Happy Birthday America

  It was nice being back at Dodger Stadium. Nothing ever changes. Unfortunately that was true with the team’s not giving Kershaw run support again.
  It must be frustrating for Clayton.
  He pitches well, yesterday allowing only one earned run.
  Zack Greinke has become the star of the show.
Everyone wants to blame Donnie for everything.

  Hey Hi Andre. With Crawford beginning rehab, it will be another juggling act.
Andre has been playing almost everyday and has played well.

  The Eagles were practicing for their big show on the 4th. Everyone watch your babies!
  They are magnificent birds.
  Clayton stretched and worked out as usual but I already had a feeling about what the outcome of the game would be.
  Justin was in a jovial mood
  He and Joc had a few chuckles
  He received honors as State Farm player of the month
  Clipper Blake Griffin was on hand to sign autographs. Now why would anyone have him sign a baseball? It would be like if everyone brought basketballs for the Dodgers to sign. 
Joc signed a few autographs.

  Is that Alex scowling? Of course he rarely smiles.
  Donnie and Yasiel also signed autographs. Yasiel is in a slump. It doesn’t help that a book is coming out about the Dodgers in the next few days that doesn’t put him in a very flattering light. 
  It doesn’t paint a very flattering picture of the Dodgers. I think I wouldn’t give this ESPN reporter another interview
  At least the food was good.  There was stuffed turkey breast and Tuscan beef.
  The salad is always delicious.
Clayton was hoping for a win but it wasn’t to be. He had another quality start. At least it wasn’t counted as a loss.

  I’m always excited at the first pitch.
There was only one run, a home run by Adrian.

  And that was it. True the Mets have an amazing pitching and bullpen crew. The Mets young pitcher Noah Syndergaard was spot on only allowing the one home run.
Today is the 4th of July. Zack Greinke is pitching. He has the best ERA in baseball (1.58, 6-2). Hoping we have something to celebrate.

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A Long Homestand

Today is the first game of a 10 game homestand.  I’m already feeling tired.  The first three games have different starting times.  Today is the usual 7:10 starting time but tomorrow the game will start at 4:15 probably to accommodate the 4th of July fireworks.  My sister won 4 tickets to the game via a local radio station.  It should be interesting.  Sunday’s game will begin at 1:10 probably because it won’t be televised on ESPN and because it is picture day.  

Every year the Dodgers set aside a day where fans can get pictures with their favorite players.  They set up fences and have some of the Dodgers walk around so fans can get close and get themselves immortalized on their cameras or phones with their faves.  It sounds nice but it can get brutal.  It’s particularly difficult to get close to players like Kershaw, Puig, Ethier or Joc.  Some fans take the opportunity to ask for autographs which slows the process.  Usually the day is extremely hot so the pictures turn out with everyone looking hot and sweaty.  I always go and hope that I get lucky.  This year none of my friends will be there so I guess I’ll be taking selfies.  You all know that I am pretty bad at that unless the player himself takes the selfies for me.  My two favorite selfies are the ones with Mike Bolsinger and Andre Ethier.  Andre is super nice and takes the selfies for me.  Mike knows how to get very close so the selfies look very intimate.  My least favorite pictures are with the very tall players.  I always look like I am standing in a hole.  Pictures with Scott Van Slyke and Brandon McCarthy are pretty crazy looking.  I bought a Hello Kitty selfie stick but I’m afraid that they might take it away from me.  The ushers have reassured me that they are not illegal at Dodger Stadium but rules change constantly there.  I usually don’t have problems getting pictures on regular game days, especially when I am on the field but certain players I don’t even ask, for example, Clayton Kershaw and Zack Greinke.  I don’t have qualms asking Clayton on picture day if I can get close and Zack may not even be there.  Mike Bolsinger pitches on that day so he may not be there.  However, he is a different kind of pitcher on his starting day.  He will be sitting in the dugout signing autographs and taking pictures, something that I have never seen any other pitcher doing.  He is very fan friendly and nice to everyone. It may be his relaxed manner that helps his pitching.

