Civil Rights Game

Today is Jackie Robinson Day when all the players wear “42” to honor him for breaking the color barrier in baseball. It’s appropriate that the giveaway is a 42 jersey.


I’m planning on sending mine to my son. I have quite a collection to send him: the zip up jacket, Star Wars tee shirt, opening day teeshirt and now the 42 teeshirt. Considering he lives in Washington DC, probably better not to wear any of these to a Nationals game.

  The players went in early probably because of the program planned prior to the game. Donnie answered a few questions from reporters and herded my question “When is Barney coming back?” with a reassuring “soon”.

  He signed a few autographs and gave us fist bumps for luck.

  Fernando Valenzuela also was being interviewed by the press.

I decided to go to the club to eat since nothing was going on yet.

  There was Nieman ranch pork roast and Rosemary dusted roast chicken. Both were excellent!

  My chef Armando always has a smile, a hug and wonderful delicious food.

  Something good is cooking. All are Cordon Bleu trained chefs.

  The food always looks appealing

  Still cooking and serving. There’s Bud who is the main chef. Notice he’s not wearing the chef’s hat? He never does.

  I picked up the current issue of the Dodger magazine on the way out. It’s a well put together magazine with interesting pictures and articles.

  My server is gorgeous and efficient. She knows what I want without asking me.  Hmmmm. Two diet cokes, fruit cup, bases loaded nachos, baseline special, Cracker Jack and peanuts.

  The food comes to me warm and fresh.  My runner is  signing LA.

  There was a ceremony before the game. It actually brought tears to my eyes. 

  Dodger Stadium was picked for the Civil Rights game this year which is appropriate because Jackie Robinson was a Dodger.


  The best looking men at Dodger Stadium are Ryan with dad Robert. He gave me sympathy for my anguish regarding Barney being sent down to minors. He knew I would be a basket case.

  My buddy Robert and his lookalike nephew Matt are always with me when I am on the field.

  Everyone was wearing 42 in honor of Jackie Robinson. Can you guess who this is?  Here’s a hint…rhymes with “doc”.

 Or this Dodger player?  One of my favorites. Recently gave me batting gloves.


Or this one?  No hints. Magic Johnson was part of the ceremony as well as Rachel Robinson, Jackie  Robinson’s widow. 



Yasmani got caught halfway down the field when they announced the National Anthem.  Usually they get to the dugout before that time.  Here he is with the pitching coach Rick Honeycutt.

  He did smile in my direction. Oh my heart skipped a beat!

  And Bret Anderson our starting pitcher caught up and they proceeded to the dugout. One thing he does is he tosses the baseball in his hand to a child before he gets back to the dugout. 


  The others got a ride out of the stadium

  And the Dodgers took the field

  The mariners were out in order very quickly at the top of the first inning. What a relief!  No home runs. Anderson was fantastic.

  Grandal started it with a base hit.  Then Howie, Andre and Scotty hit a double scoring 3. 

And Yasmani gets on base again with a walk in the second. Gonzalez brings in a run with a base hit.


Ethier draws a walk,  Van Slyke and Uribe both get base hits. Joc then hits Ethier in


The score is now 5-0. It feels strange to not be playing catch up. So at the end of the third Dodgers have a comfortable lead.   The games with the Mariners have been phenomenal because they are predicted to win the AL West. 

Anderson is doing really well. He must have heard that David Huff was DFA’d after last nights pitching.  Geez starting pitcher one day and then cast out to sea the next. Carlos Frias was brought up to take his place in the 25 man roster. No Barney yet.

The defense has been perfect, with awesome catches by left field Van Slyke and centerfield Joc.

Then Nelson Cruz kept up his hot homerun streak so the score is 5-1.

A huge out in the 5th when Joc threw a shot to home plate where Yasmani was able to tag the runner out preventing a run. The runner being Robinson Cano who probably wasn’t paying attention.


