Meanwhile Back at Home

The Dodgers are in Pittsburg losing to the Pirates.  Saturday nights game was their second loss in a row.  The Giants finally lost a game so the Dodgers are still 7 games out of first place.

Meanwhile back at home, I’m at work.

It helps that I really like the people I work with.  We night shift people are a different sort.  I’m working 6 nights in a row.  I’ll be tired by the time the Dodgers are back in town.

On the weekends when there are no games, I like to splurge on Filipino breakfast.  When there are games I save my appetite for the food in the club.

It’s really delicious.  

They already had lunch dishes out.  
Back to the Dodgers….They already DFA’d Nick Tepesch.  I guess they aren’t fooling around.  Will Venable opted to go back to Oklahoma City so we may see him back.  I really like him so I’m glad that he decided to do that.  Now the Dodgers are back to the ???? 5th starter.  Zach Lee is out since they traded him.  Mike Bolsinger was sent down but could come back up.  They could experiment with some of the other pitchers in the minors.  They probably were hoping that Ryu or McCarthy would be ready soon since there has been no indication that they are even interested in another pitcher.  They could have a bullpen game which was pretty much what they had Friday.  What to do.  What to do.

Saturday night’s game was not pretty for the Dodgers.  Andrew McCutcheon found his swing back and hit two home runs off of Kenta Maeda.  The Dodgers failed to hit any home runs for the first time in 14 games.  

On Sunday Clayton Kershaw 11-1, ERA 1.57 will meet Chad Kuhl who has just been called up from Triple A.    The Dodgers can still split the series with Pittsburg.  Kazmir will pitch on Monday.

Thanks for stopping by.  GO DODGERS!!!

In the Meantime

Bye bye Will Venable.  He was only a Dodger for half a minute.  The Dodgers DFA’d him yesterday to bring Nick Tepesch up from Oklahoma City to pitch.  After allowing 5 runs, Tepesch was replaced by the bullpen in the 3rd inning.  Might as well have just used the bullpen without bringing someone up.  Or else why not just let Kenta Maeda pitch on regular rest.

The Dodgers are now a season high 7 games out of first place.  They can’t afford to lose even one game.  The Dodgers battled hard but still came up behind 6-8 in the first game with the Pirates.

Kenta Maeda will pitch on Saturday.  I hope the Dodgers keep providing run support.  Yasiel hit his first homerun since coming back from DL.  Corey Seager had 4 hits.

Thanks for stopping by.  GO DODGERS!!!

A Sweep, A Walkoff, and Puig

Wednesday started out with early batting practice as usual.  It seemed like an ordinary day.  It was cooler which was a plus.  It was the last game of this homestand.  The Dodgers had already won the series against the Nationals, having won 2 games out of 3 so we were hoping for a sweep.  The Nationals are the number one team in the National League East.  The Dodgers had won 5 straight games losing only one game this homestand.  Obviously the Dodgers are on a roll.
Robert brought his Mom to the game.  Always nice to see her.  Lucas refused to be in the picture.  You can see his hand.
Kenta was waiting in front of the dugout for something.  Most of the other Dodgers had already gone back into the clubhouse.
Justin Turner stopped to sign.
I went up to the club to eat.  

The grilled chicken was the best.  The pork roulade was amazing.  There also was a pasta dish with mushrooms and a squash medley.  The salads were fresh and delicious.
I went back to the field.  I was surprised that although there were many fans at batting practice, the stadium didn’t seem that full considering it was Dusty Baker bobblehead day.  This was about 45 minutes before the game.  Looks pretty empty.

It’s always good to see old friends…and their favorite Dodger is Puig???  Surprises coming for this little guy later in the game.
The Dodger starting pitcher was Julio Urias who has been a nice addition.  He has done well especially considering he is still a teenager.  How long he will stay before he gets sent back down is anybody’s guess.  Being so young it’s prudent to save his arm,  limiting his pitch count and innings.
Yasmani was catching for him.  

