When You Thought All Was Lost

  It was a strange night to be sure.  It was Yasiel Puig bobblehead night.  Clayton Kershaw was supposed to be the starting pitcher but he had a sore hip.  Or maybe he wanted to have an edge for the much anticipated ping pong tournament Thursday night.  There always is some sort of healthy competition between Zack and Clayton.  Mike Bolsinger took over as starting pitcher with a nights notice.   They did not announce the change until very close to the game which left me wondering whether to wear my Kershaw shirt or my Bolsinger shirt.  Everyone was wondering whether the Dodger management would finally acquire a much needed starting pitcher.  There were rumors, info leaked too early.  The trade deadline is Friday.  The moon seemed to be full which made for a strange feeling.
  The first player I saw was Kike Hernandez which is significant. You will see later in this blog why.
  Lisa, one of my good friends, was making sure all the fans were where they were supposed to be.  Nothing gets by her.  Uh hi Lisa.
  Austin Barnes scooted by.  It’s ok with Lisa.  He was on the field.
  I decided to go into the club and eat since nothing seemed to be going on.  The fare was grilled squash melange, herbed crusted tilapia, teriyaki glaze pork loin.
  The salad was a repeat of Tuesday, delicious again.
  I came back to the field and saw that Ned Coletti was being interviewed.  My first thought was that he should never have been replaced.  He would already have found a starting pitcher and probably would have gotten him for almost nothing.  I have great respect for him.
  I was eagerly waiting for a glimpse of Mike Bolsinger.  I knew he would be coming when I saw Yasmani walking across the field with his equipment and his pink drink.
  Sure enough Mike appeared but was closely followed by  camera guy so he was distracted and didn’t see me.
  Yaz and Mike stretching
  more stretching
  Yaz has a little ritual.
  Then Mike threw a few warm up pitches, maybe they were pretend pitches.  I don’t see anyone catching.
   He’s amazing to watch.  I’ll have to ask him if his arm is sore after throwing 90+ pitches.
  Someone was signing autographs.  Zach Lee.  He still hasn’t been sent back down.  Someone had to identify him for me.  I had no idea what he looked like.
  and then Puig arrived amid a lot of cheers…haha the fans are so freaking fickle
  He stretched a little but of course seemed a little distracted. His mama was on the field.
  Joc having a conversation with the enemy
  Yasiel’s mom threw out the first pitch.  What a wonderful lady she is.
  Mike and Yaz
  And then the moment that Mike and I saw each other.  He waved and smiled.  Now my day is complete.
  First pitch.  My heart was pounding.
  It was a good game for Mike.  He was taken out in the fifth because of high pitch count but when he left, the Dodgers were ahead.  Yaaay Mike.

It started in the bottom of the first inning.  Andre singled Howie in.  1-0.
I always wonder what these guys chit chat about and why are they smiling?

The A’s caught up in the top of the 4th. 1-1.

  and with Andre on base, Yasiel did what we all wanted him to do on his bobblehead night.
  Go Puig!
  He blasted a two run homerun. 3-1.  We were all ecstatic.  All I could think of was the negativity of all those Puig haters.  So now they will love him for half a minute.
The A’s scored again in the 5th making the game closer,  3-2.

They took Mike out solely because of his pitch count.  He did a great job.  JP came to the mound.

The A’s were able to score 2 on a single by Brett Lawrie making the score 3-4.  I was devastated.  For someone to score against JP is unusual. 

In the top of the 7th inning, the A’s scored again with another 2 run single making the score 3-6.  The Dodgers have not been good at coming from behind.  I thought there might be a chance since they have been hitting well in this game.  But 3 runs???

In the bottom of the 7th Adrian doubled bringing Scott Van Slyke in. 4-6.  The game was becoming interesting again.

  Yaz hit a crazy long bunt down the third base side which rolled to a stop fair scoring Howie. 5-6.
The Dodgers were creeping along.  No long ball.  

  The A’s were perplexed.  How could that ball roll fair??
  Then Kike was up to pinch hit. Kike has been great in a clutch.  It must be the bananas.  Someone should have told the A’s not to wear so much yellow because you can tell Kike was fired up.
  He doubled scoring Adrian and Yaz.
  The score was 7-6.  Kike came through again!
  There were high fives all around.
 Yasiel singled Kike in but was out on second after it was challenged by the A’s. 8-6.  The Dodgers rarely win in any challenge.