In the bottom of the fourth Andre continues to be hot and hits a base hit


And another base hit by Scotty.

At the bottom of the 6th inning, the score is still 5-2.

  Time for a little piña colada ice cream. I usually go to the club  around the 6th inning to get my cookies. Last year they didn’t have hand scooped ice cream. They brought it back this year. So excited.

Faith Evans sang a beautiful rendition of “America the Beautiful”.”Take Me Out to the Ball game” came after that accompanied by wonderful Nancy Bea.



  A cute little guy played peek a boo with me.

Top of the 9th inning, the score is still 5-2, the Dodgers holding on to the lead. I’ve trekked to the other side of the stadium since I am parked in lot k. I’m parked there because it’s a quick exit to the 110 freeway.  I know that I need to start out by the bottom of the 8th to get to the dark side.  Most of the time I feel like a fish swimming upstream because it seems like everyone is going the other way.

Baez is today’s closer. He’s been pretty consistent.

  It’s nice to see Andre in right field.

Oops. Donnie’s brought JP out. It must be a righty lefty thing.

  A break in the action while JP warms up.


They’re probably planning something for their day off tomorrow. Probably talking about the diamond gala dinner with the Ted Baker fashion show that is starring Dodger players and legends. It’s for charity but the cost was $1000 a person and up. A little expensive for chicken. And seeing my guys dressed up in suits is really not my thing. I don’t like to dress up and this event would involve wearing a dress and real shoes. Huh??? Besides that I have to put on my other hat and work.

  I’m taking these pictures from the other side of the stadium or as I affectionately tell people, the dark side. I sit in baseline on the Dodger side. This is a view of baseline on the enemy side.

  JP decided his shoes needed tying.

  JP was able to get the outs and they played my favorite song “I Love LA”.



And the Dodgers swept the Mariners. It was a great feeling. I think the general consensus was that the Dodgers might win the series. Sweeping the Mariners is a nice thing.

Thanks for stopping by. I’m a little sleepy. Day off tomorrow. See you soon.

Star Wars Night

i’m in a bad mood. No Barney.

  It’s Star Wars night.

  Everyone is in the Star Wars mood including big Dodger guy.

  I bought an extra ticket with a voucher so I can get my son a teeshirt.

 That paratrooper must be a little uncomfortable. It is a nice shirt. The line was a mile long. I wasn’t happy.

  Meanwhile I looked around and noticed things I hadn’t before.

  Tommy Lasorda has an Italian fast food place. They say the food is pretty good.

  Of course there is a very large World Series ring to pose with.

  On one of the walls is displayed all the Dodger Cy Young award winners.

Batting practice was very short. The guys went in for their pregame lecture.

  The poor fellow standing right next to me got hit in the hand by a ball after it had grazed me on the shoulder. That was a close call. You can see the laces from the ball on his hand. I never said that it hit me too. I’m Asian. I just wanted to disappear through the ground and pretend it didn’t hit me. Even if a bone was sticking through the skin, I would deny getting hit.

It was getting to be a ritual every year that I had to get hit by a ball. I’ve been hit numerous times in the arm. Once it hit me hard enough that my wrist was numb.  I actually went to urgent care to have it xrayed. The ball had hit my wrist so hard it looked like a second degree burn. I had a lump there for months. I couldn’t pretend the ball didn’t hit me because my favorite pink watch was shattered to pieces and lay all over the ground.

The worst of course was 3 years before Dee Gordon became a decent hitter, he hit me with a ball in the left eye. I had a black eye for 2 months and  still have a scar under my eyebrow.  If it had been the next year, he could have taken my eye out because he was becoming pretty good at hitting.

I saw Donnie in the dugout and after we shook hands for luck, I said in a whimpering voice “My Barney!”  He looked at me and said “Sorry Cat. But you know they go down and come back up and then they go down.” That was supposed to be comforting?

Barney was sent down to bring starting pitcher David Huff up from minors. 

  Ok fine.

