Premium Batting Practice

It was a nice day overall.  The annual premium batting practice took place on Tuesday and Wednesday.  We decided to attend on Wednesday.  We were given New Balance tee shirts as we signed up.  We had to sign waivers releasing the Dodgers from any injuries we might incur while practicing batting, throwing and shagging balls.  I wonder if this includes eating too much.
We had pictures taken as we entered the stadium.  Notice that I am NOT wearing Dodger attire.

We found a table in the shade.

The field was set up for batting practice.  Many fans came prepared for some serious batting.  The Dodgers were on the Jumbotron playing the Nationals in DC.

We were more interested in the food.

The menu was impressive.  The food was good.

I fixed a plate full of goodies.

The decorations were imaginative.

It was a fun time with good friends who all have a love of baseball.

It was awesome to see my name up on the marquee

Norma invited CJ who actually is a Giants prospect.  He is a future Dodger.  We’re trying to convince him.

He looks pretty good out there.

The Dodgers bullpen from inside

The view of the field from inside the bullpen cubby.  This is where Steve Yaeger sits during the game.

The phone in the bullpen that rings when a relief pitcher is called on

We need Baez right now.

Funny stuff written by the pitchers on the walls in the bullpen
Here I am in the bullpen with CJ in the background

OK you’re up.  Go get em!!!!

Time for a stadium tour of the secret places.  Here is Pat sitting in the old visitors locker room.

Clayton’s MVP award, the only one ever won by a pitcher

The World Championship trophies

Dodger uniform rules

The elevators that the Dodgers use to get to the clubhouse and parking lot

The Jon SooHoo bobblehead

The outside of the Dodger clubhouse.  No pictures allowed inside.  Any pictures taken are deleted by staff

The hot seat

Players and coaches are not often smiling when sitting at this Mike

Always have to end the tour at the Dodger bathroom, the one they use in between innings

Andre’s frustration place

One of the guys put Kike’s fathead on the wall.  Pretty nice.

Time for ice cream

Ryan looks like a natural in the Dodger dugout

On the other end of the world, in Washington DC, at Nationals Park, coincidentally my friend JoAnna and my son Philip attended the Dodgers/Nationals game.  Unfortunately the Dodgers lost the game 1-8.  The Nationals were able to hit 3 homeruns and a steal home on 9 hits.  The Dodgers had only 4 hits, Kendrick (who has a 12 game hitting streak), Van Slyke, the often maligned Puig, and fresh from the minors Charlie Culberson.  

They still had fun.  My son Philip, Caitie and Gracie all wearing Dodger attire in a sea of red.

A little cotton candy goes a long way.  The girls are big Dodger fans.

Thank you JoAnna for the great pics of Nationals Park.  This is JoAnna’s 24th stadium.  At least it didn’t rain.
The series with the Nationals is tied.  Thursday Stephen Strasburg 13-0 ERA 2.51 will face our teenager Julio Urias 1-2 ERA 4.95.  Julio always seems to be facing the Aces of first place teams.  In the minors Julio has been pitching in relief.  Back to the majors in a starting role again.  

What to do.  What to do.  There are only 33 home games left.  All the Dodgers seem to have been on DL at one time or another.  The trade deadline is looming.  The biggest rumor is the Puig trade one.  Why trade an outfielder when we already are lacking one.  Andre Ethier’s return to the team is uncertain.  Ryu is done for the season as is Alex Wood.  Kershaw’s return is also uncertain.  Chris Hatcher went on DL yesterday with that oblique thing.  We all knew that was coming.  So the Dodgers have Maeda, Kazmir, McCarthy, and fill in the blanks.  Julio is a temporary fix.  Norris pretty much tanked Wednesday.  He would be better suited in the bullpen.  Trayce and Kike are also on DL, their return anyone’s guess.  Corey Seager is still sick.  Hopefully it’s not something more serious.  Maybe it’s all star game-itis.  Everyone expects the management to acquire a a big arm.  Why they didn’t do that before is anyone’s guess.  And it’s always back to why they didn’t resign Greinke.  Getting an average pitcher will not do it if they expect to go to the playoffs. 

Charlie Culberson has already been sent down.  A new pitcher from minors up…Grant Dayton.

My traditional yearly dugout picture.

The Dodgers don’t return to Dodger Stadium until Tuesday.  How the team will look will be anyone’s guess.  

Thanks for stopping by.  GO DODGERS!!  BEAT STRASBURG!!

Kazmir vs the Nationals

While everyone was despairing about Ryu and Kershaw’s injury issues, Scott Kazmir pitched his heart out…in fact 7 innings with only one run against the Nationals on Tuesday.  Ryu was scheduled to pitch on Thursday but his elbow flared up.  Kershaw was expected to return from DL on this road trip but his back didn’t feel quite right on Sunday.  What else could go wrong.

Well….Corey has a stomach virus.  That’s another thing.  Somehow the young ones never come back from the All Star Game the same.

Andre’s timetable to return is uncertain.

I know Kenta is happy that his buddy Julio Urias is returning.  That’s a positive.
The Dodgers pretty much had their way with the Nationals on Tuesday thanks to rookie pitcher Reynaldo Lopez whose major league debut was not pretty.  The Dodgers figured out his fast ball right away in the first inning with Utley hitting a homerun, Howie a single and Justin a double.  Joc followed with another single scoring both Howie and Justin making it 3-0 in the first inning.  Lopez allowed 6 runs but struck out 9.  He lasted 4 2/3 innings.

In the 5th inning Kazmir appeared to have an injury but continued on.  It was the dreaded cramp that he gets.  His remedy for cramps that everyone should take note is spicy mustard and pickle juice.  After that Scott only allowed one homerun. He had 8 strikeouts and no walks.  It was a great outing for him.

The Dodgers went on to beat the Nationals with a score of 8-4.  There was a scary moment in the 8th when Chris Hatcher was pitching in relief.  He allowed a walk to Lobaton, a single to Heisey, a wild pitch and then a triple to Trea Turner scoring Lobaton and Heisey making the score 7-3.  Adam Liberatore replaced Hatcher but allowed a double to Daniel Murphy which scored Trea Turner.  Hatcher was credited with the Turner run.  7-4.

Yasmani hit a homerun in the 9th inning making the final score 8-4 with Kenley closing out the game.
Wednesday Gio Gonzalez 5-8 ERA 4.70 will face our Bud Norris 5-7 ERA 4.17.  My son will be at the game at Nationals Park as will my good friend JoAnna who is visiting the area.  Hopefully the weather will hold out.  After the game on Tuesday, it was hailing.  Ryu was scheduled to start but is back on DL with a sore elbow.  Who knows if he will be back before the season is over.