 Jimmy and Callaspo scored on a Howie Kendrick single making the score 10-6 going into the 9th inning.
  Kenley came out to finish the job.  Many fans already had gone home because the game was long.  Kenley allowed a solo homerun making the final score 10-7.
  I didn’t see Mike in the celebration at the end of the game.  He was responsible for keeping the Dodgers in the game through the fifth inning.  He was probably chilling or maybe sleeping.
It was a game that left everyone feeling happy.  The Dodgers are still in first place by 1/2 game.  They get a day off, some going to the ping pong tournament for charity, a Kershaw pet project.  I’m not going because I have to work and the cost was a little high…$1000 if you just want to watch.  It is for charity.  

Kershaw will pitch on Friday.  Hopefully his hip will be better.  Hopefully he wins the ping pong tournament since he will be in a better mood. The Angels will be in town.  I dread the weekend series because Saturday and Sunday will be day games.  I hate day games.  There is a heat wave so I expect 80’s and 90’s.  It’s oppressive when you are in the direct heat.

By Friday we will see if the trades have gone through.  It was assumed that the Dodgers would get Matt Latos but the whole thing fell through pending medical.  Meanwhile Hamels went to the Rangers last night. There are unsubstantiated rumors about Wood, Urias, Price.  Anything goes.  But after the homerun by Puig last night, I haven’t heard anyone demanding that he be traded.  “Fans” are just so fickle.

Thanks for stopping by.  Hope the Dodgers get some rest.  See everyone soon.  


Day One 

  It was nice being back at Dodger Stadium.  It’s been about 16 days since the last game.  I was going through serious Dodger withdrawal.
  I was less than happy about the line to get in for early batting practice.  It wasn’t even a giveaway day.  I’m dreading Wednesday’s game which is Yasiel Puig bobblehead day.  Bobblehead giveaway days bring the worst fans.  The sold out games are terrible.  Tuesday’s game attendance was over 50,000+ which is not a sellout but makes for a crowded stadium.
  My Dodgers were out there.  It was batting practice as usual.  There’s Mike Bolsinger on the right.  I was happy to see him.  
  Adrian Gonzalez and Yasiel Puig waiting to take a few swings.  For some reason, I really love this picture.
  I have known Andre Ethier so long I recognize him by his stance, his swing, his walk.
  For some reason Kike always looks a little goofy.  He’s my good friend Veronica’s favorite player.  He actually gave her a hug.  It was definitely her day…she was on the jumbotron.  You go girl!!!
  Possibly the best pitcher in baseball Zack Greinke, Golden Glove and Cy Young award recipient.  Have to check out the fingernails but please don’t bite your nails.  That would be DL for sure.  He’s standing with Scott Van Slyke who was sidelined with a whiplash.  Those New York cabs!!!! Yikes!  I guess what they say is true about them.
  I really love Zack.  He’s the best all around athlete in the Dodger organization.  He can field and hit besides pitch.  I’m hoping he doesn’t opt out of his contract.

He  took a few pretend pitches which was fun to watch.   I wonder if he is getting any sleep with that new baby, Bode Nicholas.  I wonder if Wilsy minds.  FYI Wilsy is their much loved kitty.

  I guess Yaz likes the short hair
  Brett travels heavily on the way to the bullpen to practice.  He always carries an extra pair of shoes.
  He took a few practice pitches
He was a pleasant surprise.  He pitched well after an achilles injury.  The problem with Tuesday’s game was fantastic pitching by Sonny Gray, the A’s 24 year old pitcher.

I’m surprised that Dodger fans were in such an uproar about the hitting against Sonny Gray.  Actually the hitting was nonexistent.  The only way Dodgers got on base was through walks.  It doesn’t work when the Dodgers seem to be into the long ball rather than the small ball.  There is a reason that Gray’s record is 11-4.  He is phenomenal.  So I had to hear again how Donnie has to be fired.  That Mark the hitting coach should be fired.  Sheeeesh.  Can we just be happy that Anderson seems to be healthy?  The Dodgers have been slammed with the best pitchers the last few games.  These pitchers didn’t make any mistakes.


