Life is Good

I finally got my Adrian Gonzalez autographed jersey in the mail. It’s gorgeous!  Remember I was the high bidder at the silent auction for the charity Padres Contra El Cáncer? I was actually the only bidder.

Other news: remember Chris Hatcher and Scott Van Slyke? They both were signed to one year deals. They had totally dropped from sight during the season and here they are again.

I still have my fingers crossed about Rich Hill, Justin Turner and especially Kenley Jansen. Kenley may be too expensive. He may end up with the Marlins and Donny.

Thanks for stopping by! It’s already December. Spring Training is around the corner!!

Fun Dodger Weekend

 This past weekend was one full of Dodger activities.  Saturday was the Adrian Gonzalez charity softball event.  Sunday was the yearly season ticket holders event.  I was excited.  I was missing the Dodgers by this time.  It didn’t faze me that I had to work 12 hours all night Saturday night after the softball game.  I wasn’t going to miss anything.

Saturday turned out to be the perfect day.  It was mild and sunny.

There was a pretty good turnout considering it was the beginning of Thanksgiving week when people are busy with the holidays.

Everyone knows how I am about lines.  Of course there was one to get in.

I was with friends so it wasn’t too bad waiting:  my good friends Donna and Norma.

The grass looked a little sad compared to the way it usually looks but then again, it is off season.  I hate writing those words.
We were given goodie bags with snacks and a Dodger license plate.  The snacks were pretty good.

First order of business was to stand in another line to get an autograph from Adrian Gonzalez.  It was $35 to get one autograph.  I just wanted a chance to say hi to him.  There was plenty of security.  The money went to his charity.  Adrian is a difficult autograph to get anyway so why not.

Sorry that these pictures are a little blurry.  They were taken with my iphone from a distance.  He already spotted me.

Here he is signing my ball.  I actually have his autograph but I wanted to give to his charity.  I was surprised when he looked up and recognized me.  He gave me a big smile and asked me if I was having fun.  Those Dodgers notice more than you think they do.
He did a beautiful job signing my ball right on the sweet spot although I never ask players to do that.  After all…I’m never going to sell anything.  He always writes a reference to a scripture.  In case anyone is interested, this is the passage in Psalms:  “The LORD is my light and my salvation-whom shall I fear?  The LORD is the stronghold of my life-of whom shall I be afraid.”  So Adrian…!

With the ticket I purchased, I received a free personally autographed picture of Adrian.  Very nice action shot.  Almost as good as my pictures…JK!

I bought two more pictures at the merchandise table.  Norma told me that this picture was the one they gave away last year.

Mika bought fries.  I bought veggie dogs for Norma and me.  It totally killed me to pay for anything since I get all this stuff free during the season.  I fully loaded my veggie dog.

The event supports Adrian’s BAT4HOPE which benefits Padres Contra El Cancer.  

I was excited to see a Dodger…and it happened to be one of my favorites…Adrian.  The off season already is too long.

Joc Pederson was also participating.  I love Joc.  

He brought his new 4 month old puppy Blue.

Blue immediately went out on the field and squatted.  She just doesn’t realize that Dodger grass is sacred!  Bad dog.

Joc thoroughly enjoyed the game but was having problems hitting that softball.

However fellow team member Austin Barnes was the MVP of the game.  He hit 3 homeruns.

Congratulations all around.

Adrian’s daughter Brianna wanted to come down on the field with her Daddy.

She spent time with Joc and Austin and Joc’s puppy Blue.

She also took her turn at bat.  She’s quite a girl.

And she’s definitely Daddy’s girl.

Sunday turned out to be a cloudy, rainy day.  The clouds already looked ominous when I got to the stadium.  The weather forecast was foreboding.  Rainy, cloudy, inclement.  Not that many showed up probably because Californians don’t like bad weather.

My poor seat was a mess.  It was dirty and looked more torn up than usual.  I wish the management would spend some money and fix it.  I went alone to the event.  I was actually supposed to go with Norma but she had a family emergency and couldn’t go.  It was just as well.  It really wasn’t fun.

