Final Guess

The 25 man postseason roster has not yet been announced.  I have my guess which took into account the absence of Scott Van Slyke due to wrist injury and the presence of Yasiel Puig just reinstated from DL.  

The sure things:


Clayton Kershaw

Zack Greinke

Brett Anderson

Alex Wood


Kenley Jansen

Pedro Baez

Luis Avilan

JP Howell

Juan Nicasio

Chris Hatcher


Adrian Gonzalez

Howie Kendrick

Justin Turner

Chase Utley


Andre Ethier

Yasiel Puig

Corey Seager

Jimmy Rollins

Carl Crawford

Kike Hernandez

Joc Pederson


Yasmani Grandal

AJ Ellis

That leaves 3 up for grabs.  There will be at least another 1 or 2 pitchers, probably Yimi Garcia or Carlos Frias and my strong vote for outfield: Justin Ruggiano.

My wish was that Mike Bolsinger had been as good when he was called back up from Triple A but for the Dodgers to use 5 starting pitchers for the playoffs was a far reach but possibly could have been used as a long reliever.  Clayton will start in the playoffs with Zack second.  Brett Anderson will pitch the first game in New York.  What happens for game 4 will depend on who wins the first 3.  Clayton could pitch on short rest.  The problem lies in the bullpen who either is very good or very bad.  Kenley is the only consistent.

I have hopes that the Dodgers will win this series and go on.  It really does depend on how our offense is.  Clayton and Zack were able to go at least to the 8th inning usually  so our relievers’ roles are only to make 3 outs with Kenley closing it out.  Run support is important.  Justin Turner has been a major key in starting up the offense.  Corey Seager has been consistent with his hitting since being called up but I’m sure he has been studied intensively by the Mets.  We have veterans Chase Utley, Jimmy Rollins, Howie Kendrick, Adrian Gonzalez and Andre Ethier to help add stability.

I’m nervous, excited, happy about today.  I’ll wear my “We Own the West” shirt and  my good luck cap signed by Puig.  I plan to leave very early and just wait at the gate.  There is no way I want to be late.  Game time is 6:30.  Sadly Vin Scully will not be announcing.  He had a medical procedure which will keep him out of the playoffs completely.  Get well soon Vinny!!

Thanks for stopping by.  Anxious to see who will be in the starting lineup.  Never know about Donnie.  My guess for today:

Kershaw, AJ, Adrian, Howie, Justin Turner, Corey, Carl, Joc, Andre.


With Much Thanks

  I just found out that my blog is now #17. I was surprised and excited.  I would like to thank everyone who has taken time to read it.
First of all  I would like to thank my good friends who have given me encouragement and praise when I really needed it. Writing a blog is actually very hard work and takes a lot of time and effort. Kind words go a long way. Thank you Jessica.
I would like to thank my Dodgers for their outstanding 2015 season. They made writing my blog thrilling and memorable.

  Andre gave me funny and heartwarming moments I could share with you.
  Mike Bolsinger made me feel very special. Good luck to him and hope he returns next season.  I will always support him no matter what happens in the future.
  I will always treasure  the jacket he gave me. It truly touched my heart.
  Corey Seager..who proves that dreams can come true through hard work. 
  I have to include Justin who doesn’t like to be left out. Thank you for your all out effort this season.
  Thanks for all the autographs for the fans. Hope they don’t end up on EBay.
  Thanks to LA for the awesome weather which helped my photography 
  Thanks to Puig for cute photo ops
 Special thanks to Clayton and Zack for putting up with the 100’s of pictures I have taken of them. No I am not a stalker.

Special thanks to my youngest readers.

  Who always wanted to be included on my blog. They reminded me how precious the children are. They are special.

 Thanks also to the Baseline Club staff for the delicious food. Without them I would not have my food pictures. Special thanks to executive chef Jason Tingley who always asked me how I liked the food.