One thing I missed during the All Star Break was the food.  Tuesday’s fare of oregano and cumin spiced pork loin, kabocha squash and kidney bean casserole, arroz con Salchicha “rice and sausage” was fantastic.  I was starving for Dodger food!!  I pretty much live on ramen when I’m not at the stadium.

  The salad was outstanding..perfect for a summer day.  One of the salads was the baby gala apple arugula salad which is one of my favorites.  It was made up of rocket arugula, dried currant, cranberries, toasted pine nuts and minty yogurt dressing. The kale salad is made up of daikon, jicama, green onions, mandarin oranges and sesame ginger dressing.  Absolutely wonderful.  The iceberg chopped salad was a concoction of tomatoes, shallots, blue cheese crumbles and buttermilk dressing.  This salad was also the in-seat special.  It’s no wonder that Dodger Stadium has been named #1 vegetarian stadium by PETA.

  When I came back out to the field, Yasiel was warming up.  I heard that Zack Greinke doesn’t like him.  Is that unusual that two people who work in the same place don’t get along?  Everyone should understand that the Dodger organization is a business.  It seems moreso with the new ownership.  Yasiel and Zack come from different places, have different life styles.  They are not best friends.  So what.  I like both of them.  They definitely have different personalities.


Yasiel has been in the middle of trade rumors.  Everyone seems to deny that he is.  All I know is that some of the trades have come back to haunt us, notably Juan Uribe.  I get a sharp pang in my heart everytime I see him in another uniform.  Tell me again why he was traded.  I see Dee Gordon who is young, vital and wonderful.  I also see very few Dodger stolen bases this year.  Why again did he get traded?  For Howie, who probably will be gone next season?  Yasiel has had many clutch defensive plays even while in his offensive slump.  Do those count?  

  I really can’t stand those “fans” who continue to criticize Joc.  Did everyone forget he was an All Star in his rookie year and also came in second in the Homerun Derby?  He also is 23 years old.  There probably is not a better centerfielder.  There is not a more humble Dodger.

  It was Clipper night so Paul Pierce threw out the first pitch.

  Anderson made his way across the field by himself back to the dugout.  He always seems to have an armful of stuff.  He also seems to be in his own little world.

  Jimmy and Yasiel seem to have a lot to talk about.

  Anderson made the first pitch and that was about the end of the highlights for the Dodgers.

Sonny Gray threw a shutout.  Anderson only allowed 2 runs.  No run support.  The end.

  I did enjoy my ice cream.  It was good to be back at Dodger Stadium with my friends.  We were all missing each other.  

The trade deadline is nearing.  Rumor has it that the Phillies have marked Wednesday as the final day that they will look at offers for Cole Hamels.  The Dodgers have needed another starting pitcher.  This has been apparent since Ryu went on DL for the rest of the season.  They have experimented with several pitchers brought up from the minor league.  The only pitcher who has proven himself is Mike Bolsinger who has the most spin on his curve ball than any other pitcher. Through illness and injury, he has pitched his heart out. The battery of duo-aces Kershaw and Greinke, Mike Bolsinger and Brett Anderson lacks one more pitcher.  Rumor also is that our prospects are highly desired: Urias, Seagar, Lee.  The asking price is high.  I have yet to see that the new management can do better than Ned Coletti.  I always respected him. I see him quite frequently and always say hi to him.  He is a super nice guy.  But he never really got credit for his accomplishments.  So far I have been not so impressed with what the new management has done.  Time will tell.  My friends keep telling me that it’s a business.  I’m beginning to believe them.  I can’t get too attached to any player because in a heartbeat, he is gone: Matt Kemp, Dee Gordon, Juan Uribe…the list goes on.

Thanks for stopping by.  Wednesday’s game will star Clayton Kershaw who is still the best pitcher in baseball.  I love my Dodgers no matter what.  I am sad when they lose.  I am exhilarated when they win.  But I am true blue.  