Thursday should be an exciting game with Julio Urias meeting Stephen Strasburg.  Strasburg is undefeated 13-0.

Wednesday is also the Dodgers Premium Batting Practice which features a chance to shag balls, swing the bat from home plate and also free food and drink.  They usually have Dodger dogs and snacks.  It’s a fun experience although there aren’t any Dodgers there.  Usually it includes professional pics and a tour.  I’ll be sure to give everyone an inside scoop about the event with plenty of pictures.

Sad news…Garry Marshall has passed away from complications of pneumonia.  He was a frequent visitor to Dodger Stadium.  Another motion picture icon gone.  

Thanks for stopping by.  GO DODGERS!!!

While They are Away

My friend at work predicted that the Giants would tank and start losing after the All Star Break.  Unfortunately, the Dodgers have also been losing.  The Giants have lost 3 in a row, the Dodgers 2.  

One problem is the injuries.  However many of the pitchers will soon be back, foremost Clayton Kershaw who may be returning sometime this week.  Also there are pitchers Alex Wood and Brett Anderson.  Joc Pederson also many return soon.  On DL are Trayce Thompson and Kike Hernandez making the bench short.  It is the time during the season that players go on DL.

The Dodgers will be playing the Washington Nationals for a 3 game series.  

When the Dodgers are in Washington DC, my son takes the kids. Notice they are wearing Dodger attire in enemy territory. Very brave!

The kids have fun if they keep getting food. 

Unfortunately when the Dodgers are out of town I tend to do some shopping.  My newest acquisition is the new Kindle Oasis.  It’s the best one yet, very small and light.

It’s better when the Dodgers are out of town.  I can’t go shopping.
I’m hoping that the Dodgers can pick up their offense this coming series.  They will face the Cardinals next before returning to Dodger Stadium on the 26th to face the Rays.

On Wednesday I’m going to a special Premium batting practice with my friends.  No Dodgers of course because they are on the road but it should still be fun.  There will be a tour of the stadium and food.  I’ll share my experience with everyone.

Thanks for stopping by.  GO DODGERS!!

All Star Break

Very quiet around here.  The Dodgers are on vacation, three went to San Diego for the All Star festivities:  Clayton, Kenley and Corey.  The others spent time with their families and friends.  I’m working a lot and learning to color on my IPad.  Not too bad for a newbie, eh?

Corey Seager all of 22 years old attended his first All Star Game.  He struck out his first and only at bat.  He didn’t win the Homerun Derby.  But what an experience for wonderful Corey.  The National League lost home field advantage for the World Series by losing to the American League 4-2.  Oh well.  

The San Diego crowd showed their class by jeering and booing at our Dodgers.  Seriously…booing Clayton Kershaw, probably the best living pitcher?  

That’s as bad as not cheering Sandy Koufax.  
The Dodgers begin the second half of the baseball season in second place.  They are behind 6 1/2 games.  They are however first in Wild Card.  Things could be much worse with ace Clayton Kershaw on DL.  No word on when he will return.  Brandon McCarthy is back and pitching well considering he is s/p Tommy John surgery.  Ryu is also back but is a work in progress as he regains what he had before going on DL in 2014.  Kenta Maeda continues to shine.  Scott Kazmir has been surprising everyone with his determination.  The bullpen has had its up’s and downs but all in all has been outstanding.  Not enough credit has been given to Adam Liberatore and Pedro Baez.  And Kenley is simply the best closer in baseball.

Can anyone argue that Corey Seager is the best rookie in baseball?  

No one dare argue with me that Dodger fans are the best in baseball.

The Dodgers have to be the best looking team in baseball

Anyone want to argue with me about that?
The Dodgers will meet the D Backs in Arizona on Friday with Bud Norris 4-7, ERA 3.98 and the D Backs still trying to figure it out.  You have one day guys.  The Dodgers have 3 games in Arizona, 3 games in Washington DC, and then 3 games in St. Louis before returning to Dodger Stadium on July 26.  That is 12 days away.

I hope everyone is doing well.  Thanks for stopping by.  Life is boring without the Dodgers.  What will I do when it’s off season???

Ending On a High Note

As Howie Kendrick said after the game on Sunday, the Dodgers were ending on a high note.  It was the last game before the all star break, the halfway point of the baseball season.

It was a gorgeous weekend.  The weather was perfect.  It couldn’t have been any better.
There was the usual early batting practice.

Chris Taylor was nice enough to sign autographs and take a selfie with me.  He has the bluest eyes.

Clayton Kershaw went out to talk to the enemy.

Puig was busy running in and out of the clubhouse.
I thought I would go up to the club to eat.  The food was absolutely fantastic.  The tri tip was the best.  I know I ate too much.
Jason Tingley, the executive chef at Dodger Stadium, always asks me how the food is.  

I couldn’t stop eating but I remembered I had to go back down to the field to watch the dogs on parade.

I always think that owners and dogs tend to look alike.  These pictures were taken randomly.  Tell me what you think.
Interesting owners and dogs
Like I said…..!
It was nice to see my friend Cari again.  She brought her little friend.
My friend Norma loves the dogs.  After all she is a veterinarian.  The best place to take your sick dogs and cats is her hospital, Bay Cities Pet Hospital in Torrance California.  The animals absolutely love her.  My sister’s cats adore her although they hate me.
JP Howell and his wife Heather were judges for the dog parade.
Yasmani walked across the field but was careful to watch for anything the dogs might have left.
He’s always careful to hydrate with his favorite pink drink.
Brandon McCarthy our starting pitcher came out shortly after that.  He had a wonderful outing last time he pitched.
I know I saw some poop somewhere around here.  Still looking.
Chase was careful where he walked.
New call up from minors Andrew Toles signed a few autographs.
National Anthem
A little more stretching
Then Yasiel came out to stretch.  We had asked him why he didn’t usually come out with the guys to warm up and he said it was too hot.
Then Brandon McCarthy and Yasmani Grandal made that traditional walk from bullpen to dugout.
Justin Turner came out for a few minutes and then ran back to the dugout.
Trayce wasn’t starting so he took Brett Anderson’s place in the dugout complete with hoody.
The bench coach went out to make nice with the umpires.
It was an early game, starting at 4:15.  That was to accommodate a movie after the game.  They were showing Top Gun.  