Julio warmed up
While Yasmani took a swig of his pink drink
Tommy Davis was practicing throwing the first pitch with the bat girls.  
Trayce’s Dad and brothers were at the game to support him.
Trayce and Chase
Caught on camera with the enemy….Danny Espinosa, former dirtbag and homerun hitter.  Always friends before the game, contenders during the game.
My seat was already in the shadows which is perfect.  The sun is not my friend.
Trayce is still getting his head shaved.
He is pretty good at twirling his bat like a baton.
Tommy Davis and Dusty Baker with Dodger photographer Jon SooHoo.
Something funny caught Joc’s eye
Joc made many fans happy.  He was the only one who signed.
Justin and Kike playing catch.  
I almost missed Julio and Yasmani on their trek across the field
Spy cam in the dugout
Pat and Donna ready for a good game
Julio said a little prayer before the game
and threw the first pitch…..strike!
The Nationals pitcher Joe Ross only 23 years old is up and coming.  Julio is only 19.  Julio still got into a high pitch count which is unfortunate since he is limited to 90 pitches a game.  It was a youthful matchup.  They both only allowed two earned runs.

The first inning was good for Julio: two strike outs and a fly out.  

In the bottom of the first inning, Chase singled
Corey also singled, Chase to second.
Justin Turner sacrificed, sending Chase to third.
Wild pitch to Adrian, Chase scored.  Sorry about the blurry picture.  This was Chase’s 1000th career run.  1-0.
In the second inning, Ryan Zimmerman singled and with a wild pitch, he went to second.  Anthony Rendon ground out, Zimmerman going to third.  Danny Espinosa doubled scoring Ryan Zimmerman tying the score.  1-1.  Joe Ross doubled scoring Espinosa.  1-2.  This was frustrating.  Suddenly in one inning, the Dodgers were behind.

I went to the team store for the first time this season.  While I was there, Corey hit a homerun in the 3rd inning tying the score again. 2-2.  Go figure.  I rationalized that if I were in my seat, Corey would not have hit the homerun.

In the 4th inning, Joc walked.
Yasmani singled sending Joc to 3rd.
But Yasiel struck out ending the inning.
In the bottom of the 7th inning, Yasmani singled.
Yasiel singled sending Yasmani to second.
AJ came in as a pinch hitter and executed a perfect bunt.  Yasiel went to second and Scott Van Slyke who was a pinch runner  for Yasmani went to 3rd.
A little rest while the Nationals pondered their fate.
Someone has a very sad face.  Now whose fault was that?  Dusty isn’t happy either.  The Nationals were on a 4 game skid coming into this last game of the series.  Now they are on a 5 game losing streak.
Kike was called out on strikes.
Corey flied out.  That was the end of the 7th.  The score was still tied.  2-2.
Casey Fien had come out to pitch in relief in the 6th replacing Julio who had reached his pitch count limit.   Adam Liberatore had replaced him in the 8th inning.  Bryce Harper grounded out.  Daniel Murphy grounded out.  
And Pedro Baez came out in relief.  He allowed a homerun to Wilson Ramos.  The Nationals regained the lead. 2-3.  Baez stayed in the game in the top of the 9th inning but after allowing singles to Rendon and Robinson and a walk to Jayson Werth,  Chris Hatcher replaced Baez.
By this time Dodger Stadium was emptying out.  Many fans left after the Ramos homerun.  The Dodgers have pulled off some last minute dramatics this homestand so I was reluctant to leave.  I decided to stay although the game was running long.  I’m sure the droves of fans who left early are sorry they did.
In the 9th inning, Joc struck out.  Two outs to go.  Howie came up to bat.  Howie is good as a clutch hitter.
Howie hit a single to right field.  I was nervous with excitement.  I was hoping this was the start of something good.  Yasiel was up to bat.  I figured that there was still two chances, two outs left.
Amazingly Yasiel hit a single that became the winning walk off thanks to an error by Michael Taylor who misjudged the ball.  Howie scored and Yasiel just continued running sliding home.  It was unbelievable.  We were wild with excitement.  At first we weren’t sure what exactly happened.  Taylor seemed to be looking for the ball which totally eluded him.
Finally with all the bad luck of one run games in the past, things were finally going our way.  I still couldn’t believe what happened.  Puig just doesn’t give up.  He must have learned from Dave Roberts’ punishment before his DL to run hard because that’s just what he did to win the game.  I’m sure Woodward the 3rd base coach had put out the stop sign but Puig being so fast just kept going.  No one should doubt Puig’s athleticism.  No one can run as fast or play as hard as Puig.
It was an exhilarating win.  Actually it has been a great homestand for the Dodgers.  They have won 6 straight games.  They swept the number one team in the National League East, the Nationals.  The Dodgers are still 5.5 games behind the Giants who are still going strong.  They are 4th in the National League behind the Cubs (who have lost 3 in a row),  the Giants, and the Nationals who could not beat the Dodgers.  Suddenly the Dodgers are contenders.  As I’ve said before, they have turned the corner.

