San Francisco Part Two

Dodgers suffered losses to the Giants all three games  suffering from chronic no offense. AT&T Park seems to trip them up every time. The Dodgers have been 0-6 there.

Tomorrow the Dodgers return to Elysian Park to face the Padres. I’ll be able to say hi to Matt Kemp again. There are many fans who still miss him myself included.

My blog will be in full force again. I have a new camera with 82 zoom. It should help make this blog a little more interesting. Please come back and let me know what you think. As everyone knows, my pictures are all taken by myself.  I don’t “borrow” from anywhere.  All my pictures so far were taken by my IPhone 6+. I hope my new camera gives everyone a new dimension.

Thank you for stopping by. Go Dodgers!!!  Let’s start another winning streak!

San Francisco 

The Dodgers are on the road. They lost the first game to the Giants with Tim Hudson. No offense. Good pitching by Carlos Frias.  Good teams with great offense can have a bad day. The problem was getting the key hits. Getting men on base wasn’t an issue. It was getting the runs.

The Giants always seem to get it together when they have to. They started the season with the manager commenting they weren’t ready. Now they are second in the Western Division. As Angel Pagan told me, somehow they are able to do it. They are always the team to be wary of. 

San Francisco is a beautiful city. I grew up in Betkeley across the bay. I have wonderful memories of Golden Gate Park, the Aquarium, China Town, the Embarcadero, cable cars, the bridges. I hope the Dodgers especially those who have never been there are enjoying the beauty of the city.

Hopefully they can get their offense together for Brett Anderson today.

Thanks for stopping by. Go Dodgers!

Mighty Mike

I can’t say enough good things about Mike Bolsinger, our starting pitcher today against the Rockies.

  He pitched 6 scoreless innings. He definitely has earned another start. 
His last start we saw him in the dugout chilling before the game. I asked my friend Robert who that was. He told me Mike Bolsinger.  He came over and took a picture with me and signed autographs. He was totally relaxed. He pitched a wonderful game that day too.

  It was a day game. I dislike them. Too hot. But today was nice: sunny but with a slight breeze.


  Orel Hersheiser was getting ready for his broadcast 


Orel is always personable.

  The food was special. Usually the breakfast food is not my favorite but the fare was different. The BBQ chicken wings were tender and tasty. The eggs were cooked Mexican style and were marvelous. The ham was cooked with pineapple.
  I always enjoy the salads
  Kershaw was on the field with a group of people. It’s unusual for him to be on the field before a game.
Kiké went over to give an interview with Orel.

  He probably talked about the marvelous catch he made the day before. I wanted to ask him how his face was since he made a face plant on the back wall.

  One of my favorite people Emo told he was assigned to my side of the stadium again. It made my day.

  Mike hurried by to get to the other side of the stadium 


  Hi Joc


  What? Alex smiling? There was a group of girls teasing him which actually changed his demeanor.

  Joc stretching with the help of one of the Dodger trainers




  Jack (on the left) with his friend. 

  National Anthem

I wonder why I can always spot Justin. Hint: his red hair

  Howie signing

  Mike crossing the field back to the dugout

  Watching the pitcher and catcher walk across the field always is exciting. You never know how the game will go.

  The Dodgers take the field
First pitch

  My server Adam brought me a special surprise….a Colorado dog. What do you think?

  The only real action in the game were walks and a huge base hit by Yasmani who drove in the winning run. He is hitting well.
  I waited for my ice cream. The chef was a little late.
  Kenley closed out the game. He’s back!!!
  Andre running in
  The Dodgers beat the Rockies 1-0. Yimi and Hatcher pitched scoreless innings. Kenley has assumed his closing role.
  The Dodgers and Rockies split the series.
I have to admit that I am tired.  Seven games in seven days. Now I’m back to work while the Dodgers head to San Francisco after a day off Monday.

Dodgers return home on Friday to play the Padres.

Thanks for stopping by. See you soon. Go Dodgers!

Leaving Early

The traffic was absolutely miserable which is unusual for a Saturday. By the time I got to the stadium, the cars were lined up all the way to the freeway off ramp.

  The crowd at the gate was just as bad. There was no batting practice since the Old Timers game was also scheduled.

