5 in a Row

I’m too distraught and sad to write today. This week has just been too much.

Dee, I still love you.
Donnie, I know your heart hurts.
Dee, you were good without drugs.
Just watch out whose footsteps you follow in.
Hopefully Kike can make me laugh again.

Andre tried in his usual adorable way even on crutches.

The food didn’t even make me happy

Little Lucas is too young to notice when things are not quite right. Ahhh those innocent times!

Seeing two legends together almost made me smile: Orel Hersheiser and Don Newcombe

Getting Dave Roberts on the sweet spot was not an easy task.
Good luck pitching today Ross. Hopefully we fans can leave the stadium with smiles on our faces. I’m tired of being disappointed.  Losing 5 in a row is sad.
Thanks for checking in. Today has to be better than yesterday!


I came to the game on Thursday optimistic.  It was going to be the perfect day.  I was on the field with my friend Robert.  My favorite Kenta Maeda was pitching.  There was no way that the Dodgers could be swept by 4th place team Miami Marlins.  But what happened was dismaying and disappointing.
I met Robert on Suite level so we could be escorted down to the field.  This is the view from there.
Batting practice was well underway.
I had wanted a picture with Kenta Maeda but since he was pitching, he was not available.  I was disappointed.  That was disappointment number one.

Kike took pictures and signed autographs.

Nice guy Charlie, of course, took pictures and signed autographs.
Ross Stripling
My friend Robert’s thing is collecting batting gloves from the players.  He has a nice collection.  I don’t know anyone else who collects them.  Ross gave him a set.  Unfortunately another fan who never has an original thought saw Robert getting them and  started asking EVERY player for batting gloves.  Of course no one gave him any since he tends to be annoying.  Robert gets batting gloves from the players because he is there almost every game.  He is a familiar face.   That ruined it for Robert.  This fan always knows how to ruin things.  He makes unwelcome comments to the players about their performance.   I mean, seriously…he’s not a coach.  He seems to ride on our coat tails.  If a Dodger stops to talk to me or take a picture, there he is.  He never fails to make a comment.  I just cringe.  I don’t want the guys to think he is my friend.

Trayce also was nice enough to stop.
Justin Turner
But it was Corey Seager that really made my day.  He was happy to take a picture with me.  He sees me everyday and knows I never ask for anything.  I don’t understand some of the fans, even some season ticket holders who get the same autographs over and over.  I’m not much  of an autograph collector, maybe one autograph per player on a team ball if that. Others have piles of baseball cards, balls, pictures…I mean really, how many do you need?   The Dodgers know that I usually take pictures and that’s about it.  They always say hi since they know that about me.

Here is my ball so far.  Can you guess whose autographs they are?

It was fantastic to see Andre Ethier again.  He was on crutches but seemed to be moving much better.  He smiled at us.  We need him back!!!

Robert and I decided to go to the enemy side.  Robert wanted to get a Barry Bonds autograph and maybe snag some batting gloves from Dee Gordon.  We saw Barry.  He was talking to a few agents.  We stood there and waited politely.  He saw us but kept talking.  Suddenly he turned and spit on the ground a few inches from me.  I thought that was the grossest, nastiest thing I have ever seen.  I’m a nurse so I know gross.  I told Robert we should just leave because he pretty much let us know what he thought about us.  I wanted a picture with Dee and Donnie Mattingly.

The first Marlin who took pictures with us was Christian Yelich, left field.  Someone told me he wasn’t very friendly.  I didn’t think so.  He was nice to me.  And they also said he wasn’t all that cute.  I beg to differ.  Judge for yourself.

Martin Prado was the next Marlin who took a picture with me.  He was very friendly.

Dee Gordon has always been one of my favorites.  He came right up to me and took a picture.  Robert asked him for batting gloves and he said ok but that never materialized.  

Remember Miguel Rojas?  Robert asked him for batting gloves but he said the ones he was using weren’t even his.  They belonged to teammate Giancarlo Stanton.  
Don Mattingly the Marlins coach saw me and gave me a big hug.

Pat Shine, major league administrative coach gave me a ball.

It’s my first ball this season.  Maybe it’s because I never ask.
Ichiro was not far from us doing his usual weird rituals.  He completely ignored everyone.

Do you see Barry Bonds, the hitting coach, and Dee Gordon together in the background?  One of my big disappointments of the day was to find out about the 80 game suspension that Dee is serving after testing positive for PEDS.  He has stated that he didn’t know.  His weight increased to 170’s when he seemed to be stick-thin for so long tipping the scales at a mere 140.  I want to believe Dee but seeing him with Barry Bonds makes me wonder what actually happened.  

I was totally off schedule when I went to the Club to eat.  I pretty much gobbled everything down. I think it was roast pork with mashed potatoes and gravy, artichoke pasta, shrimp rice pilaf.
I was delighted to see my buddy Yoshiko.  I told her we were going to cheer Kenta Maeda on.
Then Kenta went down the field with his translator.
Yoshiko told me that this exercise is his trademark in Japan.
He threw a few warmup pitches
Chase Utley is always the first one out to stretch
The others weren’t far behind.
It was already getting a little cold.
Yoshiko met me down by the seats.  There’s Crystal who isn’t feeling that well but being the trouper she is, came to work.  Unfortunately another employee accidentally dumped beer down her back.  Poor Crystal.  It really wasn’t a good night for anyone.
National Athem.  The guys look happy.  I don’t know why.  They have lost 3 games already against the Marlins.
Carl Crawford and Yasiel Puig signed autographs.
The umpires before the game.  How they can figure out how to make the Dodgers miserable, I seriously wonder.
We cheered as Kenta Maeda walked past.  He was very somber.
First pitch.
The game seemed promising with the Dodgers scoring first.  
Yasmani doubled in Chase Utley.
Yasiel Puig singled Corey Seager in.  The Dodgers were able to put 2 runs on the board in the first inning.  But that was about it for our guys. They would get on base and then could not score.  It was a rerun of the previous 3 games.