  I want to include my son because he is my heart
   From Opening Day, the Dodgers have been bringing us to our feet. Thanks for being #1 almost the entire season.
 Thanks for letting us sing “I Love LA” so often.

I’ll be writing through the Postseason. Friday is the first game. The Dodgers meet the Mets at Dodger Stadium. So cool we have home field advantage. The Dodgers starting pitcher will be Clayton Kershaw. He will meet Jacob deGrom. 

Thanks for stopping by. Special thanks for making my blog #17. GO DODGERS!!

How It Started

  Everyone who knows me knows my passion for the Los Angeles Dodgers. I eat breathe live Dodgers all the time even in the off season. Most of my wardrobe consists of Dodger shirts and jackets. I don’t own a dress or heels.  

It wasn’t always like that. I grew up not ever watching baseball. I watched a little college basketball and some pro football but was never a sports fan at all. I thought, as many uninformed people do, that baseball was boring!!

My life changed when I became very ill with pneumonia. I unfortunately was off work for 5 months. Most of the time I didn’t even have the energy to get out of bed. I turned on the tv and couldn’t bear to watch daytime tv. It was baseball season and yes, the Dodgers were on network television.  I learned that baseball was not the boring game everyone complained about.  It is a game of strategy. The goal is not for the pitcher to throw the ball over the plate so the other guy can hit it. You don’t want the other guy to hit it. It is truly a game of skill and a lot of luck.

It was the year I fell in love with Shawn Green.

  This picture was taken several years later after Shawn had retired from baseball. But he was the reason I became a Dodger fan.
  One of my best friends works as one of the stadium doctors and asked me if I’d like to go to a Dodger game. I had never been to one so I happily accepted.  And that’s when my passion really started.  When she works she gets 4 tickets in reserve section back row.  She also gets free parking. My first game was free thanks to her. She bought me my first Dodger dog.  And a root beer float! And suddenly my blood turned Dodger blue.
I treated myself to a field section ticket on my birthday. I remember that day clearly. I was excited and nervous. I was hoping to see Shawn Green close up. The closest I’d been to him was through binoculars.

I saw him on the field and got up enough nerve to run up to the front. I was within a few feet of him. My heart was pounding. Everyone was getting autographs. I had nothing for him to autograph. I got near him and could barely speak.  He smiled at me, my heart melted into a puddle and I immediately became a diehard Dodger fan. I was hooked. 

The next season I bought tickets here and there in field section. I then bought season tickets front row by the left field foul pole. I also bought dugout and baseline seats on StubHub. I usually had 2 seats a game.  I decided to buy mini season baseline seats. Then I bought a couple of mini plans hooked together. They would never let me buy one season ticket in baseline. They were sold in 2’s or 3’s. Finally a few years ago when they remodeled the baseline section, they allowed me to be the only single baseline single ticket holder. I am lucky. My seat is on the aisle in the 3rd row.  Look me up and say hi.

I am a full time ER nurse at the VA Medical Center in Long Beach.  It is a stressful career so baseball helps me keep at an even keel. I share my love of baseball with everyone including my patients and co workers. 

  My wonderful Dad also loved the Dodgers. He and Tommy had a nice moment together. Love you Dad. I have many nice memories of my Dad and the Dodgers. 
Many people have asked me how long I’ve been a Dodger fan so I thought I would share this with you to answer a few questions.

I’ll never take for granted how lucky I have been during my seasons being a Dodger fan. I have gotten to know many wonderful people, some who  have passed on including two wonderful ushers, Ernie and last year, Bill. I know you are happy in Blue Heaven. I have met many good friends who also share my love for the Dodgers. You know who you are.

And most of all, I love you Dodgers. You are my reason for living!!!

One of my favorite Dodgers…Andre Ethier. Love you forever!! This was a few years ago.

Good luck in post season Dodgers!!!  Let’s win at home!

Thanks for stopping by. 

