An Embarrassment

  It’s difficult sometimes to find the positive.  Last night’s game was an example.
It started out very hot.  That’s already a negative for me.  Then we found out that there was no batting practice.  After the game that day, I wonder why they didn’t.  It was dismal.  No offense at all.

  My friend Robert asked me whether I thought that the person on the phone was Alex Guerrero.  Can’t be sure but he has the same phone that I do.
  I guessed that this person was Kike.
  I thought this might be Chase Utley.
  Hard to tell
  Any guesses?
  AJ came to the fans and signed several autographs which I have never seen him do but everyone was thrilled.
  Jimmy came to someone in the stands to get something and was immediately mobbed for autographs.  I don’t get autographs anymore.  I’m done for the season.  I still like to get photos with them but that’s about it.  Fans can quickly become moblike.  They crowd to one corner and push and shove to get what they want.
  Zack is smart.  He doesn’t even get close.  He also avoids eye contact.
  He pulled out his ponytail when he got to the field.  I wonder if he’s seen my blog.  I actually thought at first it was a big girl before he shook out his hair.
  He practiced and stretched
  And walked to the other end of the field without glancing our direction.  Smart guy.
  I went up to the Club and checked out the food.  the BBQ meatloaf was just what i would be needing through the night.  Meatloaf is a comfort food.  It was a horrible night for Dodger fans.
I already had bad feelings about the game.  I knew that Jake Arrieta was beyond good.  He is Cy Young caliber.  He may take it away from our two Cy Young candidates. I prepared myself for a Dodger loss.  I had told everyone I expected the Dodgers to lose Sundays game but I didn’t expect it to be so bad.

  It’s actually comforting for me to see Yaz cross the field with his familiar pink drink.
  I’ve seen him follow his routine all season.
  He’s become one of my favorites
  He’s become better and better offensively and defensively
  He always says a little prayer before the game.
  Alex Wood was already in the bullpen.  He must have taken the underground tunnel from the locker room to the bullpen.
  He made some practice pitches to warm up
 Kike came out to stretch

  Joc was given a chance to start
  Carl and Jimmy having a chat with a Cub
 I heard that Matt Latos doesn’t want his picture taken.  Haha.  Can’t hide from my camera

  I even got you smiling. Too bad.  There’s Brett Anderson in his hoodie in the background.  Sheesh!  It must have been at least 90 degrees at game time.
  Yaz and Alex discussing the game plan
  No one expected the game to go the way it did
  First pitch
The bottom line is that the Dodgers pretty much were blanked by Jake Arrieta, the first Cub since 2008 to pitch a no hitter.  He also struck 12 Dodgers out.  It was an embarrassment to the Dodgers who were involved in a no hitter against Mike Fiers of the Astros on Aug 21, less than 10 days ago.  As James Koh said..”How many times can the Dodgers get no hit?  I guess $300 mill don’t go as far as it used to.”

Alex Wood didn’t do badly although he threw 72 pitches in 3 innings.  He righted the ship and lasted 6 innings with only 2 runs but had 7 strikeouts.  Kris Bryant hit a 2 run homerun in the top of the first inning.  I knew then that the game was essentially over.  I took a walk shortly after that to meet a friend who was sitting in the Reserve level.  He is a Cubs fan so I ended up congratulating him.  He put things in perspective by telling me that the no hitter soothed the hurt of losing 2 games already to the Dodgers and ended a 4 game losing streak for the Cubs.  Thank you Dr. Kim.

The only action on the Dodgers part was Kike reaching first on a supposed error by Castro in the 3rd inning.  Arrieta thought that it was a hit.  There is no way that the decision will be changed at this point.  I guess the rules are that if the player should have been able to catch the ball, it is an error.  That’s funny.  I feel that way about every ball that anyone misses. So what’s the difference?  Kike was taken out of the game in the 8th inning after feeling a hamstring tighten.  Not good news since Puig is already on the 15 day DL with a hamstring pull and Howie Kendrick has been sidelined with one for a while.  Kike has never had a hamstring issue so wasn’t sure how severe it was.  

The only other action was Jimmy’s walk in the 6th.  Otherwise the Dodgers were very quiet offensively.

  I comforted myself with some strawberry ice cream.
The Giants also lost so we keep our 3 1/2 game lead as they come to town Monday for a 3 game series.  However Brett Anderson is on the mound.  He is 1-4 against the Giants.  Not sure I like that statistic.