The Dodgers have a day off on Thursday and then travel to Pittsburg to play the Pirates on Friday. The Pirates pitcher will be rookie Jameson Taillon 1-1 ERA 3.50.  It is still undecided who will pitch for the Dodgers.  It might be Maeda who will have had normal rest since the last time he pitched was  on Sunday.  With Carlos Frias going back to minors, one game may consist of relievers.  

Thanks for stopping by.  GO DODGERS!!!  It has been a tiring homestand but a fun one.

Winning the Series (Already)

There was no batting practice on Tuesday.  It was a much cooler day but early batting practice was optional.  

Clayton Kershaw and Julio Urias were on the field practicing anyway.
Not everyone was into it.  Chris Hatcher was taking a break.
Adam Liberatore signed an autograph

Trayce Thompson was shagging balls.
AJ at bat

Wil Venable stopped to take pictures.  Such a super nice guy.

And signed in the dugout

Kenley was in good spirits

So was Dave Roberts.  Four wins in a row always makes everyone happy.  The day before the Dodgers had beat the #1 team in the NL East, the Nationals.  Everyone was upbeat.

Except maybe the Nationals.
I went to the club to eat since nothing interesting was going on.  The food was exceptionally good especially the salads.
I was interested in getting a Fathers Day jersey since I thought they were really pretty.  I went up to Suite Level and talked to Max at the game used store.  He had a Bolsinger Fathers Day jersey although Mike had been sent down the day before.  He told me he had Guerrero who had been DFA’d and even Carl Crawford who had been released.  The jerseys are really nice.
The jerseys have a prostate cancer ribbon on the front.  Some of the jerseys were very expensive especially Kershaw’s and Maeda’s.  Luckily I had my eye on Mike’s.  I will always support him.  He knows I’m his number one fan through thick and thin.  It broke my heart that fans booed him when he left the field on Saturday after pitching.  Seriously….never boo anyone on your own team.
I went back down to the seats.

Yasmani must have felt better…no inhaler.  He was sporting some new kicks.
Uh oh…I was spotted again.   I wonder what’s in his pocket.

Scott was already on the field.  He had come up through the bullpen.

“You put one foot up, you put one foot down, you put one foot up and shake it all about….”

Hi Scott.  
Chase Utley is always the first one out.
Yasiel Puig was next.  This was his first day back from DL.  It’s good to see him.  Trayce was sitting on Tuesday but will be starting on Wednesday.

Justin Turner
They had announced the starting lineups before the National Anthem which was a little weird.  The National Anthem was sung beautifully.  It gave me goosebumps.
Scott took the walk from bullpen to dugout with his throwing arm wrapped up.  It was in the 80’s but maybe that’s not warm enough.  Yasmani has said that he likes it to be hot because he doesn’t have to worry about getting warmed up.  He must enjoy this 100 degree weather.  He’s always warmed up.
Kike and Justin always play catch before the game no matter what’s in the way.  Watch out Asher!  In the background Alanna Rizzo is getting ready for a ceremony for Kenley marking his save record.
Joc came out a little late
And signed autographs for the fans.
Norma and Donna were actually at the game early.  Norma usually has to work late.
Eric Gagne was part of the ceremony honoring Kenley and his save record.  I don’t recognize Gagne.  He is much smaller off the steroids.
The umps and managers making nice.  The Nationals manager is Dusty Baker who is being honored on Wednesday with a bobblehead.
Do you see Davy Lopes on the left?  It’s strange seeing him wearing anything except Dodger blue.
First pitch.  
Bryce Harper hit a solo homerun right away in the first inning.  I had an uneasy feeling.  0-1.  Already behind.
Nationals pitcher Tanner Roark had an outstanding game until it all changed in the 8th inning.  When there isn’t much scoring it makes the game less interesting.  

It became much more interesting when I was almost hit by a foul ball.  It bounced off the corner of my table inches from my face.  My usher Peter thought I had been hit…it was that close.  The sound it made when it hit made me believe it would have broken some bones if it had hit me.

