Bye Bye Uribe

  I can’t write anything else before I say good bye to Juan Uribe. He will be missed. Juan is well liked by fans and his own teammates. He kept Puig on an even keel. He is Ryu’s BFF. He kept everyone laughing and happy. He gave me his batting gloves without my even asking.  I am thoroughly convinced now that baseball is a business.  The player he was traded for may never wear a Dodger uniform. Probably all 4 players could be DFA’d. We got Eric Stults back but we had traded him away before. Everyone always told me not to like a player too much because he will be gone…I believe that now. As Joc said, “Gonna miss you Papi!”

My Dodger day began  early since my wonderful Dodger rep Tess Gilmore understood I needed a little cheering up after a week of distressing events. Thank you Tess!

  I am practicing selfies. This is my favorite one with Tess. Why I would consent to a selfie with someone this pretty, I keep asking myself.
  I had a beautiful view of Dodger Stadium from club level.
 The Dodgers were stretching

 I had not expected to be on the field minus my usual on-field friends but it turned out to be my best experience ever.

  AJ. I love getting pictures of them without their hats on.
  Very difficult to get selfies with very tall people. Here I am with Henry, one of the nicest Dodger security. My arms just aren’t long enough. I’m a mess. I’m still getting used to my new camera and my selfies are a little weird.
  Kikè was dressed for a while as “rally banana.” He is always animated and a little crazy

  I had a few Dodger things stolen earlier this week including my precious team ball which was almost full so I started from scratch with Donnie.

  My second autograph was Adrian Gonzalez, always a class act. He hit his 1001 RBI. He got a standing ovation.
I really am not one to get autographs…usually only one per player per season. I hate to ask because it stresses me out. The only player I ask for more than the one is Andre because Andre is Andre. 

I rarely say anything negative about our Dodgers but this time I have to. I got Howie Kendrick’s autograph on my team ball weeks ago. This was my only autograph ever from him. There were several fans getting his autograph and I asked very politely, “Mr Kendrick, do you mind signing my ball?” He looked at me and said very rudely , “You’re at every game.” Of course I am. I haven’t missed a game in 6 years even through the McCourt years. All the players know I am a loyal fan, give a lot away and rarely ask for autographs. I backed up with tears in my eyes. I seriously will never ask him for anything again. I am getting a new phone case without his picture. If any of you are Howie fans, I will not take another picture of him so if it bothers you. I will post some pictures for you. There was no reason for him to talk that way to me in a nasty, curt manner.

Bless Mike Bolsinger. He saw what happened and saw my distress. He asked me, “Picture? ” and he waited for me

  He knew he already had taken this picture not 5 minutes before but insisted on taking another with me.
  He definitely cheered me up. He is now my favorite pitcher and player. 
  I asked Justin if I could practice selfies with him. I told him that his face was shaded by his cap so he tilted it back. Justin is the best.
  This was Christine’s first time on the field. She was helping Tess.  Thank you Christine.
  Kikè started out with a crazy face but I asked him to smile nicely.  He complied but grunted a few times.
  Austin Barnes has the most beautiful eyes. I told him that and he actually blushed. Very nice guy.
  Joc knew I had his name personalized on a jersey so he came up to me, held out his hand and volunteered to autograph it.
  He sees me everyday and didn’t make any ugly comments. Manners are not only for the young, Howie. 
Andre came into the dugout and was signing and taking pictures. I stayed over to the side since I totally lost my nerve. I’m not a good autograph seeker because I get too stressed. Howie took whatever nerve I had and squished it to a pulp. Andre called over to me “what are you doing over there, Cat. Come over here and take a picture.” 

  Great! This is the picture. He warmed my heart. I love you Andre.
  Paco was the last Dodger to go in.
The Dodgers saw my distress and immediately my friends came over to help me. Now you know why I love them so much.

I usually go over to the enemy side just to check it out after the Dodgers go into the clubhouse for their meeting.

  I was intrigued by Calaspo, the player traded for Uribe. Apparently he has a lower batting average than Uribe. Why trade for him?  He will be sitting on the bench behind Justin and Alex. At the time I thought the trade had been refused by Calaspo since he has a no trade clause.