Latest news: possibly the Dodgers are getting Matt Latos with a .448 ERA instead of Cole Hamels.  Really????  Maybe they’ll throw Dee Gordon in the deal.

Coming Home

I miss my Dodgers.  They are back home again.  Tuesday will be the first home  game in 16 days.

A few thoughts.

Someone tell me again why the Dodgers traded Juan Uribe?  He just keeps on reminding us why we liked him so much as a Dodger.

Why do we keep experimenting with pitchers:  starting and relief?  When is the management going to use the big bucks for a real pitcher?  The Dodgers have duo aces Kershaw and Greinke.  Bolsinger has shown a lot of talent and gumption.  But is the management just watching as all the  available pitchers are scooped up by other teams. Rumor is that Cole Hamels will be a Dodger. The Rangers also are interested.  The trade deadline is Friday.  Brett Anderson is scheduled to pitch on Tuesday.  The rest of the week is TBD.  Is Zach Lee going to be given some more big league experience at the cost of first place.  The Dodgers began the second half of the season 4 games out ahead of the Giants.  Now it is down to only one.  

The management needs to think long and hard if they are planning on trading Yasiel.  I still can’t figure out why they traded Dee Gordon who has had an all star year so far in exchange for Howie Kendrick who will probably not be a Dodger next year.  I really dislike those trades that are more like a rental just for 1l2 a year at what cost? So far none of the trades have netted a chance at the World Series.  Yasiel is young.  There is a lot of gossip about him because of the book that pretty much downs him as someone no one likes.  Trading Uribear was a mistake because of what he was in the clubhouse as well as what he was as a player.  He seemed to take Puig under his wing.  Who is the club leader now? I don.t see anyone taking Uribears place. 

Whenever the Dodgers trade a player, he seems to blossom.  Good examples are Russell Martin and Dee Gordon.  Fear Yasiel if they choose to be foolish and trade him.
This homestand the Dodgers play the Oakland A’s and the Angels.  They are tough teams to beat.  I hope that the Dodgers don’t end up out of first and struggling to regain footing for the rest of the season.  I always fear the Giants for the team they are.  I have great respect for them as I told Angel Pagan.  They come out of nowhere and win the World Series.

Zack’s scoreless inning streak is over. Zack’s opinion: maybe now they will quit asking him about it…typical Greinke-ism.

I am looking forward to the rest of the season.  I dream of the playoffs.  

Something not related to baseball.  Prayers to the family of Bobbi Kristina Brown.  May she finally rest in peace.  Maybe now the press will leave her alone.  

Thanks for stopping by.  I’ll be writing more on my blog since I will be taking more pictures and will be at the games.  GO DODGERS!!!

A New Baby Dodger

  Congratulations to Zack and Emily Greinke on the birth of their new baby boy, Bode Nicholas, born Thursday.  The baby looks like a mini Zack.  With a name like Bode Greinke, is he destined to play baseball like his talented Dad?
It seems that the Dodgers will continue to play against Juan Uribe, again this weekend now that he is a member of the Mets. It’s a trade that keeps on reminding the Dodgers how good a player he is.

Ian Thomas took the mound on Friday taking the place of new dad, Greinke.  He did well although the team was made up of what I call spare parts, Van Slyke, Hernandez, Barnes, none who normally start.  Justin Turner had a great game against his former team who pretty much had given up on him.  Oh well!  Puig also had a great game.  The final score was 7-2.

Mike Bolsinger was able to pitch 7 strong innings on Wednesday, the final score 3-1, not using up the bullpen. Kershaw was Kershaw on Thursday looking like an MVP, the final score being 3-0.  I expect him to pitch a perfect game again this season at the rate he is going.

Brett Anderson will pitch on Tuesday when the Dodgers return.  Today’s pitcher is still a mystery.  Greinke will pitch on Sunday.

The Dodgers have maintained at least a 3 game lead on the Giants, the only real competition in the National League West.  The Padres have pretty much tanked, 10.5 games behind.

After this weekend series with the Mets, the Dodgers will make it home again to play Oakland on Tuesday.  They will have been away for 16 days.  I really miss them.

Thanks for stopping by.  GO DODGERS!!!

Still Away But Not Forgotten

The Dodgers are still on the road.  I’m really missing them.  