  The fare included a repeat of yesterday’s salads.

  Pasta, Mahi Mahi, chicken breast.

  Here is a picture of the club where I eat.

  Being Star Wars night, the force was with us and stayed with us with a big sprinkling of miracles and determination.

  Trying to decide who my substitute favorite would be until Barney returns. Joc?

  Uribear would be a reasonable pick.

  Jimmy oft times the hero of the day

  Carl who has been friendly and charming?

  Howie who is fast coming a fan favorite signing autographs everyday

  My first autograph. He carefully signed. It’s a beautiful autograph. Everyone asks for the sweet spot. I think it looks cool where it is under the MLB trademark. But then of course I’m never going to sell it.

And then the game started.

The first inning seemed to be a repeat of yesterday.  0-3. Great. I knew then it would be another game of catchup.

  I’m kind of liking the catcher Yasmani. Greinke sings high praises for him.

  To break up the monotony of the first few innings of the game, they had a contest right behind me. Guess how the Dodger would answer a random question. The fan answered it wrong but still won a pair of green neon shoes.

  And of course there is the traveling souvenir guy whose motto is “No waiting. No waiting.” Sometimes he turns a corner and knocks my drinks right off the table. Notice my diet cokes in the bottom left of the picture.

  There was a brief discussion between Rick Honeycutt the pitching coach and Huff.  Probably Honeycutt is telling him he might as well pack his bags to go back down to triple A.

  And then the game came  back to life when Alex hit a homerun. He is definitely making a case to let him play!  Score is 3-4 with a pitching change coming up.

  Rick Honeycutt is talking to relief pitcher Nicasio after walking two. At least last night McCarthy didn’t walk anybody righting the ship before it sank.

  Time to go to the club to drown my sorrows with a root beer float. Delicious but deadly to an Asian with lactose intolerance.

Still 3-5. Andre is up to bat. He hits a huge bomb and we come alive again.  Everyone says that he is increasing his trade value.


 And the Mariners have to discuss it.


And then the Dodgers started to fight back with base hits by Crawford and Adrian.


 And then the 7th inning was over with the Dodgers still behind 4-5.  

The game became intolerably exciting at the bottom of the ninth with the score 4-5 still. And then it happened. Justin started it as he did last year with a base hit. It ended with Howie hitting a walk off base hit scoring two runs. 


As Howie says, it’s a different person every night who comes through and is the hero. But it doesn’t matter who does it, it feels like you did it because it’s the same good feeling. That’s what you call being a team when it always feels awesome.

  Last year being behind in the 9th was a sure loss. You might as well leave but this season is different. If you leave, you might miss a huge walk off.


 I always tell everyone that my favorite song is “I Love LA”. Why? Because it’s the Dodgers victory song.

Tonight is the last game of the series with the Mariners. Could the Dodgers possibly pull off a sweep of the team that is predicted to win the American League West?  More excitement to come.

I still am sad about Darwin but the win made it less painful. Thanks for stopping by. See you after the game tonight.

Dark Day

i have no reason to live anymore. Barney was optioned to triple A. 

Extra innings

Usually extra innings spells doom for the Dodgers.  Actually I’m getting ahead of myself. Back to the beginning..

On a regular day as today was, I usually hit the road about 2:50 pm. Yes, the game does start at 7:10.  Never know about traffic. Season ticket holders are allowed to watch early batting practice which means we can enter the stadium at 4:10. I wish the “fans” would just watch and not continually beg for balls, autographs, etc.  The idea is that we are watching. The players usually will politely say that they have  to hit or stretch. Get the hint fans”. I take the opportunity to just say hi to them or wave and try not to bother them while they are working.  Playing baseball is their job. Their goal is to win.

If you have baseline seats you are allowed to stay closer to the field and actually have some contact with the players. The ushers try to keep those unticketed people out of the area but of course there are cheaters. Why not let everyone down there? Because there would be chaos. There are also many people who are trying to get autographs just to sell. 