I only went to get my yearly holiday picture.  I know I look a little thrashed.  I had worked 12 hours the night before and hadn’t slept for a good 36 hours.  I was feeling it.

It was good to see Rosa and her family.  I told her daughter-in-law that she was wearing the wrong color.

I also ran into my good friend JoAnna.  She looks a little cold.  It started to pour shortly after that.

There was a self guided tour of certain places in the stadium.  Not much fun without a tour guide.

It’s always interesting to see where the Dodgers work out.

And where the bullpen goes to the bathroom.  Now why would they have a disabled bathroom down there?

The weather got more inclement until it was a downpour.  I decided I had enough and left after only being at the park for one hour.

I was glad I went but it was a little disappointing.

I stopped at a Japanese market and got something to eat on the way home:  salmon and crab.  Yum.

Thanks for stopping by.  Congratulations to Vin Scully on his Medal of Freedom.  He definitely was the voice of the Dodgers.  I hope everyone has a blessed Thanksgiving.


Congratulations to our Corey Seager who received National League Rookie of the Year. 

I can’t say it was a big surprise since it was expected. There won’t be a recount. There will be no protest on the street.  

Besides being chosen Rookie of the Year, he also happens to be a polite, sincere young man. Here he is with his #1 fan Ashlyn. It was a dream come true for her this past season to meet him.

I am so proud he is a Dodger. He makes my heart SMILE.

Thanks for stopping by!!

So Long Howie

Latest news…Howie has been traded to the Phillies. Not sad about it because that’s what he wanted. Apparently he wasn’t too happy about Andrew Toles taking the left field spot during playoffs. Andrew earned his spot.

We’ll find out tonight whether Corey receives Rookie of the Year award. It is unanimous among all sports writers that he should get it. 

Congratulations to Ross Stripling who became engaged to longtime gf Susanna Villa. 

Jesse Chavez signed with the Angels to a one year $5.75 million contract as a starter. Good luck to Jesse.

As expected Justin Turner and Kenley Jansen turned down qualifying offers.  Justin does prefer to stay with the Dodgers but I imagine he’ll take the highest offer. The Dodgers are also looking at closer Aroldis Chapman who they skipped over last season because of domestic abuse allegations.  Hopefully Kenley returns. 

Hope everyone had a great Veteran’s Day holiday.

Here’s a pic of my Dad who served in the army during WWII. Thanks to all veterans and active duty military.  We appreciate your service.

Last night was the super moon. It was huge!

Thanks for stopping by. I’ll keep you updated on any news!



Congrats to one of my favorites: Corey Seager National League Silver Slugger.

He is piling on the awards!!

Adrian Gonzalez is visiting Japan and most likely will visit Maeken. Have fun!

The Dodgers are hosting many veterans and their families tomorrow at Dodger Stadium. Tommy Ladorda will be the grand Marshall at a Veterans Day Parade in LA.  Thank you to all who have served and those who are still in service to their country. This is your day.

Spring Training schedule is out and tickets can be purchased. It was horribly hot last season. It was like a day game everyday!!  I’ll have to think about going. No Barney. No Mike Bolsinger. 

Thanks for stopping by. I’ll try to keep everyone updated on Dodger news.


Just a few words…hopefully we can come together as a nation once again. We have just gone through an election where every citizen was given an opportunity to vote. Not everyone’s candidate can win.  Let’s not show the world that our country is full of malcontents who only want their own way.

Those movie stars, famous people etc who said that they would leave the country if Trump was elected…bye. No loss. They all have the money to live anywhere anyway.  I don’t care about their political views. They are entertainers and they really haven’t been entertaining lately.  Now that their candidate lost, they are urging more dissent.  Just go away now or go back to singing.

Thank you Dodgers who pretty much didn’t publicize their views.  I tried to keep my opinions to myself except to family and close friends.  I’m glad it’s all over. Now we can concentrate on BASEBALL.