  The sky looked a little gray. I felt a sprinkle.
  Everyone was excited to see members of the 1965 World Series champs.
  Joc and Yasmani came out to see the old timers.

  Kikè is such a silly guy. He was copying the cameraman
  And was really getting into it!


  Wally Moon 

Ever wonder where the term “moon shot” came from?

  I have to admit, I had my eye on our current Dodgers e.g. Yasmani.
  He’s just plain adorable!!
  I have to admit I was looking for my number one Dodger love, Shawn Green. Sigh!!!
  Todd Zeile
  Maury Wills
  My sweetie pie Kenny Landreaux who gave me a huge hug
  Aha Ryu sighting!!
  Oh my God. Sandy Koufax!!!! He still is the most popular Dodger ever!!
  And guess what I got!!! A Sandy Koufax autograph!!
  Today’s giveaway…a replica of the 1965 World Series ring!!
  The club was serving Kung pao chicken on white rice. Yummy.
  Zack was stretching

The Dodgers came out to stretch  
Kikè and Uribear


  It’s a Kiké pretzel 

  A smiley Alex. Not.

  Kikè again


  And how about everyone in one shot with beautiful Dodger Stadium in the background?

  Joc gave these batting gloves to my friend Robert

  National Anthem




 Back view

  Front view
Kikè the clown

  Alex the serious one
  First pitch by Greinke who pitched a wonderful game, giving up only one run in 6.
  Baseline specia

  Nachos. Tasted much better since I was too full to eat dinner in the club

  The Dodgers weren’t hitting. The bullpen was giving the Rockies Hittable balls. First there was a two run homerun to someone whose average is .132!!!!

Then there was a 3 run homerun at the bottom of the 8th. Everyone got up to leave. What a sorry blank game.

Not even ice cream made me feel better about the loss

The Dodgers did score one run in the 9th. It was a walked in run. Score was 7-1. Eeeek!

Tired. Didn’t stay the whole game left in the 9th.  Boring and no fun. 

See you soon. Thanks for stopping by!!! 

Milestone Day


Friday was a gorgeous day. The air was fresh and clean…always awesome after a good rain.

  Batting practice
  Donnie in the foreground
  Lorenzo Bundy 3rd base coach

Andre stopped long enough to say hi to me and give me a fist bump.

Time for food in the club 

  Turkey, mahi mahi and pasta with braised beef
  An array of salads
  Clayton walking out to the field to stretch and warm up
  Yasmani caught for Clayton
  Spiffing up the field
  Clayton in deep thought
  Scotty, Joc and Justin
  National Anthem time
  Jimmy signed for a few fans. Someone asked him to personalize a picture but he said no. He really didn’t have the time and it certainly wasn’t the first autograph he’s signed for this person. I usually just watch and take pictures but rarely get autographs. I asked this person to allow other fans to get in front of her so they could have a chance. She told me I would have bad karma. I’m sure she was thinking the same for Jimmy and anyone else who gets in her way. I guess the bad karma god wasn’t listening to her because Jimmy had one of his best games, hitting a homerun in the first inning. I didn’t think I deserved this rant on me. I never wish bad karma on people. It just happens. Like my Mom says, what goes around comes around.  In my head I just hope those who deserve bad karma don’t get punished too severely. The players don’t really react well to aggressive fans. I don’t blame them. In my world, I am happy if they just smile at me. I don’t need autographs or balls everyday. I try to distance myself from these aggressive, loud “fans” because I don’t want my guys to think these people are my friends. 

  Congratulations on a super game, Jimmy! 
  Oops. Something is slipping 
  Yasmani and Clayton. Notice that Clayton has cleaned up all the facial hair.
  I was hoping for a win for Clayton
  First pitch
  Follow through
  I was excited to see my favorite batboy Javier. Bat girls are ok but they call off all the time. I wish that experiment having bat girls would be over.
Jimmy running in after hitting his huge homerun. 1-0.

  Justin hit a 2 run double scoring Howie and Adrian in the 3rd. 3-0.
  Baseline special…another tasty salad
  Jimmy reached a milestone…900 rbi’s! If that’s bad karma, I wonder what good karma would be?
  Time to celebrate with chocolate ice cream with hot fudge and whipped cream. My friend Norma called it a work of art.
By the bottom of the 7th, the score was 6-1 and Clayton was headed toward a big win. Thank you guys for all the run support!!!