When Your Heart is So Full

  This is never a good sign.  The weather prediction for Sunday’s game:  showers in the morning.  Game start was an hour early at 12:10 which meant the auto gates opened at 9:40, stadium gates opened at 10:10.  Nervous time.
  It was cloudy with a little blue peeking through when I got to the gate.
  No one was out on the field when they finally opened the gate.  Of course much of it was covered with tarp.  Donnie was speaking to the media.  Why there are so many Donnie haters out there I just don’t understand.
 The guys came out a few at a time.  We felt a few drops now and then.  The SportsNet camera crew were ready to fold up if there was a downpour.  I didn’t think it would rain on Clayton’s parade.

  I was scheduled to work on the playoff days. My friend Tess agreed to trade  days off with me.  I decided I would bite the bullet and get autographs on a ball for her sons in gratitude.  It takes a lot out of me to ask the Dodgers  for anything but I am so thankful to her for doing this favor for me.  I was surprised that I was able to get so many autographs in a few minutes.  I asked Justin Turner first.  He looked at me with surprise since I have never asked him for an autograph before. He was my first autograph.  I was able to get Donnie’s, Wieland, Avilan, Seager, Bolsinger, and a few others.  Of course, when I look at the ball I can’t tell who signed.  Can you? I have never asked even Mike for an autograph.  Everyone surprised?
  Speaking of Mike, he stopped when he saw me.  I have not really spoken to him since he came back up from Triple A.  He gave me a hug and then we spoke for a few minutes.  He gave me another hug before he left.  He still is my favorite and I told him that.  It hurts me that the Dodger management chose to send him down when he was doing so well.  He came back not the same.  I think that broke his spirit.  I will always support him.  My eyes still fill with tears when I think about what happened.  Before he went into the dugout he reached out and held my hand.  From that moment on, my heart felt so full, I thought I couldn’t fit anything else into it. I do get emotional about my Dodgers probably because I go to every game but also because I have gotten to know many of them.  They are not just athletes and statistics but real people who have feelings.  They have good days and bad days because they are human.  I wish everyone would believe that.
It was Fan Appreciation Day, the last game of the regular season.  I had already been depressed about the season ending because baseball and Dodgers are just about my whole life.  My life consists of baseball season and offseason.  Fan Appreciation Day consists of a handful of prizes given out to about 10 people.  Oh well….so the management appreciates 10 people.  

I went up to the club to eat and noticed that my 2 least favorite people were there.  When they saw me come into the club, they got up quickly so they could run to the stands to be where I usually am to take my pictures.  I’m short so I need to be in the front.  Oh great.  I wasn’t going to let them ruin my day.  I ate a little salad , said hi to my friend Yoshiko and her husband, and ran back out to the field.  Sure enough those people were standing in my spot taking up the whole area.  They are not small people by any means so they purposely spread out so I had to go somewhere else.  They stand in my field of vision so I can’t take my pictures.  I sighed with frustration but I wasn’t going to let them ruin my last day.  My friend Robert shrugged his shoulders.  He understood.  The players shy away from these people because they are annoying so I try not to stand near them.  Heaven forbid if the guys think these people are my friends. One of them makes comments to the guys about how they play.  Do you think that the guys appreciate that? They get the same autographs over and over.  What do they do with them?  And they call out to the players repeatedly  while they are trying to warm up.  Also not appreciated.  Chase Utley was sure to sign very far away from where these people were standing.  Carl also made sure to be very far away.  Corey usually starts signing in front of me and was surprised that I wanted an autograph this time. I needed one for my friend’s ball.  Of course, those people took the opportunity and got his autograph although they had plenty of his already.

 I had to jockey for position to get these pictures of Clayton.

  The sky was still threatening.
 AJ and Clayton both did their running

   And Clayton threw out some practice pitches.  I still think that Clayton Kershaw is the best pitcher in baseball no matter who wins the Cy Young this year.  
  Clayton had his moment of meditation
   while the Channel Islands mascot did his thing.  We think he is a dolphin.
   I was glad to see Joc starting
 and Corey

 Chase Utley
  And Alex Guerrero
  My buddy Ryan cheered me up.  He was pushed to the back by those people too.  They will stand in front of the little ones too.
  The National Anthem
  Zack Greinke was presented with the Roy Campenella award.  So proud of him.  He is actually smiling.
  I always have to check out Brett Anderson.  Of course he was wearing his hoody.