It was Cy Young pin day. Today it was Don Newcombe’s day.


  It was a beautiful day, a little breezy but warm.  Love my new Oaks.

  The guys were already playing catch and pitching.

  Sometimes they stand around and talk.

  And try to look interested.

  The idea is that the pitchers are supposed to catch the balls that their teammates  hit to them.

  I found Barney. I wanted him to see my shirt.

Remember the teeshirt I had made with his name on the back?


He is just too cute. He held my hand and told me he would be out on the field again. I didn’t realize he was telling me he was starting today. I was glad that I was wearing my Barney shirt, the only one in the whole stadium I’m sure since I special ordered it.


 Ron Cey stopped to say hello. I can’t believe that someone asked him to get someone else’s batting gloves for her. He is a legend. I was appalled at her request.


 I told Alex Guerrero “nice home run.” He knows enough English to figure out I said something about the game yesterday.


 The guys all were coming back into the clubhouse to get some last minute advice from Donnie.


 I saw Juan Uribe who I affectionately call Uribear. I said hi to him and he handed me his batting gloves. These sweaty used gloves are prized possessions of any Dodger fan. I clutched them to my chest and fearfully looked around hoping no one would say “hey, those were for me!”   No one was even close to me. I’m not one to ask any of the players for anything except an occasional picture or an errant autograph so I was surprised to receive the gloves.  Everyone knows i stress out getting autographs. 

I was on cloud 9. I went to the club to eat but was a little too excited.


 The fare was a tender beef roast, succulent pork loin, pasta with artichoke hearts, baby potatoes and grilled squash and eggplant. Yes, this is stadium food.  Not the usual hot dog.


 The salad was extraordinary. Thanks to my buddy chef Armando who gives the best hugs ever and always greets me with “Hi Miss Cat!”

  I went outside in time to watch Brandon McCarthy walking down the field to practice. Haha. Last time I saw him he had thrown his leg on the padding 6 inches away from me to stretch. At that time I had no idea who he was except I thought “damn he’s tall.” Well yeah, he’s 6 feet 7 inches.  He knew I would not bother him. 

  Aha and there was my Barney again doing some stretches.

  Some of the fans were complaining that Joc wasn’t signing autographs. I feel like yelling at everybody to just leave them alone. Grrrrrr. 

  I don’t know why I kept taking pics of Guerrero. Maybe I had a feeling he would be the superstar of the game.

  And there’s my sweetie Yasiel. He hit a home run yesterday and one today.  He always says “Hi Mama.” to me. I thought he was calling me mom. But my friends informed me that Latinos call even their girlfriends Mama. Yeah right.  And Tito and Tita are titles of respect for those who are older. At least Puig doesn’t call me Tita.

  Time for the National Anthem.


Howie is fast becoming a fan favorite.


 Brandon and AJ as they cross the field from the bullpen to the dugout. This is the point in the game that literally gives me chills.

Brandon spent part of the game just giving the Mariners batting practice. Four home runs later, I was wondering if there was any way we could win this game.

Brandon settled down and the Dodgers went into action.

Everyone is a little afraid of Adrian Gonzalez who was National League player of the week. He hit 5 homeruns.

  My server ordered two kinds of nachos for me. These are the throwback nachos. They are spicy. 

  The second kind of nachos are called fully loaded. You could see why they are called that.

  The baseline special was a salad with roasted butternut squash and pine nuts.

  The Dodgers didn’t give up. 

  The game was tied with a combined effort of the whole team.

  A nice tradition is the 7th inning stretch. We sing to the live organ music of Nancy Bea, a very wonderful beautiful lady. She plays Take Me To The Ball Game twice. 

  I thought a frozen yogurt would be perfect.

  By the 10th inning the bases were loaded beginning with a double by Andre Ethier. Yes, it went into extra innings which last year wasn’t a good thing.