It was nice to see Jack with his brother Brooks.  Jack was teasing me with a Padres hat.  Bad boy.
First pitch
The game didn’t start well.  In the first inning, first batter Travis Jankowski walked and then stole second with Yangervis Solarte batting.  Solarte hit a 2 run homerun making the score 0-2.  The Dodgers were already behind in the first inning!!

Chase Utley went to first on a throwing error.
Corey Seager singled, Chase to 2nd base.
Justin Turner hit into a double play, Corey out at 2nd.  Chase to 3rd.

Adrian Gonzalez doubled, Chase scored. 1-2.
Yasiel singled, Andre to 3rd.  But Yasmani struck out ending the inning.  Score still 1-2.
There was no score until the 4th inning.

Adrian singled
Yasiel walked, Adrian to 2nd.
Yasmani singled, Adrian to 3rd, Yasiel to 2nd.
Howie doubled, Adrian scored, Yasiel scored, Yasmani to 3rd.  3-2.  
In the 6th inning, Alexei Ramirez doubled and Jankowski singled scoring Ramirez.  3-3.

In the bottom of the 5th inning, Corey singled
Justin singled, Corey to 2nd.
Adrian ground into a force out but Corey scored, 4-3.

That would be the final score.  

Kenley came out to save the game.

Sunday’s game was the last one before the all star break.  I was prepared for a very hot day.  It’s been a very long homestand.  Sunday’s games are almost always day games.

Here I am standing in front of the gates to get in.  As usual no one is standing in my line.  Everyone insists on getting into the long lines.  I can’t figure it out.

I went into the club first to get a cold drink and then went out to the field.

I was happy to see my compadre Yoshiko and her husband Doug.  They had invited Doug’s former baseball coach.  Welcome to Dodger Stadium.  No batting practice so I went back to the club to eat.
The food was sooo good.  They were serving one of my favorites:  chorizo chiliquiles.  It is made with guajilo sauce, tortilla chips, cotija fried egg.  So yummy.  The smoked brisket was tender and juicy.  It was covered with bourbon BBQ sauce.  They also served a huge pan of bacon and sausages.  
I was excited about the 2nd annual Dodger Spouses Mystery Bag fundraising event which benefits the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation.  The mystery bag contains an autographed baseball from one of 20+ Dodger players, coaches, alumni.  There were more than 1400 bags.  

I was kidding around saying that I would probably get 3rd base coach Woodward’s ball since he always seems to be blocking all my photos.

To my surprise, his beautiful wife Erin was one of the wives at the event.  Oops.

His adorable daughter Sophie was also helping out at the event.  I asked both of them if maybe Coach Woodward could scoot over a few inches so he wouldn’t be the border in all my pictures.  They seemed to understand my plight.

Brett Anderson’s girlfriend Morgan was really sweet.  

I chose two bags.  Actually Morgan and Erin did.  I went into the club to open them.  I was laughing so hard or should I say LOL.  The balls were autographed by Brandon McCarthy and Mike Bolsinger.  Brandon McCarthy had just autographed my 4th of July hat the day before.  And Mike?  Veronica had given me an autographed Mike Bolsinger ball last year which I treasure.  Believe it or not, I have not asked him for an autograph.  Everyone knows he is my favorite.  Speaking of Veronica…her husband Christian picked a Clayton Kershaw ball.  How lucky they are!!!  I gave my two balls to my friends Crystal and Cindy.  Crystal insisted on giving me money to get another ball so I went back to the event armed with more money.  I’m not that into autographs but I loved talking to the girlfriends and wives.

Justin Turner’s girlfriend Kourtney is so wonderful.  She is funny and so cute.

I asked her to pick a bag for me.  She said she really felt the pressure I was putting on her.  I opened it in front of her and was pleasantly surprised with an AJ Ellis autographed ball which is very difficult to get.  In fact a few of us were talking about how difficult it is to get AJ to autograph a ball.  I told Kourtney it was almost as difficult to get a Justin Turner autograph.
It was a great experience.  It is totally worth the $40 donation.  The balls themselves are about $25 anyway and with the extra $15 you get an autograph.  Next year everyone should buy one.  It is so worth it just to be able to talk to the wives and girlfriends.  

Yasmani was already walking across the field.  
Still looking for dog poop
Best bat girls:  Danielle and Emily were playing catch on the field.
It always is a joy to see cutie Gavin at the game.
Kenta Maeda was starting on Sunday.  He was pitching against Padres Christian Friedrich.
Maeda did his stretching and workout
Hi Yasmani
There was a little ceremony when Clayton, Kenley and Corey were presented with their all star jerseys.
It still is strange to me to see Matt Kemp in another jersey.  He seems to have gained a little weight.
The Girl Scouts presented the colors for the National Anthem.
First pitch with Justin kind of in my way.   See what I mean Kourtney?
And what were you saying to my wife????  Oh hi Coach.
He can be in your way if he wants to
See what I mean, Erin?
Kenta Maeda had one of his best outings since becoming a Dodger.  He struck out 13 which is the best in his career and went 7 innings.

He had a 1-2-3 first inning.

In the bottom of the 1st inning, Howie doubled
Corey singled, scoring Howie.  I got a better picture of Coach Woodward and an annoying hand that seemed to pop up at the worst times.  1-0.
In the bottom of the 2nd inning Yasmani and Scott Van Slyke singled.

Kenta bunted into a force out of Yasmani at 3rd.  Van Slyke to 2nd, Kenta to 1st.

Howie singled scoring Scott.  2-0.

In the top of the 5th inning, Derek Norris hit a solo homerun, the only Padres score.  2-1.

In the bottom of the 5th inning Adrian hit a solo homerun.3-1.
Silly Gavin
A candid of Doug and his former coach
I noticed Kenta did a lot of praying and meditating during the game.  It worked.
In the top of the 8th inning, Joe Blanton replaced Kenta Maeda.  This is the first time a Dodger starting pitcher has gone 7 innings since May.

A little celebration with popcorn and ice cream
In the top of the 9th inning, it actually looked good for the Dodgers with our closer Kenley pitching.
Some discussion between Yasmani and Kenley on how to strike Matt Kemp out.
And that’s just what happened although it took quite a few pitches.
Lots of discussion.  The umpire even got involved.  Notice Clayton in the dugout with a towel on his head.
We are all on our feet at this point.  It was a hot Sunday but it was good.
Puig was wearing his sunglasses on the back of his head.  I guess if that helps, it’s ok.