 And Clayton threw out the first pitch

  And with that first pitch, the sky turned a beautiful blue.  Perfect for Clayton’s 300th strikeout of the season. 
 I was thrilled that Joc hit a 2 run homerun in the second inning with AJ also scoring. 2-0.

  My big surprise was my friend Jessica Washington and her adorable son.  She stopped by to say hi.  I am so blessed to have her as a friend.  My day couldn’t be better.  Remember when I said that my heart was so full.  It was ready to burst.
 Corey hit a solo homerun in the 6th inning. 3-0.  by that time, they had taken Clayton out after throwing his 300th strikeout. Chris Heisey also homered, but Austin Barnes was on base making it a 2 run shot. 5-0.  

 Jimmy Rollins was the player-manager of the day.  He was wearing Tommy Lasorda’s jersey.  Jimmy had a smooth sailing game until he decided to call Luis Avilan to relieve.  Luis allowed a 3 run homerun making the score 5-3.

 In the bottom of the 8th inning, Ronald Torreyes singled, scoring Joc. 6-3.

   And Chris Hatcher closed out the game, the final score  6-3.
   It was a fun game  No one was under any pressure.  Everything that needed to be clinched was done already.

  So it was time for selfies.  I’m not very good so I’m practicing.  Donna, Norma and me in the club.
  Bud, the best chef ever
  Cindy, the best expo who makes sure my in seat food is never late
  Didi who is both beautiful and super
  Yoshiko who has made my life wonderful
  Ty who needs to come back to the club.  It’s not the same without her.
  And Jessica who makes my heart so full.
The 2015 season has been the best one I have ever had.  I’m glad I could share it with you. You can see why I love going to Dodger games so much.  I feel very lucky and blessed.  

And now on to Post Season.  

  Can I show you my tickets again???  I can’t wait until Friday.
Thanks for stopping by.  GO DODGERS!! 


Clinching Home Field Advantage

  Who would be better to do some necessary clinching but our top candidate for Cy Young, Zack Greinke?  The game Saturday was on the line for home field advantage which was a must do since the Dodgers seem to play better in front of their own fans but what team doesn’t?
  The day was clear and not too hot. The game start time was an hour earlier so I worried about the weather.  There wasn’t a cloud  in the sky.  It was absolutely beautiful.
   The guys were out there practicing.
  There seemed to be someone out there with a mini me
  Corey looked a bit rakish.  He must have learned how to put his hat on from Joc
  Everyone seemed to be in a good mood.  They had already clinched the Western Division
  The  only reminder was on the big screen.  Still no banners.
  Donnie was still being critcized for I don’t know what.  People will find something.
 Good time to eat.  Ahhh my favorite macaroni salad

  The talapia and squash medley were tantalizing
 Can you guess who this is?  Andre Ethier’s son.  So cute.

  It was Hispanic Heritage Night so there was fun music and a festive air,  of course.
   Yasmani made his way down the field
  and downed his pink drink, the drink of champions
 He ran up and down the field

 Then he put on his gear and practiced

   Then Zack appeared out of the bullpen and stretched
 I think Zack kind of got in the way of Yasmani during his quiet time

   But this is Zack Greinke so whatever
   Zack is on his own mission
   Justin Ruggiano came out to stretch next.  
   Surprise!!! Yasiel after being on DL for a long time.
 And Jimmy


   The rumor had been that Yasiel may not be ready until well into the playoffs
 He fit right back in as though he had never been gone