The starting pitcher today will be Clayton Kershaw.  It’s a little weird that he is on a 3 game losing streak.  He has not pitched badly but has not gotten any run support.  No matter how the numbers look, Clayton is still the best pitcher in baseball.  The numbers don’t show that.  I am in awe of Clayton.  Besides what he does in baseball, he is a good person.  He is involved in charity work and has his own organization called Kershaw’s Challenge. Whenever I see him, I say hi to him. He always takes the time to answer me with “Hi, how’s it going?”  He never is in such a hurry he doesn’t respond.  

It is almost at the halfway mark of the baseball season.  The Dodgers are still in first place, 3 games ahead of the Giants.  The Dodgers usually do well at home so I hope they can continue.  They play 10 games without a day off. I know by the end of a long homestand such as this one, I feel exhausted by the last game, and I’m just sitting and watching.

I’m sad that they DFA’d Brandon League.  I suppose they had to make room on the 40 man roster with all their signings in the last couple of days.  I always liked Brandon and I’ll miss him.  It would have been better, in my opinion, to give him a chance to pitch and then DFA him if he doesn’t do well.  The bullpen has been hot and cold, many times being the reason the Dodgers lose during close games.  Brandon has the experience which is a definite plus.

The All Star team will be announced on Sunday.  I don’t take much stock in those picked to play.  It’s a popularity contest, not based on the best players.  Who can deny that Joc Pederson is probably the best center in the National League but he may not even make the cut.  How can they leave out the steady Adrian Gonzales?  And if the best pitcher in baseball, Clayton Kershaw doesn’t make the team, it will be a mockery.  I also think that Zack Greinke has earned a place.  He has had an amazing season.   But I’m sure we will see the same popular players put there by their hometown fans.  It’s puzzling that the Dodgers, who have a huge fan base and have the record of the most attendance in a baseball stadium, never have many players on the All Star team.  

The next three days will be exciting:  Clayton pitching today, Zack pitching on 4th of July, and Mike Bolsinger pitching on Sunday.  Mike had a touch of the stomach flu the last game he pitched on June 30. He tried to fight his way through and pitched awesomely well but the pain became too much.  The Dodgers still were able to win the game, Mike leaving with the score 4-0 although the bullpen allowed 4 runs.  It was a great road trip with the Dodgers winning 6 out of 10 games, keeping first place in the National League West.

Thanks for stopping by.  I’ll be posting more since the next 10 games will be home games.  I appreciate everyone who takes the time to read my blog.  GO DODGERS!!!!!


Back on Track

Two wins in a row.  That doesn’t seem like a lot but lately it means a lot.

When your team seems to be slumping and you seem to spend an inordinate amount of time defending the team you love, it means everything.

What makes it sweeter is that the starting pitchers of both games are not the aces:  Mike Bolsinger and Carlos Frias.

  But Mike being Mike, was happy the team wom, not so much that he was taken out of the game early , but that it was an important win.
  That is a true team player
  Carlos Frias was the winning pitcher today.  I know he was feeling great with the win. Amazingly enough he was sick earlier this week with the flu.  He was fighting the effects of dehydration and weakness.

  Justin Turner was been the hero of the third game in Chicago.  He should be on the All Star ballot. Bowie and Jimmy stepped it up in the final game.
  Yasiel has been sidelined with a callous on his hand
  One amazing thing was that Mike hit the first double of his career.  The media was calling him Mike Bol-slugger.
  But at least maybe we’ve turned a corner and we’re out of the slump.
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Slumping along

It is what it is. Although the Dodgers still are at the top of the heap  in the NL West, they are in a big time offensive slump.

I get an earful from everyone, especially those Dodger haters and even from Dodger fans. I tend to be a Pollyanna about the whole thing. Even diehard season ticket holders are complaining. I have been a Dodger lover long enough to know that every team has its ups and downs. 

  Tonight in Chicago Mike Bolsinger will pitch, hoping to help the Dodgers WIN A GAME!! Sunday’s game was a good example of what the Dodgers are capable of. 
Zack Greinke who always tells it the way it is thinks there is nothing to worry about. We do have a good team. 