With two outs and bases loaded Alex Guerrero who has been amazing and is only playing because Uribe and Turner were banged up in the last game in Arizona,  hit a walk off base hit.

  The team mobbed Guerrero in excitement.


It was thrilling to watch!


This years Dodgers do not give up. It would be game over for most teams with the score 0-4 but for my guys, it gets them going.

I have hopes that this win will be a glimpse of the way the 2015 season will go. 

Thanks for stopping by. Today I am a little tired. I was a little fatigued from working all night, sleeping a couple of hours  and then going to an extra inning game. But it’s a good tired. See you soon. Love you all!

Yesterday Today and Tomorrow

i’m a little perplexed by yesterday’s game. Clayton imploded which leaves me in a quandary. Hopefully he’s ok.  It was a little disconcerting that we would be swept by the evil D Backs. Yes, I said evil. I used to say evil Giants but somehow they can pull the World Series championship out of a hat. There is something there. I have more issues with the D Backs. So if they swept us, I might have had to crawl under a rock.

I listened to the game today with my fingers crossed. With Uribear and Justin hurt, The lineup would be a little different…the difference being Alex Guerrero. He is still out there screaming “Let me play!” 

  Hmmmm. Never smile. Ok.  He was famous for the Mike Tyson-like ear biting incident. His ear looks fine. Good thing he’s not a cat…might have affected his balance.

Alex hit his first big league home run. Congrats Alex.

Andre got to play. All you Ethier fans are happy. Andre is happy.

Joc hit a homer. Puig also hit one. My question is why do they have to hit all over the place today. Can’t they save up a couple for yesterday and tomorrow?

I have to give credit to Yasmani, our new catcher. He called a great game. He was amazing. I was all set to not like him but it’s like the song…”Getting to know you. Getting to know all about you.” He has only been very sweet to me. And something about catchers….! It goes back to my fondness for Russell Martin!

  The Dodgers are on their way home. Tomorrow they play the Mariners. I can’t wait. I miss them. I have to show Darwin my new Barney teeshirts!!

  He was in the batting circle all set to play, but alas it was not to happen today.

Thanks for stopping by. See you tomorrow!


Extra innings…usually not good for the Dodgers.  Not good yesterday as JP allowed a walkoff hit in the 10th. During Spring Training the bullpen seemed to struggle. JP was not himself. Last year he was the man.

The good news…Yasmani hit a homerun. He does have a good history with Chase Anderson: 3 for 8, all homeruns.

Wouldn’t you know it…the walkoff was hit by Inciarte, the first of his career. Dodgers luck.

Tonight Clayton will pitch, hopefully getting his first win. The D Backs go with someone making his major league debut. Hopefully the guys give Clayton a little run support.

I go to work tonight. Wish me luck. Thanks for stopping by.

Living in California


My sister gets credit for this breathtaking picture of the beach. It’s her little refuge away from the hustle bustle of work and everyday stresses.

  She’s an expert surfer…she has all the broken toes and numerous injuries to show for it.


She’s not a baseball fan but she humors me. She asks all the right questions like “What did you eat?” And “Did you see the purple dinosaur?” She means Barney. I know she’s teasing me.

  Fed Ex just delivered my new teeshirts. Cool. Right?

I’m waiting to see the game today against the D Backs. I imagine it will be blacked out. I have which allows me to see the away games. Unfortunately they are almost all blacked out. However when they are archived, I can watch the games. I guess that’s better than having cable and it’s all blacked out.

Today is my last day of vacation. I really am not motivated to do anything. I’m getting back into Dodger mode where all I think about is Dodgers…Dodgers…Dodgers. 

I’ll get back to you after the game. Thanks for stopping by.

What to do when there’s no game

Unfortunately I love to shop.  I’m not much of a clothes shopper but I love books, electronics, purses and now hats.

  Everyone knows about my Barney hat, even Barney.

  Now I have 3. The pink one is my Puig hat and the other one is Kershaw.. They embroidered them at a store called Lids.  They look amazing, don’t they. Maybe I’ll have Yasiel actually autograph his hat.

