Formula For a Win

My formula to win it all. Have Clayton pitch tomorrow and let him stay in until he wants to come out. Then let Kenley close it.  DO NOT LET JOE PITCH. 

Turn back the clock and play like they did against the Nationals. No holds barred.  It’s a game of strategy, luck, determination. It’s not over. Even if the season will be over prematurely, the Dodgers played with grit and machismo. I’m proud of what they accomplished. No one could have foreseen that the Dodgers could be 2 games away from playing in the World Series just 2 months ago. 

Doc never is conventional. Watch for a lot of excitement. Look out Cubbies. Here come the Dodgers.  They NEVER give up.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see you at Dodger Stadium for the World Series!

Depending on a Miracle

After the losses in the last two games, the Dodgers are depending on another miracle in Chicago to go on in the postseason.  All of us were sure that the Dodgers could take advantage of home field advantage and beat the Cubs but it didn’t happen that way.  Now we have to depend on the baseball gods to go on to the World Series.

What happened?  There were glaring issues in both home games.  The bullpen.  Our bullpen who we had depended on all season suddenly became our undoing.  Our offense who at times were brilliant, couldn’t hit.  And then the Cubs stepped it up when they had to.  And the umpires.  Maybe they should go by a rating scale to decide whether they should be allowed to make the calls during such important games as the postseason.  I think that the momentum change occurred Wednesday when an obviously botched call turned into an even more glaring problem when the review backed up that call at home plate.  Everyone who has seen the play, at home, at the game, and numerous replays on tv, knows that Adrian Gonzalez was safe.  After that, the Dodgers seemed to lose something.  

There were a few things during the last two games that made me happy.  Seeing Vin Scully again looking rested and so happy made me smile.
Being with the most wonderful people on earth also made me smile.

Meeting Mark Sanchez of USC fame was an exciting positive.  He was very nice.  He actually took this selfie without my asking.  What a hunk!  He also gave me a big hug.  Lucky me.
Maybe I should have brought a football.  The ball was signed by a LAPD pen given to me by my friend.  It’s my good luck pen.  Thank you Asher!!

I love the LAPD!

I was able to talk to my guys maybe for the last time.

It was exciting to get so far in the NLCS, playing the team with the best record in baseball.  This shirt is made by the “47” company.  It was the only shirt with the Cubs vs Dodgers on it.  They sold out the first day.  I was lucky to snag two.  My friend Asher totally photobombed me.

I won’t go over the highlights of the game since I’m still mourning how badly the Dodgers performed.  They still have a chance but they have to win two out of two in Chicago.  Clayton Kershaw, who has been phenomenal this year in postseason, will take the mound on Saturday.  If there is another game on Sunday, Rich Hill will try to win the NLCS title for the Dodgers.  We can only cross our fingers and pray.

There is still hope so I won’t say we have given up.  We Dodger fans never throw in the towel.  

Thanks for stopping by.  There will be another blog entry soon.  Love you all.

The Dream Continues

The NLCS games came to LA from Chicago with the series tied 1-1.  So far every game had been a nail biter.  It has been truly an experience.   After all the Cubs have the best record in baseball.  They probably have the best starting pitchers and hitters in baseball.  The Dodgers are scrappers and have fought with all their hearts to get to where they are today.  Tuesday was no different.  

A special thank you to my friends Crystal and Cindy who gave me my NLCS pin!!  It’s sold out.

Rich Hill wanted another chance in the playoffs.  There were of course doubters.  Before this game, people were talking trash about Yasmani.  But we should all know that the Dodgers are the team they are because each individual player wants to contribute.  There is no one hero on the team, except maybe Clayton Kershaw, who is ultimately the one who can perform miracles.  But let’s get back to Game 3 of the NCLS series.

I was prepared for a crowd.  I had worked the night before but still got an early start to the stadium.  I was surprised that the traffic was light.  I arrived about an hour before the gates opened.  It seemed like any other game day.