One of these days it will be cold enough for me to wear my new jacket.  It’s been raining but also humid and hot so it’s still waiting to be worn.  

Zack and Clayton were named NL players of the week.

  They should be players of the week every week actually.
  Austin Barnes was called back up because AJ went on DL.
Yasmani had taken a foul ball off of his face mask, giving his jaw a good jolt.  He has not gone on DL but didn’t play in Monday’s game.  He was hit so hard, he was having problems talking.


Brandon Beachy had another chance to start against the Braves.  The Beachy experiment may be over.  He allowed 4 runs, 5 hits before he was taken out.  It was only his second start since having 2 Tommy John surgeries.  Maybe he needs to practice more in the minors.  The question is whether the management will trade for more pitchers, or will they continue to use what they already have.  Luckily the Padres had their way with the Giants giving them their first loss after a 5 game winning streak.  Thank you Padres.

 The Padres and Matt Kemp seem to giving the Giants a hard time.


I couldn’t resist posting my last picture with Matt Kemp.  
    Of course Uribear will constantly remind us of why we loved him so much.  I stll can’t figure out why he was traded except to dump salary.  No one can play better defense at 3rd base.  I miss him so much.  I’m sure that the Dodger clubhouse still misses him.

The Braves beat the Dodgers 5-7 on Monday.

It’s so frustrating!!!

Today Brett Anderson will take the mound against the Braves. I wonder if he’s checking the weather forecast since his games are often during inclement weather on the road.

I’m hoping that the Dodgers fare better against the Braves today.

Sorry about the recycled pictures.  I try to use only my pictures in my blog.  I rarely use any other pictures except Jon SooHoo’s and always give credit to him when I do use one. 

Thanks for stopping by.  I miss everyone desperately.  GO DODGERS!!!

Losing Respect

Zack Greinke continues his streak of scoreless innings. Sunday’s game was another victory for Zack. Remarks made by Bryce Harper surprised me. It made me lose a little respect after hearing his unsportsmanlike comment. So he thinks the umpires played favorites with the strike zone?? I’d like to know when the Dodgers ever get the benefit of the doubt with the umpires? Harper later amended his statement saying that Zack was a great pitcher. Well duh! He probably got the advice of everyone that his comments sounded like sour grapes and was a little immature.

And how impressed is Zack with himself? Anyone who knows him knows that he is honest to a tee. What does he think about the streak? “Nothing.” He doesn’t think about streaks. If that’s what he says, I believe it.

It is raining in Southern California. The Angels were actually rained out Sunday. That’s crazy. They play a double header Monday. Rain came complete with thunder and lightning.

Thanks for stopping by. The Dodgers are in Atlanta. GO DODGERS!!!

DC and Power Delays

Friday’s game seemed to be one fiasco after another. One power delay should be enough but there were two which cancelled the game until the next day.

Mike Bolsinger was the starting pitcher Friday. He had some problems throwing the ball to Adrian at first causing an error and then in another play, falling and injuring his left knee. When he left the game, the Dodgers were ahead by one run.  2-1. The ball was turned over to Tsao who allowed a home run.  The score going into the power delay game the next day was 2-3, the Dodgers behind by one run. The bullpen finished out the game Saturday allowing another 2 run homerun making the final score 3-5. Sadly the  Dodgers lost.

I had hopes for the game following. After all our ace Kershaw was pitching.

The Dodgers were well represented at National Stadium by my son.

He lives in Springfield VA close to Washington DC but remains a Dodger fan. It looks like he is exposing a couple of little people to the game early.

They all had a little Dodger blue on.

  It doesn’t hurt to ploy them with a hot dog…probably not as good as a Dodger Dog.
  They seemed to enjoy Clayton’s pitching.
Ugh. Too much cotton candy!

It looks like good attendance. Why not? Two super teams. Kershaw. Joc. Bryce Harper!

The Dodgers won with a scary moment when Kenley allowed a 2 run homerun in the 9th. The final score was 4-2. Yaaaay!

Sunday Zack Greinke will take the mound.

  I’m hoping for another win.


This is pretty much how I look when I get home from a game.