Clayton looks as happy as he does when he pitches.It was definitely a good way to end the weekend, taking the series from the Padres, 3 out of 4.
There were many positives about the day.  Kenta Maeda had a stellar outing.  Adrian Gonzalez hit his first homerun since June 11.  Kenta pitched 7 innings giving the bullpen a much needed rest.  He had 13 strikeouts, no walks, only one run.  Howie had another huge game with 3 hits:  a double, two singles.  I had fun with the girlfriends and wives during the autograph ball event.

The next game will take place on Friday against the D Backs.  Bud Norris will be the starting pitcher.

Thanks for stopping by.  It was a great weekend.  Hope everyone has a great week!!  Special thanks to Crystal for always being there for me.

When Yasmani Conquered the Padres

Sometimes it’s difficult for me to decide what the highlight of the game was.  Friday’s game was one such game.  Many good things happened that day.  One of the best was to see Coco again.  Her smile brightens up Dodger Stadium.
It was a gorgeous day.  The shadows were already descending on the stadium as the game started.  
Yasmani Grandal had the game of a lifetime.  He personally conquered the Padres.
My game day started well with traffic being light on the way to the stadium.  That’s a definite plus since it usually is busy around downtown with bumper to bumper traffic.

The guys were already out in the field shagging balls.  Always good to see Clayton Kershaw.  He’s making a great recovery from a back issue but it may take more than a 15 day DL.  Joc also won’t be back right away from DL.  There’s been some roster moves…Frias went back to minors.  Will Venable was DFA’d again.  An unknown Andrew Toles was called up from Triple A.  It will be interesting to see what trades will be made before the trade deadline.  The Dodger staring pitchers have not been able to make it to the 7th inning.  The relief pitchers have been used extensively. 
Aha…there’s Brandon McCarthy.  I had his 4th of July hat with me hoping for an autograph.  I also had Andre Ethier’s with me but I didn’t see him.

Lucky me….I was able to catch Brandon as he was going into the clubhouse.  I told him that it was his 4th of July hat and he gladly signed it for me.  He has a nice signature.  Thank you Brandon.

I went up to the 3rd base club to eat.  The salads were amazing especially the Bay shrimp salad and the soba noodle salad.  The herb roasted chicken was tasty and the Rosemary rubbed pork loin with habanero apricot chutney was delicious.

It was good to see Dulce, the manager of the club.  She always looks fantastic.

Yasmani made his way down the field.  He had his pink drink in his back pocket.  
Steve Yaeger, the catching coach.  He spotted me.  
Scott Kazmir, the starting pitcher, was already on the other side of the field.  He must have come through the secret tunnel.
He did well his last outing.  His problem is getting through the first inning.  The bullpen has had to pitch more than their share.  The last 7 inning game by a pitcher was by Scott in May.  It will eventually take a toll on the bullpen.
Yes Scott, I remember you got through the first inning pretty much unscathed your last outing.
Coco and sis Olivia
Let’s expand the group to include Dad and Mayannah.  They have to be one of the nicest families at Dodger Stadium.  It was girls’ night out with their special Dad.  Where were the boys??
Chase Utley was first on the field as usual.  He is all business.
Everyone yelled Corey’s name when he came out to stretch.
I had my eye out for our new outfielder Andrew Toles.  I didn’t know much about him except that he was doing an outstanding job in the minors.
He looked my way so I pointed to my phone.  He smiled and nodded.  Aha.  That’s a positive sign.  
The guys aren’t so tired.  Clayton and Trayce were staring at me.

Brett thinks the 80 degree temperature is a little cold.  That’s new pitcher Bud Norris in the foreground.

I was able to get a selfie with new guy Andrew Toles

Scott Kazmir, Yasmani Grandal and Rick Honeycutt
First pitch
The first inning didn’t go well.  Melvin Upton hit a single.  

There was a challenge already when Upton stole 2nd on a throw.  Of course, the call on the field was overturned going the Padres way.  Myers then singled scoring Upton.  0-1.  Solar the walked.  Norris walked.  The damage was limited with only one run scored by the Padres.
But Justin Turner answered with a homerun of his own tying the score. 1-1.
Adrian Gonzalez singled.

Yasiel doubled, scoring Adrian.  2-1.

Yasmani Grandal hit the first of his homeruns, scoring Puig. 4-1.
In the 2nd inning, the Padres pitcher was able to hit a single and with a wild pitch by Kazmir was able to go to 2nd base.  Melvin Upton hit a 2 run homerun bringing the score closer.  4-3.  Will Myers walked and then was able to steal 2nd.  

Andrew Toles hit a double in the 2nd inning.  Congratulations to Andrew on his first hit.
Toles had run to 3rd on a sacrifice bunt by Kazmir.  Corey walked.  They were left on base to end the 2nd inning.
The sunset was gorgeous.  The game was already taking a long time.
Can’t forget a picture of my friends.  On the right is Meagan who is Donna’s nephew’s future bride.
Back to the game…it just seemed to go on and on.

In the 3rd inning, Alexei Ramirez and Alex Dickerson singled but were left on base.

In the bottom of the 3rd inning Adrian walked and Puig singled.

Then Yasmani came up to bat.

Yasmani hit his second homerun of the night scoring Adrian and Yasiel.  7-3.

Howie Kendrick, joining the homerun club, also hit a homerun to right center field.

The score was then 8-3.
Chase Utley walked.
By then the decision was made to yank Andrew Cashner for reliever  Paul Clemens.
When Louis Coleman pitched in relief, he allowed a homerun by Melvin Upton and a single by Will Myers.  8-4.
In the 4th inning, Justin Turner doubled, Adrian walked, Puig was out on a sacrifice fly scoring Justin.  9-4.

Yasmani hit a single after Adrian walked.  They were left on base.
With Louis Coleman still pitching, Bethancourt and Ramirez singled.

Louis Coleman was replaced by left hander JP Howell.  Dickerson singled, Rosales hit a sacrifice fly scoring Betancourt.  9-5.  Brett Wallace singled, scoring Ramirez.  Melvin Upton singled.  JP got the hook finally.  We were all wondering how long it would take before he was replaced.  The Dodgers were quickly losing their large lead.  9-6.
I just don’t know what took so long!!!
Pedro Baez replaced JP.  Myers ground into a double play, Dickerson out at home.  What a relief.
In the 6th inning, Solarte doubled.  There was a scare when Yasmani was hit in the mask by a foul ball.  He insisted he was ok but you could see that the right side of his face was red.  He would not come out of the game.