But a very happy fan got the ball.  His papa had snagged it for him.
What a special  “boys night out” with 3 generations.
There was a glimmer of hope when Corey hit a single in the 4th but that was it for the inning.
Danny Espinosa, a Cal State alumni, former dirtbag, hit a solo homerun in the 5th.  0-2.  Yikes.  Then the PITCHER doubled.  Jayson Werth singled.  The decision was to walk Daniel Murphy and pitch to Ryan Zimmerman.  It did work out because the only score was Espinosa that inning.  It could have been much worse.

Joc singled in the 5th inning but was left on base.  Talk about frustration…I’m talking about me.

I went up to the club to get my ice cream and cookies.  That usually cheers me up.

Adam Liberatore came out in relief.  He got out of the 7th inning unscathed.

In the 7th inning, Adrian hit a double but was also left on base.  Now I was really frustrated. 
Louis Coleman replaced Adam Liberatore.  Tanner Roark, the pitcher, singled but was left on base.  
In the bottom of the 8th inning, Joc walked.  It would turn out that this was a very important walk. He has become more patient at the plate, not striking out as much.
Yasiel Puig hit a single which went over shortstop Espinosa’s head.
And then it was catcher Yasmani Grandal at bat.  His average is .183.  To everyone’s surprise and delight, he hit a 3 run homerun. 3-2.  Suddenly the Dodgers were ahead at one stroke of the bat.

You could see the Nationals’ frustration at the way the game suddenly turned.  I thought they would start crying, they looked so upset.  You could see a lot of scuffling, pleading, scratching heads, spitting, whining, looking the other way (not my fault).
Kenley replaced Coleman in the 9th inning to save the game.  We felt confident by that time.

A little discussion between Yasmani and Kenley.

We all were feeling good 

With 2 outs, we were all standing up.
We were waiting for that final strike.
High fives all around again for the second night in a row against number one Washington Nationals.  Final score 3-2 thanks to Yasmani.
On Wednesday Nationals pitcher Joe Ross 6-4, ERA 3.13 meets Julio Urias 0-2 ERA 4.50.  This will be Julio’s 6th start.  Word is that he will soon be sent back down to limit his innings.  He is after all only 19 years old.  

Wednesday also is a bobblehead day, this time Dusty Baker, the Nationals manager.  Can’t figure that one out.  I hate bobblehead days as everyone knows.  It will be crowded.  It also brings out the worst fans.  The Dodgers are still 5 1/2 games behind the Giants who simply can’t seem to lose.  This will be the final game of this homestand.  They have the day off tomorrow and then continue to Pittsburg.  They will not be back for 9 days.  Back to work for me.

Thanks for stopping by.  GO DODGERS!!!  It has been a great homestand!! 



Making History Again

It was Kenley’s day.  He became the all time Dodgers save leader, recording his 162nd save, passing Eric Gagne.

We have watched him develop into a the best closer in baseball.
We were all psyched up for a meeting with undefeated Stephen Strasburg who was scratched about 45 minutes before the game for upper back strain.  Cold feet?  He was to meet best pitcher in baseball Clayton Kershaw.  Instead, the Nationals Yusmeiro Petit answered the call.

Monday was supposed to be the hottest day of the week.  I wasn’t surprised to find there wasn’t any batting practice.  A couple of relief pitchers were tossing the ball on the field.
The Nationals were already stretching on the field.  They are number one in the National League East and are close behind the Chicago Cubs who top the entire National League.  This would be an important series for the Dodgers.
I went up to the club to cool off and eat.The 

The food was delicious.  I enjoyed the roast turkey, sweet potatoes and cranberry chutney.  I stayed in the club for a while because it was at least 100 degrees out there.

It was Dodger lunch cooler bag backpack day.  It was really a nice giveaway.
Clayton Kershaw came out to warm up.  It was already extremely warm.
He still did his usual warmup.  He never strays from his routine.
Yasmani also was out on the field as usual with his pink drink.
Clayton continued his warmup.

Robert and Grant.  Good to see Grant again.  
I’m lucky that I meet nice people at Dodger Stadium.  Steve lives in San Diego but made the trip up to watch his favorite Dodgers.
Trayce still is having his head shaved
First pitch.  Throw like a girl.
Playing catch even with all the commotion on the field.
Corey signed as usual.
Lucky Max got Corey’s autograph
Here comes Clayton with Yasmani
The umps with managers…always BFFs before the game
First pitch.  Watch out Nationals.
It was steamy hot during the game.  I was trying not to notice.

