Quiet on the Western Front

So far there has been nothing but rumors and guesses.  We all are hoping and supposing that the owners want Zack Greinke back.  It probably will be either Greinke or Price.  Greinke is the preference although Price is younger by a couple of years.  I personally hope that Zack will remain a Dodger.

Rumors are also rampant about Yasiel Puig.  Of course,  the incident last week didn’t help.  Dodgers owners have little patience with headlines like that even if the source was TMZ who tends to stretch the truth whenever it will make news.  I seriously doubt that Puig will be traded since it costs little to keep him.

Another interesting rumor is Joc Pederson for Shelby Miller.  I seriously think that we just need to be more patient with Joc.  He is still very young and needs a few adjustments in his swing.  After all he did do well in the All Star Homerun Derby.  Did we all forget that.  Dodger fans seem to have little patience for players who have a cold streak.  

I’ve read that the Dodgers need another outfielder.  That’s interesting.  The hunt is still on for a second baseman.  Now someone tell me again why we let Dee Gordon go.

I’ve noticed that no matter who owns the Dodgers, they seem to never sign anyone early.  Oftentimes they just sit and wait.  For example, when we needed another pitcher (so obvious), they sat and waited and got Matt Latos.  We all saw how that went.  He pretty much was bad news until he was finally released.  The Angels picked him up and also realized what a big mistake.  Thier picks to bolster the bullpen also was questionable.  They need to make a move and get Zack Greinke back and find some reliable arms for the bullpen.  They’re lucky I’m not in charge of  the treasury because I would have already made several moves.

I eagerly wait for some news about the Dodgers but it’s been extremely quiet.  The only positive move was the signing of Dave Roberts.  That seemed to take forever.  

Thanks for stopping by.  I’ll try to keep everyone updated.  

TMZ As a Source

What has the world come to?  Now MLB is using TMZ as a source for information.  Breaking news yesterday according to TMZ who always reports everything accurately, is that Puig was in a big brawl at a nightclub which included several club employees.  The reports may result in domestic abuse charges by MLB against Puig because he shoved his sister during an argument.  Although charges were dropped or probably never were filed, this incident will be overblown, micro-examined because it does involve Puig.  And then every news source including the LA Times are quoting TMZ.  I mean, really??  Sorry Jessica.  Everyone needs to get their facts together before using TMZ as a source.  Usually TMZ has a lurid video to go with the reports but none have surfaced so who knows what really happened.  I’m sure TMZ is offering big bucks to anyone who can produce a phone video so some grainy questionable video will soon surface.

Yasiel has always been everyones bad boy.  Some compare him with Milton Bradly, another Dodger who always seemed to be in the news.  Puig, however, is much more talented.  He needs to stay under the radar because everyone has his eye on him.

  My experiences with Yasiel have only been good.  No matter what, he always stops and signs autographs even when he is in a hurry.  He always acknowledges me with “Hello Mama,” when many of the other players just run past the fans without even looking.  I know he isn’t the popular player on the team with the other Dodgers.  Juan Uribe seemed to be the person who kept everyone happy in the clubhouse.  His absence has made a big difference.  Everyone seems to just be waiting for Puig to make a mistake so I knew something would come up in the offseason.
Other news:  Dave Roberts becoming the new manager is awesome.  I have always liked him.  However I have a feeling that he will be everyones scapegoat if the Dodgers don’t do well.  Right now is in the honeymoon stage when they know him only as the swift-footed amiable Dodger he was way back in the early 2000’s when he played with fantastic Shawn Green.  (Everyone knows how much I love Shawn)

My dream is that Dave chooses Shawn as the new batting coach.  Please Dave!!!

Yesterday Justin Turner was signing autographs at the Top of the Park Store at Dodger Stadium.  I was planning on going but was too tired and stressed from work.  And then I was asking myself why would I go since I rarely get autographs anyway.  He had just autographed a ball for me for my friend’s sons anyway during the season.  Another drawing point was that the store was having a big sale.  I decided I have enough Dodger stuff to last me a lifetime.  That usually doesn’t stop me either.  The big reason that I would have gone was to see my friends who were planning on going.