The $1000 dinner is next week, I misspoke. I’m still not going. 

  I’m kind of hooked on Hello Kitty. This looks like Hello Octopus.

It’s a day to do laundry and sort out my Dodger stuff.

  I’m a knitter so sometimes I’ll check out the only knitting shop around here. It’s by the ocean so it’s always a nice trip.

  I’m planning on making this baby blanket for Kalie Ann Kershaw. Hopefully she’s not in college when I finish it. She’s 3 months old now. Those are cupcakes on the blanket.

The Dodgers play in Arizona tomorrow. I don’t watch tv so I’ll listen to it on mlb@bat. Usually I’ll be at work but I’m on leave this week. I wanted to make sure I was off for the Opening Series.

I have to work Saturday and Sunday night.  The Dodgers will be back at Dodger Stadium on Monday.  I have not missed a game in about 6 years. It is a commitment especially since I work full time too. I tell my family I will be invisible for 6 months. Do not expect me to do anything. I usually spend my birthday at the stadium as well as Mothers Day. I pretty much eat, sleep and breathe Dodgers. 

I’ll try to write something every game during the season. My Dad passed away two years ago. That pretty much took the wind out of my sails. I am still recovering since he was my best friend. He was a Dodger fan too. 

 this is one of my favorite pictures of him with Tommy.

  This is a picture of my sister with one of her friends.  

Here’s a picture of her with AJ and Mark Ellis a couple of years ago. Obviously she’s the one in the family who knows how to clean up. She tolerates my bad behavior during baseball season.

I hope I didn’t bore you with this post that had nothing to do with anything. Thanks for stopping by.


A-Gone x 3

  Of course the big story of the day was wonderful Adrian Gonzales who hit 3 home runs which totals 5 in 3 games.  It was truly unbelievable…like a dream sequence.

Adrian is a little modest. He doesn’t think of himself as a home run hitter. It was appropriate that this was the day that he was presented with both a Golden Glove award and also a Silver Slugger award.


 A little flamboyant but impressive. Add those to the ones in the great award hallway in the Dugout section.

  Along with World Series trophies



Zack also received a Golden Glove. I think we actually saw him smile when he received his award. Anyone who knows Zack knows he is very honest so when he sang praises about new , young catcher Yasmani Grandal, it said a lot. Zack doesn’t sugar coat anything.  

  Before the game Andre signed for a few kids. He is always fan friendly. He always has a nice word or two for me.

  Joseph is the usher in charge of the area by the dugout. Notice the new green shirts they are wearing. Apparently they got these shirts free from New Balance. I’m glad the shirts weren’t red. 

  The food in the club was wonderful. The fishermans’s pasta was magnificent. The chicken was delicious.

  I always love the variety of salads. Today’s fare was couscous salad, English peas with lentils, bib lettuce salad.

  I returned to the field to find some of the players were working out.



 I seem to get the back view of the players. At least you know who they are. For example, here is Jimmy Rollins.

  Howie and Carl sign almost everyday.

I haven’t gotten any autographs this season. I’ll probably compile my photos into a book and have them autograph the pictures.

Some of the fans and others have balls, huge pics, bobble heads signed by the players. Some of my friends have entire rooms dedicated to their Dodger stuff. Some others sell the autographed items on EBay.  Someone I know has over 800 balls. All I can say is “Really?” After a while the players get smart and ask them, how many autographs do you want? I’m happy when they smile at me, say hi or give me a hug.

Clayton always smiles at me and says “How’s it going?  Puig always says “hi momma”  Justin gives me a big smile. Donnie never forgets to give me a handshake before the game for luck. These are the personal times I have with my Dodgers that means more to me than any autograph.

I am appalled when the fans pester the players for autographs when they are practicing or working out. When they don’t get their autograph they say the player is not a nice guy or other rude things. I wish they would realize that the guys are working. Being a Dodger is a job and their goal is to win.