Or maybe like this.
It is pouring here in Long Beach. Very weird considering it is summer. This is sunny California after all. I may finally put Mike’s jacket to use and WEAR IT! 

Thanks for stopping by!!  Eleven more days until they come back home!! Go Dodgers!!

Missing Baseball

  I cast a pretty sad figure lately.  Yes, I take my jacket everywhere with me just to keep me company when there is no baseball.  It’s my security blanket.
The All Star Game is over.  The National League lost yet again so no home field advantage for the World Series.  Joc came in second in the Home Run Derby and did the Dodgers proud.

The Dodgers return to play on Friday when they face the Nationals in the nation’s capital with my favorite Mike Bolsinger starting,  giving Clayton Kershaw an extra day of rest.  The rotation will be Kershaw, Bolsinger, Greinke, and probably Anderson.  The fifth spot is up for grabs as usual.  It’s been an experiment since early in the season.  Frias is still on DL.

The trade deadline is at the end of the month.  I’m always on pins and needles during this time, worrying about who will be traded.  There is a definite need for another starting pitcher.  The name that is brought up most often is Cole Hamels, sometimes Johnny Cueto.   The problem with that trade is that the Dodgers would have to give up possibly a top prospect or a productive player. At the top of the trading block is Alex Guerrero.  He seems to do the best when he is a pinch hitter, often hitting home runs.  It hurts my heart that one of my favorites, Yasiel Puig, is mentioned as well.  He had been out on DL and came back on the active roster not hitting well, striking out a large percentage of the time.  He is no longer the golden child.  I doubt that the Dodgers would trade Yasiel since he is young and a huge talent.  But it’s difficult to figure out what the current owners are going to do.  I always am afraid that one of my favorites, Andre Ethier will be traded.  His name has been coming up for the last couple of years.  He has been starting and has been doing well taking Carl Crawford’s place in left field.

There won’t be any home games until July 28 which seems a long way off.  The Dodgers record away has not been a good one.  This weekend’s games with the Nationals may be a preview of what is to come in the playoffs.  The Dodgers have remained at the top of the National League West but mainly because the Giants seem to go through slumps.  They seem to powerhouse through when it’s important, or as Angel Pagan says, they somehow are able to do it.

  It’s only been 5 days since the last game, but I’m really missing Dodger Stadium.
  I’m missing my guys.
  I’m really missing the food.
  my friends
  I’m missing my favorite….Mike
  Not missing the bobblehead lines
It is  good time for me to get things done.  During baseball season, everyone knows that I am so deeply entrenched in Dodger baseball, that everything else has to take a backseat.  When I think about it I wonder how I survive the 6 months without baseball.  

Everyone tells me that my pictures are getting better.  I always use my own pictures on my blog.  Once in a great while I will borrow one of my friend Jon SooHoo’s photos but I will give him credit.  I think I have used maybe 2 of his pictures since the beginning of the season.  I have taken over 5000 pictures so far this season and try to pick out the best.  If anyone would like pictures of certain players, let me know.  I know everyone loves to see pictures of Joc.  I’m trying to capture the players and their swings.  It is a challenge trying to get pictures with all the obstacles that seem to get in my way.  Everyone who comes to the game with those Hello Kitty ears or Micky Mouse ears sits in my way.  Also everyone who has a poufy hairdo, Mohawk or shiny head will be in my direct line of vision.  Little kids who insist on standing on the chairs seem to jump up as I snap a picture.  

   I’ve been able to capture some big homerun hits like this one by Yaz
  I also try to capture first pitch every game
  I like checking out what’s going on in the Dodger dugout
  Sometimes the expressions on the players’ faces tell it all

 No one is safe

  I always take pictures after the game when the Dodgers win
  Those are my favorite pictures.
  I like taking pictures of the players signing for those fans who complain to me that they never sign
   I’m not really into autographs.  I’ve given several Kershaw autographs away to strangers
 I really love pictures with the players especially Andre

  I love getting pics of the players not wearing their hats or uniforms
   Sometimes I go to the dark side
  I love taking pictures of food as much as I like eating (almost)!
Thanks for stopping by…I’m hoping for good games on the road.  Go Mike.  GO DODGERS!!  Hope you aren’t missing baseball as much as I am.  It’s pure torture!!!