  He isn’t Uribe.
  Johnny Gomes took a picture with me. He was more than accommodating.
  Freddie Freeman, also a nice Brave
  By that time I was ready to eat. The tilapia was delicious. The turkey breast was tender and juicy.
  The salad was a variety of melon and farro.
  Clayton was already warming up.
     He pitched a 10 strikeout game, allowed only 4 hits in 7 innings, no runs and also had an RBI single in the 4th which was a 6 run inning.

  Pre game love between Joc and the Braves.
  Good Year blimp flying over the stadium
  Alex and Joc
  The long walk to the dugout
  And the Dodgers took the field
  Getting ready
  First pitch
Interesting decision in that huge Dodger 4th inning  to walk Adrian and pitch to Justin. Always have to watch out for him. Of course it was Justin who started the 6 run rally. Oh well!

Andre again had an outstanding game. 


  Clayton at bat

  Bunting. Probably not a good idea with AJ on base
The score was 6-0 when Adrian hit his two run homerun in the sixth. They called that insurance runs?

Uh oh. Spy cam at work. A little bird told me to check out front row loge level for Ellen and Baby Kershaw.

I’m so naughty.

More spy cam


 Today the Dodgers will hopefully get the sweep when Zack Greinke takes the mound. I think I saw a flicker in his eye when I said hi to him.  The Dodgers hit the road to play the Cardinals after that. The Cardinals are always a tough team to beat.

My new phone case

Again, bye bye Papi, Uribear, I will miss you. Safe journey and finish out your career on a high note. Love you.

Thanks for stopping by. Thank you Tess. Thank you Mike Bolsinger. Hi Crystal! Miss you. Stay safe. See everyone soon. Go Dodgers!

It’s All About Dre

I can’t say enough about Andre Ethier. I always said since the season started, let him play. Andre has proven himself over and over but it took Puig and Crawford to go out on DL to give him a chance as “Everyday Dre.”

  I’ve always had a place in my heart for Andre as you can see from my license plate.
It was the Memorial Day game. The Dodgers have always supported military and veterans.

  I bought a Dodger camoflauge shirt in honor of the day. Part of the proceeds go to veterans. This selfie was taken at the end of the game so I look a little weary. Long day.
  It started out as usual with batting practice except it was an early game so we were all there extra early. Notice Yasmani second from the left already out there again.
  Carlos Frias was all smiles although he totally tanked the game the day before.
  Mike Bolinger is everyone’s favorite these days
  AJ, A Gon, Howie, Mark and son 
  Scotty, Mark and son, Justin
  Dr Stan watching Yasmani 
 Our two aces

  Chris Hatcher who can be very very good or scary
  Justin, Adrian and Scotty
  The guys have been going in early from batting practice
  So I decided to go to the club to eat
  The chicken and roast pork with cooked apples was delicious. I was hoping for BBQ
  George Lopez was being interviewed. He was honorary bat boy.
  AJ was the starting catcher. He may not be the best offensively but he is great at calling the game.
  Austin Barnes was all smiles while being interviewed. He’s in the “Bigs” now.
  Brett Anderson has done well
  He is our third starter. He’s good, that’s why the Dodgers picked him up, according to Andre.
  And then some of the Dodgers came out to warm up
  He went over to the dark side 
  Haha is everyone watching me?
  The Dodger organization presented an outstanding Memorial Day program
  With representatives from every branch of the military
  The Dodgers showed their respect with their Memorial Day uniforms 
  The flyover was too early. I obviously was surprised. Oops
  Hey, I’m still getting used to my new camera. All I got was part of a tail!
  Brett crossing the field
  AJ returning to the dugout with Rick Honeycutt
  The first pitch was done by a representative of each branch of the military
  Obviously baseball is not their thing. Dodgers catching. Yikes. Careful guys!
  The National Anthem was sung so beautifully it brought tears to my eyes. It reminded me of the months my son was deployed to Iraq.
  And the Dodgers took the field
  It was a perfect Memorial Day.
  First pitch
  Justin kept getting in my way. So did a girl with a big hat. I wanted to cut off her head. Luckily she went up to the bar.
  Andre in right field
  Bottom of the first, with bases loaded, Andre walked, scoring Jimmy.

Top of the fourth, the Braves tied the game 1-1.

Top of the fifth inning the Braves pulled ahead 2-1.