   Justin and Howie rounded out the group.  It was an interesting lineup which also included Kike.
 The National Anthem.  They all look different when they take their hats off
  A  Puerto Rican boxer threw out the first pitch to commemorate Hispanic Heritage night
 Then Zack and Yaz walked down the field to the dugout

   Yasiel signed autographs as he always does,  before running back out to the field.  Everyone loves Puig.  
 The Dodgers took the field

 And Zack threw the first pitch.  He threw 8 innings, clinching home field advantage in the upcoming NLDS vs the Mets, the series starting in LA on Friday.  This was his 19th win and he has the best ERA in the NL.  He allowed only one run, 4 hits, struck out 8.  The controversy is that Jake Arrieta should be the Cy Young winner because of his outstanding pitching after the All Star Break.  Zack has been consistently outstanding ALL SEASON!

 Justin Turner hit a solo homerun in the first inning when we barely got our nachos and drinks.   Right away we had a good feeling about the game. 1-0.

  Adrian hit a double play ground ball adding an RBI in the 4th inning. 2-0.
In the 5th inning Padres catcher Austin Hedges hit a solo homerun making the score 2-1.

  In the 8th inning, Zack threw his 200th strikeout of the season, striking out pinch hitter Derek Norris.  This is the 5th time in his career that he has reached 200 strikeouts in a season.
 Kenley came in to close out the game.  We were happy that the Dodgers could finally relax since everything was already clinched.  

Sunday’s game would be a relaxed game with Clayton Kershaw taking the mound, hoping to get 300 strikeouts.  He would face the Padres bullpen with Frank Garces starting with no record and 5.00 ERA.  Sounds tough.  Clayton would be limited to 60 pitches.  

Thanks for stopping by.  Sorry for the late post for Saturday’s game.  Sunday’s game was an hour early so it totally threw me off.  Next post for Sunday to follow.  GO DODGERS!!!

Thank you Max Scherzer

The Dodgers appreciate the no-no by Max Scherzer. It assured the Dodgers home field advantage for NLDS. We start at home on Friday. Can I say again….I love LA!!!

West Division Champs

  It seems like there is no difference after the Dodgers won the NL West Division.  There was nothing in the stadium to indicate there was anything new  except that the alternating signs flashed that they had indeed come through on the road.  I seem to remember that the last time there were a few banners.
  The guys looked as animated as usual during batting practice.  Uh oh, spotted already.
  Kike seems to know I’m taking pictures.
  And Mike was looking in my direction.  I guess I’m not really hiding behind a tree or anything like that.
 Zack looked toward me

  and ran away.  Oh well.  I did have enough nerve to give Javier the batboy, the  blanket I had knitted for little Bode Greinke, Zack’s baby.  Javier promised to give it to Zack.
 Mike seemed to be smiling in my direction a lot .  Or is that my imagination?  Everyone has noticed he’s been a little distant since being brought back up from minors.

  The guys are the same.  No one looks that excited.

   Clayton the perfectionist was working on fielding.
  Brett Anderson stopped and signed autographs.  That was different.

   SportsNet interviewed Clayton.  Orel and Nomar had a good  laugh over something, maybe the fact that Matt  Latos is the Angels new closer.
  The big news of the day was that our organist Nancy Bea was retiring after this season.  What will next season be like without our Vin Scully and now our Nancy?

   I went up to the club to commiserate and was pleased to find some fantastic food.  The pulled pork sliders were divine.  I had to go back for a second helping of the Tandoori chicken.  The salads included my favorite macaroni salad.  Food is always a comfort to me.
  I had ordered an Iphone 6s+ in the mail and expected to get it at the end of October and unexpectedly received it two days ago.  I thought I had plenty of time to cancel in case I changed my mind.  I only had considered purchasing the new Iphone because it supposedly takes great selfies (and we all know how bad I am at those) and outstanding pictures.  I am still practicing.    Actually I wanted the phone because it’s pink, truth be told.
  Ron Cey said hi on the way back into the dugout
  And gorgeous Andre spoke to us a few minutes while he signed autographs.
  Clayton also stopped to say hi to me.  Someone noticed that he actually said my name.  I hadn’t noticed.  It made my day.
  AJ made his way down to the bullpen with all his stuff.  He has been phenomenal both defensively and offensively.  Maybe it was a good idea to have him play less during the season so he would still be fresh for the end of the season and playoffs.  Catcher must be one of the most injury producing positions in baseball.
  Alex was already by the bullpen.  He also seems to be staring at me.
   He warmed up and then went into the bullpen to fine tune his pitches.
Jimmy and Howie

 The guys came out to warm up.