He was obviously OK because he hit his 3rd homerun in the 7th inning. 10-6.

I was already in the club celebrating with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.
In the bottom of the 8th inning, Yasiel walked.  Yasmani hit a single.  They were left on base.  What a game Yasmani was having!!!  
The dugout was excited.  The game was dragging on.  It was already 4 hours long by the 9th inning.  There were a few yawns.
The score was 10-6 when Kenley came out to close the game.  They announced that there would be no fireworks that night.  The stadium emptied at that point.  Many were disappointed.
Kenley had a 1-2-3 inning.  We were all thankful.  We were all tired.
I know Andrew Toles was excited to be part of the victory celebration.
Yasmani was the hero of the game credited  for 6 runs.  He went 5 for 5 with 3 homeruns and 2 singles.  He stated that it was the best game of his life.  He joins Roy Campanella and Mike Piazza as the 3rd Dodger catcher to have a 3 homerun night.  He’s the 3rd catcher in HISTORY to have at least 5 hits in a 3 homerun game.  What a great night!!
Both pitchers were taken out of the game early and their teams slugged on to a high scoring game.  Final score:  10-6.

On Saturday, Luis Perdomo 3-3 ERA 7.93 will meet Brandon McCarthy 1-0.  Brandon pitched 5 scoreless innings getting his first win his last outing.  It will be an early game starting at 4:15.  The game is starting early because it is movie night.  The movie will be Top Gun.  I’ll be happy to get home early.

Thanks for stopping by.  GO DODGERS!!!

Losing to a Last Place Team

When I got to the stadium on Thursday, I wasn’t surprised to find out there was no batting practice.  The game the day before went 14 innings, 5 hours 26 minutes.  The Dodgers were probably tired using just about every player on their roster, even using their starters as a pinch hitters and runners.  It was worse because they lost in 14 innings.  But they probably needed batting practice since all they could manage were two hits, no runs in Wednesday’s game.

Andre came out to the field.

He was happy to see old friend Matt Kemp. I’ll probably go over to the dark side to see Matt on Friday or Saturday.
I went to the Club to eat.  The chef station was serving fried turkey, so delicious.  The vegetable display was beautiful.
The food was excellent.  The game not so much.
I returned to the field in time to see AJ walk from the dugout to the bullpen.  He already didn’t look happy.
Ryu was already by the bullpen.  He uses the secret tunnel most of the time not choosing to walk across the field.
Everyone was excited about Ryu’s return, his first since the playoff games in 2014.  He has been recuperating from a shoulder problem.  Well maybe, not so excited.
At least my friends looked happy
Is this what the ball looks like?  I can’t remember.
The guys came out to stretch.  They did look a little weary.  They all had been in the 14 inning game the day before.
AJ and Honey walked across the field by themselves.  No Ryu.  I told AJ he forgot someone.
Corey signed autographs.  I think I jinxed him by asking him about his hitting streak.  He said he didn’t know the number.  That was the saddest part of the game, that Corey wasn’t able to get a hit.  So much for the hitting streak.
Dave and the umps
Not much going on with the spycam either.  Hmmm, I wonder if I have to pinch hit again.
The guys were too tired to even stare at me during the National Anthem.  In fact, not many even came out to the field.
Ryu’s first pitch…for some reason the Padres were all smiles for the camera.  Hi guys.  Justin was in my way.
Some days Coach Woodward is in my way for every shot.  Thursday’s game was one of those days.  He didn’t give me many clear shots.  He didn’t move much from one position…in my direct line of vision..maybe he was tired too.  Fans who sat around me stood up when I was taking a shot.  The servers ran in front of me.  I was really having problems taking pictures.  Why do people who sit in the front row have to stand up?  They already have an unobstructed view.  People who point?  Another nightmare for a photographer.  I have taken many pictures with an arm gracing the entire picture.  And the wave??  I hate the wave.  They all stand up during an important play.  Beach balls?  Don’t let me start.
There were only 2 Dodger hits in Thursday’s game, one a base hit by Howie in the 3rd inning.  Ryu had allowed a homerun to the first Padre he faced.  That told the story of the game, Ryu allowed 6 runs on 8 hits in 4 2/3 innings before he was yanked.
The only other hit was a double, hit by Trayce Thompson.
Either Drew Pomeranz is a Cy Young candidate or the Dodgers offense was taking a break.  Pomeranz’s record is 8-7.

There always is a positive.  I got tired of the game early on and went up to the game used store.  Max had the 4th of July hats.  He had sold most of them but still had Maeda, Kershaw and Roberts.  They were going for $199.  I passed on them.  He still had Brandon McCarthy’s.  He has always been one of my favorite pitchers even while he was on DL.  He also had Andre Ethier’s hat.  Andre is everyone’s favorite.  I purchased both of them.  It’s possible that neither had worn the hats.  I know I can get Andre’s hat signed.  I’ll ask him to put it on his head just to break it in.  I’ll ask Brandon to do the same.  I’m not really good at getting autographs.  I seldom ask.  We’ll see.
Crystal was lucky to get Adrian Gonzalez’s earlier on in the day.

This was written inside.  Does anyone know what it means?

Not much to celebrate but I still ate my ice cream.

Friday’s game will feature Andrew Casner 3-6, ERA 4.42 making his second start since returning from DL, and Scott Kazmir 7-3 ERA 4.37.  Kazmir had made a few adjustments in his pitching taking him through the first inning without a run against him.  His last start he allowed only 3 hits but struck out 10.  We’re hoping he can turn around this 3 game losing streak.  The Giants are now 6.5 games ahead of the Dodgers.  It’s frustrating to be beat by a last place team, the Padres.

I have to admit it was nice to see Matt Kemp again.  He will always be one of my favorites.
Another bit of good news.  My blog was rated #13 for the month of June.  Thank you everyone for stopping by.  You are what makes writing this blog so rewarding.

There are only 3 more games before the All Star Break.  The Dodgers will then be on the road.  It will be 15 days before I see them again.  During the interim, the Dodgers have invited premium ticket holders to a special batting practice.  These opportunities are always fun.  Lots of food, lots of comraderie.  It will be a chance to see everyone during the break.  Of course the Dodgers won’t be there.  They will be in DC playing the Nationals.  Hmmm.  I could have visited my son and taken in a Nationals-Dodgers game.

Thanks for stopping by.  Hope you’ve had a good week.  GO DODGERS!!!