  A little discussion 

  Bottom of the seventh, Adrian grounded out but scored Joc tying the game 2-2.
  Then Andre hit a huge homerun to break the tie 3-2.  I would select him as player of the game scoring the first run with his RBI and tie breaking home runs.
  Andre went back in the dugout and had a snack. He always seems to be eating. I feel like I have a spycam when I check out the dugout.
  Donnie and Mark
In the eighth inning Alex and Jimmy hit homeruns making the score 6-2. The Dodgers came from behind which rarely happened last year.

  Hatcher tried but was pulled before more damage could be done
  Jansen coming in to close it up
  Kenley is back as the best closer ever
  It feels so good to win. What a magnificent Memorial Day. We honored the military and won the game. Life is good,
Thanks for stopping by. I’m on the field today alone. I have to practice selfies! See you soon. Go Dodgers!


A Sad Loss

I try not to dwell on the losses but yesterday’s to the Padres was beyond awful. It was also a Sunday day game which I don’t normally like. The only good thing about the day was the weather. It wasn’t hot. It was slightly overcast.

  One of the first things I saw was Yasmani with Dr Stan Comte who is the team MD. Yasmani is on concussion DL. He looked great.
  He was smiling 
 He tossed the ball with Chico one of the bat boys

  Yasmani makes a difference in the game both defensively and offensively, born in Cuba and educated in Florida where he went to college.
  Mike was being interviewed on his game the day before.
  He is becoming a favorite both for his pitching and also for his friendliness.
  I immediately noticed a new face
  Austin Barnes was brought up from minors to be second catcher.
I went up to club level to meet a friend and stopped by the memorabilia shop. The guy there knows how much I love Barney. He told me he had something he knew I would like and it was on sale.

  A Darwin Barney autographed bat
I was excited. I had to pick it up later since they don’t like fans carrying around bats.

  The food was surprisingly good.  On Sunday it’s usually breakfast food. There was sirloin and chicken pasta.

  Along with the usual variety of salads 

  Frias came out to the field to warm up

  He pitched a terrible game allowing a grand slam homerun in the first inning after allowing a base hit with the first Padre and 2 walks. The game was essentially over after that since the Dodger offense has been lacking.

  Joc is like a breath of fresh air. He’s young and exciting.

  He still looks like a baby

  Alex played third base. His offense is powerful but Uribear is definitely better at defense. One of the big game changers was a play Alex should have been able to make. As it was, Uribear came into the game to pinch hit and slammed a base hit. Let him play!!! 

  Kikè played left field. The ball always seemed to be just out of his reach.
  It must have been frustrating for him.
 I had an uneasy feeling about the game to start off with even during the National Anthem.

  Austin and Frias making their way across the field
  Austin just seemed to have that deer in the headlights look
  The Dodgers took the field
  First pitch
  Joc in centerfield
  Kikè in left field 
  Matt still wasn’t smiling even with the final score 11-3.
  He still looks strange in a Padre uniform
  Joc struck out 3 times
   There was much discussion with pitching coach Rick Honeycut

  But Frias was terrible. The bull pen took over when it already was too late. I decided to go shopping and bought a new jacket. When I get frustrated I go to the team store and shop.

I would have left early but I wanted to get my cookies and ice cream. The ice cream gave me a stomach ache or maybe it was the game that caused it.

The only Dodger highlight was Alex’s 2 run homerun at the bottom of the 7th inning. By that time I was packing up to leave.



  Austin hit his first MLB hit.
Other than that, it was a sad, difficult-to-watch game.

Monday is Memorial Day. So we turn the page.

Thanks for stopping by. See you soon. Go Dodgers!

Getting Back on Track part two

I’m actually talking about me getting back on track. Word Press kept crashing on me yesterday which prevented me from finishing my post. I’m behind one game. Early game today so I feel a little squeezed.

  The second game with the Padres didn’t seem to have the sense of urgency that the first game did. Everyone was much more relaxed.
 It was Adrian Gonzalez bobble head day. I hate giveaway days especially those involving those dreaded bobble heads. It brings out weird people, not so much fans, but those who just want to sell them on eBay. They are generally rude and noisy. The club is no exception. The Dodgers were smart. They pretty much ignored everybody rather than get roped into signing for those who sell the autographs. They are pretty obvious. They carry large portfolios of pictures mounted in cardboard. They have bags full of bobble heads and balls. Um yeah right. Their rooms are lined with Dodger pictures, these adults.