The Dodgers were out on the field.  It was batting practice as usual.

They were in good spirits:  Rob, Clayton, Andrew, Andre

They are playing like they are  the best team in baseball.  Their pitching and hitting are silencing the naysayers who didn’t believe they had a chance in this series.  This team of scrappers and fighters are playing as though their life depended on it.

The Cubs believed that Jake Arrieta, their ace, could provide a much needed win.  After all, he had thrown a no-hitter at Dodger Stadium last year.  

Doc as usual was all smiles.  He will definitely be manager of the year.  How could he not be?  He has been able to get the Dodgers this far in his rookie year as manager.

It was a good time to eat.  I went up to the club and enjoyed eggplant parmigiana and roast turkey.
The field was crowded with media.
The doctor was there early with his wife.
Robert and his girls
Norma and Nick
One of my favorite people: Jack

Corey’s mom and brother were at the game.

New friends Dylan and Mr Dietz who sat in the seats next to me
Yazmani made his way down the field and hydrated.  Nothing ever changes with Yaz.
Dave Styles, one of the on field commentators stopped to talk to us.
Chase came out to stretch
while Rich Hill came out on the field amid cheers 

He looked my way to make sure I was ready
The Cubs were introduced.
Next the Dodgers were introduced.  
Then the starting lineup beginning with our manager Dave Roberts
Chase Utley
Corey Seager 
Justin Turner
Adrian Gonzalez
Josh Reddick
Joc Pederson
Andrew Toles.  It was a trial trying to get pictures because the photographers were always in the way
It was a glorious day with a giant flag held by members of the military
National Anthem
They all went back to the dugout anticipating a hard fought battle to come
Rich Hill came down the field alone looking determined
Yasmani came up the rear.  Apparently the plan was all laid out…no more need to discuss it.
Some of the guys came out to stretch
The umpires came out to the field trying to figure out how to make the Dodgers miserable
Rick Monday threw out the first pitch with Steve Yaeger catching
Corey made sure to do his good-luck stuff with the trainers before he ran in
Rich Hill waited for his moment
While the umpires were trying to decide whether Vinny was here or not
Rich came out to the field and got ready
First pitch
Rich was fantastic.  He held the Cubs scoreless over 6 innings.

In the first inning, the Cubs were out in order.

Corey hit a single but was left on base
In the second inning, Anthony Rizzo walked and stole 2nd base.  Jorge Soler walked but both were left on base.  The Dodgers were out in order.

In the 3rd inning, Kris Bryant singled but was left on base.

First blood came in the bottom of the 3rd inning when Andrew Toles singled

Rich Hill ground out but moved Andrew to second.
Then Corey also singled scoring Andrew 1-0.
In the 4th inning, the Cubs were out in order.  

Josh Reddick singled and stole 2nd base with Joc batting

Then after tiring Arrieta out with pitch after pitch, Yaz did what he does best.  He hit a homerun.

The score became 3-0.  The momentum suddenly was on the Dodgers side with that homerun.

Do you think the guys are ever going to give me run support?

Jake Arrieta definitely was not having his best game.
In the top of the 5th inning, the Cubs were out in order.  The Cubs offense stayed silent.

In the bottom of the 5th inning, the Dodgers were out in order.

In the top of the 6th inning, Kris Bryant, their star rookie, singled but was left on base.

Justin Turner added to the score in the 6th inning by hitting a solo homerun.  4-0.  It looked as though the Dodgers were thoroughly routing the Cubs.
Yasiel came out to pinch hit and immediately hit a single.
Yasmani walked but both were left on base.
In the 7th inning, Joe Blanton replaced Rich Hill.  The Cubs were out in order after a challenge on first base with a call being overturned.  Surprise…the Dodgers never seem to win a challenge but this one was too obvious to overlook.