  Carl Crawford will soon be back in the fold. Andre has been outstanding in left field. Time will tell who will be out there.
  Joc has centerfield locked up. There is no way that he will sit except for an occasional day off.
  And Puig is Puig. So he will stay in right field.
  And our Cy Young pitcher Clayton always gets conversation. When he shows his human side and loses a game, there is always talk. No one will argue that he isn’t the best pitcher in baseball even with the Madison Baumgarners of the world.
  And then there is Yasmani, our versatile young catcher who has a penchant for hitting the long ball and calling a great game.
  We still can have our sense of humor with wonderful Kikè Hernandez always fun loving.
 We have our traditions with legends such as Fernando at every game

  With Orel Hersheiser 
  The great Sandy Koufax
  Beautiful Dodger Stadium….a stadium that still looks like the original stadium of years ago with upgrades that don’t take away from its colorful past.
  Looking out on the magnificent field always takes my breath away
  There is nothing more symbolic of our baseball dreams as seeing our ace Clayton Kershaw before the game, alone deep in his thoughts
  So good luck Mike. Beat Chicago.
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A Good Day After All

  It was the last game of this homestand. It was also the last game in a three game series between the Dodgers and the Giants. The Dodgers have  lost all the games this homestand except the balk off against Texas.

I am a little tired of the complaining I hear from the Dodger “fans.” Usually it has to do with Donnie and his decisions about the starting lineup,  relief pitching, etc.  The Dodgers were slumping this homestand but not so much as to lose first place. You would think we were in last place. I suppose I take all the criticism personally. The Dodgers are like my family. I will forever defend them to anyone.

I was hoping that Sunday would be the day they win especially in front of a national audience. I wanted everyone to stop criticizing my guys.

  It was batting practice as usual.
  Everyone seemed to be in good spirits.
It was Fathers Day so I was feeling a little sad since I lost my Dad a couple of years ago.  I always dread the holidays because of that.  Dodger Stadium is always fun on Fathers Day.  It’s a thrill to see the Dodgers’ families.

  The two little guys are Andre’s boys: Dreson and Rattan.  Standing with Dreson are AJ and his wife Cindy
  The 3 children in front are AJ’s 3 kids
  Scotty and his son, Puig with his little boy
  Another shot of Andre’s sons
  An adorable shot of Yasiel with his son
  Joc during batting practice
  JP and Matt West, a relief pitcher up from Triple A.  They have been doing quite a bit of juggling with the pitchers from Triple A.
  Scotty and Kike who always looks animated
  Buster Posey who is probably the Giant who gets booed the loudest by Dodger fans
  Donnie who stopped to say hi
  Our SP Brett Anderson
  Oops forgot something
  And back again
  Our amazing catcher Yas
  Fan favorite Andre who has pretty much locked up left field.  When Carl returns soon, he’ll have to earn his place back.
  Joc, who always comes out to applause of the fans.
  He wears his cap differently during stretching.  He is so silly
  Alex who rarely smiles
  He also must have forgotten something.
Brett was warming up

  He’s done well, playing deep into the game, sparing our bullpen
  Yas stretching
  Awww.  There’s Mike Bolsinger
  He’s deep in conversation and doesn’t see me
 Steve Yaeger, catching coach

  Aha Mike has seen me
  But all the fans have seen Mike too so he stopped to sign for them.  That’s a good place to park his glove
  He signed for everyone who asked him.  He’s always nice to everyone.
And then he gave me a big hug.  He knows who his #1 fan is….me!  He always makes my day.

  And proceeded to the dugout.
  Yasiel came out the last minute to sign some autographs and stretch.
  The fans love Puig.  His is the most sought after autograph.
  The thrill of the day was when Brett Anderson, the SP, gave my little friend Adrianna the ball in his hand
  She is a true diehard Dodger fan.  When she was a little toddler, she could sit and watch the entire game without moving. I think her first word must have been Dodger.  Hi Adrianna!!
  The whole family came to watch the game on Fathers Day.
  The catcher-pitcher battery of Yas and Brett worked well 
  Love you Yasiel
  And the Dodgers took the field
  Getting psyched up for the first pitch
  But is there gum on my shoe?
  And the first pitch
  Justin was able to score in the first inning with a wild pitch by Giants SP Tim Lincecum who was not on his game.
  Yasiel singled, scoring Yas and Jimmy in the bottom of the second inning making the score 3-0
  Joc has been outstanding offensively and defensively making a stupendous catch almost every game.
  He doubled scoring Yasiel in the second inning making the score 4-0
  Justin singled at the bottom of the second inning scoring Joc, 5-0.  By that time, Tim Lincecum was taken out of the game after the second inning.
 The Giants were frustrated