  Donnie stopped and made some fans happy. He always gives me a handshake before the games.
  Two wonderful ushers. 
  It was a mild day.
  AJ was scheduled to start anyway but Yasmani is on concussion DL.

  AJ is taking it all in stride. AJ has a terrific sense of humor.
  Mike Bolsinger has become one of the starters and remains undefeated. He has a mean curve ball
  I think the key is his relaxed confident attitude
  Since it was Adrian Gonzalez bobble head day, they had a mariachi band playing his favorites.
  They had a nice tribute to John Soo Hoo, the official Dodger photographer 
  I smile every time I see Joc joking with Jimmy
  My substitute favorite Justin
  AJ and Mike looking very serious on their way to the dugout
  My great friends: Cece, Donna, Norma and birthday girl.
  First pitch
  Aw….Matt, still not smiling
  Since it was his bobble head day, Adrian’s dad threw out the first pitch.
  Joc hit another homerun
  And there he goes. Ok so I’m not John Soo Hoo! Joc almost ran out of my picture!
  He was so excited!
  Adrian hit a single
  Always have to have a pic of Andre
  Or two
  Or three
  Joc outfield


Dodgers win the second game.


I can’t end this post without showing you the Adrian Gonzalez bobble head 

  It causes grown men to cheat, lie and steal. Sigh.
Thanks for stopping by. See you soon. Go Dodgers!

Getting Back on Track

  It was time to get back on track. Dodgers have lost 4 games…3 to the Giants at AT&T Park. This is a view of our beautiful stadium from top deck. Why was I there? I had a mission since it was Jersey Day!

  I had a jersey personalized with one of my favorites, guess who?
  Here’s a hint
  Another one
  The day started out a bit cloudy and gray but cleared up.
  The food was great…turkey and dressing, pasta and sirloin
  The salad was exceptional 
  My good friend Robert with his lookalike son Lucas Dodger
  Coco and her brothers. They are the best kids..kudos to their parents.
  Scotty was out shagging balls
  Mike Bolsinger who has earned a spot as one of the starting pitchers is very fan friendly.
  League and Howell better known as Brandon and JP
  Brandon, JP and AJ
  Our Cy Young ace Clayton Kershaw

  Batting practice with Justin, Scotty and Adrian
  I love this picture I took of Andre. He is by far the nicest Dodger ever, the ultimate team player. When he was sitting all those games, he never complained. He was always smiling. He always had a joke. Such a tease! 
  Also always eating
  He was the hero who finally stopped the 35 hitless innings, a record in Dodger history, with an RBI double. 
  The SP was super athlete Zack Greinke 
  First pitch
  Warming up
  Psyching up

  The Youth Corps presented the colors
  Yasmani walked back to the dugout alone. I guess Zack took the tunnel back

  Matt doesn’t look happy. He’s only hit one homerun since the beginning of the season.
  The baseline special was a delicious salad
  Yasmani was hit twice: once in the head by a backswing and then by a foul into his face mask
  He’s been an integral part of our offense and defense

  He definitely has a unique way of getting ready to bat. He went on concussion DL as a precaution . I asked Donnie about it and he told me Yasmani was feeling ok.

  Zack once again pitched an awesome game

  Yasmani suppressed a chuckle when the Padres committed an error


  And Joc belted a homerun to seal the deal. I think it might have been Kikè’s rally banana.

  As Brett Anderson has said about Kikè “He’s a different cat. He’s got energy for days. He’s a chatterbox.”

  And the Dodgers were able to break the skid and win the first of a 3 game series with San Diego with a score of 2-1 with Kenley closing.

  Thanks for stopping by. Sorry this blog was late. It crashed and this morning I found remnants of it. I’ll follow this one with one about last night’s game soon. Go Dodgers!  

San Francisco Part Two

Dodgers suffered losses to the Giants all three games  suffering from chronic no offense. AT&T Park seems to trip them up every time. The Dodgers have been 0-6 there.

Tomorrow the Dodgers return to Elysian Park to face the Padres. I’ll be able to say hi to Matt Kemp again. There are many fans who still miss him myself included.

My blog will be in full force again. I have a new camera with 82 zoom. It should help make this blog a little more interesting. Please come back and let me know what you think. As everyone knows, my pictures are all taken by myself.  I don’t “borrow” from anywhere.  All my pictures so far were taken by my IPhone 6+. I hope my new camera gives everyone a new dimension.