All in all, it was a disappointing game.  Congratulations to Jake Arrieta for his no hitter.  I left the game before the final out.  I’m not that good a sport that I can watch another team celebrate at my Dodgers expense.  I know a no hitter is a huge deal but I’d rather watch my own team celebrate one.  I heard that Arrieta came to the news conference wearing pajamas.  The Cubs had a pajama party on the Dodgers field.  Glad I left.  

There have been an explosion in no hitters so far this season.  Arrieta is the 6th.  It used to be a big deal to get a no hitter.  What’s going on?  No hitters so far:  Fiers, Iwakuma, Hamels, Scherzer, Heston.

  There is always a positive to every game.  My friend Stephanie brought her new born son Jackson to the game.  He is 6 weeks old.  He’s a cutie and destined to be a Dodger fan.  It made my day.
Another positive:  the bullpen had a 0.53 ERA in the last 17 innings.  I guess that doesn’t count those close calls.  The Dodgers also won 4 games out of 5 in the last week.

The Dodgers expand their roster tomorrow.  I know Mike Bolsinger will be back.  I can’t wait.  I’ve missed him.  I expect to see Darwin Barney as well with Kike hurt, Howie still on the mend, Puig on DL.  Barney is multi faceted and can play several positions including shortstop and 2nd.  He has been playing everyday in Triple A.  I have my fingers crossed that my two favorite players will be back.  Also players who may be included are Corey Seager, Kyle Jensen, Buck Britton,  Zach Lee, Austin Barnes, Scott Schebler, Eric Surkamp.

Zach Lee

So as we always say when the Dodgers lose, let’s turn the page.  This was a very difficult post for me to write.  I almost didn’t write one but I convinced myself to write it.  I knew you would be waiting.  Thanks for stopping by.  I appreciate you more than you know.  GO DODGERS!!!

Vinny Returns

Although it was a nice victory for the Dodgers against the Cubs, the big news of the day was that our Vin Scully would return for his 67th season.  He has been announcing the Dodgers since before I was born.  Now that’s a feat!

The only negative of the day was that Yasiel Puig was placed on the 15 day DL for his aching hamstring.

It was so nice being back at the stadium.  It’s getting down to the last few games.  I’m already feeling a bit sad. My life is either baseball season or waiting for baseball season.  The Dodgers are my whole life.

Since I always like to talk weather which was a favorite conversation between my Dad and I, I have to mention that the daytime temperature at Dodger Stadium was 99 degrees.  I was prepared for a miserable night, but surprisingly, the seats on my side of the stadium were already in the shade.  Life is good.

 The Dodgers were however standing in the hot sun.  I always wonder whether they are immune to all this heat.  Do they look like they are sweating?  Not really.  Maybe they have their own personal air conditioners.

  Steve Yaeger, Zack and Brett
  Joc and Baez
  The batting cage
  For some reason I was fixated on Zack’s ponytail
  Like maybe a whole lot.
  Kike was trying to catch some fly balls
  I got the feeling someone was trying to get Chase Utley’s attention.  
  I think he kind of looked our direction.  I didn’t know what he looked like at this point.  Is this him?
  Most of the guys had already gone into the locker room by the time we had access to the dugout area.  We did catch Donnie as he ran in to say hi.
  Joc signed some autographs
  before waving to me and running in
  The main course at the club was sloppy Joes.  I always think of sloppy Joes as a dish you make for the kids when you don’t have time to cook and you have ground beef and a can of tomato sauce.
  The salads were delicious especially the cabbage slaw with the pineapple.
  I was excited to see my friend Yoshiko with her son
  I hurried out to the seats in time to see Chase Utley interviewed…I think this is him.  
  My friend Carol and super cutie Lucas
  Alanna. Orel and Ned
  It was my lucky day.  Someone gave me this ball.
  I almost missed Clayton running out on the field
  and Yasmani with his pink drink
  This must be his good luck drink because he mixes it up and drinks it before every game.  Apparently Yaz likes this hot weather.  He says it keeps him loose. This weather just keeps me sweating and complaining.
  I love watching Clayton warm up
  He always pounds that back wall 
  Is this an awesome picture???  Clayton in the foreground with magnificent Dodger Stadium in the background?
  Yaz is back after being off a few days with left shoulder soreness
  A little prayer always helps
  Why do I always seem to catch Clayton yawning?
  The guys came out to stretch 
 Kike and Chase

  I’m trying to get a better look at Chase
  but he hasn’t looked in my direction
  I keep trying
  Now I know this is Kike
  Why does Brett Anderson always look so cold and gnomish.  It is still about 90 degrees.
  Sheesh I can’t believe I photobombed this picture.  It’s me trying to take a picture of Chase.  Figures.  Thank you Jon SooHoo I think.
This is a good sign.  This is Chase Utley’s first home game as a Dodger and he’s signing autograps for the fans.