Reports are that the Blue Jays have signed LHP J.A. Happ to a 3 year, $36 million deal.  That pretty much sets the stage for the other free agent pitchers, most importantly, Zack Greinke.  Come on Dodger owners, put out the money and offer Zack a huge deal that he can’t refuse.  Without him we don’t have a chance to win the World Series.  My fear is that the Giants will sign him and then the Dodgers will have to play against him.  

Thanks for stopping by.  Hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving and a safe Black Friday.  Please keep checking my blog.  I’ll write when I have anything to report.


Season Ticket Holder Appreciation Day


 Saturday was Season Ticket Holder Appreciation Day.
  It was a hot day but not as bad as I thought it would be.



 It always starts out with a long line when there is an event.  Of course since all season ticket holders + 3 guests were invited, there were thousands of people there.

 When I say thousands, I mean literally thousands.  They expected 5000 people there.

  The first thing I had to do was to make sure my seat was still there. 
 There was a line to get a picture taken.  Unlike other times when the event offered a picture on the field, you had to download it off the internet.  Usually they give you the picture right there in a nice folder.  I checked last night and this morning, but no pictures yet.

  There was a line for the walking tour.  It was literally just that.  There were no tour guides.  We just walked through.  It’s much more interesting to have someone give you a little info.
 I had never seen the visiting teams clubhouse so I found that part of the tour interesting.

 Somehow I felt like I was sitting in a prison when I sat in one of the cubicles.

 or maybe a high school gym locker room.

 Then someone said that they had remodeled the visitors clubhouse.  I’m glad of that because the accommodations were terrible.

  The hallways were a bit dismal.
  There are rules posted everywhere.
  In stark contrast, the dugout club looked inviting.
  It’s always interesting to look at all the awards the Dodgers have received over the years.
  And interesting all the awards they should have received.  I still think that Zack was robbed of the Cy Young this year.
  It is a no-no to photograph the inside of the Dodgers locker room.  This is all I could photograph.
  And this.
  This is the way to the workout room
  Here is the batting cage
  The Dodgers workout room
  Lots of protein drinks
  More protein drinks
  Here’s the interview room where the players are questioned by the media.  
  Not fun being in the hot seat I imagine.
 They had the door closed to the Dodgers bathroom.  It must have been especially gross.

  It’s always fun to sit in the dugout.  
We look like sisters.

 The bullpen

  The view of the field from the bullpen
  Not sure what this is but it looks like a torture device.  I think it helps the pitchers stretch.
  Looking up to the stands from the bullpen
  The left field pavilion from the field
  It was nice seeing Ryan and his Dad Robert.
 My seat from the field

  Batting practice and playing catch from the field was done with a mush ball which was my souvenir of the day.  I didn’t get anything to eat because I’m not used to having to pay for food.  I really didn’t want to buy a Dodger dog for $5.50.  Seriously.
  The line for autographs was ridiculously long.  
  I was told I couldn’t even take a picture of Tommy unless I stood in line.  Being noncompliant, I took a picture anyway.  On the right of Tommy is Al Ferrara.  I was afraid they would kick me out for this indiscretion.  For my blog, I took the chance.
  My Dodger friends
It was nice seeing my friend Yoshiko and her wonderful family.

 It was a nice get-to-gether for families.

  I think this was the main purpose of the event.
The news of the day was the imminent announcement of Dave Roberts as the new Dodger manager.  I am surprised that Gabe Kapler wasn’t picked since he seems to be more into the philosophy of the owners.  I figure it won’t be long after the season starts that there will be Dave Roberts haters as there were Mattingly haters.  Dave’s main experience is as a player.  His only real managing experience is as a bench coach.  I myself am happy with his selection. I liked him as a Dodger and was sorry to see him traded.