The First Half

It’s only been 3 days since the last game.  I’m already missing the Dodgers, Dodger Stadium, my friends.

The Dodgers ended the first half first place in the National League West thanks to the hard work and dedication of our players.  Their win-loss record: 51-39.  Only the Cardinals have more wins in the National League and Kansas City in the American League.  And this is with all the criticism from “fans” about their poor offense.  The Dodgers have the best fielding percentage.  No one wants to lose so those who think that the Dodgers aren’t doing the best they can, are delusional.

  Zack Greinke, the Dodgers co-ace, with an ERA of 1.39, will start the All Star Game.  
He’s been fun to watch.  Here I am with Zack in a very hard-to-get photo.  Amazingly he actually is smiling.

  It’s almost a sure thing that he will be the winning pitcher when he starts any game.
  Clayton Kershaw also will take part in the All Star Game.  He still is one of the best pitchers in baseball ever.
Yasmani Grandal started the season with many doubting the trade that brought him to the Dodgers from the Padres, giving Matt Kemp up in the process.  He has become a fan favorite, also taking part in the All Star Game.

  He has brought much to the team offensively and defensively.
  This is one of my favorite pictures taken this season by my friend Veronica during the annual Photo Day
  What can I say about our rookie Joc who has proven himself over and over during the season as amazing in offense and defense.
  I’ll always remember the Joc Pederson jersey I had made because he didn’t have a ready made one until a couple of weeks ago.  So wrong.  He happily signed mine because I was one of the only ones in the stadium with one.  He almost won the Homerun Derby, coming in second.
My friend Yoshiko had purchased one of the first Joc Pederson All Star jerseys sold at Dodger Stadium.  Yasiel saw it and had to show it to Joc.  You could see their excitement.  Yasiel had Joc sign it for her.  

  Yasiel Puig remains one of my favorite players.  I hear negative remarks about him all the time.  These remarks are made by people who really don’t know him.  He never fails to say hi to me.  He signs autographs almost every game he plays, something that is unusual for any baseball player. Dodgers expect a lot from him.  The fans expect even more. 
  He always is happy to take a picture with me
  Andre Ethier is hard on himself.  
  One day he will take a normal picture with me.  Maybe not.
  Adrian Gonzalez quietly hits homeruns.  He also will be playing in the All Star Game.
    One of the coaches for the All Star team will be our own Donnie.  I hear criticism all season about Donnie but somehow we are number one coming into the second half by 4 1/2 games.
  Justin Turner has been hard working, not often being acknowledged, but ended the first half with a .308 average.
  Kike Hernandez has kept the mood high spirited and lively with his rally banana.
  My friends have had wonderful experiences including little Adriana, a true Dodger fan since an infant.  Brett Anderson gave her a ball before a game.  
  These are the little things that the Dodgers do to make the entire experience the best in baseball.


I try to keep up on my blog.  My big motivation is my good friend Crystal who is deployed to Bahrain .  This is a piece of home for her to keep her from getting too homesick.  Love you Crystal!!
I’ve made many friends at Dodger Stadium.  We are a little family and have our love of the Dodgers in common.

Every season gets better and better for me.  I’m very lucky being a season ticket holder and having a profession that makes my work schedule more flexible.  I haven’t missed a game in 6 years.  I also am lucky to have the best Dodger rep ever: Tess Gilmore, both beautiful and hardworking.

She keeps me informed about all the Dodger events.

  One of the most exciting events was the luncheon for season ticket holders featuring Orel Hersheiser, Justin Turner and Scott Van Slyke.
It’s always interesting to see the Dodgers not wearing their uniforms.

The food at the luncheon was delicious.  I think everyone has guessed that I rarely have a Dodger dog at the stadium.

I love all my Dodgers but I usually have one player that catches my eye and my heart.

I’m looking forward to the second half of the season.  The first half has been phemonenal.  How could it be better?

Thanks for stopping by.  I failed to post after a couple of games the last week including the Japan Day-Hello Kitty game so I’ll download pics and post in the the coming days. 

Today is the All Star Game.  Today I return to work.  I officially begin my other life again.  See everyone soon!!  