But the scary bullpen brought the score to 6-4.

Welcome back Kenley! He pitched well even after being on DL since the beginning of the season.

  He struck out four in one inning. How do you do that?
  And the Dodgers beat the Rockies with a score of 6-4. This win was the 100th for Clayton! What a milestone. 
There were so many good moments in this game. It made up for the two back to back losses on Wednesday and Thursday.

Today is an early game preceded by the annual Old Timers Game. I can’t wait to see Shawn Green again.

  Here is an old picture of him with me. 
Thanks for stopping by. Have to get ready early. See you soon.

Rain Delay

It rained pretty much all day. I was almost positive that there would be no batting practice so I planned on leaving later than usual.

Unfortunately the traffic was terrible. It took me about 1 1/2 hours as opposed to one hour. The later you leave, the traffic becomes more congested. It wasn’t raining but it was bumper to bumper downtown LA.

  The sky was beautiful over the stadium but very threatening.
  I was hoping it wouldn’t rain until after the game.
  The housekeeping crew was sweeping the water out of the baseline section.
  I was enthralled with the dark skies
  Pedro Baez who pitched so well in relief came out for an interview. He was put on the 15 day DL.
  Zack came out to play catch with AJ.
  Zack and AJ against a beautiful LA sky
  Carlos Frias stuck his head out to check the weather.
  The tarp was on the ground
  Alex also came up out of the dugout. Of course he gave us a big smile. Maybe not.

  AJ and Zack had enough of tossing the ball. Obviously they wanted to say hi and sign autographs. I never ask. They never stop.
  Time to eat
  Pork medallions and turkey
  Brett Anderson was just walking across the field when I came back.
  The black clouds seemed to be clearing 
  Joc came out to the field
  So did Uribear
  Jimmy and Joc had a good laugh
  Howie came out a little later
  National Anthem time
  The sky looked dark but clear
  Brett Anderson came out ahead.

  Yasmani followed
  The Dodgers took the field
  First pitch by Brett
  I thought I better eat my nachos before it started raining
  I really loved the baseline special. It reminded me of a bacon lettuce and tomato sandwich without the bread.
  The sky really turned black
  I was actually dressed for the weather. Notice my beautiful Lilly Pulitzer scarf? My sister told me to be careful no one ripped it off my neck.
  The sky turned very black and it started to rain. Chicken me ran up to the club to stay dry. They told me it only rained 2 minutes and stopped.

  A good way to watch the game is to watch it in the club.
It’s a rain delay in the 6th. The score being 4-1. I’ve been in the club. It’s pouring and there was thunder and lightning. If the game is called, the Dodgers win. Unfortunately for the Dodgers, play restarted at 10:20.

Colorado had a horrible record at Dodger Stadium. They had lost 11 straight. Maybe the Dodgers were too confident. Possibly it was the rain delay which was 20 minutes too long since the pitcher won’t return if the delay is more than an hour. Whatever it was, the Dodgers lost when Yimi Garcia allowed a 3 run homerun. The player who hit the homerun had a .192 average.  It had been a 4-2 game but became 5-4 with Colorado on top.

I am disappointed since I stayed to watch the rest of the game.

  The ice cream was melted since it sat out too long during the rain delay. The cookies were cold. There were loyal Dodger fans who stayed hoping for a win. They were set, cold and tired but stayed anyway.
I didn’t get home until after midnight. I wished I had just gone home.

Hopefully the Dodger miracles aren’t over. They have lost two games cutting their lead in the National League West to 4 games over San Diego.

It’s a new day. So like they say, we’ll just turn the page.  Rain is only predicted in the morning.

Thanks for stopping by. See you soon. Go Dodgers! Let’s start a new winning streak.

How To Lose Gracefully

The day already has been off. I’m late getting to Starbucks. I feel off kilter. My problem…I’m not sure how to feel when the Dodgers lose at home. With a record of 15-3 at home, it’s no wonder.

You always feel that the Dodgers will pull off a miracle in those one run games. I have to realize that they will lose once in a while even with 2 huge homeruns.