I still have hopes that Zack Greinke will be given what he wants so he can return.  The management seems to be reluctant to make any decisions until the dust settles with the other teams.  Hopefully they step up and get Greinke before the Giants make a big move.  I would hate to see him on the opposing team.

  I really love Zack.
Thanks for stopping by.  I hope everyone is having a good off season.  It was so nice seeing my friends again.  I am dreaming of Spring Training and the new season.  See everyone soon.





So Far This Offseason

  So far nothing has happened.  Other teams have traded or acquired new players but the Dodgers have been pretty much quiet.  This seems to be the way it is with the new owners.  There still is no manager which leaves things unsettled.
So many critics of Donnie Mattingly!  And yet he came in third as far as his managerial skills went, the number one spot going to Joel Maddon, the skipper of the Cubs.  I seem to think that whoever goes furthest in that type of voting depends on how far the team goes in post season.  For example who would argue the year that Matt Kemp was robbed of MVP a couple of years ago when he had a better year than anyone else on earth!!  I’m still unhappy about that injustice.  And later on it turned out Ryan Braun who did get the MVP used drugs.  The only exception to that rule is our Clayton Kershaw who is Clayton Kershaw who will be a legend before it’s all over.  It doesn’t matter how the Dodgers do, if he has a typical Kershaw type of year, he is sure to get the Cy Young.

And on to my anger that Zack Greinke didn’t get the Cy Young award this year.  He was totally robbed as 99% of people I have asked will agree.  I haven’t asked just Dodger fans either.  I have actually asked some Cubs fans.  Granted Jake Arrieta had a good last half but Zack did superb the ENTIRE YEAR!   It must be like the Academy Awards.  The voters only remember the movies from the last couple of months.  Zack had the best year of his entire career.  He even won the Golden Glove for his superior fielding.  He was probably the best athlete in the MLB last year.  Arrieta did well but he is no Zack Greinke.  

Poor Dodgers always seem to get shafted.  Umpires never give them a fair shake.  I have seen so many unfair calls this past season that I have an anger to all those umpires.  The strike zone always seems to favor the opposing team.  Most of the inside or outside corner strikes are called balls.  So what if the Dodgers have a luxury tax type of payroll??  Let’s all be fair.  And when they have those plays that are reviewed by those guys in New York, COME ON!!!!  Let’s have those plays reviewed in the midwest or the south or wherever because the Dodgers never ever get a fair shake.

  I always look at these guys and wonder how they will screw the Dodgers and inevitably they do.  It can be so freaking frustrating.
  I keep hoping that the owners wise up and sign this guy and give him whatever he wants or the Dodgers have no chance next season.
  Brett Anderson will be back since he accepted the Dodgers offer.  He will be a satisfactory third pitcher.  We need Zack back as the second pitcher.  Everyone agrees that Zack does well with Kershaw being the cattle prod that makes him better.  Zack does well when he is not in the spotlight.  Whoever pitches with Kershaw will surely never be the number one ace.  He will always be the co-ace which suits Zack well.
  Hopefully Justin heals well from his surgery.  His knees are problematic.  That leaves a glaring spot at third when Justin gets injured again.
 And Kike surprised us all when it was announced that he also needed surgery.  I think that our guys were the walking wounded at the end of the season.


 Howie Kendrick is a free agent which leaves second base glaringly empty.  Too bad the bosses decided to trade young, exciting, FAST, award winning second baseman Dee Gordon for a one year deal.  That trade will always be a point of controversy, especially with me.

  And first base coach Davy Lopes is gone in the wind.  That’s another unintelligent move.
  What I would give to have Clayton and Zack back together next season!!! The owners seem to love breaking up a good team.  Harmony in the clubhouse is important.    When Juan Uribe was traded, it seemed that the happiness and comraderie was compromised.  It’s not all about cybermetrics or whatever the owners like to use.
The final choice for manager will be made soon.  I think that the new manager will be Gabe Kapler.  He is obviously a representative of the new owners and probably will follow their computer model.  I personally like Dave Roberts.  I hope the owners somehow keep him on as possibly a bench coach.