Before the Break

  Sunday was the last game before the All Star Break.  It was also a dreaded day game.  The predicted temperature at game time was 82 degrees.  When I arrived, it was warm but there was also an occasional breeze.  I was hopeful.



  There was only one thing I found interesting. Can you guess what it was?

I decided to go up to the club to eat.  I was already feeling the heat.

  They had Sunday brunch which isn’t my favorite.  The fare was an egg dish, ham and vegetable bistro.

  I ate a little salad.

  I ventured back out in time to see AJ  and a group of local cheerleaders.

  He warmed up
  Brett Anderson, the starting pitcher, glanced over at the activity as he walked to the bullpen.

  He took a few warmup pitches.

  Joc came out to stretch

  run a little

  stretch a little more

  Then Yasiel came out amid a lot of cheers

  Brett and AJ went into the bullpen to practice

  Kike came out to warm up then.  My friend Veronica was excited.  She had just purchased his fourth of July jersey and hoped to get it signed.  He doesn’t usually stop to sign.

  But after he stretched, he came over to sign the jersey.

  Yasiel, Kike and Justin 

  Mike signed a few autographs in the dugout.  Fans were throwing balls at him which i think is a little dangerous.

  National Anthem time.  Andre is looking right at me.

  Brett walked back to the dugout alone.

  He always finds a small child to give a ball to on his way.

  They had a small ceremony celebrating our All Stars:  Adrian, Yaz, Joc, Zack and Clayton

  I’m so proud of our guys.  And we can’t forget Donnie, who will help coach the team

  Yasiel signed some autographs to the delight of many kids.  He definitely is a fan favorite.

  The Dodgers took the field

  And Brett threw the first pitch

It started out on a down note.  The hated Ryan Braun hit a solo home run in the top of the first. 0-1.  But in the bottom of the 1st, Justin singled Jimmy in. 1-1.



Perez hit a solo homerun at the top of the 3rd inning making the score 1-2.  In the top of the 4th inning, Perez grounded into a force out, scoring Lind. 1-3.  It was getting really hot so I took a break in the club.

  In the bottom of the 5th inning, about the time that I thought I would melt into my seat, AJ hit a solo homerun making the score 2-3.  

  I ate my ice cream in hopes it was my celebration ice cream

Adrian hit a solo homerun in the bottom of the 8th inning as I was walking to the other side of the stadium  Usually I leave my seat to walk to the other side somewhere in the 8th inning so I can get to my car in lot K after the game without having to fight the crowd.

  I took some shots of our veteran catcher AJ who hasn’t had that much playing time because of our phemomenal new catcher Yaz.
  It’s fun to watch Kike in left field.  He is in constant motion.
  It was a blast from the past to see former Dodger closer Broxton pitching in the bottom of the 8th for the other side.
  Our fantastic closer Kenley came in to seal the deal.
  Brandon McCarthy and Zack watched from the dugout.  We were hoping it was another come from behind game for the Dodgers.
  Yasiel kept track of the outs
  And the Dodgers ended the first half of the season still in first place.  This has been a winning homestand for us.
  My favorite pictures are always at the end of the game.  It’s thrilling to take pictures to the sound of “I Love LA.”
Everyone is going on the All Star Break either heading for the All Star game to play or to take a nice 4 day vacation.  

I will be be back at work following this 10 game homestand vacation.  I already miss the guys.  I’m not sure how I will survive.  I miss my Dodger friends.  There won’t be any home games until July 28 when they play the Oakland A’s and then the Angels over the weekend.

It was difficult for me to survive the first night of the All Star Break.  I have to confess that I slept with Mike’s jacket.  Am I getting a bit sentimental?? Anyone who knows me knows that the Dodgers are more to me than just a baseball team.  They are my life for 6 months.  Everything else has to take a back seat.  Thanks to Tess Gilmore, my Dodger rep and friend for making my Dodger experience even better this year.  Thanks also to my wonderful friends who have made the first half of the season the best ever.  Thanks to the Dodger support staff.  And thank you Dodgers.  

Thank you for stopping by.  I’ll keep in touch.  GO DODGERS!!!



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