In the bottom of the 7th inning, Andre came out to pinch hit but flied out.
Corey singled but was left on base.
In the top of the 8th, with Grant Dayton pitching, Dexter Fowler doubled and Dayton  was immediately replaced by Kenley.  Doc wasn’t playing around or taking a chance.

I wonder if I have to close today says Clayton to whoever is listening.

Kenley struck out Kris Bryant.
In the bottom of the 8th inning, Yasiel singled 
Joc doubled scoring Yasiel. 5-0.  The Dodgers were absolutely killing the Cubs.
With Yaz batting, Joc stole third.  Yaz ground out scoring Joc.  6-0.
It was the top of the 9th inning.  It looked like a Dodger win.
Zobrist ground out but Anthony Rizzo was able to single.  Javier Baez struck out but Rizzo went to 2nd.
With 2 out, 2 strikes, we all held our breaths.  Chris Coghlan lined out making that final out.
The Dodgers win!!!

The Dodgers climbed over the rail to celebrate
And we Dodger fans were jumping up and down in joy.  The Cubs fans had already left.
The Dodgers only have to win 2 more games to go to the World Series.  Is that Cubs curse responsible for the outcome of the game.  Poor Cubs.  Lucky us.

Wednesday our 20 year old Julio Urias 5-2 ERA 3.39 will face veteran John Lackey 11-8 ERA 3.35.  It will most likely be another exciting game.  My hope is that the Dodgers can win the next two games so they can clinch at home.  Am I dreaming big dreams?

Thanks for stopping by.  GO DODGERS!!  I have to go to work after the game tonight so hopefully I’ll be going to work in a good mood!!!


First game of the big NLCS comes to Dodger Stadium tomorrow. Am I excited???

I really was happy that the Dodgers won the western division over the Giants. Then the seemingly impossible kept happening. We beat the odds and won the NLDS over the Nationals. 

The series is split going into the first home game at Dodger Stadium 1-1.  They will play Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I will take plenty of pictures so I can share all the excitement with you.  

Some sources say it will be Maeda pitching, the MLB at Bat app says Rich Hill. Whoever it may be….please have a good game!!

See you tomorrow. GO DODGERS!

Kershaw Is My Hero

I have to admit that I am an emotional mess today.  Since I don’t have a television, I watched a replay of the game on my Ipad.  I was in tears (happy tears) by the time Clayton got the final out.

It was a team effort.  They played the way they have played all season…as a team.  Everyone had a part of it.  From great defense to great hitting, it was a playoff game that showcased it all.

Clayton had whispered in Kenley’s ear, “I have your back.”  That’s why the Dodgers play so well…no one is the star.  Joc hit a huge homerun to keep the Dodgers in contention.  Late acquisition Carlos Ruiz hit an important single.  Josh Reddick who had a tough start made key defensive plays.  

Kenley pitched 51 pitches which is something he has never done.  Clayton saved the game which he hasn’t done except at the very beginning of his career.  Everyone played a key role.

And manager of the year candidate Dave Roberts proved that unconventional is his watch word.  He has managed the Dodgers with spirit and has pulled them to within one series of the big one…the World Series.  Many criticize him but considering all the problems he worked through, he is a miracle worker:  his ace spending much of the season on DL, injuries plagueing many of his players, his bullpen going from brilliant to oopsie.

Poor Dusty Baker had his bag packed for Chicago.  Better start unpacking.  He had a few comments regarding tiring out our ace Clayton and our close Kenley, but as we all said, if the Dodgers don’t win game 5, then there is no Chicago.  The Cubs are a tough team to beat but it can be done.  The Nationals were a tough team but the Dodgers doggedly beat them.

Even if this is as far as the Dodgers go this season, I am proud of them.  I have been to every game.  I’ve supported them through thick and thin as all of us true fans have done.  I’ve spent more time with the Dodgers than I have with my family. They are MY FAMILY.  I love them all.