The in-seat salad was refreshing.  
I barely had a chance to munch on the salad when Justin continued his offensive tear with a solo homerun in the first inning.  It was surprising considering that the Nationals are such a good team. 1-0.
Then Justin hit a single in the 4th inning scoring Corey. 2-0.  Justin…the one man team.
In the 5th inning Joc hit a solo homerun 3-0.  I had been listening to a know-it-all sitting behind me who talked trash about the Dodgers including how he didn’t like Joc’s swing.  When Joc was up to bat, I prayed that he would hit a homerun so the person behind me would just SHUT UP.  It worked.  The guy was quiet for a few innings.   
Time for some ice cream..a combo of chocolate and vanilla.
In the top of the 7th inning Clayton ran into some trouble allowing a single to Anthony Rendon scoring Ryan Zimmerman.  3-1.

In the bottom of the 7th inning, Howie doubled.
Pinch hitter Kike Hernandez was intentionally walked.  The Nationals probably remembered Kike’s big homerun the day before.
Unfortunately for the Nationals, Chase Utley singled scoring Howie.
A little catch between innings to keep warm.
Then Kenley was given a chance to save the game.
It was exciting.
High fives all around for our closer Kenley who surpassed Gagne’s record of saves to become the all time leader in saves.  Also kudos to Kershaw who limited the tough Nationals to one run over 7 innings.
Tuesday the Dodgers with Scott Kazmir 5-3, ERA 4.64 meets Nationals Tanner Roark 6-4 ERA 3.14.  It will be a cooler day, down to 88 degrees.  Hopefully the offense will stay strong.

Thank you for stopping by.  It was a difficult weekend for me.  I had to work after the game on Sunday so I was tired.  I couldn’t write my Sunday blog until today for that reason.  Two more games against the Nationals at Dodger Stadium unti the Dodgers are on the road again.

Turning the Corner

With four wins in a row, the Dodgers seemed to have turned the corner.  The offense has picked up to complement the excellent pitching of the bullpen and starters.  The weekend was the turning point.

It was a hot weekend culminated by a sticky 104 degrees in LA on Monday.  I was not happy with the hot weather.
Mike Bolsinger pitched Saturday with probably the worst results since his return to Dodger Stadium.  He only lasted 3 innings allowing 5 runs.  The bullpen stepped up to the adversity.  It was a combination of Chris Hatcher, Casey Fien and Adam Liberatore who picked up the slack and led the Dodgers to victory with a score of 10-6.  The bullpen pitched at least 5 innings in 3 games.  

It was a good day although it was warm.

Cute kids always brighten up the day.
Yaz must have anticipated a difficult game.  One more puff of that inhaler….!
Joc must have also anticipated the game to be stinky
My friends Pat and Norma always seem to look cool.
My favorite bat girl Emily 
Beautiful Kearran Giovanni from TNT show Major Crimes threw out the first pitch
It was a great day with an abundance of runs including an RBI by Chris Hatcher scoring Kike in the 3rd.

The scoreboard says it all.
It wasn’t a big walkoff win but it was still fun.  The game seemed to last forever.  The first 3 innings lasted more than an 1 1/2 hours.  There were a total of 25 hits from both teams.  Justin Turner hit his 3rd homerun in two days.  Joc also hit a homerun bringing his total to 12.
Sunday’s game was brutal in that it was 100 degrees on the field.  It was one of those infamous day games.  It was also Fathers Day.

The relief pitchers were out before the game to practice.

JP and Kenley said hi as they went by.
I was glad to go up to the club to eat.  It was much cooler there.  I was surprised that they served posole.  I love that dish.
I ventured back to the field knowing the heat would be stifling.

Kenta Maeda was the starting pitcher and he came out like a trooper to warm up.  Warm up?  As though it wasn’t warm enough.
He didn’t stay out too long.  Notice the Fathers Day uniforms.  The numbers are powder blue in honor of Prostate awareness.
Chase Utley
Corey signed a few autographs.  I told him that the blue lettering made his eyes look even more blue.  He actually blushed.
But it was a day for the kids.  Cali Kershaw seems to be an independent little girl already. She 

made it almost to the baseball diamond all by herself.
She really is cute.
And she crossed the finish line.
But then Daddy came and ruined it all.
Scotty Van Slyke with his kids.
More kids.
Casey Fien and his little girl
National Anthem with family
Trayce signed some autographs
Kenta Maeda who would brave the heat to pitch 7 innings.
Kike Hernandez who would be the hero of the game with his game tying homerun in the 8th inning.
Justin who has turned into a powerhouse hitter.
First pitch
In the first inning Scooter Gennett hit a homerun. 0-1.  I went up to the club.  It was just too hot.  I sat there almost the entire game.