The Kenta Maeda-Ichiro Suzuki matchup. Kenta felt it was an honor.
From the first inning on, the Dodgers could not get any runs   Maeda lost his first game.  His ERA is now 1.41.  His record 3-1.

It has been a sad 4 games.  The Marlins swept the Dodgers for the first time in their franchise history.  It was very hard to watch.  All I thought about during those games was that I wanted to go home.  The offense was dormant.  The bullpen on Thursday was not so good.

The big story was Dee Gordon.  It was insufferable to be swept by a 4th place team but it was more miserable to find out about our Dee Gordon.  I’m still in shock.  I always want to believe the best.

As Dave Roberts has said, let’s just turn the page.  I think we’ve been turning the pages of a bad novel for the past 4 games.  The Dodgers play the San Diego Padres tonight.  The Dodgers have won 9 straight games against them.  Pitching will be Alex Wood 6.00 ERA and Cesar Vargas 1.80.  Wood has not had a good start yet.  I’m looking forward to seeing Matt Kemp again.  Hopefully we can pull off a win.  It would definitely be horrific if the Dodgers could not win a single game this homestand.

Thanks for stopping by.  I wish I had better news but that’s life.  It can’t possibly get any worse!!  GO DODGERS!!

One of Those Days

Do you ever have one of those days when nothing seems to be going right?  It seems like Wednesday was one of those days in the 3rd game (and 3rd loss in a row) to the Marlins.  The day started out already cold and cloudy.  However there really wasn’t much of a line at the gate although it was fleece blanket day.

It was the usual batting practice.  The guys looked happy and animated as usual.  Smiles all around.
My pictures all seemed to be lacking something….this one lacks their faces.
I could totally recognize everyone.
I got perfect pictures of my favorite Kenta.

Everyone in the batting cage was focused well.

They all stopped to talk.
I was able to get a nice picture of Kershaw.
Dave Roberts 
Orel Hersheiser came to joke with us.  I remembered to take off my sunglasses.
We went over to the other side to see Dee Gordon.

He remembered me of course.  He kept telling me, “I’m still sorry ma’am.”  Let’s pile the guilt on him.

I thought it was a good time to eat since the day so far was not so good.  The food however was wonderful.  The tri tip was delicious.

I went back out to the field in time to see AJ who did not even look our way.  Not unusual.  I suppose losing two games in a role can make everyone grumpy.  I can imagine that losing three would make everyone even less amiable.

Scott Kazmir came out to warm up.  He had yet to have a good outing.  We were hopeful this would be his breakout game.
One bright spot…my friends Veronica and Christian were there.  They actually had seats in dugout section but came down to say hello.  Too bad this picture was photo bombed.
Also two nice kids, Jeremiah and Joseph.  I can’t seem to keep “where’s Waldo” out of my pictures.
They started to come out one at a time.  I seem to be getting only back views of the players.  One of my favorites Trayce Thompson.
A ball landed a couple of inches too far for me to reach.  So close but yet so far.
The National Anthem.  Clayton looks happy with me.
AJ and Scott making their way down the field.  Scott already has that look of dread.
Like I said, I was able to get perfect shots of everyone.
Trayce came to us to sign autographs.  I pointed to Joseph and Jeremiah.  Unfortunately one of the kids was jostled out of the way by some rude fans and he didn’t get an autograph.
He’s still standing there hoping…
Birthday boy Corey Seager signed many autographs but the little guy still was left out.  One of my pet peeves:  rude nasty people who push the children out of the way.
When Yasiel came to sign, I again pointed to the little guys but again they were pushed out of the way.  Their day was going as well as mine was.  You can see the Bobblehead of Puig he was holding out.  He got pushed out of the way so didn’t get it signed.
I was able to get a nice dignified shot of Clayton Kershaw.
And Scott threw the first pitch.  The first inning produced 2 runs….for the other side.  Already behind.  Never a good omen.
It’s always that Stanton guy.  Why couldn’t we get one sure home run hitter in the offseason.  He didn’t hit a home run but messed the Dodgers up anyway in that first inning.
And Dee just kept on smiling.  I liked him much better as a Dodger.  Corey looks thrilled.
Best bat girl Emily was sitting in front of me.  That was one of the only pluses of the day.  The players like her because she can actually throw the ball.  The other bat girl spends her time flirting with security.
The other plus was my seat partner Cameron who was there with his super mom Danielle.  They are from Bullhead City, AZ.  She drives him  2 hours for baseball practice in Las Vegas.  What a mom!!!  They stopped at Dodger Stadium to watch a game.
Birthday boy Corey hit himself in the shin with a foul ball.  That was the way Andre Ethier broke his leg.  What a horrible day it’s been.
I went up to the club to get my ice cream and cookies.  I came back to my seat and Danielle told me what I had missed.  The only excitement of the game and I was up in the club.  A half naked guy had run on the field and was immediately tackled by security.  Stupid stupid stupid!