Thank you for stopping by. Go Dodgers!!!  Let’s start another winning streak!

San Francisco 

The Dodgers are on the road. They lost the first game to the Giants with Tim Hudson. No offense. Good pitching by Carlos Frias.  Good teams with great offense can have a bad day. The problem was getting the key hits. Getting men on base wasn’t an issue. It was getting the runs.

The Giants always seem to get it together when they have to. They started the season with the manager commenting they weren’t ready. Now they are second in the Western Division. As Angel Pagan told me, somehow they are able to do it. They are always the team to be wary of. 

San Francisco is a beautiful city. I grew up in Betkeley across the bay. I have wonderful memories of Golden Gate Park, the Aquarium, China Town, the Embarcadero, cable cars, the bridges. I hope the Dodgers especially those who have never been there are enjoying the beauty of the city.

Hopefully they can get their offense together for Brett Anderson today.

Thanks for stopping by. Go Dodgers!

Mighty Mike

I can’t say enough good things about Mike Bolsinger, our starting pitcher today against the Rockies.

  He pitched 6 scoreless innings. He definitely has earned another start. 
His last start we saw him in the dugout chilling before the game. I asked my friend Robert who that was. He told me Mike Bolsinger.  He came over and took a picture with me and signed autographs. He was totally relaxed. He pitched a wonderful game that day too.

  It was a day game. I dislike them. Too hot. But today was nice: sunny but with a slight breeze.


  Orel Hersheiser was getting ready for his broadcast 


Orel is always personable.

  The food was special. Usually the breakfast food is not my favorite but the fare was different. The BBQ chicken wings were tender and tasty. The eggs were cooked Mexican style and were marvelous. The ham was cooked with pineapple.
  I always enjoy the salads
  Kershaw was on the field with a group of people. It’s unusual for him to be on the field before a game.
Kiké went over to give an interview with Orel.

  He probably talked about the marvelous catch he made the day before. I wanted to ask him how his face was since he made a face plant on the back wall.

  One of my favorite people Emo told he was assigned to my side of the stadium again. It made my day.

  Mike hurried by to get to the other side of the stadium 


  Hi Joc


  What? Alex smiling? There was a group of girls teasing him which actually changed his demeanor.

  Joc stretching with the help of one of the Dodger trainers




  Jack (on the left) with his friend. 

  National Anthem

I wonder why I can always spot Justin. Hint: his red hair

  Howie signing

  Mike crossing the field back to the dugout

  Watching the pitcher and catcher walk across the field always is exciting. You never know how the game will go.

  The Dodgers take the field
First pitch

  My server Adam brought me a special surprise….a Colorado dog. What do you think?

  The only real action in the game were walks and a huge base hit by Yasmani who drove in the winning run. He is hitting well.
  I waited for my ice cream. The chef was a little late.
  Kenley closed out the game. He’s back!!!
  Andre running in
  The Dodgers beat the Rockies 1-0. Yimi and Hatcher pitched scoreless innings. Kenley has assumed his closing role.
  The Dodgers and Rockies split the series.
I have to admit that I am tired.  Seven games in seven days. Now I’m back to work while the Dodgers head to San Francisco after a day off Monday.

Dodgers return home on Friday to play the Padres.

Thanks for stopping by. See you soon. Go Dodgers!

Leaving Early

The traffic was absolutely miserable which is unusual for a Saturday. By the time I got to the stadium, the cars were lined up all the way to the freeway off ramp.

  The crowd at the gate was just as bad. There was no batting practice since the Old Timers game was also scheduled.

  The sky looked a little gray. I felt a sprinkle.
  Everyone was excited to see members of the 1965 World Series champs.
  Joc and Yasmani came out to see the old timers.

  Kikè is such a silly guy. He was copying the cameraman
  And was really getting into it!


  Wally Moon 

Ever wonder where the term “moon shot” came from?