Kike had tied the score in the 8th inning.  I was hoping that it wouldn’t go into extra innings since I had to go to work.

The score says it all.  Adrian Gonzalez singled.  Trayce singled with Adrian going to second.
Scott Van Slyke became pinch runner for Adrian.
Howie walked putting Scotty on 3rd, Trayce to second.
Then Yaz came up to bat.
Yasmani was able to draw a walk, winning the game in a walk off walk.
It was an exciting win.
It was great for Kike who hit the homerun in the 8th inning to make the score a tie.  He hit the homerun for his Dad who is being treated for cancer.  He said he had goosebumps as he ran the bases.

A good time to celebrate the wonderful Dodger Dads.

What would we do without our Dads.  

Thanks for stopping by.  Hope your weekend was blessed.  GO DODGERS!!!

When Ginger Did it All

It was another beautiful summer day.  The traffic getting to the stadium was a challenge but otherwise it started out perfectly.
I still can’t get used to the new Kike with no hair.
Joc getting ready to bat
Scotty probably explaining how tall his son is
Corey at bat
Conversation among the pitchers.  
There’s Mike.  Yesterday I had worn my new Bolsinger shirt with the huge 46 but he never looked my direction.  So today I was wearing my Trayce shirt in honor of the his homerun the day before.  Just my luck, Mike looked my way and waved.  Wrong shirt.  Oops.  He came over to talk to me later on.  Hopefully he didn’t notice the Trayce shirt.  I am praying for run support for him during Saturday’s game.  Apparently a contingency plan was to have him pitch in relief Friday if the game went into more than 10 innings.  And then who would pitch??  The plan is that Maeda will pitch Sunday since his lower leg injury seems not to be a problem.
The Brewers were taking the field for their workout too early.  The guys were trying to ignore it but I thought it was rude.  Wait your turn.
The Brewers were just all over the place.
It was so nice to see the twins Klayton and Duke again.  They have their little personalities already.  It was also nice to see their parents Eric and Tracy.  They recognize the crazy lady and her camera.

It was a great day to see all the best people at Dodger Stadium.  We all bleed Dodger blue.  We support the Dodgers through thick and thin.  It’s been a bit distressing lately but we are all still there cheering them on.
It was a good time to go up to the club.  I was starving.  The carne asada tacos were delicious.  I was going to go back for seconds.  

What kind of grapes are these? I found them in the fruit bowl.
I went down to the field to wait for Julio and Yaz.

I almost missed seeing Julio walk down the field.  I was busy taking pictures  Eric alerted me to the teenager’s appearance.
It’s a joy to watch Julio Urias.  He has so much potential.  We can see it developing.
Every time he pitches, he seems to get better.  I have to keep reminding myself that he is 19 years old, still a teenager.
Yasmani came down the field. that Yaz using an inhaler??  It looks like a rescue inhaler.  
Some more pics of Yasmani. of the Black Eyed Peas was part of the Filipino Day celebration.  He was sitting in my section for about half a minute before he left.  Maybe he’s not a big baseball fan.
Trayce.  I’m wearing his shirt.  He never looked my way.  In fact it was a day that no one signed any autographs, not even Corey which is unusual.  It seems that whenever I wear one of my Corey shirts he never sees it.  If I’m wearing another shirt, Corey comes right to me.  Same with Trayce.  Oh well.  


Trayce still didn’t look our way.
Julio, Yasmani and Rick made their way down the field.
Joc came out late.
Julio’s first pitch.  And the game was underway.
It didn’t take long for Justin to make his presence known with a solo homerun the first time he was up.  1-0.
Julio did not allow a run in the five innings in pitched.  There were several hits but no one reached home plate.

Then here came the bullpen in the 6th inning. Louis Coleman came into the game in relief.  He allowed a Ryan Braun double.  Lucroy doubled scoring Braun.  The score was tied.  1-1. We all groaned.  The bullpen!!!  Adam Liberatore relieved  Coleman but Scooter Gennett doubled scoring Jonathan Lucroy.  1-2.  

It was a gorgeous night with a beautiful sunset by the way.  We were all dying a thousand deaths.  The only run the Dodgers produced was the Justin Turner homerun so far.  The bullpen was doing their thing.