Next step Saturday in Chicago.  Probable starters will be Kenta Maeda and left hander Jon Lester 19-5 ERA 2.44.  The Cubs have the best record in baseball.  But as we all have seen this season…Miracles happen.

Thanks for stopping by.  GO DODGERS!!  NLDS champs!!

Dodgers Win!!!!

Can’t believe it!  Dodgers beat the Nationals after coming from behind.  4-3.

On to Chicago. The hero?

Do Or Die

It was a familiar situation.  The Dodgers had to win this game or postseason would already be over.   We were all nervous, apprehensive but hopeful because it was announced that Clayton Kershaw would pitch.

The game started at 2:00 so we were ready for a hot day but were pleasantly surprised when the weather went our way and it was in the 70’s.

The guys were out there shagging balls.
They came back into the clubhouse to meet once again before the game started.  It was an important game.  No one wanted to end it here.




Carlos Ruiz and Steve Yaeger


Ross Stripling


Kenta was being interviewed by the Japanese contingency as usual

Wonderful Andre stopped to sign autographs as he always does.

Then he stopped to talk to us and gave us fist bumps and hand shakes

Charlie’s charming parents 

Couldn’t resist a selfie with his mom.  I told her that Charlie was one of the nicest Dodgers ever.  She said that made her cry knowing that.  What a wonderful person she is.

I went to the club to eat before it got too crowded.  The penne pasta with braised pork was delicious.  The slow roasted turkey breast was amazing.  I couldn’t get enough of the grilled casino steak.  The salads included young arugula salad, couscous salad and heirloom carrot and gala apple salad.  

I hurried back to the field.  We fans were excited, apprehensive, hoping for a win.

We had all been following the Dodgers through thick and thin and here we were in post season hoping to win it all.

Our wonderful ushers are always our cheerleaders.  We are all like family.  We’ve lived the season together.  We live and breathe Dodgers for 6 months.
And this could be our final moment together this season.  Our hopes were on this game.  Doc turned to Clayton Kershaw, our ace who is the best pitcher in all of baseball.  He had been out a large part of the season with a back problem but still came back strong and always smart.

He crossed the field deep in thought.  You could tell he was focused.
And he went through his routine stretching and throwing.
The weight of past post seasons must have felt very heavy on his shoulders.  He had won game one even not having his best stuff and here he was in game four with the responsibility of getting us to game five.
Yasmani came out next.  Hopefully he and Clayton would be in synch this time around.  

I know that Clayton was missing his best friend AJ who was his usual backstop.  But Clayton is a professional and will be brilliant no matter what.

Chase is always the first one out to stretch.  Why is it that when I think of him I think of him being in this position?
And then unflappable,  cool Corey usually comes out second.  Chase has been teaching Corey to be as determined and professional as he is.  Corey is very polished although he is only 22 years old.  Hard to believe.  He always plays as though every single step, every hit counts.
Some of my favorite people
National Anthem time
Jaime Jarrin the Dodgers Spanish speaking announcer threw out the first pitch

And Clayton and Yaz took that long walk back to the dugout.  I think Asher photobombed my picture.

It was nervous time.  We all wanted this win.

The umpires all gave their customary salute to Vinny.  Did anyone tell them that Vinny retired?  
And then it was time
They took their position on the field.  Joc skipped out to center field.  He is a kid at heart.
Clayton did his usual pre game meditation, looked my way to make sure I was ready….
and threw that first pitch.
The first inning was a little scary.  Trea Turner, who should never be allowed to be on base, singled.  Bryce Harper walked.  then Daniel Murphy singled scoring Turner.  0-1.  Not a good start.  I had a feeling of dread but I knew Clayton would right the ship.

Joe Ross, a right handed pitcher thank goodness, was pitching for the Nationals.  I think he was checking to see if that barb was on the ball 
before he hit Justin Turner with a pitch.
Then something wonderful happened…Adrian Gonzalez fought his way out of his post season slump to hit a huge homerun scoring Justin.