  I mean, I really was photobombing today.  Am I looking at Carl with adoring eyes or what? He was asking me how I’ve been and all I could think of was how nice he was to stop to talk to me.  He is always kind to the fans.
  Joc came out to the field for a brief moment.  He didn’t start today.  Kike took over in center field.
  The umpires were agreeing on how to make us miserable with their calls
  Kike laughing to himself.  Justin in the background
Kike is obviously the Dodger with the best hair

Maybe tied with Justin Turner with his “ginger’ hair.

and Clayton and Yaz made their walk to the dugout
It’s always exciting when Clayton pitches.  Usually it is a fast game.  We have to eat fast on those days and the chefs have to start baking the 7th inning cookies earlier.

I was happy to see my favorite batboy Javier 

 First pitch 

 The game was fairly quiet until Jimmy Rollins hit a single in the 3rd inning.
  Chase then hit a triple with Jimmy running home.  The throw was late to home and Chase took third.  The score was 1-0.  Here’s my first good picture of Chase Utley.
In the top of the 4th, Anthony Rizzo hit a solo home run. 1-1.  Every once in a while, a team is able to score against Clayton.  

It was again quiet until the 6th when Cubs pitcher Hammel imploded.  He walked Chase.  He then gave up a single to Adrian Gonzalez.  Chase stole third on another wild pitch and then ran home on instruction by new third base coach Roenicke.  Very aggressive base running. 2-1

With Travis Wood pitching in relief, Scott Van Slyke hit into a double play but scored Adrian Gonzalez. 3-1.

  In the bottom of the 6th Carl singled.
  Yasmani walked.
  Then Kike singled scoring Carl Crawford. 4-1.
  They had replaced Andre with Scotty because of the lefty-lefty thing.  Scotty was in charge of making sure that everyone knew how many outs there were.
Clayton Kershaw had another phenomenal game.  He had 14 strikeouts which ties a career high.  He’s had 76 strikeouts since the all star break.  He has 248 career high strikeouts.  He only allowed 3 hits in 8 innings with only one earned run…Rizzo’s homerun.  He is #4 in ERA at 2.24.  Of course Zack is #1 at 1.61.

  Chase Utley hit his first RBI as a Dodger with a triple.
  I think I know his face now.
  It is apparent that Chase and Jimmy have that Phillie one-two punch going still.  If nothing else, Chase seems to have brought a spark to the team.

Kenley Jansen came into the game in the 9th inning to retire the side in order.  The final score 4-1.

  It seemed like a full moon night.  There was a crowd of 44,874 which is about 10,000 short of a sellout.  
The game was quick as I expected.  Kershaw was right on point.  I am expecting a perfect game from him before the season is over.

I’m already counting down how many more times we’ll hear “I Love LA.”

  The season is almost over.  I’m paying for my postseason tickets next week.  I’m hoping I use all the tickets in my packet.
Matt Latos will start Game 2 against the Cubs on Saturday.  He was in the bullpen during the last road trip and then was sent to Arizona to tweak his pitches a bit.  I don’t think that shows a lot of confidence in his pitching.  I differ with Jon Weissman that I think that the Dodger management had a concern with Latos’s pitching.  Those two losses sent him down to the bullpen.  His ERA is 6.75.  My bone of contention has been sending Mike Bolsinger down when he was doing well with a 2.83 ERA and 5-3 W-L.  I expect to see him Tuesday when they expand the roster to 40.

The game Saturday starts an hour early at 6:10.  The Cubs pitcher will be Jon Lester.  His last game he was one short of a shutout.  The Cubs are relieved to face Matt Latos.  Go figure.

Thanks for stopping by.  I’m hoping that Latos gets his first win as a Dodger.  GO DODGERS!!!



Time To Get Serious Guys

With a 5 game losing streak the Dodgers need to seriously figure out what the problem is. Sunday’s game is a case in point. Kershaw again pitched his usual outstanding game but the bullpen folded in extra innings losing to Houston and being unceremoniously swept.