  Zack was on the field. Not sure why because he never looks at any of the fans. There was no batting practice but we never see him on the field before any game unless he’s pitching.
  They had some interesting chicken tacos in the club
  A variety of salads
  Turkey meatballs, pork loin and pasta
  The game started at 4:50 which is just plain weird. It makes it a day game. No batting practice. It’s like a Sunday but a little later. It throws the whole day off. Joc was getting stretched. He’s becoming my favorite player not just because he is playing so well but also because he is a nice guy. I told him I was getting a jersey made with his name. He gave me a huge smile. Love Joc!
  The fans also love him
  Justin is having a great season so far and has started recently instead of Uribear
Love all that red hair. It seems to be more red as the season progresses

 Alex and Kikè played a little catch. They are two of the hottest Dodgers.

  Carlos Frias and Yasmani walking to the dugout with pitching coach. Carlos wasn’t as sharp.
  And the Dodgers took the field
  Carlos threw the first pitch
It was not the Dodgers’ day. I’m accustomed to 5th inning homeruns. The score was 2-0 Miami until Alex scored on a wild pitch in the 4th. 2-1.

  The nachos didn’t make me feel better
  The baseline special didn’t help either.
  The yellow and red watermelon did cheer me up a little
I decided not to go up for ice cream until the 6th since the 5th seems to be the inning that homeruns happen.  

I didn’t have to wait long for Kikè to hit a long ball scoring Andre as well


Joc also homered

And that was about it. Liberatore loaded up the bases and Hatcher allowed two runs.

There were two plays under review. The first was controversial. Stanton seemed to catch a ball but we saw it bounce before he caught it. They played it over and over for us. They said it bounced on the webbing of his glove. Yeah right. My friend Danny called it right away as trapping. I think that all those officials stick together. They get paid according to their correct and incorrect calls. It doesn’t take much to put two and two together. I love Donnie’s passion. He, of course, was ejected.

Dee, of course, had an outstanding game. Still loving Dee as do all my friends. 

The final score was 5-4.

  Strawberry ice cream didn’t cheer me up. Notice I was so distracted, it melted.
  The timing of the game was strange. It was scheduled early so Miami could board the plane and go home early. The game lasted over 3 agonizing hours.
What to be happy about….Kikè’s and Joc’s homeruns. What not to be happy about…Baez left the game with a sprained tricep. He was the only reliever who threw well. He closed out that bases loaded situation caused by the other relievers.

Hoping it doesn’t rain for the Thursday game. 100% chance of rain Friday. There hasn’t been a rainout at Dodger Stadium in years. We’ll see.

I hope I don’t have to get used to losing.  It’s confusing.

Thanks for stopping by. See you later! Go Dodgers!

And It Only Gets Better

My baseball day already started out very special.

  I was on the field again. One of my goals was to take a picture with Kiké. That happened almost right away. He is a very special guy. Happy. Nice. Funny. A great call up from Triple A!
Kikè being interviewed. Notice the cocky tilt of his hat  I asked Justin to take off his hat. He shook his hair so he wouldn’t have hat head. He’s one player I can talk to about anything.
  I’m making something for Clayton’s baby. I told him that I hoped to finish it before the baby turned 16. He thought that was funny.
  Zack was off in his own world as usual. He actually looked at my friend Robert which I thought of as a breakthrough.
  Howie and Jimmy were hanging out
  Donnie was being interviewed in the dugout
  I’m glad to see that Zack interacts with the team
  The keeper of the dugout
  We were amazed to see Mike Bolsinger in running clothes, ear buds in his ear hanging out in the dugout. He was called up from Triple A to pitch. He did something I have never seen a pitcher do on game day. He took pictures with us and signed autographs. He was super nice. He went 5 2/3 innings and earned his first Dodger win. Other than the homerun in the first inning, he didn’t allow another run.
  Yasmani has somehow found the ball and is hitting like crazy
  Jerry Hairston has always been one of my faves. He now announces.
  I can never have too many pictures with wonderful Joc. His haircut is kind of modified faux hawk.
  Joel Peralta is on DL but stopped to autograph for the fans.
  Carlos Frias is pitching on Wednesday.  Good luck Carlos.
  This picture with Scotty Van Slyke turned out black but I lightened it up enough so you can make us out.