We were all on our feet!!!  2-1.

The Nationals were out in order in the 2nd as were the Dodgers.

In the top of the 3rd inning, that Trea Turner singled.  Former Dodger Jason Werth singled.  Daniel Murphy scored Turner with a sacrifice fly to center field.  The score was tied.  Back to the beginning again.  2-2.

And then Clayton helped his own cause.  He hit a double.
Justin singled scoring Kershaw.  3-2.

Adrian walked.
Josh Reddick also drew a walk.  Justin now on 3rd and Adrian on 2nd.
And Joc who has a flair for the dramatic, was hit by a pitch scoring Justin.  4-2.
Unfortunately the Nationals decided to change pitchers at that point.  I was kind of liking Joe Ross.
There seemed to be a lot of rubbing heads and hair pulling during that discussion.
In the top of the 4th the Nationals were out in order.

In the bottom of the 4th inning, Chase was hit by a pitch but was left on base.  
In the top of the 5th inning, the Nationals were out in order.

In the bottom of the 5th inning, Josh Reddick singled.

Joc doubled, scoring Josh.

The score was now 5-2.

In the top of the 6th inning, Jayson Werth singled but Murphy, Rendon and Zimmerman were out in order.

In the bottom of the 6th, Clayton walked but was left on base.

Doc came in to take Clayton out but Clayton wanted to stay in.

Then trouble started when Clayton loaded the bases.  Danny Espinosa singled, that Trea person singled, Bryce Harper walked so the bases were loaded.

No choice…Clayton was replaced by Pedro Baez.  I cringed in horror.  Werth was hit by a pitch scoring Espinosa. 5-3.
Avilan came in to replace Baez.  I became even more apprehensive.  Daniel Murphy singled, scoring Trea Turner and Bryce Harper tying the score.  The runs were credited to Clayton although it certainly wasn’t his fault.  He might have gotten out of that inning since that’s what he does best.  5-5.
Joe Blanton replaced Avilan.  OK now Joe, the key is not to let them score.  That’s just between you and me.  He finally got the side out.
In the top of the 8th inning, the Nationals were out in order.

In the bottom of the 8th inning, the Dodgers came alive again.  Andrew Toles was hit by a pitch.  Andre came in as a pinch hitter and he did what he does best:  he came through with a single.

And Toles went to 2nd.
Chase Utley then singled, scoring Toles.  6-5.  An enthusiastic fan almost knocked my camera out of my hand.  So much for pictures.  I had a terrible time during the game.  Everyone wanted to stand up.  Why people who already sit in the front row have to stand is beyond me.  This is not a concert.  A couple of fans wanted to stand the entire game.  I mean really??  It blocks everyone’s view so everyone has to stand.  When everyone stands, I am so short I really can’t see anything let alone take pictures.  The game was around 4 hours long.  3 hours 44 minutes.    Who wants to stand that long?  I was glad to go to the other side of the stadium so I could see until the fan almost knocked my camera out of my hand.  
It was the top of the 9th inning.  The score was 6-5.  Everything was riding on this inning.  Kenley was called on to save the game.

Kenley had an uncharacteristic meltdown the day before.

You could tell the guys were excited.
Stephen Drew and Trea Turner (yes, Trea Turner) struck out.  
And with that final pitch, Bryce Harper ground out.  Dodgers win with a score of 6-5.
And they all climbed over the railing to celebrate.

It was by far the most exciting game this year. It was a must-win situation to go on and the Dodgers pulled it off.
Back at AT&T Park, the Giants lost in a huge upset after being ahead most of the game.  They were knocked out of contention.  The Cubs are a team to be feared.  As my friend Jack said, the Giants would have been an easier team to beat.

But first, the Dodgers have to win the game on Thursday.  They have the momentum and are hungry to go on in post season.  