If that wasn’t enough, someone across the aisle from me was hit in the face with a foul ball, only inches from my seat.  That was something I was glad I had missed.  It would have been deja-vu all over again.  I’m deathly afraid of the ball since getting hit in the face by Dee Gordon.  I had gotten hit 3 years in a row.  That was the worst.  Danielle told me he had a pretty impressive gash on his face, blood all over.  I might have had to play Nurse Nancy if I had been there after I got out from under my seat.

Scott’s game really wasn’t bad.  The first inning was his settling-in period and then he shakily finished up allowing only those two runs.  It was the Dodger batting that was lacking.  The Marlins pitcher was just up from the minors.  I mean, really?  The Dodgers made him look like Cy Young-rookie of the year material.  The closer was pitching his first MLB game.

The Dodgers were able to load up the bases with walks in the 8th inning making us fans hopeful.  There was only one out, bases are loaded.  We held our breaths.
It led to continuous pitching changes and discussions.
The Marlins pitcher and Mattingly were both ejected after arguing the strike zone.  Donnie had vowed not to get kicked out of the game during this road trip.  I guess that was just a dream on his part.  Donnie is passionate.  Everyone could read “baloney” on Donnie’s lips.  
Yasiel and Adrian both struck out ending the inning where the Dodgers could have broken it wide open.  We all felt deflated.  I knew we had lost at that point.  
It was a tiring long arduous game.  I’m talking about how we fans felt. I’m sure it wasn’t good for the players’ morale either.   Scott had actually pitched an ok game.  He had no run support.  The Dodgers had only two hits.  But as Bob Geren, the bench coach said, there usually is a loss before a winning streak begins.  Maybe he meant that there usually is 3 losses.

The Dodgers are in danger of being swept by the Marlins, a team who is still in 4th place in their division even after winning 3 games.  What does that tell you?   They have already won the series, the first time at Dodger Stadium  since 2010.  But Kenta Maeda is pitching so there is a chance to salvage the last game.  Kenta has a 0.36 average, 3-0 record.  He will be facing ace Jose Fernandez who doesn’t like Dodger Stadium because it is too loud.  Maybe we better up the volume today so we can actually win.  It has to do with run support.

A side note:  I don’t get the Dodger fans’ passion getting Marlins autographs and pictures.  They are totally killing us.  So many were happy with Jose Fernandez  signing autographs and taking pictures. He is pitching against our Maeda today.  I can’t bring myself to get that jolly about the enemy especially at this point.  

Thursday’s game couldn’t be any worse than Wednesday’s game when nothing seemed to go right.  I’m hoping this game will make up for the other ones this series.  The Dodgers are still clinging to first place in the West by a hair.

Thanks for stopping by.  Special hello to Veronica, Christian, Danielle and Cameron.  GO DODGERS!!  

What Happened??

It seemed to be a normal Kershaw day.  Somehow it turned into something very different.

It started out to be annoying.  There was a line to get in which is unusual on a nongiveaway day.  I was sure all these people did not have an MVP card to show season ticket status to get in for early batting practice.  Silly me.  The thought occurred to me that it was USC Day and all these people in line had gone to USC.  Wrong.  They were in line to get in another line for the autographs being signed for earthquake assistance for Japan and Equador.  The signers were Maeda himself, Dave Roberts, Jaime Jarrin, and Yasmani Grandal.  Yasmani was a no-show.  Someone said that he was mad about something. The event was organized by Kenta Maeda.

So of course there was that other long line inside.  It took me 50 minutes to get into the stadium much to my chagrin.  Not happy.  The only good part of this whole debacle was that there was no one down at the seats or at batting practice.  They were all in that autograph line.

The guys were out shagging balls as usual.  It was wonderful not having the crowd there begging for balls and annoying the Dodgers as they practiced.
They all went into the clubhouse as usual around 5:00.  The only player left on the field was Kenta Maeda who was speaking again to the Japanese media.  

Trayce Thompson had been talking to media so was late going in.  I asked him for an autograph.  Yes, that is rare for me but it was a good time since I was the only person standing there.  He was happy to sign.  Another person was standing near me and asked for an autograph but he didn’t look so happy about that.  Most of the players know I’m not much of an autograph seeker.  I have one ball that I have that I will get autographs on.  I call it my team ball.  When it is full, I’m done.  I like pictures and hugs.  By the way, someone was mad at me because Puig gave me a hug.  I mean really??? Yasiel always hugs me.  She told me she had worked hard to earn a hug.  What does that mean?  

I saw Kenta coming into the dugout.  I hesitated a moment.  I was holding his Maeken jersey in my hand.  I like to show him my support by waving it but I had it rolled up.  He held out his hand to sign it.  I was excited.  I had my silver marker handy.  I asked him to sign it in Japanese.  Later I heard that since he came to the U.S., he won’t sign in Japanese anymore. I gave him a donation for the earthquake fund but I think he thought it was payment for the autograph.  He looked at me in confusion.  I said earthquake in Japanese and he understood and took the $20 bill with a broad smile.  I’m beginning to really love this guy.  He recognizes me by now which makes it even sweeter.

Lucky me.

It was then time to go up to reserve section to get my sister’s USC tee shirt.  It was a bit of a walk but I met a very nice guy on the elevator who happened to be going in the same direction.  His name is Sammy and he is in charge of all these special events.  I asked him about a special Japan night since the Dodgers now have a Japanese player.  He told me that the Kenta Bobblehead night would be Japan night.

