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Town Hall Meeting

That’s exactly how I feel about this time every year. I’m going through severe withdrawal from baseball. Luckily spring training is upon us along with the excitement of new players, a new season!


The take home giveaways for this dinner were the tee shirt shown above, the Dodger rally towel and a picture of myself and all the announcers from the new Dodger Network including Nomar who looked amazing in his suit, Orel Hersheiser, Charlie Steiner.

The picture will remain in the folder above since I look fat. What can I say?
The town hall meeting was by invitation only to “certain season ticket holders.” Thank goodness I was one of the chosen. It was held mainly to introduce Dodger fans to the new Dodger Network. The food was ok. Finger food like hamburger sliders, stuffed mushrooms, grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches, chicken sate. No dessert!!
The star of the show was Vin Scully who stole the show.

I am still in awe of Vinny who is the greatest baseball announcer of all time.

There I am almost looking like I bombed this photo. Thank you Norma. I didn’t even know she was taking this picture.

The president of the Dodger organization, co-owner Stan Kasten answered a few questions, one question concerning a sore spot among us prime ticket holders: paperless tickets. We have to either print our own or show the ticket on our smart phone. We love our box of beautiful tickets that we receive each year overnight express mail. That will be history. Mr. Kasten compared paperless game tickets to airline tickets. Whoever keeps their plane ticket as a souvenir?
It was nice to have baseball back, pitchers and catchers are at Camelback, position players slowly arriving. Matt Kemp and Puig already have arrived at camp.
Dodgers have a shot at winning it all. Most baseball publications have ranked the Dodgers at the top. It should be an interesting season.
Fan Fest was last weekend. Spring Training is starting next week. I can almost smell the Dodger grass and hear the roar of the crowd. I can’t wait!!
Thanks for stopping by. Love you all!


Pitchers and catchers report tomorrow


Arsenio Hall Show

I decided it was time to start going out more. It’s been a year since my best friend, my dad passed away. My friend Pat invited me to go to the Arsenio Hall Show taping yesterday. It sounded like fun especially since Magic Johnson was a guest. He just so happens to be one of the owners of the Dodgers.

By the way, happy birthday Ceecee.
They suggested that audience be there at the studio by 3:30 to be guaranteed a seat. We got there at 1:30 and found a group from Louisiana already there. Apparently they were going to as many talk shows as they could.

We knew we were in the right place. If any of you have been to a taping, you know it’s wait, wait and wait some more.

This is the couch where they conduct the interviews. Of course they don’t allow anyone to take pictures during the show thus here is the empty stage.

The band was fantastic. Apparently Arsenio hand picked the members. The music was contemporary and kept the audience’s energy at a high level.


Magic spoke about his wife’s business venture, a company that makes jeans for normal sized women. He, of course, spoke about his DODGERS which is what everyone wanted to hear about. When he mentioned the Dodgers, our little group cheered which caused him to look our way. When he mentioned Matt Kemp, I applauded and cheered. He looked at me and said “We have a Matt Kemp lover.”
We had fun. The show was entertaining and Arsenio thanked us over and over for being there. Apparently the show was just renewed for another season.
Thanks for stopping by. I love all of you.

Fan Fest 2014


I left for Fan Fest right after work. I changed into my Dodger tee shirt, jumped into my car and headed to Dodger Stadium. I thought I would be early since the gates didn’t open until 9:30 but found that everyone else had the same idea.
The gates opened and we were directed to the parking area. Fan Fest was divided into two areas but we had to wait in yet another line until we were allowed in. By that time there was a large excited crowd. I ran into my friends Manny and Angel who had some items they wanted autographed. I had two clean balls I bought for the occasion to be designated as my Fan Fest balls. Everyone who knows me knows that I don’t get many autographs. This year the organizers of Fan Fest decided to charge for autographs, the proceeds going to the Dodgers Dream Foundation. I went on line and was able to buy 9 vouchers, 4 went to my friends. I hoped to get Brian Wilson who was impossible to get during last season. I also wanted to get Dan Haren who is our new starting pitcher. Also on my list was newbie Alex Guerrero since I predict he will be very popular. I also wanted Shawn Green who happens to be my first Dodger love. I had purchased two vouchers for the same time so I recruited my friend Angel to get Nomar and Javy Guerra’s autographs.