  I have to admit, I had my eye on our current Dodgers e.g. Yasmani.
  He’s just plain adorable!!
  I have to admit I was looking for my number one Dodger love, Shawn Green. Sigh!!!
  Todd Zeile
  Maury Wills
  My sweetie pie Kenny Landreaux who gave me a huge hug
  Aha Ryu sighting!!
  Oh my God. Sandy Koufax!!!! He still is the most popular Dodger ever!!
  And guess what I got!!! A Sandy Koufax autograph!!
  Today’s giveaway…a replica of the 1965 World Series ring!!
  The club was serving Kung pao chicken on white rice. Yummy.
  Zack was stretching

The Dodgers came out to stretch  
Kikè and Uribear


  It’s a Kiké pretzel 

  A smiley Alex. Not.

  Kikè again


  And how about everyone in one shot with beautiful Dodger Stadium in the background?

  Joc gave these batting gloves to my friend Robert

  National Anthem




 Back view

  Front view
Kikè the clown

  Alex the serious one
  First pitch by Greinke who pitched a wonderful game, giving up only one run in 6.
  Baseline specia

  Nachos. Tasted much better since I was too full to eat dinner in the club

  The Dodgers weren’t hitting. The bullpen was giving the Rockies Hittable balls. First there was a two run homerun to someone whose average is .132!!!!

Then there was a 3 run homerun at the bottom of the 8th. Everyone got up to leave. What a sorry blank game.

Not even ice cream made me feel better about the loss

The Dodgers did score one run in the 9th. It was a walked in run. Score was 7-1. Eeeek!

Tired. Didn’t stay the whole game left in the 9th.  Boring and no fun. 

See you soon. Thanks for stopping by!!! 

Milestone Day


Friday was a gorgeous day. The air was fresh and clean…always awesome after a good rain.

  Batting practice
  Donnie in the foreground
  Lorenzo Bundy 3rd base coach

Andre stopped long enough to say hi to me and give me a fist bump.

Time for food in the club 

  Turkey, mahi mahi and pasta with braised beef
  An array of salads
  Clayton walking out to the field to stretch and warm up
  Yasmani caught for Clayton
  Spiffing up the field
  Clayton in deep thought
  Scotty, Joc and Justin
  National Anthem time
  Jimmy signed for a few fans. Someone asked him to personalize a picture but he said no. He really didn’t have the time and it certainly wasn’t the first autograph he’s signed for this person. I usually just watch and take pictures but rarely get autographs. I asked this person to allow other fans to get in front of her so they could have a chance. She told me I would have bad karma. I’m sure she was thinking the same for Jimmy and anyone else who gets in her way. I guess the bad karma god wasn’t listening to her because Jimmy had one of his best games, hitting a homerun in the first inning. I didn’t think I deserved this rant on me. I never wish bad karma on people. It just happens. Like my Mom says, what goes around comes around.  In my head I just hope those who deserve bad karma don’t get punished too severely. The players don’t really react well to aggressive fans. I don’t blame them. In my world, I am happy if they just smile at me. I don’t need autographs or balls everyday. I try to distance myself from these aggressive, loud “fans” because I don’t want my guys to think these people are my friends. 

  Congratulations on a super game, Jimmy! 
  Oops. Something is slipping 
  Yasmani and Clayton. Notice that Clayton has cleaned up all the facial hair.
  I was hoping for a win for Clayton
  First pitch
  Follow through
  I was excited to see my favorite batboy Javier. Bat girls are ok but they call off all the time. I wish that experiment having bat girls would be over.
Jimmy running in after hitting his huge homerun. 1-0.

  Justin hit a 2 run double scoring Howie and Adrian in the 3rd. 3-0.
  Baseline special…another tasty salad
  Jimmy reached a milestone…900 rbi’s! If that’s bad karma, I wonder what good karma would be?
  Time to celebrate with chocolate ice cream with hot fudge and whipped cream. My friend Norma called it a work of art.
By the bottom of the 7th, the score was 6-1 and Clayton was headed toward a big win. Thank you guys for all the run support!!!

But the scary bullpen brought the score to 6-4.

Welcome back Kenley! He pitched well even after being on DL since the beginning of the season.

  He struck out four in one inning. How do you do that?
  And the Dodgers beat the Rockies with a score of 6-4. This win was the 100th for Clayton! What a milestone. 
There were so many good moments in this game. It made up for the two back to back losses on Wednesday and Thursday.

Today is an early game preceded by the annual Old Timers Game. I can’t wait to see Shawn Green again.

  Here is an old picture of him with me. 
Thanks for stopping by. Have to get ready early. See you soon.


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