Some vanilla ice cream for a warm night

In the 8th inning Justin did it again, another solo homerun making it a tie score!!!  2-2.
The game went into extra innings.  I had a good feeling about it so I stayed.  There was still a crowd there because it was fireworks night.

Baez came out to pitch in relief in the 10th inning. He had lost the game the day before so he had something to prove.  He made it through without allowing a run.  Still tied at 2-2.

The Dodgers watched from the dugout hoping for the best.
Our newest Dodger Will Venable hit a huge double bringing us hope.
That brought AJ off the bench to hit a bunt which he executed perfectly getting Will to 3rd.  Amazingly it was a base hit as well.
There was some discussion.  They decided to walk the next two players:  Utley and Corey.  I understand walking Corey but did they know who was the next batter??  Justin who had already hit two home runs providing the only Dodger score.  It was one of those righty-righty match ups.  But seriously!!

And then Ginger came up to bat.  Could he do it??  We all held our breaths.  I prayed.  Strike one.
Strike two

Then he did it.  He hit a single which scored Will who was on 3rd base.  It was a walkoff base hit for Justin who provided the only Dodger offense.  3-2.

Justin was showered with love and water by his teammates.It was a much needed win for the Dodgers and for us faithful fans.  It was a win for Baez who had lost the game the day before.  It was good for Justin who has finally turned it around with a vengeance.
Saturday, the matchup will be between two former roommates, teammates and still friends:  Mike Bolsinger 1-4, ERA 5.76 and Chase Anderson 4-6, ERA 4.42.  I will be wearing Mike’s spring training jersey for luck.

Thanks for stopping by.  GO DODGERS!!

Breaking Our Hearts

The first game of the series with the Brewers took place on a beautiful summer day.  It’s predicted that the weekend will be hot but thankfully Thursday was mild.  
It was batting practice as usual.  I was happy to be back at Dodger Stadium.  I always miss them when they are on the road.
Kike had cut off all his hair so I was interested to see how it looked.  It’s different.
AJ was talking to the enemy.
Mike Bolsinger isolated himself on the other side of the stadium.  I wanted to say hi to him but he didn’t see me.
The Brewers started to take over the field so the Dodgers came in one by one.  By the time we were allowed to go by the dugout, everyone was already in the club house.
It was a good time to go up to the club to eat.  The food as usual was delicious especially the hickory smoked baby back ribs with bourbon BBQ sauce.  The black bean salad also was a winner.
The Brewers were still on the field so I focused on Scott Van Slyke who was being interviewed on Sportsnet.  He had hit a 3 run homerun the day before.
Scott Kazmir had appeared out of the bullpen to stretch.  He doesn’t take the customary walk from the dugout to the bullpen.  He stretched and ran for a very short time.
Yasmani came down the field soon after.
Scott threw a few pitches and then he went into the bullpen to practice.
First one out was of course Chase Utley.
I was interested in Wil Venable who became a Dodger the day before.  I always liked him when he was a Padre.
Everyone’s favorites:  Corey and Trayce.
The roommates:  Trayce, Joc and Corey
Brett Anderson was in his hoody as usual
Wil was wearing all new Dodger blue.  He looks great in our colors.
The National Anthem.  Baez is staring at me.  Aha Mike has finally seen me.
Duke Snider’s son threw out the first pitch.  It was Duke Snider pin day.
Scott Kazmir and Yasmani with pitching coach Rick Honeycutt made their way down the field.
The umpires and coaches making nice before the game starts
Scott checked out his glove before he threw out the first pitch
First pitch
Scott didn’t last very long.  He had thrown 93 pitches by the 4th inning.  He was taken out of the game so the bullpen could take over.  Big mistake.

The Brewers scored first in the 3rd inning when Lucroy singled in Villar and Hill.  0-2.  Then Perez hit a sacrifice fly scoring Lucroy.  0-3.  I went upstairs to go shopping about that time.  I was that frustrated.  

In the bottom of the 3rd inning, Kazmir walked.

Corey singled

Trayce Thompson was up next.  He flexed his muscles a little and then….

He hit a 3 run homerun tying the score.

It was nice to see some run support.  The guys just kept on coming back.  They were like the little engine that could.