Dan Haren was absolutely wonderful. I was busy talking to Nomar and Javy who were at the next table so Dan had to wait for me to focus on him. Nomar looked awesome. He remembered me (not sure how) . Javy is a personal favorite of mine. I gave him chocolate chip cookies the day after they took closer away from him.


By that time I was able to find my friends Norma, Pat and Stacy. I gave them the vouchers I had bought them.

There were many giveaway booths. We found the secret grab bag line and decided to invest in player jerseys. They had autographed balls, pics, or jerseys of players past or present, none autographed.

We got Bellisario and Jeff Kent, a possible future hall of famer.
We walked around and checked out the State Farm booth. They were giving out Fan Fest towels. The Coca Cola booth gave out sodas. There was also a booth giving out cookies.
Time for more autographs.


Shawn Green never changes. He’s always a charming, nice guy. I always am happy to see him. He’s the reason I became a Dodger fan…I fell madly in love with him.

I was also honored to ask Tim Wallach for his autograph. He has just been inducted into the Canadian Hall of Fame.

And then there was Brian Wilson. He will never be a Yankee since this is how he looks. He told me, “nice shades.” I was wearing my pink Oakleys.
We decided to go into the stadium to see what else was going on. We could see how the field looked after the ice hockey game.

They are also doing some building around the bullpen: stores, a Tommy Lasorda Italian Restaurant and a barbecue.
We found a place behind the stage where the players came out.

We saw Puig and his entourage. We also saw Steve Yaeger, Al Ferrara who gave us kisses and hugs. I saw my heart, Tim “FedEx” Federovicz who stopped to give me a nice hug. I also was able to get a hug from Dee Gordon who is responsible for the scar on my left eyebrow, he is still apologizing to me for that errant foul ball that gave me a black eye.

I’m always glad to see our manager Donnie Mattingly who stopped to talk to us.

Justin Sellers our tattooed man stopped. I was able to tell him happy birthday.

Maury Wills was autographing at the table next to us.

I was looking forward to seeing our new second baseman Alex Guerrero. He is the opposite of Puig although they are both Cubans, both came to the states by boat. Puig is 22, Guerrero is 27 and is quiet. Alex can’t speak any English but is taking lessons. He is really handsome!

By this time we were a little tired. It was almost 4.

They carted the World Series trophy by. Many think that this is the year for the Dodgers. In my heart I want this very badly for my team. All I know is that they will play their hardest and make every game count.



Thank you everyone for stopping by. I appreciate it.

Fan Fest 2013


I decided to go to Fan Fest although I had vowed never to go to another one after the last one. It turned out to be an absolutely beautiful day. It had been raining the last few days so I wasn’t sure how the day would turn out.

I went a little early so I could avoid the crowds. I found out once I got there that the gates had been open and that there were hundreds of fans already there.

I also realized I forgot balls to autograph and also shoes. I hate wearing sandals to Dodger Stadium since inevitably someone has to step on my feet. I really wasn’t prepared.

It felt odd entering the gates since I hadn’t done so in a while. It made me sad because the Stadium reminded me of my father.


The first thing I did was buy 3 balls. I don’t usually get autographs but today I thought I would make an exception. The line was very long of course but I decided it was worth it. I hurried to the Fan Fest line.

I was able to snag a Magic Johnson autographed ball. I was very lucky.

I went directly to the autograph line. It already was a little long but not 3 hours long like the other autograph line I had waited in last Fan Fest. Last Fan Fest I waited in the heat and when I got to the front, there was Kenley Jansen. I had told him I waited 3 hours for his autograph and he looked puzzled and asked why. I can get his autograph anytime. Oh well.


Nick Punto was the player in my line. I like Nick so I was pleased. Very sweet guy.


I then stood in another line…..yes I actually did! I did because I saw it was the gorgeous Andre Ethier. He was gracious and kind. He said maybe this autographed ball would cheer me up when I told him about my Dad.


The ball is special because of what Andre said. Thank you Andre!

By that time I ran into my friends Norma, Pat, Donna and David.

I was also surprised that my buddy Robert came with his cute baby Lucas Dodger.