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope I can write a positive Blog on Friday after the Dodgers win the Division.  Thank you everyone for your support.  You make writing this blog worthwhile.  GO DODGERS!!!!!!

Deja Vu All Over Again

I had great hopes on Monday.  The Dodgers would win the game and then go on to clinch Tuesday.  Tuesday would be an evening game so we wouldn’t have to roast in the sun again.  However, even though it was a beautiful day, sunny but with a light breeze, it was going to be like other post season games.  It’s unexplainable but every year it seems to happen.

I came to the stadium right after I had worked all night.  It was difficult to drive in that morning LA traffic.  By the time I had gotten to the stadium, I was beyond exhausted.  I was surprised that there was only one other person at the downtown gate.  Interesting.  By the time the gates opened, there were only a handful of cars.  There were a few people at the stadium gates when it opened but surprisingly not as many as I expected.  They all arrived late.

The guys were taking batting practice.
They came into the dugout afterwards.  Most of them barely looked up.  Andrew did look up and acknowledged me.  He knows I’m his number one fan.

Charlie saw me taking pictures and gave me a big smile.  I love Charlie.

Puig and Corey both stopped to sign an autograph for someone.  I’m over autographs a long time ago.

Wonderful Andre stopped to talk.  I thought I should go up to the club and eat since I was anticipating a crowd later on.  There still weren’t many people in the stadium yet.

The food was amazing especially the Bulgogi chicken lettuce cups.  I had to go back for seconds.  The shrimp puttanesca also was delicious.  The Ojai Farms roasted lamb also was yummy.  It was served with wild forest mushrooms and seasoned with white wine, smoked red pepper, rosemary and grilled green onions.  The salad consisted of mozzarella salad, Frisée and Upland watercress salad,  gold quinoa salad and mushroom salad.  
They were getting ready for the pregame festivities when I returned to the field.

My friends were early.  The stadium was pretty empty even a few minutes before the game.
The best part of the game was that many of my favorite people were there.

And always new friends to be made.

Yaz did his usual prep:  stretching, throwing and hydrating.
Kenta Maeda also did his usual prep including his famous windmill.
Orel Hersheiser was throwing out the first pitch.  I thought he looked very handsome.
The entire Dodger team was lined up on the field except the starting players.  They came out one at a time to fireworks.
Then it was National Anthem time with all  branches of the military presenting the colors.
Most of the guys starting went out to the field to stretch and throw.   The pictures look a little hazy because of the fireworks.
Orel threw out the first pitch with Steve Sax catching.
Yaz and Kenta made their way down the field
The guys kept stretching and doing their thing
There was a group of Spanish speaking guys who muscled their way to the front.  I don’t think they even had baseline tickets.  They stood by me and pretty much pushed Jack and his family out of their seats.  When they were told that they were not supposed to be there, one of them said I know, get your hands off of me.  Apparently they knew Puig and thought they had special privileges.  I told one of them that they were in someone else’s seat, he glared at me and said he knew.  Puig came over and talked to them ignoring everyone else.  I was appalled at everyone’s rudeness.  I don’t blame Puig but his friends were out of line.  No wonder he gets into trouble if he has friends like that.

And there he went.
I talked to one of the ushers and she apologized.  That really wasn’t the point.  Rudeness is not excusable especially at other peoples expense.

Kenta got ready for the first pitch.  I had my fingers crossed.
First pitch.
The top of the first inning lasted a lifetime but no one scored.

In the bottom of the first, Justin walked
Corey hit a double scoring Justin 1-0.
Then there was a review involving Joc when I thought he was hit by a pitch.  It was overturned.  I’m not surprised.  I can’t figure out the umpire’s strike zone.  There were many balls that were called strikes.  It wasn’t just me because there were a lot of groans and boo’s throughout the game.  I never think that the Dodgers get a fair shake when it comes to these reviews.  They have lost so many when the replays are obvious.  
By the 3rd inning, I was already having a sense of deja vu.  The score was 1-4.  The Dodgers get to postseason but rarely progress beyond winning the western division.  The first two games were ugly.  Kershaw was able to the win in the first game but wasn’t himself.  The second game which I didn’t even want to watch was worse.  Monday’s game was frustrating for fans to watch.  Most left before the game was over.