Free Agents

Although off season started for me with the last Dodger game, for everyone else it starts today. So now we have several free agents many whom I hope returns next season. However I am always prepared to see a team of strangers on Opening Day so I don’t bank on many returning.

The free agents that we need to see returning begins with our closer Kenley Jansen. I don’t count on the management paying what he’s worth so he may be gone by Spring Training. Another one is Justin Turner who is a favorite of mine. I know he would like to stay with the Dodgers but he deserves a huge contract. One team I know he would avoid is the Mets who threw him out like garbage.

A big question mark is whether the Dodgers may try to get Greinke back. The D Backs may be willing to part with him since he didn’t have a huge season and is costing them a fortune. It is proven that he plays well with Clayton as ace. The Dodgers need pitching for sure.  Rich Hill has been better than anyone expected so maybe he will return. What will happen with Kazmir, Anderson and McCarthy is anyone’s guess. 

Congratulations to the Chicago Cubs. I had predicted they would win the World Series a while back. For once the team who had the best record and was consistently the best all season actually won.  

The holidays are just around the corner. It won’t be long before we will be back at Dodger Stadium. 

Thanks for stopping by. Don’t forget the Adrian Gonzalez event on Nov 19. 

When Will It End?

The World Series seems to go on and on. It might stretch out to the entire 7 games. The Cubs and Indians go back to Cleveland tomorrow. A fitting name for Cleveland is “Believeland.” I just saw that today. Who would have thought they could outplay the Cubs? From this World Series we can all hope for next year!  One of my friends had said that the team with the best record doesn’t always win.  I know we Dodger fans had hopes to the final minute. We still believe the Dodgers can do it!!

I’m over baseball for now. I have to say that I am totally BORED! I even look forward to going to work. That’s saying a lot!!  Hurry up Baseball!!

Congratulations to our Kenley Jansen, the Trevor Hoffman National League Reliever of the Year.

Also Happy Birthday Kourtney aka Justin Turner’s gf or Court_with_a_k! 

First taste of 2017 Dodger baseball will be Fan Fest which will take place on Saturday January 28 announced today. Hope to see everyone there!!

My kitty is still wearing Dodger blue.
Hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween. My favorite costumes were in honor of my favorite fast food place. The costumes were designed and created by my sister Jojo.

Thanks for stopping by. See everyone soon.

World Series?

I have to say that I haven’t followed the World Series. I do know that I would have had the days off from work to go if the Dodgers had made it. Weird. Funny how that seems to happen every year. There really is no planning ahead. Our work schedules are out a month before. 

Now I have to deal with not having baseball in my life. My year consists of baseball season and offseason. My offseason consists of just work essentially and complaining that there is no baseball.

Please everyone….no more condolences about the Dodgers not making it to the World Series. Enough already. Life goes on. Let it be known that I am unbelievably proud of how far my guys went in the postseason. There are no words to describe it.

There is an event coming up next month. It’s the Adrian Gonzalez Bat4HOPE Celebrity Softball Game on November 19 from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. It benefits children and young adults with cancer.  Please plan on attending.  Tickets are $50.00-$65.00. See you there.

I’ll continue to write my blog during the offseason to keep everyone up to date.

Thanks for continuing to check in. You are truly amazing.

Back to Normalcy

I am officially a normal human being again.  It’s no longer baseball season. What does that mean?

My phone case features my family rather than a Dodger.

I don’t check social media every five minutes which means I won’t get data overages every month.

I don’t have to wear blue everyday.

I don’t have to sweat my days off at work.

I can lose weight because I won’t be eating all that great food

My camera can get a rest

But I miss my friends…sad face

You guys are my world!!  Love you all!

I truly had no idea when the World Series started.  What a loser I am.  I wish people would get over offering me condolences. No one died.  
Only 5 months until Spring Training! 

Please keep stopping by. I’ll update you on what’s happening with our Western Division champs!  Sporting News Manager of the year our Doc. Sporting News rookie of the year Corey Seager. Congratulations.

See you soon!