I will be going to an event at Dodger Stadium for season ticket holders on Sunday.  It should be fun.  It includes batting practice for whoever wants to try, a tour of the stadium, pictures, etc.  I’m looking forward to seeing the stadium again and a chance to see my Dodger friends again.  I’ll be sure to take pictures and share with you.

Thanks for stopping by.  Let’s hope that the owners start figuring out some smart acquistions starting with Zack!!


What’s Going On?

Still no manager. Not sure why the owners let Donnie go when obviously they have no clue what they were going to do about the next manager.  What are they looking for….a puppet? I don’t think they know.

Now that Kendrick has opted out, second base is very vacant. Trading Dee for what…? All the accolades and awards are piling up for Dee who is certain to get better and better. So what are the owners saying….nothing. Dee would have added much needed speed and a Golden Glove at second for many years.  Kendrick was a one year deal.  Justin Turner’s surgery involved more than just a cleanup so who knows how he will be at third.  He walks like a catcher for Pete’s sake!!!  We all know he’s got bad knees. And we gave up much loved Juan Uribe for what? He rubbed the owners’ faces in it when he played against the Dodgers after his trade. And we got who? Gone in the wind.

Brett Anderson did the smart thing accepting the qualifying offer.  His fallout during the playoffs will follow him wherever he goes. He did stay healthy longer than expected and he was respectable as a third starter.

The owners need to get busy figuring out a contract for Greinke or Dodger fans will be angry. Their bargain basement acquisition of Matt Latos was obviously the mistake of the year. Add Johnson to that flub up and they obviously should be embarrassed.  With Ryu still questionable and McCarthy probably out most of the season,  they need to give Zack what he wants.

It’s very quiet around Dodger Stadium as far as trades, acquisitions, etc. It’s pretty bad when the big news is Anderson. Hopefully the owners don’t wait until everyone good is signed as they seem to do.  Too bad Donnie got the blame for everything when it WASN’T HIS FAULT! Put the blame where it belongs. 

There really is no news.  Procrastination is no good in the offseason.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope everyone is doing well. I MISS BASEBALL!

They’re Gone

First it was Mattingly. Slowly the Dodgers are losing their staff. Actually it started with Stan Conte the head athletic trainer who resigned as soon as the season was over. Yesterday Nancy Flynn the assistant athletic trainer resigned and Davy Lopes went to the Nationals where he will be with Dusty Baker. 

The Dodger owners seem to like to keep Dodger faithful in limbo. While other teams are active in signings, we are still waiting as our former team is disintegrating. 

Tomorrow we’ll see what happens to Zack Greinke.

  I will be so angry if the Dodger owners aren’t smart enough to give him a huge contract.
  It’s pretty sad when the only big news is that Jacob DeGrom is not cutting his hair. Uh ok.
  Justin Ruggiano was out righted to Oklahoma City to make room on the 40 man roster.
Kike is reocovering from surgery. What? He was playing injured? We knew about the hamstring issue but he had shoulder surgery?

  As expected, Justin Turner also had knee surgery. I knew he was nursing bad knees.
  Yaz also had shoulder surgery.
It looks like we had a team of the walking wounded.

So here we are, the Dodger faithful, waiting to see what our western division champions will look like when the dust settles.

My good friend Crystal is on her way back from Bahrain after being deployed for almost a year. Thank God that she is returning safely.

I miss Dodger Stadium, the Dodgers, and my Dodger friends. I anxiously wait for any tidbit of news. I hope everyone is surviving the offseason. I’m slowly getting through my Dodger withdrawal but my life is a bleak nothing without baseball. 

Thanks for stopping by. Please keep in touch.


The Royals

I have to admit that I not so secretly was hoping that the Royals would win the World Series. My east coast friends will hate me for saying it. 