  We went to the other side of the field to see Dee Gordon.
  He still is thin. He heard me call out to him. He would not ignore the person he smacked in the face with a foul ball a couple of seasons ago. He came over to hug me. Everyone wanted an autograph but he said he had to hit. 
  I was disappointed in my fellow countryman Ichiro. He never even turned around. Whatever.
  Mike Morse the 3rd baseman was more than happy to sign autographs.
  Ichiro still didn’t turn around.
  I was excited to see Omar Miller who plays Walter on CSI Miami. I asked him how he learned his lines which oftentimes includes complicated medical jargon. He said he has no idea what he is saying. I told him he was totally believable and that I was a nurse. He was so happy he fooled a nurse.
  The day again was beautiful. I keep hearing that there is rain in the forecast.
 In the game the day before, Andre fell headfirst into the stands right into a woman’s lap. I told Andre every woman in the stadium was jealous of that woman. He winked at me and said he thought it was me which is why he fell so hard. He made my day. As my mom would say, what goes around comes around. He was nice to me and was rewarded by the higher powers with 5 out of 5 hits, one being a homerun. Andre will always be one of my favorites.

  Time to eat. It was bobble head day so it was crowded everywhere including the club. Bobble head day tends to bring out the weirdos.
Fantastic barbecue beef sandwiches. Artichoke pasta, cannelloni beans

Buttermilk fried chicken which was juicy and delicious

  And of course the chili Dodger dogs
I ran into Kenny Landreaux in the club. My selfies are getting a little better.

  Here’s starting pitcher Mike Bolsinger looking a little differently than earlier. 
  Joc signing someone’s jersey
  Victor Espinosa, the jockey, threw out the first pitch. He is very small.
  The Dodgers took the field.
The game started out in the first inning with a huge homerun by Stanton. It went over left field pavilion, only the 5th homerun in Dodger Stadium history to leave the park.  It would be the only run by the Marlins. Another significant occurrence was the hard grounder hit by Howie that smashed into Dan Haren’s left arm. Dan stayed in the game although he had a good sized bruise. I know how it feels. I’ve been hit numerous times in both arms and my head. The ball really hurts!

The game changed its tone when Howie hit a homerun in the third inning.

Dan only pitched 4 1/3 innings but allowed 6 runs on 11 hits. With Andre’s homerun in the 4th, Haren has allowed 8 homeruns this season already. Dan is the most consistent Marlins pitcher.  Oops. Not his day.

I went up to the club in the 5th to get ice cream and by the time I had finished eating it, the score was 11-1. The Dodgers scored 4 runs in the 5th and 5 runs in the 6th. I looked up and the score had changed quite a bit.

  The ice cream was good but I think I missed most of the scoring when I was in the club. Many times when I go up, they hit homeruns. Maybe I should stay in the club.
  The Clayton Kershaw bobble head
I wonder why it’s in a purple box.

  There’s Andre

  Many of the fans left early….like the 6th inning.
A full stadium became half empty. I always stay to the end even with the score 11-1 in the 9th. It wasn’t crowded getting out of the stadium.

  It just seems to get better.
Wednesday’s game will be at 4:50, a strange time but will help the Marlins out. They fly back home after the game and don’t get a day off.

Thanks for stopping by.  Hi Crystal. See everyone later. Go Dodgers!!

The Problem With Leaving Early

Leaving early when the Dodgers are behind is not a smart thing to do if you like to see excitement and grit. So you have to spend a little more time getting out of the parking lot if you wait but it is well worth it. I will never leave early even in extra inning games unless I have to go to work. Yesterday was no exception. For one the Dodgers are 14-2 at home. Secondly they have the most homeruns of any MLB team…49. Lastly, the Dodgers have magic going for them. Even though they only have 3 starting pitchers: Kershaw, Greinke and Anderson, they are at the top of the western division.

  It started out as a regular day. I got there for batting practice as usual. I brought a supply of cough drops since I still have a nagging cough. I was hoping it would be gone but it still hung in there to embarrass me in quiet situations.  I’m no longer contagious but it sounds terrible. I feel back to normal but my cough won’t go away. I’m a little tired of the taste of Halls Mentholyptus. 