Here’s Sammy.  He gave me some good information.

Always good to see a familiar face.

The tee shirts were being distributed at a special location.  I wanted to get there before the sizes were gone.  I shouldn’t have worried since few people wear extra teeny like my sister.

The tee shirt is nice.  My sister loved it.

I trekked back down to field level to the baseline club to eat.  The food was interesting:  two kinds of meatballs, turkey and beef, Brussels sprouts, porcetta.  Salads were delicious as usual.  I was happy to see my good buddy Yoshiko and her husband.  We talked a little before I had to hurry off.  I have a certain routine that I try to adhere to and I was a little off by that time.

I have a certain spot I like to stand in so I can get unobstructed view of the field.  It was indeed USC night at Dodger Stadium.

There was absolutely no one on the field.
Then Clayton Kershaw made an appearance.  
Then Yaz walked from the dugout to the bullpen.  He definitely is a better catcher than first baseman.
Clayton did his usual stretching routine.
Then he sat a while and contemplated world events.
After throwing a few balls, he went into the bullpen.
Chase Utley came out first followed by Corey Seager, pretty much the oldest player and the youngest.

It was good to see Carl Crawford who just was activated from DL.  He came out to the field with Joc Pederson who seems to be doing better with the bat.  I hope the Joc-hating criticism dies down.

Of course the guys had to go give Dee a little love.
Ha!!  I think I was spotted.  “Hey, isn’t that the girl I clocked a couple of years ago??”
Pics coming and going.
Joc doing some stretching with the trainer.
I really like Carl.
National Anthem.  Looks like they are sneaking a peek at….
USC cheer leaders.  After all, it is USC Day.
Kike and Justin playing catch
Yasiel came out to speak to the enemy
Ugh, some Dodger dirt got in my mouth.
Corey signed for the fans much to their delight.
as Yaz and Clayton walked by with pitching coach Honey.
Excitement was building.  Can you pick out Trayce, Kenta, Kike, Charlie and Dave from the pictures?
First pitch.  It seemed to be the typical Kershaw outing for the first 6 innings.  He struck out 10 in 7 innings.
The only Dodger runs were facilitated by walks given up by Tom Koehler, the Marlins ok pitcher.  He walked 4 in 5 innings.  Two scored in the first inning thanks to two wild pitches.  The third run was a double hit by Kershaw himself who sometimes has to give himself run support.

The Marlins always seemed to be in some sort of discussion with a lot of hugging going on.
As they say, the wheels completely fell off in the 6th inning when Kershaw seemed to let his emotions get the better of him.  The sports writers wanted to compare this game to the postseason games with the Cardinals.
The Dodgers had a 3-0 lead when the wrecking-crew-in-one Giancarlo Stanton hit a 3 run home run making the 6th inning a 5 run inning.  And that was the turning point of the game.  They were calling it two games in one….the stellar Kershaw in the first part and the emotional Kershaw in the second part.  

I went to the club to comfort myself with strawberry ice cream.
It really didn’t make me feel better.  I wasn’t so upset over the loss because as I told my friend Mika,  overall it was good.  It was USC Day.  I got a shirt for my sister.  Kenta signed his Maeken jersey in Japanese.  Mika got an autograph and was able to give Kenta a nice present of mochi, a Japanese sweet treat. I saw my good friends Veronica, Christian, Yoshiko and her husband.  I love my group of friends at Dodger Stadium.  I always like chatting with Norma and Cece.  I have a good life.

This is where I sit.  I am 3 rows back from the field.  I have a choice seat on the aisle.
But the game wasn’t over although it actually was pretty much over.  It’s always fun to see Ichiro no matter what team he’s on.  He’s got an interesting ritual which probably psychs out the pitcher.

It was enough to have an extensive discussion.

What do you suppose he’s going to do??  Figure out a pitch.
Well, go ahead and pitch guys.
So he ended up on base.  I took this picture with my phone so sorry it’s so fuzzy.  I had already put my camera away.  I knew it was over.  It felt over.
Wednesday is fleece blanket day.  Yes, another giveaway day.  Hopefully it won’t be another crowded mess at the gate.  The Dodgers play the Marlins again.  Scott Kazmir pitches today. Kenta Maeda pitches on Thursday.

Thanks for stopping by.  GO DODGERS!!!

Just a side note….so happy that my sister’s kitty Hobarito returned yesterday.  He had been missing exactly one week. He’s an inside cat and my sister was afraid he was dead.  He has been exhausted.  It’s hard work being beat up every night.  God is good.

Bobblehead Giveaway Day

The days I dislike the most at Dodger Stadium are the bobble head giveaway days.  Monday was no exception.  The Clayton Kershaw bobble head was actually very nice.  I’m not that fond of bobble heads on the whole.  These giveaway days bring out the worst in people and also brings the worst people to the stadium.  It is crowded and the fans are usually not the usual group of people.  They tend to be rude and pushy.

The day started out mild, cloudy, no sun to speak of.  The weather forecast called for wind.  Even at 4:00 it was already a little cold.

I was glad to see my guys back home.  It’s only the second homestand but when they are gone, I miss them.  They seemed to be in a good mood probably because of their 4-2 record on the road.  Kenta Maeda has proven himself the best offseason acquisition the Dodgers made.  Notice again that the starting pitcher seem to stand on the field together.