More than any other team, the Royals played their hearts out. They never gave up. When the Mets were ahead in these final games, the Royals roared past them leaving the Mets in their wake. It was so in the final game when Matt Harvey came in to close out the game in the 9th inning.  The Royals were able to score 2 runs forcing extra innings. Harvey had 8 scoreless innings but allowed a walk and an RBI double in the 9th.  Familia came in and blew the save, the most important save of his career. Not to throw the blame anywhere Lucas Duda threw wide to home while slow moving Hosmer barreled to the plate as if his life depended on it. It’s plays like this that make for exciting baseball. 

I don’t think anyone would say that the Royals were not deserving. This is their first World Series win in 30 years. The Mets now understand how the Dodgers felt in the 5th game of the NLCS. Mistakes and miscues tormented the Dodgers allowing the Mets to win the fateful 5th game that the Dodgers should have won. And of course Mets manager Terry Collins who had an amazing season will be the scapegoat as Donnie Mattingly was. Matt Harvey insisted on pitching the 9th, the guy whose pitch count was forever scrutinized. And Collins relented. 

Congratulations to both teams. For me it would have been harder if the Dodgers had gone to the World Series and lost the way the Mets had. 

And now in a few days we will see where Zack Greinke chooses to go. By Wednesday we’ll know if he opts out of his contract. Now that Mattingly is gone, I don’t anticipate Zack signing again with the Dodgers. By the way, Zack, Las Vegas thinks that the Dodgers are the odds on favorite to win the World Series in 2016.  Brett Anderson, Rollins and Kendrick are all free agents. Just saying. If everyone remembers, at the beginning of the 2015 season the Dodgers were rated #3 in the western division. 

I hope that my team isn’t torn apart again during this offseason. If the owners do not offer Zack a multi year Kershaw-like deal, he will be gone. Will they go cut rate Latos again and disappoint the fans. With a pitching battery of Kershaw-Greinke-Ryu-McCarthy-Wood, we have a chance in 2016. My one other request is to keep Ethier.

Thanks for stopping by. Keep your fingers crossed.


As the World Series progresses, I can  say that the Dodgers only have a chance to win next season if the owners step up and make sure Zack returns and also get another starting pitcher.  The Mets are fighting back with their excellent pitching. So much for cybermetrics or whatever. With Mattingly gone time will tell how the clubhouse will be. The key besides having good pitching and good hitters, is harmony. 

With the status of the coaches up in the air, there is much uncertainty. The owners got smart negotiating with Rick Honeycutt. Consider that Clayton has only known him as a coach. And Zack was even better as a Dodger. I’m sure the owners are looking at Davy Lopes age but he should come back. I always thought that they hired Ron Roenicke as third base coach in the final weeks of the season to have him in the fold when consideration for new manager came up. The sooner the owners decide the fate of the coaches and pick a new manager, the better. Gabe Kapler is one of the front runners.  My son and I will always remember the day he robbed Russell Martin of a homerun when he caught the ball and fell into our laps, making the catch the ESPN play of the year. I’m on the right and my son is directly behind him trying to catch the ball.

Everyone asks me how I feel about Mattingly leaving the Dodgers even weeks after the final game of the season. I am sad. I didn’t feel this way when the other managers left. I knew Donnie better than the other ones but I can say that he is a good person. He is someone who has no enemies and never will. The only unkind words  I heard about him were said by “Dodger fans” who always blamed him for everything. I never heard an unkind word about him by the media. The team loved and respected him. So “Dodger fans” who forever disrespected him during the season, you got what you wanted.  

The Dodgers won the western division four years in a row. They were number one most of the season. They led the league in homeruns. They probably had the number one rookie Corey Seager and the Cy Young pitcher Greinke. But Donnie will forever be the scapegoat. Even Zack conceded that it was mistakes made by the players that lost the last game and we all know that Zack only speaks the truth. If Ethier hadn’t caught that foul ball, if Zack hadn’t allowed the homeruns, if that bungled play hadn’t happened on third base…but it all fell on Donnie. 