  Zach Lee was presented an award.
 Do you see a similarity?  Haha sorry Kike.

 National anthem.  Someone is always spotting me.  Never fails.  I think it’s usually Justin Ruggiano.

  Carl gave me a smile before he signed autographs.  I absolutely love Carl.
   Howie.  I can’t imagine that he would be smiling at me.  He’s the main reason I quit getting autographs this season.
 Corey seems to be the starting shorstop now.  Jimmy seems to understand.

  AJ and Alex Wood.  Alex has had his best games at Dodger Stadium, not so good on the road.  He is 2.41 at home and 6.14 on the road.  He believes in Home Sweet Home.  He may be a possible 3rd starter depending on whether the Dodgers get home field advantage.  The Mets were rained out so have to play a double header Saturday, weather permitting. They actually predict rain in sunny Southern California on Sunday so we’ll see how accurate the forecast is.
   First pitch.  Alex had a great game, only allowing 2 runs with 5 hits over 7 innings, the runs occurring right before he was taken out of the game.  He had a shut out over 6 innings.
  In the 3rd inning Adrian singled, scoring Carl. 1-0.  Always a good sign when the Dodgers score first.
  Howie scored on a throwing error. 2-0 also in the 3rd inning.  Adrian went to 3rd.
  Andre grounded out but scored Adrian. 3-0.  The game was becoming interesting.
  Meanwhile I was enjoying my nachos which the runner had brought me.
 Corey singled scoring Justin.

  I held my breath as Justin got up from this mess at home plate.  Poor Justin has bad knees and sore arm already. 
  I hope the trainers can keep him healthy through the postseason.
 AJ singled scoring Corey. 5-0.  Yes, we are still in the 3rd inning.

  In the 5th inning, Justin singled with Corey scoring 6-1.
The Padres bats were quiet until the 7th inning when Amarista singled Gyorko in and then Decker sacrificed scoring Upton making the final score  6-2.

  I decided it was a good time to go up to the club to get my ice cream and cookies.
   Pedro Baez closed out the game.  Six Dodgers had hits, five drove in at least one run, Turner had 2 RBI’s.  I imagine he was a mass of sore muscles and joints after the game.  Corey and AJ had back to back RBI singles.  This starting lineup seems to be the right mix.
   And the Dodgers won their 90th game of the season.  Their record is 90-70.
Zack Greinke is on the mound today for the Dodgers with a record of 18-3, ERA still 1.68.  He has had his best season ever.  He faces Robbie Erlin with a 1-1 record and a 6.30 ERA.  Do not get too confident Dodgers.  We need home field advantage!

Everyone seems to be more relaxed since the Dodgers clinched. The Giants are on a weird path.  They miss playoffs every other year. Every other year they win the World Series.  How strange is that?  2010, 2012 and 2014 they won the series. 

It is now down to the last 2 games of the season.  I really am getting sad.  What will I do without baseball? It has been the best season ever for me.  My experience has been beyond my wildest expectations mostly because of my wonderful Dodger rep, Tess Gilmore.  I will forever be grateful to her. I also thank all the Dodger staff who are the best in baseball.

I am looking forward to sharing my postseason experiences with you.  Please keep stopping by. I’ll try not to disappoint you.

Go DODGERS!!!! Go Zack! Postseason here we come!!