  Brandon McCarthy did a fine job. Grandal is fitting in well as catcher. I had my doubts at first but my first impression of him is that he is friendly and a sweetie. 

  This is Javier my favorite batboy. If anyone is looking for me, I sit on the 3rd base side behind him. 

 The baseline special was a salad with strawberries, avocados and English cucumbers.

  It wasn’t long before Adrian hit his first home run.

  And then a second.

  And a third.

  We all had good feelings about this game. It wasn’t a game of catchup. We were pretty much always ahead.

  I always go to the other side of the stadium near the end of the game since I park in lot K. I saw Matt out there in right field. He looked odd in Padre attire. It still makes me sad. My friends ask me if I’m over him. I will never get over the trade. He looks different in full beard and bushy hair. Maybe that’s good.

  It’s always nice when the game ends with the playing of “I Love LA” because it means we won.

So the Dodgers won the first series. It’s a good sign. They say that the Padres are the team to beat. That’s just what the Dodgers did.

No game until Monday. There is a dinner tonight at the stadium which I decided not to go to. It costs $1000 a person. I just couldn’t justify spending that much on probably baseline food. The Dodgers will be there wearing suits which I think would be weird. I love the Dodgers as Dodgers. I like to watch them play baseball not be in a Ted Baker fashion show. Some of my friends are going probably to get autographs. I am not a big fan of dressing up. I don’t even have a dress or heels. My favorite clothes are my dodger gear. Hope it goes well tonight since it is for charity.

The Dodgers will get out of their dress up duds and board a plane for Arizona where they will play the D backs. Good luck to my guys. I already miss them!!

Thanks for stopping by. 

 Dodger kitty says bye bye.

Rain Delay

  It started out cool but sunny. Today was our day to be on the field. I have a wonderful Dodger rep Tess Gilmore who is as nice as she is pretty.

  She arranged a place on the field for my friends and me.

  Robert and Grant…also my photographers

  I got a little flak from Justin Turner about my Barney phone case. Good thing I didn’t turn around so he could see my Barney jersey. 

  And of course I have to include John Soo Hoo, the best photographer ever. 

  Joc is the one who has superstar status relegated to him this year. Can you imagine the pressure?

  Yasmani Grandal will share the catching duties with AJ. He was very nice.

  No one is as cuddly as Uribear. 


 Carl always finds time for me.  Scotty stopped to say hi

  Alex Guerrero also was accommodating but didn’t smile.

  Howie stopped for a picture

  And then Jimmy, the hero of Opening Day crashed the picture.

  My favorite pictures are usually with Andre

  This is one of our new pitchers Brandon McCarthy. He’s obviously very tall or else I am standing in a hole.

  I talked to my Matt and told him I missed him. He just looks weird in a Padres uniform.

  These are the Dodgers’ batting helmets and bats.

  My goal was to get my Barney hat autographed.  Mission accomplished.

  And then it started to really rain

  I had some Tuscan meatballs and turkey with habanero sauce.

  A little salad.

They are rolling the tarp up. Play ball!

  Zack pitched a great game. Whatever he was like in Spring Training, he was back to himself today.

The bullpen didn’t quite come through, including Chris Hatcher, who had his first triumph as a closer on Opening Day. It reminded me of Spring Training where there was a parade of pitchers, none quite doing the job.

There were 3 errors in the game, two being committed by Jimmy Rollins. He committed 7 last year. Maybe the field was wet. Maybe it was the rain delay. It’s early in the season and maybe everyone has to get used to playing with each other.

I left the game a little disappointed and cold but still excited about the season starting. There will be many wins and also many losses this season but it will be exciting. I still have dreams of watching the Dodgers win the World Series and my hopes are alive again.

Today is the third game of the Opening Series. No rain predicted. It should be a nice night. Hopefully the Dodgers can win the series.

See you later. Thanks for stopping by.


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