A Tough Two Days

Tuesday and Wednesday had to be the toughest days this season for the Dodgers.  After riding high on wins at Dodger Stadium, suddenly the Orioles took it all away with resounding victories against the Dodgers.  The Orioles successfully won the series.

The only positive of Tuesday was Christian and Veronica’s anniversary.  They chose to spend it at Dodger Stadium.  Too bad the Dodgers lost.
It was also Korea Day.  There was a martial arts demo in the background during the warm ups.
Kim Tae Woo sang a beautiful rendition of the Star Spangled Banner.
Ji-Sung threw out the first pitch
My buddy Jack was enjoying a Dodger dog.  He’s been busy with school.  Good to see him.  Where’s Coco???
Those were pretty much the only good things about Tuesday.

Corey signed autographs

Kenta Maeda had a rough outing allowing 4 runs, the worst of it was Manny Machado’s 3 run homerun in the 5th inning.
The Dodgers only run was scored in the first inning.  Corey doubled.
Adrian Gonzalez singled scoring Corey.  1-0.
In the 2nd inning, Trumbo walked, Wieters singled.  Schoop hit a fly scoring Trumbo. 1-1.

Chris Taylor singled in the second inning but was left on base.
By the 4th inning it was obvious that the game was pretty much over after the homerun by Machado.  Maeda was replaced by Baez.

There was a glimmer of hope when Scott Van Slyke singled but he was left on base.
In the bottom of the 6th, Puig walked but was left on base.
In the bottom of the 9th, Adrian singled.  But again he was left on base.  The Orioles won the game with a score of 1-4.
The highlight of the game was the surprise from the 3rd base staff (Dulce, Nik and Crystal) for Christian and Veronica.  What a special night for them.  Thank you so much to everyone involved!!
Wednesday was going to be a nightmare game anyway.  It was a day game starting at 12:10.  Number one problem…getting through the LA traffic to get to the game.  It was also going to be played during the hottest part of the day.  I thought it wouldn’t be too hot since the forecasters promised that it would be in the upper 70’s.  Why do I ever believe them?  And then there would be the rush hour traffic getting home.

I got to the auto gates just as they opened.  It took me about an hour to get from Long Beach to LA.  It started out a weird day.  Usually I’ll be standing in line by myself and everyone will be in line two.  However Wednesday, everyone stood in one line BEHIND ME!!  See how empty the lines are beside me?

Isn’t that funny?  And the line behind me got longer and longer.

When I finally got into the stadium, Dave Roberts was talking to the press.  He signed a spring training jersey for my friend Robert.
I went up to the club to eat thinking that it was already too hot.  So much for the weather reports.  The food was good for breakfast food:  corn beef hash and a chicken and egg soufflé
Which I made into a more interesting dish with chopped white onions, chopped tomatoes and a sprinkle of cheese.

Hi Cat!

Andre Ethier was working out with one of the trainers.  He was wearing a harness with elastic straps…a human boomerang.  Can’t wait to have him back with the club.

I was actually able to take a picture of AJ before he came out of the field.  
I usually stand in a certain spot to take my pictures before the game.  Someone was standing in my place.  This person knows where I like to stand but insists on running there when he sees me.  Not my favorite person.

This person yelled at Scott Van Slyke, “I’m the only one calling your name for an autograph so why don’t you come and sign?”  If I were Scott, I wouldn’t have signed for him.  How rude.
Bud Norris was making his second start on Wednesday.  His first start had been pretty good so we had high expectations.
Orel and Alanna
It was a cloudless hot day in LA.  It already was looking ominous.
Is there gum on my shoe?
Howie had a few laughs with the enemy
Brett Anderson still thought it was a little chilly
Spycam found poor Maeda minus Julio.  Julio was sent back to minors after having the worst outing of all.
Kershaw is feeling much better.
Little did my friends and I know that this game would last almost 5 1/2 hours.  I thought I would be back home way before dinner time, that we could beat the rush hour traffic….wrong!  It would also be a heartbreaking loss in the 14th inning.  I expected one of our guys to hit a walk off homerun.  I thought that in each of the 5 extra innings.  Didn’t happen.
First pitch
Chase Utley singled.  This would be the first of 6 hits for Chase.
Justin Turner then hit a homerun scoring Chase.  2-0.
In the 2nd inning, Mark Trumbo doubled. Ryan Flaherty doubled, scoring Trumbo.  2-1.

In the 2nd inning AJ singled
Pitcher Bud Norris singled but he and AJ were left on base.
The Orioles were able to tie the score in the 3rd with singles by Jones and Kim.  2-2.

In the top of the 4th inning, Mark Trumbo hit a solo homerun breaking the tie.  3-2.

In the 5th inning, Chase doubled.  Corey walked.  Adrian singled, scoring Chase and Corey.  4-3.

Casey Fien came in to relieve starter Bud Norris.  Mark Trumbo hit a solo homerun tying the score.  4-4.

I was hot by the 4th inning so I went up to the second floor to see Max at the game used store.

He had the 4th of July jerseys.  He told me he had just what I wanted.  They apparently have the jerseys made up a long time before the event so they had Mike’s although he was sent back to minors before Fathers Day.

I sat in the third base club until the 8th inning when I went to the other side of the stadium as I usually do.  It was too hot.   I didn’t realize that I would be sitting outside for 6 more innings.

We all hoped for a walk off.
The game just kept going on and on.
The kids were patient especially this little cutie.
Finally in the top of the 14th inning the Orioles dropped the ax with a Machado single, a Chris Davis single and a Schoop double which resulted in two runs.  Trayce Thompson made a heroic dive trying to catch that double but was unsuccessful. 4-6.  I knew it was over so I headed out.

This little guy’s face says it all.
As we always say in the worst situations, let’s turn the page.  Thursday will be a big day for Hyundai-Jin Ryu who will make his big return, not pitching since 2014, 640 days.  Ryu will face Jeff Pomeranz 7-7, ERA 2.65.  The Padres are in last place.

The good…Corey Seager has hit 19 straight games, the longest in the MLB this season.  Chase Utley had 6 hits in the 14 inning game.  The Dodgers are only 6 games behind the Giants.  I guess that’s good.

Congratulations to Clayton Kershaw, Kenley Jansen and Corey Seager, voted to the All Star Team.  

Thanks for stopping by.  GO DODGERS!!!