Casey Fien pitched in relief in the 5th inning.  Aaron Hill immediately hit a homerun breaking the tie.  3-4.  In the same inning Fien allowed another homerun, this time off the bat of Chris Carter.  Ryan Braun had already singled so it was a two run homerun.  6-3.  About that time I hoped that Dave Roberts would take Fien out but he stayed in.  I was so frustrated since the Dodgers had actually tied the score.

In the bottom of the 6th inning, Howie singled scoring Trayce who had hit a ground rule double which bounced into the stands.

The score was then 4-6.  The Dodgers were fighting back.  They were not giving up.

In the bottom of the 6th inning, Joc singled scoring Howie.  5-6.

Yasmani walked.
Justin Turner came in to replace Wil Venable.  He hit a sacrifice fly scoring Joc but Yasmani was out at 2nd.  We all wondered why he ran.  There was an argument between Justin and Yaz in the dugout while there was a challenge to the play as to the timing of the run and the out.  The run made it a tie. 6-6.  Luckily the challenge was overturned.
Pedro Baez came out in relief.  That was the Dodgers downfall.  After all the scuffling by the guys to tie the score, Baez allowed a two run homerun in the top of the 9th making the score 6-8 and that would be the way the game would end.  I was already on my way home in the bottom of the 9th.  I just had that feeling that it would not end well.  It was such a heartbreak I couldn’t bear to watch it.  I go to every game, I talk to the guys, I feel every loss.  They had played hard, catching up every time but the last Brewers homerun was too much to overcome.
The offense picked up every challenge with hits, walks, home runs but this time it was the bullpen that disappointed.  A combination of Fien-Baez lost the game.

The Dodgers are now 6.5 games out of first place behind the Giants.  However they are only 1.5 games out of the wild card race behind the Cardinals.

As we always say when the Dodgers lose, let’s turn the page.  Friday’s game will give us another chance to see Julio Urias.  He has not won a game yet, his ERA is 5.82.  He faces Zach Davies 5-3, ERA 3.88.  Davies has been doing well only allowing 2 runs across 21 innings.  It should be an interesting game.

Thanks for stopping by.  GO DODGERS!!!

Coming Back Home

The Dodgers return to Dodger Stadium Thursday for 6 games.  They first will play the Brewers who have recently been pounded by the Giants.

Scott Kazmir 5-3, ERA 4.52 will face Junior Guerra 3-1 ERA 3.31.  Kazmir has gotten his form back in his last few games.  Every Dodger fan loves Ryan Braun who pretty much stole the MVP from Matt Kemp and then was caught taking PEDS.  The interesting thing is that he could become a Dodger in the future.  However he has been slumping lately.   He will be playing at Dodger Stadium during this series.  

The Dodgers recently acquired Wil Venable, a left handed hitter, who will come off the bench and provide some much needed hitting.  I have always liked him from the time he was with the Padres.  Why do we need him?  We need offense judging from the Dodgers last few games.  The pitching has been pretty good but no one seems to get any run support.  Kershaw was provided with some run support yesterday  with the Van Slyke 3 run home run which provided the only Dodger score in yesterday’s game with the D Backs.  

Congratulations to Kenley Jansen who recorded his 161st save which ties the Eric Gagne franchise record.  

Julio Urias will be pitching again Friday.  He seems to be getting better and better with each game.  Unbelievable that he is just 19 years old.

I’ll be happy to see the Dodgers again.  It’s been a long 7 days that they have been gone.  I’ve worked 6 of those days so I am tired but glad to be going back to my happy place.

The Dodgers are now 6 games out of first place.  The Giants just can’t seem to be stopped.  They are on a another winning streak, this time 5 games.  The Dodgers offense has to step up and start hitting.  

An interesting note:  Kike Hernandez has cut off all his hair.  Apparently he did this to support his Dad who will be going through chemo.  Prayers for his Dad.  

I’ll be back to writing my blog again since the Dodgers are back home.  Thanks everyone for still checking in.  I appreciate all your support.  GO DODGERS!!!

When There is Evil

This has nothing to do with the Dodgers and baseball. This has to do with the terrible massacre in Orlando. It is unbelievable that one person could bring such devastation to so many.

It’s a time for us to love one another. Appreciate all your cherished ones because you may not see them tomorrow. Rather than hate and blame a particular group, we should pull together and try to make love even stronger because we are a nation of compassion and diversion, not one of hate and intolerance.

It’s a time to pray for all who passed away and their grieving families.  

God bless their souls.


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