  Yas hit a solo homerun in the third inning with Petit pitching.  It just wasn’t the Giants day. 6-1.
  I ordered the baseline special which was the fully loaded pasta salad.  
  And the fully loaded nachos
I had to leave in the fourth inning because I had to go to work.  I had asked for a couple of hours off at the beginning of the shift so I could watch the game but I was denied.  I was told they could not justify it. I was really unhappy about it.  When I got to work, there were only 3 patients and 5 nurses.  I mean, really????? 

The fourth inning Adrian and Yasmani hit homeruns.  8-1.  I heard that on my car radio.  I was upset that I was missing this.

In the fifth inning, Justin hit a 2 run homerun. 10-1.  

The final score was 10-2.  It was the best game of the homestand for the Dodgers.  And it was the game that I had to leave early.  

Hopefully the Dodgers are finally out of their offensive slump.  They travel to Chicago next.  I keep hearing about inclement weather.  They don’t seem to play well in bad weather.  I have my fingers crossed.

Thanks for stopping by.  Sorry this entry was late.  I am still upset about missing most of the game.  I’ll eventually get over it but I’m still puzzled about why I was denied the two hours I wanted off. Oh well.  

The Dodgers won’t be back in LA for 10 days.  I’ll be missing them.  GO DODGERS!!  Stay safe everyone.

A Giant Headache

There are two teams that the Dodgers can’t seem to master:  the St. Louis Cardinals and the San Francisco Giants.  I now can understand the Cardinals since they hack the info of their rivals.  They were caught hacking the Astros so other teams will wonder whether they also were victims.But then, that’s another story.

I truthfully didn’t expect the Dodgers to beat the Giants in game 2.  We can now accept the fact that the Dodgers are in an offensive slump.  It happens.  Hopefully this will be the slump of the 2015 season and they will be out of the doldrums soon.

Saturday’s game was a sell out.  It included a game with the Dodgers biggest rivals: the Giants.  It also featured Bark in the  Park and a family movie: the Lego Movie.  It was definitely a family day perfect for Father’s Day weekend.  

  I was happy to see Lorenzo Bundy, third base coach, so I could congratulate him for the strategy it took on Friday night to snag a win for the Dodgers with the walk off balk.  It was an unconventional win but a win is a win.
  I was delighted to see my favorite pitcher Mike Bolsinger who was as usual warm and friendly.  He ventured out to sign autographs.  He asked me “Are you taking pictures of me?” Mike has been quite frankly, awesome, but gets little credit.  
  I told Orel Hersheiser that his fan club was in attendance.  
  Clayton came out to speak to someone and graciously signed a couple of autographs.  I don’t ask him anymore for anything.  I think his plate is full enough.
  Since it was Bark in the Park, I thought I would include some photoworthy pups
  This little one actually posed for me.  Poor thing looked hot
  They all seemed to gravitate toward where I was standing.  There was a bit of shade and then I realized that probably another dog had made a deposit earlier.
  And the theory that the dogs looked like their owners was put to the test.  Here is a perfect example
  Some of the doggie outfits were very funny.  Is that an earring?
  They all looked hot but were well behaved.
  It was nice to see my friend with her Rally Banana.
  There was also a special appearance by Max, a star of motion picture and screen
  When the dogs were done walking around the field, Yas ventured out.  Watch your step Yasmani!
  It was a very hot day, in the 80’s.  It seemed to stay very hot for the players even well into the game.
  Carlos Frias, our SP, was already on the field warming up.
   Mike came back out to sign more autographs

  Joc and Justin came out to stretch in front of the fans
  Jimmy also came out to stretch
  Carlos and Yas walking from the bullpen to the dugout
  The fans were disappointed that Joc didn’t sign.  It was very hot and I’m sure that they all wanted to go back to the cool dugout before they had to go back out on the field.
    The Dodgers took the field
  a minor adjustment
  and then the first pitch
  The two Dodger highlights were the two homeruns by Joc and Justin.  And that was about it.
  Here is an elated Joc as he crossed home plate with a pensive Buster Posey looking on
  Justin has been offensively consistent
  My shots of Justin’s homerun.  I love my camera.
That was about it for the highlights of the game.  