We stood in one more autograph line.


The motivation for standing yet in another line? Zack Greinke…the new kid on the block. Talk about a young guy. He seemed tired and unenthusiastic.


Ok so I am autographed out. I’m done.

I ran into the Dodger organist Nancy Bea Hefly. She is very down to earth and easy to talk to. She asked me if I were going to Spring Training. I told her the heat of Arizona gets to me. Everyone knows I don’t even tolerate day games!!

I also talked to Stan Kasten, one of the new owners. It actually was a nice day.

I didn’t see my boyfriend Matt Kemp. Sad.

One of my friends told me his seat no longer exists. Apparently they made our seats bigger and plusher so they had to remove some seats. I hope my view of the game is the same.

I have decided to start writing my blog again. It’s something I love to do. I am privileged to be able to talk to the players and see things at the Stadium that not everyone can. I want to share my experiences with my friends. The Dodgers and the organization have become my second family. I love them so much. I love my Dodger reps: Caroline and Craig. They have made my Dodger experience very special.

If there is anything anyone would like me to write about, please let me know! If there are pictures you would like to see, I will take them.

My wonderful Father passed away last week after a month long hospital stay. Many of you were able to meet him. Thank you for making him feel special.


It will be difficult when I go back to the games because everyone loved my Dad there. Hopefully they will keep his memory alive.


I love that picture of Tommy and my Dad. Now I’m crying again!

Thank you for stopping by. Think blue and count down the days until pitchers and catchers report. Love all of you!!!

Best Birthday Ever


Wounded But Ok

Lightning doesn’t strike twice in the same place, or does it?
A couple of seasons ago, a Padres foul ball wounded my left wing. And no, I didn’t get the ball. I nursed a very sore left wrist for weeks. It wasn’t fractured but still painful.
Two days ago it happened again only it was worse. A foul ball hit me in the face.
I had just talked to Dee Gordon, our young, talented shortstop
during MVP batting practice. All of a sudden a ball seemed to come from no where and hit me on the left side of the face. No one saw it coming, it must have ricocheted off something. I felt no pain but felt the impact. I tried to act like nothing happened and I was ok
but someone yelled that I was bleeding! Great I thought since I hate being the center of attention.
I have a laceration under my left eyebrow, a swollen up left eye and a huge bump on my left cheek. It hurts when I touch it but otherwise it’s just ugly.
After it happened, Dee ran all the way over to me and asked if I was ok. I kept telling him I was ok. He was freaked out, actually more than I was.
I had to go up to first aide but was the typical difficult patient. I just kept saying that I just needed a mirror and ice. Nurses are the worst and I’m no exception!

I ran into Ned Coletti, the Dodger general manager at the elevator. He found out I didn’t get the ball that hit me and sent a brand new 50th anniversary ball to me!
Dee felt so bad, he autographed a bat for me.

Thanks to everyone who helped me that day: my Dodger family including Pat, Jo, security, ushers, Prime Ticket Club (Paul, Bud, JC, Carlos) and Caroline Phillips, supervisor of premium seating who held my hand the entire time. I appreciate and love all of you.
Yesterday I saw Matt Kemp before the game. He told me he would get Dee for me. I’m so sad that he will probably be back on DL. He left the game after running from first to home after an Ethier double. I already miss him!!

I still haven’t missed a game. It would take more than getting hit by a ball to keep me away!!
Thanks for stopping by!! Hope everyone has a blessed and safe day.

Watching BP From the Field

Yesterday was a MAGIC day. The Dodgers had a huge win. Magic was on the field. And I watched batting practice right on the field.

It definitely is a different perspective being even closer than I usually am. I’m standing with RBI leader, Andre Ethier.

The guys stretched right in front of us.

We were definitely close up!!

Mattingly stopped by to sign autographs and take pictures.

Rod Fukuzaki from channel 7 KABC
Sports was closeby so I took the opportunity to speak with him. He has always been my favorite sportscaster.

I was able to catch Dee Gordon before he disappeared, he’s so quick!. Does everyone look fat next to the slimmest MLB player?

Of course I never pass up the opportunity to stand next to my Matty.