Winning the West

  Thank you Jon SooHoo for the above picture.  This is the way it’s been pretty much all season with the Dodgers on top.  Tuesday they finally clinched the Western Division beating the Giants with a score of 8-0.  Can I say that I felt more relief than anything else?
Everyday has been a nail biter.  Everyone kept telling me that the Dodgers would win the Western Division.  It was just a matter of when.  That wasn’t reassuring.  When Zack couldn’t get it done, I started to feel a little uneasy.  I never lost faith in my guys but I started to get nervous.

When they finally won on Tuesday with Clayton Kershaw pitching, I was over the top exhilarated.  It was what we all had been waiting for.  I had had those fears that they would clinch during the last few games at Dodger Stadium.  It’s nice for them to clinch at home but not wait until almost the end.

  Again, thank you to my friend Jon SooHoo for the amazing pictures of the celebration.  I wish I could have been there but I had to work.  This is probably my favorite picture.  Clayton Kershaw was getting doused by everyone during the postgame celebration.  He had the best game of his career excluding his no hitter last year.  This was the must-win game prior to postseason.  Hopefully this is a preview of how he will do later on when it really counts.
This is the first step.  Unfortunately the Dodgers lost the 3rd game of the series with Mike Bolsinger pitching. It gave poor Mike yet another loss. Granted most of the key players were allowed to sit but it came down to the silent bats again.  The Dodgers have to keep playing like it means something to the end of the season.  They still are playing for home field advantage.  It could make a difference whether the Dodgers go on.  They have to play every game like it matters.

Interesting news in the interim was that the Angels picked up Matt Latos.  Are they kidding?  They certainly don’t keep up on the news. The Angels fans I know are in disbelief.  I guess it’s ok as long as he doesn’t pitch.

Another fantastic bit of news was that Zack Greinke was the recipient of the Roy Campanella Award, given to the Dodger who best exemplifies the spirit and leadership of the late Hall of Fame Brooklyn Dodger catcher.  This award was voted on by the Dodgers themselves which must be like Miss America candidates voting on Miss Congeniality, the most liked candidate…well maybe not.  I believe that Zack should win the Cy Young this year.  I pray and hope that he remains a Dodger next year and doesn’t opt out of his contract.  Is it too much to ask to keep the 2 top pitchers in baseball?

The good news….the guys did not jump in the bay when they beat the Giants on Tuesday.  As far as I know they behaved themselves during the celebration.  The way they played on Wednesday, they probably celebrated too much.

The Dodgers are trailing the Mets one game.  The Dodgers need every advantage over them since it’s difficult to beat them even at home.  I imagine most of the guys are sore and nursing injured body parts.  i know Justin Turner has horrible knees, Adrian has a bad back,  Howie and Kike have hamstring issues, Yasmani has left shoulder problems.  Yasiel most probably won’t be playing until the playoffs if at all.  

I’m wondering who Donnie will pick for the final 25 man playoff team.  The only sure bets, IMO:  Clayton, Zack, Anderson, Wood, Andre, Adrian, Turner, Van Slyke, Rollins, Kendrick, Howell, Jansen, AJ, Yasmani, Seager, Kike, Crawford, Joc, Utley, Hatcher, possibly Ruggiano.   The other bullpen additions are possibly depending on the last few games.  I would guess Baez,Yimi and Nicasio.  The way the playoff games are,  only 4 starting pitchers are probably necessary.

I’m sad that the regular season is ending.  There are only 3 games left when they return for their final homestand of the season.  Sunday is fan appreciation day.  I’ll miss the Dodgers, my Dodger friends, and the amazing Dodger staff when the postseason is over.  Hopefully it doesn’t end when the Dodgers are not home as in the past….it was just over.  