The front office’s signing of Chase Utley shows they are really not in tune with what the real problem is.  Many fans have grumpily told me I should be overjoyed with Utley’s signing because he is so good in postseason. At the rate the Dodgers are going, there may not even be a postseason. The problem lies in pitching. There are too many games lost in the final innings caused by the bullpen giving up runs. Even in Sunday’s game when everyone felt confident that ace Clayton Kershaw would get a win since the Dodgers were on top, they lost in extra innings. Even Clayton thinks it’s time to panic. It’s the home stretch. Every game counts.

I’m not being negative. I definitely am not anti-Dodger but losing 5 in a row this late in the season is frustrating and disheartening.  There is probably no easy fix at this time. There aren’t that many relief pitchers or reliable starting pitchers available . Putting Matt Latos in the bullpen seemed to show a lack of confidence by the management although everyone says with the days off, it means our aces can pitch more. Huh? Demoting a SP to the bullpen even for one rotation seems to mean, uh maybe we shouldn’t DL you yet until you lose more games. That’s just my opinion.

I’m just a frustrated fan voicing concerns as our very expensive team spirals down. It seemed to begin with trading Dee Gordon away. Then Juan Uribe. I’m trying to understand the management but most of the time I just don’t get it. We were excited as the trade deadline approached and we got…..Matt Latos. 

Maybe the team just needs a big group hug and a vote of confidence from us fans. I do believe in them. Sunday’s game should have been a win. If we fans are upset, imagine how our guys feel. A huge huge disappointment. 

So as everyone says after a loss, let’s just turn the page. On to Cincinnati.

Thanks for stopping by. GO DODGERS! 

Losing Four in a Row

There is always something positive with everything:  the Dodgers finally are hitting. They actually had 7 hits, more than Houston but somehow they still lost.  Houston only were able to get 3 hits against Zack Greinke but still won.  The key is timely hitting.  The final score was 1-3.

In the bottom of the first inning, Houston was able to score on a fielding error by Justin Turner making the score 0-1.

In the bottom of the second inning,  Valbuena hit a homerun to center making the score 0-2.  It is unusual for anyone to be able to hit a homerun with Zack pitching but Altuve also was able to hit one in the 6th innng as well.  The Dodgers actually scored a run in the 6th.  Kazmir had a no hitter into the 4th inning when Jimmy Rollins hit a basehit.  Rollins also hit the 500th double of his career.

Sunday will be a matchup of Clayton Kershaw and Lance McCullers, a rookie who just came up from triple A Fresno.  Hopefully the Dodgers can win, breaking up a 4 game losing streak.

Thanks for stopping by.  GO DODGERS!

An Embarrassment

There are actually no highlights for the Dodgers in this game.  There are plenty of highlights and celebration for Houston and Mike Fiers.  Good for them.  Maybe this will open some eyes…both the front office and the offense of the Dodgers.  Fiers threw a no hitter, the first at Minute Maid Park thanks to the Dodgers and their poor offense.  The final score was 0-3.  Even with 120 pitches, Fiers was able to make Rollins fly out to right field, Utley following with a fly ball for the second out.  And then with a 134 pitch count, Turner was struck out.

This will be 3 losses in a row for the Dodgers.  They had just been swept by a last place team.  It’s time to settle down and start winning.  It’s nearing the end of the season and time to get it together.

Maybe the Dodgers wil have to relinquish first place for them to fire up.  It probably will happen in the next few days.  Sad face. Giants won tonight.  Bye bye first place.  

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope I have better news tomorrow.

Premium Batting Practice

  Thursday was Premium Batting Practice, an event earmarked for the premium season ticket holders.  I look forward to it every year.  It’s a chance to actually try swinging the bat.  There are no Dodgers there but it still is a fun occasion.
  We had to sign waivers in case we got hit by balls or bats.  They then gave us wristbands in case we actually wanted to shag a few balls.