Mattingly being Mattingly was gracious enough to decide to leave. The Marlins are lucky. Dee will be happy to see him since Donnie helped make Dee the star he is. 

Everyone also asks me what I am doing everyday since baseball season is over for me. I still work full time as an ER nurse. I keep up on baseball news. I knit. I read. I yearn for Spring Training. I miss my guys like I would miss family. My life consists of baseball season and off season.

Thanks for stopping by. I miss you!! Baseball hurry back!

In Retrospect

  This is my last picture of Don Mattingly the ex Dodgers manager.  I say ex with heavy heart. He is shown here signing autographs for the fans, something he did everyday without complaint. I heard complaints about him everyday except when the Dodgers won and also when they won the West. I never complained because I liked him.  I am lucky in that I actually talked to him and got to know him better than most fans are able to.  He is a very caring manager..something that you don’t find much. Those who had such animosity toward him really didn’t know him. He managed with something different, a kind attitude.  He cared about his team.  Why else would Andre Ethier have waited so patiently in the wings usually being the odd man out and then come out being as good as he was. Donnie was able to bring the best out of each player. The key to being a good manager is to make each player know that he matters.
As I’ve said before, someone had to take the blame for not getting further in postseason.  Everyone seems to forget that the Dodgers almost were able to beat the Mets who are playing in the World Series.  The Dodgers were only one game away from winning the NLDS.  Did everyone forget that?  The reason why the Dodgers lost that game wasn’t Donnie’s fault…it was due mistakes made on the field.  The Dodgers lost by one run. The Dodgers also won the western division 3 years in a row.  There were the injuries. There was the sorry bullpen and only 2 dependable pitchers. The owners are to blame for that.  But Donnie took the heat for all that.  I was a little tired having to defend my views. Donnie was not responsible for the acquisition of players including the pitchers. 

No one knows who the next manager will be. Donnie’s shoes will be hard to fill. He came to the Dodgers 5 seasons ago, never having managed before.  He inherited a team of different personalities over the last 5 years and seemed to be able to make the team itself happy.  The pictures I have taken during his tenure show smiles, laughter, a comraderie not always found in teams. No one on the team  took the spotlight.  They all worked together.  That isn’t always found in MLB teams. Other seasons before Donnie the team often seemed to be at odds with each other as in the Jeff Kent years. 

  My spy cam shots of the dugout always showed the friendships they had with each other.  Haha do pitchers ever smile?
 I never had a hard time finding shots of smiling Dodgers.

 Even a smiling Zack.

The team had a happy season. What the future seasons will be without Donnie time will tell. Zack doesn’t know what it’s like being a Dodger without Donnie at the helm.  That may influence whether Zack returns, the uncertainty of who will be the manager and the pitching coach. Good job, owners. 

So everyone who wanted Donnie gone has what they wanted. I don’t like the uncertainty. I’m not sure whether restructuring the coaches and managers is the answer to winning the World Series. I think the answer is the pitching.  If you look at the Mets, the pitching was the key as well as the homerun hitting skills of Murphy.  Put Murphy and 3 of the Mets pitchers on the Dodgers and we would be in the World Series.

I know Donnie will be managing somewhere else because he is a gem. Whatever team gets him is lucky. Maybe he will be with the Marlins and Dee Gordon. I know Dee will be happy.

Good luck Donnie. Bring that team to the World Series. You deserve it.

Everyone has asked me who I want to win the World Series. I wanted the Cubs but with them out, I have to say the Royals. But truthfully, I really don’t care.

Thanks for stopping by. Please keep in touch!

And the Heads Start Rolling

  I remember Opening Day way back in April.  I looked at the Dodgers that I adore so much and thought they were strangers.  Only 15 of the original team were back.  I wasn’t happy.  My favorites Matt Kemp and Dee Gordon were gone.  Later in the season Juan Uribe would be unceremoniously traded to the Braves who we were actually playing when the transaction took place.  Uribe was surprised.  We were surprised.  And there it started.