I knew from the first couple of innings that the Dodgers wouldn’t win this game.  Everyone had hopes with the back to back homeruns by Joc and Justin.  What amazes me is that the two hottest hitters do not have jerseys with their names in any of the Dodger Stadium stores. I had Joc’s personalized.  The only way you can get one already personalized is to either to go to the Top of the Park Store (who knows if they have run out of letters) or to go to one of the game worn stores and pay a mint for a homerun jersey.

The game today will be televised again on ESPN.  I unfortunately could not get the time off from work so I have to leave the game early.  If todays game is similar to all the other games this homestand, maybe I’m better off.  

To all you Dads out there, Happy Fathers Day.  To everyone else, appreciate your father, love him, hold him close and honor him.  I miss mine and will forever cherish the time I had with him.  Love you Dad!

Thanks for stopping by.  GO DODGERS!
Thanks for stopping by

A Giant Frustration

My Friday started out the day before.  After the Thursday night game, I went to work until 8:00 the next morning. I had an appointment with Long Beach DMV to pick up my personalized plates.  The appointment thing is a nice idea but the PARKING is a nightmare.  Maybe it’s better to park a mile away and walk.  I was already tired so it made the wait worse.

  I was very happy with my plate though.  I took a one hour nap and started to get ready to go to the game.  I was hoping I wouldn’t get too tired.
  It was warm but gorgeous.
  I always enjoy watching Clayton.  
  And Andre
  Scotty back in uniform after a stint on DL
  A lineup of pitchers: Zack (I wonder what’s in his back pocket) Adam, Clayton and Brett
  I think Brett is looking right at me.  I happen to be about half a ball park away from him.  Maybe it’s just my imagination.
  Here is my photo exclusive:  Zack and his ponytail
  Lisa Vanderpump seems to have taken a liking to Rick Honeycutt, the pitching coach.  It also looks like AJ was a little smitten since he was her personal guide.  I don’t watch tv so I didn’t know who she was until someone told me she’s one of the housewives from somewhere
  Enrique was being interviewed on Sportsnet by Alanna Rizzo for the unconventional win the night before.
  It was Simpsons night I guess.

  Justin was having an animated discussion with one of the trainers
  and continued through some stretching
  Two of my favorite people were at the game: Caroline and Coco
  I was hoping that we could beat the Giants.  Mike Bolsinger has been doing well with a record of 4-1 at Dodger Stadium
  I was wearing the jersey I was finally able to get personalized with his name.  He signed it the day before.
  Yasiel was signing autographs which he does just about everyday.
My photo book had come the day before.

  The first to sign was relief pitcher Josh Ravin
  The bad boy, the originator of the infamous rally banana started to sign across his face until I asked him not to
  Yasiel is always happy to sign for me.
  I told Andre that I love him so much, he’s in my book twice.
  I had to include my favorite selfie
  Joc personalized his photo for me.  I love when he does that.  Ugh, I didn’t realize he was signing across his forehead.
  then the Dodgers took the field.  Jimmy is smiling and looking right at me.
  Joc.   I love this picture.  I may have to print and frame it.
 First pitch