 The day was absolutely magnificent. I’m sure the guys were glad to be home after the rain and snow in Colorado.

 Andre signed autographs. I’m glad that he is playing everyday. He is proving that he is invaluable.

 No matter what, he has always been a fan favorite.  We all love his team spirit. Even when he wasn’t playing much, he was always the same. He always stopped to talk to us. He always teased us and showed his wonderful sense of humor. I think he has the most longevity of any of the Dodgers…!

  Brett Anderson has proven to be an asset on a team of rotating starting pitchers.
  Chris Heisy is a victim of the back and forth movement from Triple A. He was up for half a minute. He is now back in Triple A. I should have asked him to say hi to Barney for me.

  The nicest guard…keeper of the dugout 
  I decided Alex Guerrero just doesn’t smile for pictures. See his picture face?
  Never smiles. Maybe that ear chewing incident took a toll on him. Stupid Olivo.
  Clayton ran through and told me “Hi how’s it going?” And then disappeared into the locker room. I can always count on him to say hi to me.
  Time to eat! Pasta with sausage and baked chicken. 
  The carnitas tacos were amazing!! Chef Armando is wonderful. 
  I’m not the healthiest eater but I do better during baseball season especially since the salads are delicious. The buffalo mozzarella salad with tomatoes was to die for.
  When I finished eating I went back to the field and saw Kenley being interviewed on Sportsnet. He’s getting close to returning.
  The on field announcers were busy doing their thing.
  I told Justin he was really my favorite now. I wish he would do something about his beard. 
  He always signs for the fans.

 The Dodgers show their respect during the National Anthem. Probably more than half are not even citizens.

  Jimmy Rollins rarely signs but he did.
  I don’t get autographs much but I will get one if the player is signing for other people. 
 My team ball is a little crowded. Can you guess who signed? I’ll have to try to decipher it sometime.

  Justin threw a ball at this amazing young man. His name is Brendan. He told me he had enlisted in the Marines and would be leaving in July. It’s a tradition in his family. His brother is also a marine. He is anxious to begin his service.  He renews my faith in young people. Thank you for your service Brendan. May God be with you.
  The Dodgers took the field. The sky was clear, totally cloudless.
  First pitch by Zack who pitched yet another great game. Please resign him front office. This is his contract year.
  I’m wearing Darwin’s spring training jersey. He’s still my number one.
  Donnie ran out to the field to make sure Scotty was ok.

 Andre tried to catch a foul ball and ended up in someone’s lap. I think every female in the stadium was jealous. I was hoping he hadn’t hurt himself. The next inning he went over to the section to make sure she was ok. Lucky girl.

The game was a pitcher’s duel which can be boring but made the first few innings go by very fast. 

Greinke started to allow some hits. It was a good time to relieve him. Lately the bullpen has been pretty good. Adam pitched a few and then Donnie brought Yimi in. Usually he is pretty good but this game he was not, allowing the Marlins a home run at the top of the 9th making the score 3-2.

Many fans left at this point but I wanted to tell them to stay because the guys have been pretty good at winning at home.  But those of little faith just wanted to get out of the parking lot. Dodger fans are known for their late arrivals (sometimes in the 5th) and early departures (sometimes in the 7th). Haha sometimes it’s the same fans who arrive late and leave early. Weird.

Scotty hit a walk off 3 run homerun. He received a cold Gatorade shower afterwards. I think it was Justin who did the honors.

 It was another exciting game. For those of you who are planning on coming to a Dodger game in the future, DO NOT LEAVE EARLY! After the homerun, most fans who did stay did not leave but remained in the stadium to celebrate.

Tuesday will be a madhouse. I hate bobble head games because it’s usually a sellout and crowded. It will be another special day because I’m on the field thanks to my friend Robert. I hope to get more pictures, hopefully enough to make a book.

I hope everyone is well. Thanks for stopping by. Hi Crystal. Thank you for your service. See everyone later.


Rained out

The game today against the Rockies has been rained out. Tomorrow if they can shovel the snow off the field, Kershaw will pitch. Yesterday the game was played in a downpour but luckily they played enough innings for the Dodgers to win.

I know they can’t wait to return to Southern California.


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