One of my favorite additions is Charlie Culberson.  We all love him.
They went in a little early for a meeting.  They seemed to be in a hurry.

I was hoping to see my favorite Kenta Maeda because I had a present for him.  It was something simple…a box of Japanese rice crackers that I had put in a reusable bag.  It was appropriately decorated with “Ninja” for the child in him.  It wasn’t a big gift but in Japanese culture, it’s more the gesture.  He was stopped by the Japanese media as usual which was to our advantage because then we had time to get to the dugout.  He was going to run by because he was late to the meeting, his hands were full with shoes and equipment.  I waved the ninja bag and said in Japanese…present.  I was quite proud of myself that I could remember the word.  Japanese people are known to be very polite and Maeda-San was no exception.  He saw the gift and stopped, slipping the bag on his arm.  I was overjoyed since I didn’t have to bring it another day.  I always come loaded down with camera, backpack, purse, and also a bobble head that day.

It was a good time to eat.  The food was outstanding.  I couldn’t believe how delicious the lettuce wraps were.  How can lettuce and chicken be so amazing together??
I had to take another picture before I enjoyed this one.
Here she is making them.
I always have to give Armando a big hug.

He thought a selfie would be better than just a picture of him.

I saw my favorite runners so they were nice enough to take selfies with me.  They are the best.

A nice picture of Dulce.  I look terrible.  I have the worst allergies which have affected my eyes.  I can’t believe how itchy they are all the time.

AJ was just walking down the field to warm up.  He was catching, Yaz was relieving Adrian at first base.
The sky looked clear but it was windy.  Everyone already had their jackets on.  I don’t wear a jacket too often but I knew I would have to put mine on sooner or later.
Here’s cutie Gavin with his Clayton Kershaw bobble head.
They were interviewing Kenley on Sportsnet.
Amanda, the bat girl.  The sky was looking a little ominous.  It was actually sprinkling.  I don’t believe that any of the weather apps mentioned rain or sprinkles.  I was hoping it was a temporary setback.  In California, it could turn into a downpour or else it could turn into sunny skies.
Ross Stripling was hoping for his first MLB win.  He was taken out his first game when he might have pulled off a no-hitter.
He worked out and stretched a bit.  Interesting workout.  I thought he was serenading the bullpen coach.
It was Rick Monday Monday.  It has been 40 years since he rescued a flag burning on the field when he was an active player.  We will all remember that day.  It was a very chilling and heroic moment.

The guys all came out to stretch.  Interesting starting lineup, especially Yaz at first, giving Adrian a much needed day off.  He hasn’t had one since the season began.

Charlie substituted for Corey Seager who also had the day off.

Yasmani was on the field stretching.  

We all fondly remember Dee Gordon, myself especially.  We do have a bond.  Actually I have a scar over my left eye to always remind me of him.  I know many of the current Dodgers are close friends of Dee’s and still keep in touch.

I had a request from Pat for more pictures of Charlie.  Here you go.  I acually caught a pic of him blowing a bubble.  Oops, somehow the picture of Howie and Justin sneaked in.

Here are some pictures for you Trayce Thompson fans.
And also here are the many faces of the animated Kike Hernandez.
The rest of the team came out to the field bundled up for winter weather.  It is LA after all.  We aren’t used to this inclement weather.
Apparently appointed barber Scotty Van Slyke took the shears to Trayce and Howie.  Trayce thought he needed a new look to improve his batting.  I’m not sure about his haircut but Howie looks 200% better.  Maybe it was a bad time to chop off the hair when it was so cold and windy.
Charlie signed for everyone.  To my surprise, so did Trayce.  I haven’t seen him sign since Spring Training.
Of course my sweetheart Yasiel signed.  He said “Hi Mama” to me and gave me a nice hug.  
Joc came to the seats.  A fan had a Joc bobble head that he had added Golden State Warriors logo to it.  He gave it to Joc.
AJ and Ross walked to the dugout
First pitch
It’s really hard for me to see Dee on the other side wearing another uniform.  I still think it wasn’t smart to trade him.
Ross allowed 3 earned runs which were too many since the only runs the Dodgers scored were the two solo home runs by Yasiel Puig and Trayce Thompson in the 4th inning.  

Ross’s ERA is still 3.22 which isn’t bad for a fifth starter.  The bullpen had been used up on the road so he was kept on the mound as long as possible.  Yasmani was at first when he missed a foul pop up which Adrian, a gold glover, probably would have made.  It cost them a run one pitch later when Stanton hit an RBI double tying the score.  2-2.

The final score was 2-3, another one run game.   So as they say, let’s turn the page.

This week is full of giveaways.  Monday was the Kershaw bobble head.  Tuesday is USC day.  I purchased a special ticket so I could get my sister a USC-Dodger tee shirt.  Wednesday will be Dodger fleece blanket day, one of my favorite giveaways.  I bought an extra ticket so I can give my sister a blanket.  I’d much rather get a blanket than a bobble head.  On the weekend they are giving away a Justin Turner chia pet.  Okaaaay.

I am happy to report that my sister’s cat Hobie returned back to the fold.  He had run away a week ago Tuesday which was worrisome because he is strictly an inside cat.  We had been searching for him.  I think he decided freedom and being in nightly catfights was not fun.  We are glad to have him back.  Maybe he’ll appreciate 3 meals and a cot after all that.
Today Clayton Kershaw will be pitching.  He will be facing Marlins’ Tom Koehler who has a 4.0 ERA, 1-2.  Kershaw has a 1.50 ERA and is 2-0.