The highlight of the game involved Carlos Ruiz who was pinch hitting in the 5th inning.

Joc had singled.
Ruiz hit a bomb that scored Joc.  The score became 3-4 which didn’t seem insurmountable.
The Dodger relief pitchers did their job keeping the Nationals from scoring any more runs.  Then Kenley came into the game.  That’s when it was over.  Jayson Werth, an ex-Dodger, homered making the score 3-5.  Murphy walked.  Bryce Harper was hit by a pitch.  Ryan Zimmerman doubled scoring Murphy and Harper.  3-7.  That was when the stadium started to clear out.  Rush hour traffic was better than being subjected to this torture.  I’m not a coach but Kenley should have been pulled earlier.  When he is not on his game, it will not right itself.  Stripling came out in relief to continue the damage.  I was already on the road when Heisey hit a sacrifice fly scoring Zimmerman making the score 3-8.

The game was an embarrassment.  I heard many people telling me this was the first Dodger game they had watched.  There was no offense to speak of.  Our starting pitcher lasted only 3 innings.  He probably should have been taken out earlier when it was obvious he didn’t have his stuff.  Kenley should have been taken out earlier.  Carlos Ruiz should have started since he can hit left handed pitchers.  Kike probably should have been on the roster.  He also can hit left handed pitchers.  It is unfortunately well known that the Dodgers can’t hit left handed pitchers so teams are sure to use them.  Tuesday’s game, the Nationals will use a right handed pitcher so maybe the Dodgers have a chance.

It is still up in the air who will be the starting pitcher for the Dodgers for the 4th game of this series.  Many think it should be Kershaw.  Those opposed say that it would be better to start him for the 5th game but there won’t be a 5th game if the Dodgers can’t pull off a win today.  The other option is Julio Urias.  He is 20 years old and has no postseason experience obviously.  

The fact that the Giants swept the Dodgers in the last week of regular season play was a bad omen.  Everyone made excuses but the Dodgers definitely smelled the place up during those games.  That allowed the Giants to take a wild card spot.  They are still plagueing us by beating the Cubs yesterday making today’s game another early game.  They are predicting mild weather today however so hopefully that holds true.

I am hoping that the Dodgers can win today and go back to DC and win again.  The odds are probably against that happening.  I am proud of my Dodgers anyway.  They won the Western Division for the 4th straight year.  It has been a frustrating year but they came out on top despite all the injuries including their ace Kershaw.  No one expected them to win it all.  

Thanks for stopping by.  Just keep root root rooting for the Dodgers.  This may be the last day to do so this year.  Hopefully not.  GO DODGERS!!!!

Not This Time

Friday’s game with the Nationals was a nail biter. I watched it on mlb@bat Saturday.  What I saw was a great pitcher overcoming that post season stigma.

He definitely wasn’t himself except for the fact he got himself out of the jams he got himself into.  He and Grandal never seemed to be on the same page. There were more conferences during that game than I have seen all season. Is it the fact that his favorite backstop was traded suddenly a few weeks ago to everyone’s surprise?  Or was it that hex that’s put on the best pitcher in baseball when the calendar flips to October?

Irregardless, he left the game with the score 4-3 thanks to homeruns by Corey and Justin. Corey happens to be the youngest Dodger to hit a homerun in postseason.  And Justin had taken a nasty pitch to the left hand his first at bat. He got even with a two run homerun the next time he was up.