  I’m still adjusting to my camera
  And Brandon Crawford seems to be looking at me too
  And Andre
  Mike didn’t have his best game.  He allowed a grand slam by the dangerous Buster Posey.
  It was another frustrating game where nothing seemed to go right.
  Justin did well with 3 hits out of 3 and a homerun.
  Joc had another amazing defensive day.  Andre must be giving him pointers.
  But Mike had his first loss at Dodger Stadium
  The Giants seem to have our number.  They continue to beat us.
  The gorgeous Diana came to the game with my seatmate Danny.  It was nice to see her.  She told me she will be teaching in Spain starting in October.  Good luck!!
  The food was amazing.  The tilapia was delicious.  I love acorn squash.  
  The salads are always wonderful
  The in seat baseline special was the kale salad.  Very healthy.  I must be the only one to order the baseline special since it’s always salad.
  In the seventh inning, I went to the club to get my mango ice cream and cookies.  Thank you Bud.  Love you Armando.
I was tired.  I was ready to go and left in the ninth inning.  I usually like to stay for the entire game but I was exhausted.  I always think I can survive on almost no sleep but it doesn’t always work out.  There was no way the Dodgers would win so I decided it was time to go.  I don’t stay for fireworks.  I may stay for the Fourth of July fireworks but maybe not.

Today it is a day game to accommodate the movie after the game, the Lego Movie, which has nothing to do with baseball.  I’ll opt out of that.  It’s also Bark in the Park which is always fun.  Nevertheless it will be an early evening.  I didn’t have time to post a blog yesterday so here comes two today.

Thanks to everyone for stopping by.  I appreciate your interest.  Let me know if there is anything you would like to know about.  I dread games with the Giants because we never seem to win.  Today Carlos Frias will try to beat the Giants.  


Balk Off Win

My Dodger day began very early. It started with the premium club luncheon which started at 11:30.  I never know how the traffic will be so I left early at 9:30.  I was right, the traffic was heavy even then.  It took me more than an hour to get there.  At the only gate that was open, I told the guard that I was going to a luncheon and that I also wanted to go to the Top of the Park gift shop to get a jersey personalized. Sometimes it can be a challenge to get through.

I was, of course, the first one there.  I am usually nominated to be the person to snatch the best seats in the house for everyone, the best seats in the house being in front of wherever the microphones are.  Remember in school, you never wanted to be in the very front. 

The luncheon was fun.

  The food was yummy.  The luncheon was in the Lexus Dugout Club.  The fare included a delicious tri tip, pasta, salad and turkey.
  I chose a wonderful chocolate cake for dessert
  and a cute strawberry petite dessert.  The cheesecake in the background was not mine, by the way.
  Orel Hersheiser was the commentator.  He is witty, warm and personality-plus.
  One of the guests was Justin Turner, one of the nicest and talented members of the organization.   He is a graduate of Cal State Fullerton.  He was articulate and informative.  One of the comments made by a guest made me angy.  He told Justin that although the garden gnome was Tommy Lasorda, that Justin looked more like one. It was a little inconsiderate.  Justin answered with a little humor, that that wasn’t the first time he’s heard that. 
 Notice the Dodgers tattoo on his left hand.  Interesting.  I expect that he will be with the Dodgers for a while.
The other guest was Scotty Van Slyke who was very down to earth, destined to be a jock because of his athletic family.  Apparently he had to take a brief time-out since he felt overwhelmed with sports.

He was a perfect contrast to Justin

I always think that the Dodgers look so different when they are not in uniform.  Scotty definitely knows how to go casual.
  Always ready for a photo op.  Justin took this selfie which is probably why it’s a little off center.  Guys and selfies.  Women are probably better at it.
  I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to take a pic with the great Orel Hersheiser.
  And a pic with the beautiful Tess
Scotty seemed to be in a hurry to leave so I didn’t get the chance to get a picture with him.  He is so tall that I look like I am standing in a hole when I am next to him.

I had a couple of hours to kill before batting practice, so I went to the Top of the Park store.  I still wanted to get my jersey personalized.  It was very hot so it was a relief to go in the air conditioned store.  There was still a little problem with the “R”s.


It’s always fun to watch the guys stretching before batting practice.

During batting practice, I was busy taking pictures. Mike Bolsinger was walking down the field. He saw me, came up to me and gave me a huge hug. It surprised me but gave me such a thrill. 