Thanks for stopping by.  GO DODGERS!!!

Happy Birthday Dee

Happy birthday to my buddy Dee Gordon who was once a Dodger. He is now a golden glover with the Marlins.

  We go way back as you can see.
  We had a few pictures taken together.
  Maybe a few.
  We definitely have a connection. He clocked me with a foul ball in the eye. I still have a scar to remind me of our good times.
  While going through some old pictures, I ran across this one with guess-who.
  And this one of my friends Veronica and Christian.
Just a stroll down memory lane.

Thanks for checking in.


  Thursday was a day of mixed emotions.  We were all happy because it was Joc’s 24th birthday.  Adrian Gonzalez treated the team to dinner that evening.   Joc’s mom treated the team to personalized cupcakes.
And then we were all sad at the passing of legend Prince.  It is always sad when someone passes away at such a young age, Prince being only 57 years old.  No one knows what happened but he had flu symptoms the week before and also had a drug overdose.  We all know how drugs have taken so many talented people.  He and Michael Jackson will be making sweet music together in heaven.

Jake Arrietta had yet another no hitter.  People want to compare him with Clayton Kershaw.  Uh no.  Not even.  But congratulations for the first no-hitter of the season.

Another happy moment of Thursday was the Dodgers’ win against the Braves.  Clayton was pitching and really wasn’t at his best.  Clayton allowed 10 hits, struck out 10.  The Braves were held to one run.  The Dodgers won in a 10 inning game with a score of 2-1.  The Braves were limited to 2 for 10 RISP.  Even when Clayton is inconsistent and really doesn’t have his best stuff, he can get the job done.  He is after all, Clayton Kershaw, 2 time Cy Young winner, masterful on the mound.

  This was the Dodgers’ second 10 inning game in 2 days.  They won the series against the Braves 2-1.  Today they will face the Rockies at Coors Field with Kazmir pitching.  Kazmir has been less than stellar his first 2 outings, not being able to get past the 5th inning, with an ERA of 6.43.  Hopefully he will get his stuff together for this game.  He will be facing Jon Gray who had been on DL for abdominal strain.
  Hopefully some of Clayton’s magic will rub off on Scott.
  Scotty Van Slyke  is still on DL, not really any better.
  Adam Liberatore accidentally plunked Pedro Baez on the back of the head during bullpen practice possibly putting poor Baez on concussion DL.  I know he feels terrible about that.  Coleman already was placed on 3 day bereavement leave for the death of his beloved grandfather.  These events shake up the bullpen who actually has been doing quite well lately after a shaky start.
  My sister and I took advantage of the Dodgers 5 run game on Wednesday.  Papa John’s pizza offers a 50% off on their pizzas the day after the Dodgers score 5 runs.  Just order on line and punch in Dodgers5 to get this offer. This is their delicious light luau pizza.  It has less cheese, a thin crunchy crust, pineapple, green pepper, and Canadian bacon.  It was so yummy.  Thank you Dodgers and thank you Papa John.  
The Dodgers are at the moment at the top of the National League West with a 10-6 record.  The Giants have lost 5 games in a row.  The Rockies are the closest team with an 8-7 record.

Good news:  I found out that my blog is ranked number 34 in the top 100 MLB blogs for March.   I feel honored and humbled.   There are so many wonderful blogs, one of favorites being Canuck Cubbie which is masterfully written by Mark Gauthier.  Thank you everyone for checking in with me.  Thank you to my good friend Veronica and her husband Christian for being one of my most loyal readers.   I had not written much on my blog until about the middle of March with Spring Training.  Now that the season is in full swing, I’ll be writing more, especially the home games which I will be attending.

When the Dodgers are on the road, I miss them.  This next week when they return to Dodger Stadium, I will be on vacation from work since there are too many games and not enough days off.  Sometimes work just gets in the way.  Baseball season always puts me in a much better mood however.  Everyone knows I live for baseball.

  The clasp on my Dodger necklace broke on Tuesday.  Of course being as superstitious as a baseball player, I totally freaked out.  I ordered a new replacement chain and just received it in the mail yesterday.  Inexplicably I felt half dressed without it.  Now I feel whole again.  Yes, there are two hearts with the LA on the necklace.  My heart is totally with the Dodgers.  Funny thing…the necklace opens up many conversations with strangers about the Dodgers.  Usually it’s “Are you a Dodger fan?”  I usually answer “hard core.”  Then they try to stump with with questions about the Dodgers.  I can usually discuss anything about the Dodgers with anyone.  One thing that just chaps my hide are all the misconceptions about them.  Most people think Joc is stuck up.  Far from it.  Others have not nice things to say about Yasiel Puig who is one of my honeys.  He always smiles at me and says “Hello Momma.”   Clayton never fails to say “Hi. How’s it going?” AJ always smiles at me. Charlie Culberson is probably the nicest new player this year.  The friendliest player of all time is Andre Ethier whom I miss like crazy this season.  Media loves to comment about Andre every year, usually negative, no matter how well he plays.  I’m pleased that he usually sets these people back on their heels.   Most people who have only rotten comments to make have never even spoken to these guys.  Don’t always listen to the media and don’t make comments if you really don’t know.  I never believe anything unless I personally hear it from that person.  