The 4th of July

What better way to spend 4th of July than to watch a Dodger game at Dodger Stadium. The weather was perfect.  It wasn’t too hot.  There was a slight breeze.  There was no traffic.  It started out picture perfect.
But it turned out there was no early batting practice.  I didn’t know so I was there early.  I wasn’t happy since I like to be on time and in the right place.  I was at the wrong gate and by the time I went to the downtown gate, there already was a line of cars waiting to get in.  I finally got in a half hour later than expected.  The Dodgers actually were taking early batting practice but we weren’t invited.  Not happy.

Brett and Brandon


Trayce and Francisco

Will Venable

Silly AJ asked David Vassegh of Radio AM 570 whether he was being interviewed on Petros and Money.

The twins were at the Stadium on a day meant for families.  Here is Duke with big sis.

And mom Tracy with big boy Klayton.

It was the perfect time to eat.  There was no one left on the field.

There was a wonderful array of food:  a delicious orange chicken with rice, char siu pork, pasta with shrimp, grilled chunks of squash, my favorite loaded macaroni salad.  I probably ate too much but I couldn’t resist.
Fourth of July is traditionally a family day.  Enjoying the game and then fireworks is a great safe way to spend the holiday.  Great to see Jackson and family again.  He’s got parade wave down pat.
BFF’s Norma and Donna all decked out for the holiday.
Visitors from Austin, Texas who come once a year to enjoy their favorite team.
A wonderful couple really getting into the game
Nice people making new memories.

And believe it or not, Yoshiko actually left her puppy to come to the game!!  Good to see her.  I hope to see her Tuesday so she can help me cheer Kenta Maeda on to victory.  Doug has one of those giant chocolate chip cookies that were made especially for the holiday.

My very favorite vendor was there of course.  He said he didn’t see me in my seat and was ready to send out an Amber Alert.
I can’t forget the best ushers at Dodger Stadium…just love them to pieces!!
Meanwhile Alanna was taking a selfie.  Good to see her again.
I almost missed seeing Julio Urias as he came out to the field.  Dave Roberts hinted that Julio would be going back to Triple A on Tuesday.  Last chance to see him for a while.  I never did get a selfie with him.
Yasmani came out to the field shortly after Julio.
Julio worked out, threw some pitches, stretched.  He has done a remarkable job while in the majors.  It has been a good experience for him. He is, after all, only 19 years old.
I always have to include pictures of Trayce.
They have had two American bald eagles at the stadium on occasion.  The boy eagle landed at the exact spot.
Good boy eagle.
Little girl eagle decided to have a taste of freedom and flew away.  After all it is “freedom day.”  See y’all!  Hopefully she’s ok.
Meanwhile AJ miscued and stood out on the  field by himself for the National Anthem.  Oops.  Hehehe.  Too early.
A little catch between roomies.
And now AJ, it’s time for the National Anthem.  Is that him staring at me?
Members of the armed forces presented a giant flag.  It was inspiring.  Glad no one fell under it this year.
Corey signed for the fans.  Wait…isn’t that Jackson with Corey??
Julio crossed the field for the last time.
And quietly got ready to pitch.  What an amazing young man he is.
First pitch….Justin Turner kept getting in my way.  Usually it’s the third base coach that is my permanent border.
Julio got through the top of the first 1-2-3.

In the bottom of the first, Chase singled.
Adrian walked.  But no one was able to score that inning.
Julio started to have some problems in the 2nd inning already.  Trumbull singled, Davis walked,  Hardy doubled, scoring Trumbo and Davis.  0-2.  Uh oh.  Gallardo walked, Jones singled scoring Hardy.  0-3.

It was already time for discussion.  Julio was having his worst game since coming up from Triple A.
In the bottom of the 2nd inning, Yasiel Puig hit a solo homerun.  1-3.
And then Yasmani Grandal also hit a solo homerun…back to back homeruns!  2-3.  The Dodgers were fighting to catch up.
In the bottom of the 4th inning, Wieters singled, Hardy doubled.  Then Rickard singled scoring Wieters and Hardy.  2-5.

With one out, Dave Roberts pulled the cork and substituted Louis Coleman for Julio.  The Dodgers got out of that inning without any more damage.  Sheesh a 3 run deficit again!!
What to do while Coleman warms up…talk, talk, and talk some more.  Look at Puig’s shoes.
In the bottom of the 4th inning, Yasiel singled.
Pinch hitter Scott Van Slyke walked after a wild pitch had allowed Yasiel to go to 2nd.
Chase Utley singled scoring Yasiel, Scott to 3rd.  3-5.  The Dodgers were fighting back slowly but surely.
Corey singled scoring Scott, Chase to 2nd.  4-5.
In the 5th inning, Pedro Baez replaced Coleman.  It was a 1-2-3 inning.  Way to go Pedro.

In the bottom of the 6th inning, Yasmani walked.  With Howie Kendrick batting, Wil Venable advanced to 2nd on a balk by pitcher Despaigne.  Howie struck out.

Chase singled scoring Will tying the score.  5-5.

In the bottom of the 7th Corey tripled.
Justin was out on a sacrifice fly scoring Corey,  6-5.  The Dodgers were ahead for the first time.
It was a good time to celebrate with some 4th of July ice cream complete with red and blue cherries.  There was also giant chocolate chip cookies.  Can life be any better?
In the top of the 8th inning, Adam Liberatore had a 1-2-3 inning.  The bullpen has been flawless.

In the bottom of the 8th inning, pinch hitter Chris Taylor drew a walk.

The Orioles challenged a call on the field which was upheld.  Will wonders never cease.  The Dodgers never seem to win a challenge.  But it was different this time.
There was a lot of unhappy staring and pointing, scuffling, and blaming as everyone got reemed out by the Orioles coach.

There was still a lot of unhappiness on the field.  The Orioles have lost 4 games in a row before coming to Dodger Stadium.  They are still number one in the American League East but barely with the Red Sox and Blue Jays close behind.

Howie doubled scoring Chris. 7-5.  
It looked pretty good when Kenley came out to close the game.
It was another 1-2-3 inning.  The Dodgers have won 10 straight at Dodger Stadium, 5 straight games.  They are still trailing the Giants in the standings by 5 but are number one in the wild card standings.
What a wonderful 4th of July it was for all of us at Dodger Stadium.  The night ended with fireworks.  The good:  Corey has a 17 game hitting streak.  The not-so-good was that Julio only lasted 3 1/3 innings.
Tuesday Kenta Maeda 7-5 ERA 2.82 will meet Chris Tillman 10-2 ERA 3.71.  It is Korea Night as well as my friends’ Veronica and Christian’s anniversary.  What a special night.

Thanks for stopping by.  It definitely was a wonderful night.  Hope yours was special too.  GO DODGERS!!!