  Justin definitely looks very different in uniform
the triplets.  I wonder if they do this one purpose to keep the fans guessing

  Brett Anderson, Scotty Van Slyke, Clayton and AJ on the enemy side.  My spy cam doesn’t miss anything.
  My wonderful friends who were guests on the enemy side: David, Pat, Kathy (a friend visiting from Palm Springs) and the lovely Norma
  Zack was warming up
  Zack is doing so well even without run support.  He has not had a win in a while.  
  It’s always interesting to see our guys on the enemy side.
  The weather was absolutely perfect.  The sun was in a different position so our seats were already shady.

  I almost forgot about the food. It was time to eat again. Caesar salad is always good
  Turkey, mushrooms and street corn on the cob

  Meatloaf sliders
  Haha I think the players know exactly where I am.  What do you think?  Notice the pink polish on Yas’s right hand.
  Why do I get the feeling Zack is looking right at me?
  Or that Yasiel is too?
And I think my buddy just photobombed my picture of Yasiel signing autographs.

  And Yas also seems to look right at me.  He isn’t smilng.
  The game was frustrating.  Most games that are a pitchers’ duel are.  However the Dodgers didn’t seem to score with runners in scoring position. (RISP).
  It seems the Rangers always had a plan because they almost swept us.
 It’s not that there were never any runners on base

  They just never were able to score a run
  I can imagine that if we fans were frustrated, that the players would be even more frustrated.
  A moment of frustration for Andre
  It ended a bit bizarrely in a “walk off balk” thanks to Lorenzo Bundy, the third base coach, and constant jokester Enrique Hernandez.  The pitcher made a slight motion when Enrique seemed to make a dash for home which was called a balk.  It’s one of those little league-minor league things which usually doesn’t fool major leaguers.  It worked this time and the Dodgers avoided the sweep. The score was 1-0 but Zack didn’t get the win.  Of course we were happy to get the win.
I had to go to work at midnight.  It was a very long day for me since I had left my house at 9:30 that morning.  

Thanks for stopping by.  Go Dodgers!!

Leaving Everything in Texas

It’s always difficult for me to write when things aren’t going well for the Dodgers. Game three against Texas was another loss, the third in three days.  Wednesday was another typical Kershaw outing…many strikeouts.  No run support.  He admitted that this was one of his most frustrating games.

  I can feel his frustration.
The Dodgers had been hitting well and now seem to be in an offensive slump.  The pitching has been good but not backed up with enough run support, or at least hits when they are needed.  They have lost their last 4 games.  Luckily the Giants also seem to be in some sort of slump so the Dodgers remain in first place.

  It was good to be back.  The weather was nice.  The forecast called for an extremely hot day.  Luckily it was already cooling down.  My seat was already almost in the shade.
  I’m waiting for Brandon League to be back.  The bullpen has been a little shaky and unpredictable.
  The guys have to get out of their offensive slump.
  Scotty Van Slyke is back which helps
  Of course everyone wants to blame Donnie.  He does get into the lefty-lefty thing.  The lineup consisted of right handed hitters which left Andre and Joc out.  They do happen to be two of the hottest hitters and leaving them out of the lineup seems just weird.  Leaving Alex out of the lineup also seems strange.
  Joc….I know he doesn’t like to sit.
  It was Korea night.  Ryu greeted his friend right fielder Choo.  I was standing next to someone who commented about a lot of “those people”, I guess meaning Koreans.  I commented, “Yeah too many Asians.”  He looked at me and hurried away.
  The Dodgers were stretching on the field.  
  It’s strange not seeing Joc stretching.  
  Justin started at third base
  I told Mike Bolsinger that I was getting a jersey personalized with his name but that the shop had run out of the letter R.  He said he would sign it when I was able to get it.  Hopefully I can take care of it today.  He probably will pitch during the San Francisco series.
AJ and Clayton 

  First pitch
There were a few chances for the Dodgers to score early on.  Yasiel and Scotty both had doubles but were left on base.

I found myself getting frustrated.  My friends on Facebook can get a little negative but I respond by getting depressed.

I had a feeling by the third inning that it wasn’t going to go well when Joey Gallo hit a 2 run homerun.  By the fourth inning, the Rangers were ahead 4-0.  I had that familiar feeling of doom.

I went up to the club to get my ice cream and cookies in the sixth inning.