Thanks again to everyone who takes the time to check out my blog.  I have one more night of work and then vacation!!  Life is good.  See everyone soon.  Have a great day.  GO DODGERS!!!!

A Long Road Trip


Maybe it’s not such a long road trip…it just seems that way. I’m back at work for a stretch. For those of you who are new readers of my blog, let me tell you a few things about myself.

My passion in life other than my family are the Dodgers. When I called my blog “catlovesthedodgers,” I’m really not kidding.  They are my entire life for 6 months out of the year. I eat, breathe, sleep everything Dodgers. In the offseason I am irritable, distracted, grumpy and lost.  

I have been an emergency department nurse for many years. I work at the Veterans Administration Medical Center in Long Beach. I truly do love my veterans.  They are a very special group. Many are suffering from the effects of giving everything for our great country. The work is hard and oftentimes takes the wind out of my sails but I do it because it makes me feel like I am doing something real and worthwhile.

I have been a season ticket holder for around 10 years…not so long.  My seat is in the baseline club. I am very lucky to be able to have the experiences that I do. The Dodgers are a wonderful group ever changing with each season but still one of the most revered teams in the MLB. Every season has been a joy to me. I have made many friends: fans, staff  and Dodgers.  I decided to write a Dodger blog so I could share my experiences with many who can’t come to the games and share my passion.

  Believe it or not, this was 7 years ago. My biggest crush of all time was Matt Kemp who I adore to this day.  This was one of my first pictures with a Dodger.
I don’t profess to be a great sportswriter although I can argue baseball with the best. My goal is to share parts of the Dodgers that you won’t find on tv, a more personal glimpse of what they are really like.  Believe it or not, they are humans and have feelings.  Baseball is their job and they want to win!!!  I remember years ago, Russell Martin interrupted our conversation saying, I have to go to work now.  It is their job. Many fans think it is their job to sign autographs and pose for pictures. It’s an added bonus but NOT THEIR JOB.

I use my own pictures. Many are taken on my IPhone but most are taken on my beloved Nikon. I rarely use anyone else’s photos and if I do, I give credit to whoever was the photographer. Thanks to Jon SooHoo for a couple I have borrowed. 

The true joy of my life other than the Dodgers is my son Philip who is a Commander in the Navy. He lives near Washington DC.

I also am blessed with my supportive sisters, Jojo and Sara. Love you so much!!!

There it is in a nutshell.  I want to thank everyone who takes the time to read my blog. Writing it has added to the Dodger experience. Sharing my very unique experiences with you makes it a hundred-fold better.

I already miss my guys. They are in Atlanta and then in Colorado. After the first two weeks, they are in first place in the West!!!! GO DODGERS!! 

So There, Joc Haters

  Sunday was a sunny day but the shadows were all over the stadium.  Shadows are the bane of baseball players’ existence.  The players, pitchers, infielders, outfielders, hitters alike have to play through them.    It was a good game but of course there usually is a surprise…Corey’s 2 run home run yesterday and Joc’s 2 run home run on Sunday.  There are always criticisms about the players, but Joc usually is the chosen one in every conversation.  I’ll always support Joc no matter what.  But then again, let’s go back to the beginning of the day.
Oddly enough the Dodgers schedule had the team playing at 7 on Friday, 6 on Saturday and 5 on Sunday.  Strange times.  On Tuesday they play at 4 in Atlanta.  It was nice having a Sunday evening game rather than the usual day game.  The heat would have been terrible had it been played at 1 as usual.  The temperature hovered around the 80’s.

  Batting practice as usual…the shadows were already giving me a hard time. As usual the players were paying attention to what was going on.
  The relief pitchers tend to cluster together
  The starting pitchers hang out together
  And manager Dave Roberts makes the rounds
  Good to see Carl Crawford feeling better.  Carl is one of the nicer players on the team.  He will be back on Sunday.
  Charlie Culberson who has been a valuable addition to the team
  Steve Yaeger our catching coach
  Did you see that???? Again the shadows.
  Time to check out the food.  The carne asada tacos were wonderful.  Crystal’s suggestion to try a squeeze of lime was spot on.
  The salads were again delicious.   There always is a variety with a mixture of greens, fruit and veggies.
  The Swiss chard reminded me of my childhood.  We used to grow Swiss chard in the backyard.  The shrimp pasta tasted as good as it looked.  The chicken was perfect.  I have to compliment the chefs everyday for the delicious fare.  Back to instant ramen for me when the Dodgers are on the road.
 Yaz had something on his finger that he kept picking at.  Hopefully whatever it is doesn’t put him on DL.

 He has hit well against the Giants.  He broke up Cueto’s perfect game on Saturday in the bottom of the 5th.  Oh well!  It was one consolation that day,   The game being the most frustrating game of the homestand.

  The boy band Los 5 made their way across the field.  They actually sounded pretty good.  Their rendition of the National Anthem was inspirational complete with kettle drums. I was surprised at their versatility.
  The Good Year blimp cast more shadows.
  And here is Jon SooHoo, Dodger photographer.  He is my true idol.
  A nice surprise…Jackson with mommy Stephanie.
  Robert with Jackson.  He’s getting in practice for new little one due in August.  Congratulations to Robert and Carol.
 I was holding my breath waiting for Kenta Maeda, the starting pitcher for Sunday’s game.  He had not allowed  a run yet before this game.

 I feel like the Japanese paparazzi taking many many pictures of him.  He’s probably getting used to it since the Japanese media follow him everywhere.