I’ll continue to write during the playoff games.  Hopefully the Dodgers go on to the World Series.  If not, I am proud of the hard work and dedication of all of them.  It was a difficult season with many up’s and downs.  For all the Dodgers who do not go onto the postseason team, thank you for helping the team get there.  You were also instrumental in getting to the final goal.  We fans will always love and respect you.  To all the Dodger fans…thank you everyone for coming to the games and giving them support no matter what.  Those of you who only had criticism for the management and the team,  I suppose that’s what you do with the rest of your life anyway.  No one can be perfect.  Those people don’t read my blog anyway.  They don’t want to hear the good stuff and hate my Pollyanna attitude.

Thanks for stopping by.  Today is the last game of the series with the Giants who will end up with nothing except the satisfaction that they continue to beat the Dodgers.  Hopefully the Giants don’t win the series. I can’t wait to see my guys on Friday to congratlate them on their championship and I seriously can’t wait to buy my “We own the west” teeshirt.  GO DODGERS!!!!


The Baseball Gods

  So I am pleading to the Baseball Gods wherever they may be to please let the Dodgers clinch before we all have heart attacks.  They only need to win one game.  The Giants on the other hand have to win every game to mathematically get close.  That’s the Giants only hope because there is no way they can get a Wild Card spot.  Magic number is 2!!!
  Angel Pagan had told me when he explained how they kept winning, “somehow we do it.”  That season they went from Wild Card to World Series champs.  Why are the Baseball Gods always on their side?
  Maybe they should all become wrestlers and try it from that angle.  Couldn’t resist this picture taken of the rookies in Colorado as they boarded the plane for San Francisco.

  The Dodgers have the greatest fans in baseball.  The attendance has broken the record for most fans attending baseball games in the Guiness Book of Records.


 We have the cutest young fans
 the two best pitchers in baseball:  Zack Greinke and Clayton Kershaw.  Both are good role models for our youth.

  And who would deny that our Andre Ethier could probably be the best looking and nicest baseball player in MLB?
  or that Corey Seager is the best looking rookie.  He definitely wins the prize for the most fan friendly

  We should win a prize for not having a rally monkey
  Could I show you my post season tickets one more time?
  We could win a prize also for strangest workout clothes
 and our legends never seem to leave the building.  They love the Dodger organization so much.

  No matter what, our guys like to sign autographs.
 Our sunsets may be the most beautiful in baseball

Our barber is the best.  He never takes too much off the top

  Our full moons are the spookiest
We have the players with the best sense of humor in all of twitter.  For example:  @BrettAnderson or @BMcCarthy32.

 I can’t say enough about the best food in any stadium

  I have the sweetest Dodger reps who have been the best this season. Thank you Tess, you are beautiful and kind. Thank you as always Craig. And Sarah, you are wonderful!
  And finally we have the hunkiest best closer in baseball, Kenley Jansen. Best way to close, eh?
Just saying…..why can’t we clinch, Baseball Gods?  Luckily the Dodgers have done so well they had a good cushion going into the final games.  It’s just a matter of when they will finally get it done.  I’m pleading our case, oh great Baseball Gods.

Today the Dodgers will play the first game in the a 4 game series with San Francisco.  Our most consistent pitcher Zack Greinke with an ERA 1.65 and 18-3 record will meet Jake Peavy 3.83 ERA and 7-6 record.  The Dodgers were just swept in Colorado by the last place team.  Very embarrassing to say the least.  The Giants have gained momentum as they usually do at the end of the season with a 2 game winning streak.  The other divisions have been decided so it is up to the Dodgers to win once in this series.  Tomorrow the snot rocket king himself Madison Bumgarner will face our Clayton Kershaw.  If Zack doesn’t get it done today (which is a far reach since he almost never loses), Clayton will get it done tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by.  GO DODGERS!!! Let’s celebrate in San Francisco tonight.  But please when you do clinch, DO NOT JUMP INTO THE BAY TO CELEBRATE!!!  

Magic Number is 2

  The Giants beat the Oakland A’s today and it looks like although the Dodgers made a strong effort to overcome the huge deficit against the Rockies today, the magic number would stay at 2.  I printed up my post season tickets just because.  I’m hoping and dreaming…..!


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