A huge shock was the retirement of Nancy Bea, our much loved organist.  Earlier in the season,  her playing time was reduced.  There was an outcry in Facebook and the owners, not being totally stupid, made an announcement that she could stay as long as she wanted.  I was suspicious.  Nancy’s playing made our stadium much different from others.  How many can boast a live organist, a wonderful perk?  We have prided ourselves on still having a traditional stadium, one that has changed little, keeping it unique and nostalgic.  Most of the stuff occurring during the game including the Stolen Base Challenge, the Kiss Cam, etc are repetitious of other stadiums, but our Nancy Bea was the difference.  When she suddenly announced her retirement prior to the end of the regular season, I was, of course, distraught and unhappy.  I was sure the owners had something to do with it.

Then Lorenzo Bundy was suddenly taken from third base coach to an ambiguous, coach of the outfield or something weird like that and replaced by Ron Roenicke.  Of course everyone was sure it was a foot in the door for him to take Mattingly’s place.

The announcement of Mattingly’s resignation did not come as a surprise to me since there have been cries of “Fire Mattingly” all season.  Of course, every season there are cries to fire whoever is the scapegoat.  There were rumors that Mattingly could be traded like any baseball player, possibly for nothing.  There has really been nothing from the owners about Mattingly’s status until yesterday when they had their press conference which stated absolutely nothing.  I know that Donnie will find a position on another team, most probably the Marlins.  I will miss Donnie, a wonderful warm person.

We all understand how it goes.  You resign saying that it’s time.  The bosses say that it was mutual.  Then you can leave with your head up and the bosses don’t look like villans.  No one looks like the bad guy.  The new owners certainly want to keep the fans happy. They always make sure that Magic is in the forefront so we can adore the owners but he rarely was around since he has a finger in every pie.  The owners have really not let the fans know what their actual goal is.  I believe that they were really not planning on a World Series win this year.  If they did, their analytical approach didn’t work.  Their failure to obtain an adequate starting pitcher before the trade deadline proved that.  The Dodgers showed that when it took days to clinch the Western Division.  The lack of good pitching was a glaring flaw all season.  Starting pitchers Ryu and McCarthy were on DL early on, both not expected to return to the club this season.  Anderson and McCarthy were both acquired knowing that they were both risks since they were injury prone.  Matt Latos was the biggest FAILURE of the season, making Mike Bolsinger a mess after sending him down when he was 100 times better than Latos.  

Clubhouse morale is tantamount in achieving success.  Mattingly is well loved by the team.  I have not heard one unhappy word about him by any of the team.  There may have been a few disagreements such as those played up by the media, especially the recent tirades by Ethier and Kershaw.  Remember, those were during high moments of stress.  There have been seasons where the guys did not get along.  Trading Uribe was a mistake since he was a leader in the clubhouse and loved by everyone.  Analytics does not always work as we were shown this past season.  Baseball is emotional.  Baseball is mental.

With the resignation of Mattingly came the notice to all the coaches that they could look elsewhere for jobs.  Usually when the manager goes, so do the coaches.  Expect a totally retooled team including coaches.  Can we find better coaches than Davy Lopes, Steve Yaeger, Rick Honeycutt?  Time will tell.  I’m sad that this will probably influence Zack Greinke in his decision to leave the team.  It’s already in the news that he will opt out of his contract.  He was a Donnie supporter.  

I don’t expect to see Rollins and Kendrick back.  I hope they keep AJ although he is 34 years old.  They have Austin Barnes in the wings waiting to take over.  The only sure things are Adrian and Kershaw.  

I’m sad that the cuts are already happening.  I am really sad about Donnie.  I hope that my team is going in the right direction.  Whatever, I will always support them even if I don’t recognize any of them on Opening Day 2016.

Thanks for stopping by.  The good news in all of this is that Justin’s surgery was a success.  No news on Yaz yet.


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