  Scotty hit a homerun after Justin had gotten on base so the score became 2-4.  I was happy that the Dodgers had actually scored.  Alex singled scoring  Kiké which brought the Dodgers closer.  3-4.
 We are always hopeful that the Dodgers will somehow prevail but tonight wasn’t one of those nights.

  Somehow the Rangers are beating us.  They are the hottest team in baseball right now but the Dodgers should have won at least one of those games.  I hope we don’t get swept tonight when Greinke takes the mound. 
  I packed up my things and decided to leave when Prince Fielder homered at the top of the ninth inning.  The way the offense has been, I really didn’t expect a walkoff.  Too bad this wasn’t the night I had to go to work after the game.  I would have had an excuse to leave even earlier.
  I can imagine that if I feel this frustrated, the Dodgers must feel worse.
Today they play the last game of four with the Rangers.  Hopefully we can get it together and beat them.

  I noticed this picture on Jon SooHoo’s blog.  Am I looking at Donnie with a disapproving look?  Check out Jon SooHoo’s blog for the best pictures. He is definitely my idol.
I was invited to a luncheon at Dodger Stadium this morning before the game.  Justin Turner and Joc Pederson will be there.  I hope that the invited guests don’t turn this into a negative event. It will be a long day for me.  I don’t plan on going home since the luncheon lasts until 1:00 pm and I usually leave my house at 2:40 to get to the stadium.  I plan on going to the top of the deck store to have my jersey personalized.  That should kill about an hour.  After the game, I have to go to work at midnight.  Long day.  Hopefully I can go to work happy.

There is always a positive.  Scotty came back from DL and hit a double and a homerun. The Dodgers are still in first place. Puig is back from DL.  Corey Seager is in the wings just waiting for his chance. We are all alive and today will be another gorgeous day.

Thanks for stopping by.  Hopefully my blog tomorrow will be more cheery.  Go DODGERS!

The Good News and the Bad

Nancy Bea has been resigned as the Dodger organist.  That’s the good news.  My Barney (Darwin) has been DFA’ed.  That’s the bad news. 

Nancy Bea has had her playing time cut back considerably.  Anyone who has been to Dodger Stadium has enjoyed her organ music. She has obviously been frustrated. She had posted on her Facebook that she was not coming back next season.  Of course there was a huge outcry from her many fans.  I’m happy to say that the management stepped up and gave her support, stating that she will always have a  job with the Dodgers.

The Dodgers were off Thursday.   Many took part in the All Access event at Dodger Stadium.  I didn’t go.  I worked instead.  It appeared to be a well attended event judging from wonderful Dodger photographer John Soo Hoo’s  photo blog. My favorites were there including Andre Ethier, Mike Bolsinger and Joc Pederson.

Friday the Dodgers were in San Diego trying to stay in first place against the Padres.  The Dodgers won 4-3 but Clayton did not get a win.  Justin Turner played with a gimpy leg.   Even Mattingly admitted that it was a sloppy win. The Giants are in a bit of a slump, luckily for the Dodgers so we are still in first place.  The Giants have lost 3 games so they are still 2.5 games back.

Saturday’s game against the Padres with Greinke pitching was another one with no run support.  Zack was obviously disappointed, striking out 7, allowing only one mistake, a homerun to Justin Upton. Zack always holds nothing back when asked his opinion about anything.  He said that Jimmy Rollins had started out slow but is hitting better.  It actually had gotten to the point, everyone was asking why the management doesn’t bring Seager up from triple A.   I predict that they will bring him up before the season is over. The only run support Zack got was Yasmani’s homerun in the third inning.  Zack countered with the fact that before he came to the Dodgers, he had 5 years of no run support.  Don’t you just love Zack and his honesty??
The Dodgers have one more game with the Padres, then go to Texas to play the Rangers.  They return Wednesday night to Dodgers Stadium to play the Rangers two more games.  

Sunday will bring Mike Bolsinger to the mound against James Shields.  Hopefully the Dodgers can give Mike some run support.  Mike has done well pitching for the Dodgers.  

Thanks for stopping by.  Go Dodgers.


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