It’s hard to believe that it’s the final homestand of 2016. How did the time go so fast?

What’s even more incredible is that 9 is our magic number. Any combination of Dodger wins and Giant losses would clinch the Western Division for the Dodgers. Since the Dodgers will face the Giants 3 games starting Monday, this could happen quickly providing the Dodgers can win. With a starting pitcher battery of Kershaw, Hill and Maeda, this is possible.

The season has had its up’s and downs hampered by a record number of injuries. Before the all star break, I never envisioned the Dodgers would be in this leading position. When Kershaw went on DL, we pretty much thought the season was over. But the unexpected happened, the Dodgers picked themselves up by the bootstraps and played their hearts out. And then the baseball gods were on our side.

One of my friends won a “meet Vin Scully” day on a radio program. It involves a suite Tuesday at Dodger Stadium. I may be the only Dodger fan who would not give an arm and a leg to meet the great Vinny. I’m not fond of suites. You watch the game from a seat up where the birds fly. The food isn’t as good as baseline: salad, Dodger dogs and sandwiches. I like to be next to the field where I can actually talk to the guys. But then again, I wasn’t invited anyway. Considering it’s one of the last games, I relish every second I have with my guys up close!

Like Corey…most likely the rookie of the year

My friends….!

I get distracted when I am too far away from the game. I might as well be at home watching it.

What meant more to me was seeing Darwin Barney again last week at Angel Stadium. I got misty eyed when he actually remembered me and gave me a familiar hug. The players seem to come and go like revolving doors. Baseball is a business. My friends tell me not to get too fond of any of the Dodgers because it’s almost a sure sign that he will be traded.  Therefore at this moment, I have no favorites.

Barney will always be my favorite no matter where he plays.
Monday Clayton Kershaw 11-3 ERA 1.81 faces Madison Bumgarner 14-9 ERA 2.66. I predict it will be a fast paced game. So I have to eat fast.

Seven home games to go. I know I will be wiping tears away all week.

Thanks for stopping by. It definitely will be an exciting week. EVERY GAME COUNTS! GO DODGERS!


All I can say for Sunday’s game is what the hell happened?


Magic number for the Dodgers to clinch is now 10! Thank you Giants.

The Dodgers could theoretically clinch on Vin Scully weekend.  How cool would that be for our retiring Vinny?

The Dodgers pulled off another win in the desert thanks to a huge homerun by Joc.  The final score was us 6 and them 2.  Rookie Brock Stewart was able to get a win. Worrisome still is Kenley’s sore wrist and what about Puig’s absence. Now that he is back, he has become an integral part of the lineup.

I have to mention Corey Seager everyone’s favorite rookie getting 181 hits already this season.

Does anyone have a sweeter swing?
Sunday they will play the final game of this series with the D Backs. Jose De Leon 2-0 ERA 4.09 will face Robbie Ray 8-13 ERA 4.55. 

And then the Dodgers return Monday for the final home stand of this season. I’m sad but at least we have post season. I’ll miss all my friends. I’ll miss my Dodgers. And who knows what the 2017 Dodgers will look like. I’ll miss Vin Scully. I keep telling myself not to ever have any favorites. Baseball is a business.

Condolences to Yangervis Solarte of the San Diego Padres who lost his 31 year old wife to cancer on Saturday. They have 3 daughters. May she Rest In Peace. 

Thanks for stopping by. Hopefully tomorrow the magic number will be “9.”

Magic Number

Any combination of Dodger wins or Giant losses!  We’re down to this number.

Congratulations to the Chicago Cubs who have already clinched.  

Harvest moon last night.

Saturday’s game will have Brock Stewart 1-2 ERA 6.55 meeting D Back Shelby Miller 2-11 ERA 7.12.  Hopefully I can change the above number to “11” and by the time they return home, it will be 10!  Keep your fingers crossed. Unfortunately closer Kenley Jansen has had a sore wrist. I thought something was up when the D Backs actually were able to hit a triple against him. And he has made noises he would not be opposed to going to another team as a free agent. Great.