The bullpen was at its best with Kenley saving the game. That one run lead held through half the game.
Saturday’s game was rained out. It will take place Sunday afternoon which rules Kershaw out for game four if needed. The Dodgers have the momentum so hopefully they will clinch on Monday. Am I overly optimistic?  This is the team that has doggedly overcome every obstacle in its path including being ranked 3rd in the Western Division even before the season started. This is the team who was 7 games out of first place at the all star break. This was the team who had to play without its ace most of the season. It’s a team that never gives up.  It’s the little engine who could.

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Here We Go

Hopefully there is a lucky rainbow over Kershaw today when the Dodgers begin their quest for the championship.  In my opinion the way the game goes today will determine how the Dodgers will do.

It was a little disconcerting that the Dodgers were swept by the Giants just days ago.  It also is amazing that the Giants are back on the path again to play in the World Series.  Some friends at work who aren’t really baseball fans were already giving me their condolences about the Dodgers.  They had heard about the way the Dodgers had played in San Francisco and thought this was the end of the line.  It has been frustrating for us Dodger fans who have followed them for years how they do in the Post Season so hopefully they can overcome their postseason curse.

When the roster was announced, I was not really surprised.  After suffering a demotion in purgatory, Yasiel Puig is playing in the post season.  How could they not include him.  I still am not sure about the details of all that but it turned out ok with Puig coming back and showing everyone what stuff he is made of.

He was the one who led the team around the stadium to include the fans before they went down into the clubhouse to celebrate.
And how could they not include the hero of the game, Charlie Culberson?
 Andre Ethier will provide a veteran presence.  He’s hoping that the Dodgers can go all the way.  He’s been on every postseason team.

Andrew Toles has earned a spot with his doggedness and never failing enthusiasm.

The roster includes 3 catchers:  Yaz, Carlos Ruiz and Austin Barnes.  Ruiz has proven that he can hit against lefthanders.  Washington plans 3 games with left handed pitching.  Rookie Austin is able to play different positions.

There will be a 7 man bullpen.  Doc (Dave Roberts) has proven he can juggle the bullpen around to make the best of any situation.  The bullpen, although we fans agonized all season, is the best overall.  They include Joe Blanton, Pedro Baez, Grant Dayton, Josh Field, Luis Avilan, Ross Stripling and of course closer Kenley Jansen.

And who knows what role Julio Urias will play. He has been amazing.

Justin Turner will be at third base.  His goal to win the World Series is based on the fact that he wants Vin Scully to end his career leading the Dodgers during the celebration which would follow in downtown LA.

How fitting would that be to make Vinny the happiest man alive.
It would be the best send off to a man who gave his heart and soul to a team he loves so much, a team he spent his entire adult life with.
Of course Clayton will lead our team, pitching in game one.

Rich Hill will follow in Game 2.  Rich is one of the nicest Dodgers I have ever met.  He is very fan friendly, never refuses an autograph or picture. He will stop and actually talk to anyone.  He is by far the best mid season acquisition ever.

Kenta Maeda will probably start Game 3 at Dodger Stadium but who knows?  Clayton may be asked to start on short rest depending on how the other games go.
Chase Utley will provide the leadership in the club.

Josh Reddick will platoon with Puig and Andre.
We can’t forget Corey Seager who has the sweetest swing in baseball, a sure thing for ROY.  Were they ever seriously thinking about trading him????
Adrian Gonzalez will man first base.  Who else?
Howie will pinch hit, play left field and third base.
Joc has proven he doesn’t just strike out.

Candidate for manager of the year Dave Roberts will try to finally get the Dodgers the trophy.  He has been able to right the ship when injuries prevailed during the season.  How could he not win?  He also should be a candidate for Rookie of the Year.

I have my fingers crossed that the game tonight in DC will go the Dodgers way.  Our Clayton 12-4 ERA 1.69 will face Nationals ace Max Scherzer 20-7 eRA 2.96.  Scherzer will most certainly be a top runner for Cy Young since Clayton was on DL most of the season.

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