Weekend Sweep

It was a good weekend.  The Dodgers swept the Rockies, a much needed sweep considering injuries to Clayton and Joc.  The team came together offensively and defensively.
Saturday was a long day.  It started out with the Old Timers game.  It was wonderful to see all our past players,  many I can’t really call old timers.  Sandy Koufax was in a great mood.
Unfortunately it also was bobblehead day.  As everyone knows, I hate bobblehead giveaway days.  It really does bring out the worst fans.  Add to it the Old Timers game and it made for a horrific day.  People were rude, pushing, shoving, being aggressive to the players, asking for autographs.  Sandy Koufax didn’t sign any autographs probably because rude kids were told by their parents to continually yell at him.  It is a big turn off.
It’s a good time for former Dodgers to see each other again.
Doesn’t every Dodger fan love Shawn Green, Don Newcombe and Tommy Lasorda?
I probably took too many pictures of Shawn Green but who’s counting?
That was the past and here is the future:  Joc and Julio
Pedro Guerrero was one of the few who stopped to sign.  I always think that if a player is going to sign he will sign without anyone asking.

I always find time to eat so I went to the club during the Old Timers game.

I saw Doug minus Yoshiko.  They are back from their cruise.  Apparently Yoshiko picked a new puppy over seeing the game and me.  Sad face.

I came back to the field in time to see AJ.  Oops, hi AJ.
My friends Donna and Norma were early.
Scott Kazmir was getting ready for the game.  
The guys were warming up.  That’s Scott Van Slyke on the right.
The trainer came out with his whips and chains.  Get to work guys.
That’s Scott Van Slyke again.  He must have the longest legs on the team.  I’ll get a better picture of him.
Trayce having a little chit chat with the enemy
No honest, I was stretching out.
A little catch among friends.
Brrrr.  It’s cold out here.  Hi Brett with his usual hoody in 80 degree heat.
National Anthem…getting closer to the game
What to do with your mitt when signing autographs.  
Pedro Guerrero, Steve Yaeger and Ron Cey threw out the first pitch
Scott is willing those evil spirits away
As he and AJ make it down the field
Now look, don’t argue any plays because you guys will not win any reviews
Corey signed before the game.
First pitch by Kazmir.  He made it through the first inning well except for hitting Charlie Blackmon.  Oh well.  Usually the first inning is the black hole for Scott.
In the first inning, Corey singled
Justin Turner singled, Corey to second.
Then Adrian singled with Corey scoring.  1-0
Yasiel singled scoring Justin.  Hmmm have to check the play book so I don’t make any boo-boos. 2-0.
Justin Turner doubled.  Adrian walked.
Trayce hit a double scoring Justin and Adrian.  4-0.  This was the turning point of the game.
In the bottom of the 6th Yasiel was hit by a pitch and walked.  Is it my imagination or does it seem pitchers aim for him?  The pictures above are just from this game.
In the 7th inning, Howie doubled.
Corey walked.
Justin singled.  Adrian hit a sacrifice fly scoring Howie. 5-0

With Yasiel batting, wild pitch scores Corey. 6-0.
With Chris Hatcher pitching in the 9th, Nolan Arenado hit a homerun.  6-1.  
But the Dodgers had a substantial lead so they were able to win the game.
It was a nice win.  
Sunday’s game would be Brandon McCarthy’s first one in 14 months.  No one was sure how it would turn out.  It was a day game so I was prepared for it to be horribly hot as usual.

Surprise….the mysterious hooded one is not Brett Anderson.
Chris Hatcher signed a huge ball for a little fan.  The little guy’s Dad said he was out on pass from the hospital after having major surgery.  It was his first outing.  So happy he was able to snag an autograph.
Are those Tiffany sunglasses that Orel is wearing to match his tie?
Jerry also looked none the worse for wear after the Old Timers game.
Looks like Alanna is still on vacation.  Kelli Tenant having some fun with Orel.
Good to see Danielle again.
Time to eat.  Thank goodness it wasn’t really the usual breakfast food.  They had chicken fried steak, tri tip and bacon.  Yum.
Dodger Stadium is always a good place for families.  You find lots of love there.
Brandon McCarthy was already warming up.  Uh oh, spotted already.
He looked fantastic out there.
Warming up.  That’s Chris Taylor in the foreground, a new addition to the 25 man roster.
National Anthem.  True to the rule, Julio is looking at me.
Silly Kenta on the way back to the dugout with his buddy Julio.
Chris Taylor signed for the kids.
Trayce and Justin
Brandon and Honey made their way down the field
As Yasmani caught up the rear.
Corey signed several autographs for adoring fans
Spy cam on the dugout…Julio and Kenta

Is this what the ball feels like.  I forgot?Brandon getting ready for that first pitch….what to expect.
Brandon was a nice surprise.  He threw 5 shutout innings before he came out because of pitch count.  We have to remember that he had Tommy John surgery.  We were hoping for a sweep of the Rockies.

In the bottom of the second inning, Trayce hit a solo homerun.  1-0
Howie was hit by a pitch, Yasiel walked.
Yasmani walked.
Brandon walked scoring Howie.  2-0.
Justin singled scoring Yasiel.  3-0.

Casey Fien came in to relieve Adam Liberatore who had relieved McCarthy in the 6th.   In the top of the 7th Daniel Descalso hit a homerun, the only Rockies score.  3-1.

In the bottom of the 7th inning, Yasmani hit a solo homerun. 4-1.
In the 9th inning, Kenley Jansen came out to close the game.

We felt pretty good with this score and Kenley Jansen pitching.
And then stupid happened.  Protestors.  Notice that Kenley didn’t move an inch.  The guys in the dugout looked like “Ho hum.”  It really didn’t distract much from the game.  I doubt it was worth it for the protestors to be arrested, fined, banned from future games, and being embarrassed and pretty much hogtied.
Back to the game.  
It only took Kenley 16 pitches to close out the game.
It was indeed a great weekend.  
The Dodgers will meet the Baltimore Orioles on Monday with Julio Urias and Yovani Gallardo.  Julio always has to face first place teams.  The Orioles are a strong team, still in first even after being swept by Seattle.  The Dodgers have not played them since 2013.  Julio was the winner in his last outing against the Brewers.

Today is the 4th of July.  I hope everyone has a safe and happy day.  I’m heading for the ballpark later of course to celebrate.  Hope to see all my friends.

Thanks for stopping by.  Hope everyone has a good day.  GO DODGERS!!!


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