  He went into the bullpen so I focused my attention on the other guys who had just come out on the field to stretch.
   Chase Utley is usually the first out.  He is a very intense, all-out player.

Corey and Howie

 Chase and Justin

  National Anthem.
  Joc and the trainer
 Kenta made his way from the bullpen deep in thought and totally focused.  He never looked anywhere except straight ahead.

  Corey Seager, the hero of Saturday’s game
  Sunday’s umpires just trying to figure out how to squeeze Kenta.
  The kids took the field with the Dodgers.  
   First pitch
Maeda didn’t seem in control the first inning.  Maybe the umpires think that Japanese pitchers should have a different strike zone.  Kenta figured it out throwing another excellent game.  He only allowed one run in 7 innings pitched, a third inning home run to Joe Panik.  It raised his ERA to 0.47.  He proved he can get himself out of a jam.  He  walked two in the first inning but did not allow a run until the home run in the 3rd.


Puig again was aggressive, stealing second after singling and scoring on a Yasmani single.

But it was Joc’s 2 run home run that had sealed the game in the 5th inning.  Yasmani was involved in both run producing at-bats.  Let’s give him a pat on the back.

  Obviously not happy.  Is he giving me hard looks?

  Much discussion when the Dodgers started scoring.  Wah Wah Wah.

  This was about the time when we started to believe that the Dodgers would win the game.
 Chris Hatcher seems to have found his way now that his baby is here.  The whole  bullpen seems to be doing better.

  Hmmmm.  Maybe I need a shave finally.
  Will he hit the ball already
  Let’s see.
  Oh good, here comes the ball.   The many faces of Corey Seager.  
   The outfield:  Trayce, Puig (a little rumpled and dirty as usual) and Kike
  Justin Turner
   A little break in the action for ice cream, cookies and pictures.  CJ, only in high school but well over 6 feet tall, and an excellent pitcher.   Mika, who speaks excellent Japanese, is my translator.
  My doggie bag:  a Dodger dog to eat so I don’t fall asleep driving home, my cookies compliments of wonderful chef Bud, and my strawberry ice cream which I will eat before it melts.
  But back to the action…let’s get this done Kenley.

  Top of the 9th.  One out.
  Clayton always seems to be having a good time according to my spy cam.
  Joc is hoping for a win, AJ is thinking about his wife running in the Boston Marathon for charity.  Everyone please donate to the cause. @#teamellisfamily.com.
  Dave Roberts and various coaches are hoping for a win
 And Kenley once again saves the game.

   Victory is so sweet especially against the Giants and especially since the game was televised on ESPN.  You can see Kenta in the background in the typical humble Japanese way.  Have I said enough how much I LOVE Maeken???
According to the Elias Sports Bureau, Maeda is the first pitcher in Dodger history to begin his Dodger career with 3 straight appearances of at least 6 innings and one or fewer runs allowed.  He is also the first Dodger since 1992 to begin his career with 14 scoreless innings.  And now they are comparing him to Greinke who is not faring so well with the D Backs.  I always liked Greinke and still do.

The Dodgers are now 8-5, the Rockies close behind with a 7-5 record.  The Giants who are predicted to win the West are 7-6.  The Dodgers had to deal with the Giants best pitchers during this homestand.

Now on to Atlanta.  We are finally playing a team other than the Giants!!!  Back to work for me tonight.  It’s been an exciting Opening Week.  I’m tired but it’s a good tired.  

Thanks everyone for stopping by.  It’s been wonderful seeing my Dodger friends again.  Please stop and say hi to me if you are at the Stadium.  GO DODGERS!!!  Go Joc!


Game Two Against the Giants

  Sometimes I have a hard time writing this blog.  There are always good things that happen even when the Dodgers lose.  Number one good thing….Coco was there.  She is the sunshine of Dodger Stadium.  Here she is on the left.  She is actually Caroline, her friend on the right is also a Caroline.  
 The food was good as usual.  The Asian fried chicken was delicious as was the Asian cole slaw.

  Yasmani was one of the only Dodgers who could hit against Johnny Cueto who was amazing.  It looks like Yaz isn’t drinking the pink drink anymore.
  Or maybe it is pink.
 Scott Kazmir simply didn’t have a good outing.  He threw 93 pitches in 4 innings.  Not good.

  Johnny Cueto was out there for the taking in the offseason but the Dodgers weren’t interested I guess.  He is a little flashy.  Love those fluorescent orange shoes.  He totally stumped the Dodger offense.
  The game was a sleeper…totally put Klayton and Duke to sleep.
  Justin Turner fell into the stands almost crushing my Coco.  Thankfully neither was hurt.

It’s sad when the big excitement is AJ being called in to pinch hit and he draws a walk.  Yawn!!  The score was 0-4 at that point and I was resigned to a loss.

  And then Corey Seager hit a home run bringing AJ in as well.  I had just told my friend Danny that Corey would have to hit it very far to get AJ to second.  I guess Corey did just that. 

The final score was 3-4.  The Dodgers just couldn’t capitalize on that Corey blast.

  The ice cream was good. The drive home wasn’t too bad. Sometimes it’s difficult to find the good things about the game.

The bullpen held the Giants to 4 runs even after Kazmir loaded up the bases. Another good thing.

  Maeda pitches the last game of the series. Another good thing.

Thanks for stopping by. GO DODGERS!!!


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