The great Don Newcombe was walking down the field and graciously stopped for the kids. He looked at me and asked me where my ball was. I told him I didn’t have one. He said, now you do. He autographed it for me besides.

I was soooo nervous.

Mr. Newcombe threw out the first pitch
while he stood next to the widow of Jackie Robinson and Magic Johnson. It was such an honor to spend time with him.

Clayton Kershaw, our ace and last years Cy Young winner also signed some autographs and perched his glove on his head while he signed.
The night was definitely a magical one for me.
Thanks for stopping by. More to come about my #1 Dodgers!

At Last!!! Opening Day

At last. It was Opening Day. Everyone told me they wouldn’t be able to sleep the night before because they were so excited. I wouldn’t be able to sleep but for different reasons. I had to work. The way my luck has been going, of course it was busy. I was exhausted by the time morning came. I had to plan my time carefully..I had to shower, change to Dodger wear and change cars to my Dodger car.

My license plate is in honor of our home run hitter Andre Ethier #16 who is called “Dre” by Matty Kemp, our other home run hitter.
I was on the road to Dodger Stadium in plenty of time to spare. I always am early to everything: appointments, engagements, and work. I like to be first. Dodger games are no different.
I actually had to wait for the gates to open.
Batting practice was in full swing. It felt great to be back to the stadium.

It had the feel of Opening Day. Everyone could feel the difference. The Dodgers have been bought by an investment group including Magic Johnson. I’m hoping those who stayed away because of the previous owner will return. The players have optimism that the fans will return. Opening Day was a sellout.

The Pirates were also on the field. The Dodgers applauded former Dodger Rod Barajas when he was announced. I noticed another former Dodger, James McDonald is also with the Pirates. One of my friends Matt Peaslee writes a wonderful blog for the Pirates.
Opening ceremonies included honoring the military, always a crowd favorite.

They released doves and had a jet flyover.

The player were out in the field warming up

Here’s Andre getting ready to hit that game winning solo home run shot. His playing during ST and so far this season reminds me of the Andre of a couple of seasons ago. I heard that Matty has already asked the new owners to give Andre a contract extension.

I remembered I had to eat before the game. There was a nice sirloin roast, delicious pasta, an array of salads.

Our Opening Day pitcher was Cy Young Award winner Clayton Kershaw.

Matty was out in the field stretching.

Signing autographs.

Andre also signed autographs for the fans- the two fan friendly players are Andre and Matt. They sign everyday.
Happy 30th birthday Andre on Opening Day. He gave us the best present with that tie breaking home run.

The military gave a nice presentation. The Dodgers honor one veteran a game. I plan on asking them to honor my Dad who fought in World War II in the famous 442nd. He is 91 years old and doing well. He follows games with me and watches them on tv with me when they are on the road.


My security person Emo who makes sure I don”t get carried away and run on the field.

I was getting excited especially when they introduced each player.


Go Matty!

Don’t you just love Dre?

I almost didn’t t catch our shortstop Dee Gordon or Skinny Swag.

I was more than ready for baseball!

Our ace and starting pitcher for opening day was Kershaw with his catcher AJ Ellis.

Matt was already to catch a few flies.

From the first pitch it was a great Opening Day. The Pirates and Dodgers played hard. I was ready for extra innings. I remember my son telling me when I first became interested in baseball…”No mom. It’s extra innings, not overtime!!!

Kershaw has a great future. I hope he will always be a Dodger.

Dee Gordon also promises to be a star with his speed and basestealing abilities.

Andre is exciting to watch. Last season he played with a sore knee and ended up going on DL.

James is still trying to find his bat. I hope he returns to the player he was at the end of last season.

Our closer Javy Guerra already has 3 saves this season. See Donny in the background?

They say Javy has nerves of steel. I remember closing my eyes last season with Broxton.

My favorite time, my favorite song…”I Love LA”when my Dodgers win!!

The Dodgers are tied for first place 4-1. A good start for the 2012 season. But no Magic for Opening Day. He was in New York watching a play.
Thanks for stopping by. Sorry for the short post. I’m still missing one night of sleep this week. Unfortunately with my work I spend a lot of time sleep deprived.
Today we meet the Pirates again with Chad pitching. So far Chad has been super.
See you tomorrow with more pictures and stuff!


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