  I met my good friends, Cece and Norma there.  A photographer met us as we came in the center field gate to take pictures.
  This is a picture of a picture so the quality isn’t good but you get the idea.
  My wonderful Dodger rep Tess Gilmore was there to welcome us.  She is the best!
  We decided to eat first.  They were serving hamburgers with all the fixings and Dodger dogs.
  The chunky potato salad was delicious as well as Dodger stadium’s signature Caesar salad which has always been a favorite of mine.
  They were serving ice cream sundaes later but it was already set up.  The centerpiece was the toppings perched on a glass supported by Tommy Lasorda garden gnomes.  So cute!
  I enjoyed the food as I usually do.
  The sundaes were served in miniature Dodger batting helmets.  I didn’t realize that the catering company taking care of the food were the batting helmet police because I was chased down for taking more than one batting helmet.  I thought it would be cute to get three for my sister to put on her cats when she dresses them up for the playoffs. Poor Hobarito and Inky don’t  get batting helmets.   I’m not one to complain about anyone but I was embarrassed that one of the servers would humiliate me by running down half the ball park to confront me as though I were a thief.
  One of the nicest people we met there was Robin who served us our drinks.  It was a warm day so I got two diet Cokes at a time which he serve me several times.  You are the best, Robin!
  The closest we got to batting was to view the batting cage the Dodgers use downstairs behind the dugout.  The owners remodeled the workout and exercise rooms and the batting cage this past season.
  Cece looks pretty good with the bat.
  One of the highlights of this event is the special tour of the stadium.
  We were able to see all the awards that our Dodgers have received over the years.  I’m so proud of Clayton Kershaw who already has received many already including two Cy Young awards.
  An MVP award last year which is unusual for a pitcher
 a no hitter

  along with Josh Beckett who also pitched a no hitter the same year 2014.  What a great year that was for our pitchers
  I looked longingly at the last World Series trophy that the Dodgers won last  in 1988.  One day….hopefully in my lifetime.
  Here is a copy of Sandy Koufax’s contract.  He earned  $15,000 in 1959.

  We visited the Vin Scully Press Box.  We are still waiting to hear whether Vinny will return for the 2016 season.  I have a feeling that depends on how far we go in the playoffs.  It would be wonderful if the Dodgers could win a World Series before he retires.
  The view of Dodgers Stadium from the press box is breathtaking.
  The press box dining room
  I had to sit in Jon Weisman’s seat to check out his view of the game.  I was wondering whether he was able to see something differently  from what I could see from mine since our views seem to be very different.
  He does have a fantastic view from his seat.  Maybe one day I can sit up here.
  When they remodeled the Dodgers locker room, they brought one of the little nooks out for display.  No one is allowed to photograph the active locker room for privacy reasons.  They gathered articles from different players.  I know my friend Robert would love those batting gloves since he collects those.
  This is the cute little vehicle that they used for half a minute to transport the relief pitchers.  It didn’t last long.  Half the thrill is to watch the relief pitchers run to the mound.  Maybe our relief pitchers need to save their energy for pitching.
  The most luxurious seats in Dodger Stadium are in the Lexus Dugout Club.  Their dining area is underground behind the dugout.  This is the bar where many celebrities sit to network and shmooze.  I’ve seen many celebrities there including Rob Reiner, Alyssa Milano, Kevin Bacon.
  I used to sit in the dugout club often but found that the Baseline Club was better for me.
Everyone should take the Dodger Stadium tour.  The Dodgers have a long rich history which can help everyone appreciate the franchise even more.

It’s interesting to get a different perspective of the stadium.  This would be Carl Crawford’s view from left field.

  This is the view from inside the dugout looking toward my seat
  Here’s another view from the dugout
  This is a view of my seat from the field. My seat is the third row on the aisle.  Everyone would think that the first row would be the best but the bumper pad is so high, I really can’t see. I get the best view from my seat.  If I sat one row closer, my season ticket would be at least $6000 more.  If I sat across the aisle, it also would be $6000 more.  I probably have the best seat in the stadium for that reason.  
  Every year Norma, Cece and I take pictures sitting in the dugout.  Here’s Norma
  Norma and Cece
  Yours truly
  It looks like they fixed the bat rack.  It had a huge dent where Andre takes out his frustrations.  I think they have to fix it every year.
  This is the Dodgers private bathroom which they use during the game.  Just thought you might be interested.
  More views of batting practice.  

  One of my favorite people, Jack, was there to hit a few balls. 
  Norma and Sara Aguirre
  Tess Gilmore, my beautiful Dodger rep who has been wonderful. It has been my best season ever.  I can never thank her enough.
  Tess, Craig Sindici and Sara Aguirre who make our Dodger experience very special.  Thank you!
  Our last glimpse of Dodger Stadium until next week when they return after their long road trip.
Tonight they play Houston after they were unceremoniously swept by last place Oakland.  The Giants lost to the Cardinals yesterday which kept the Dodgers 2 1/2 games up.  I wish we didn’t have to depend on the Giants losing to keep first place.  The Dodgers have lost their last two as have the Giants.

Chase Utley is returning to his hometown.  He actually graduated from my high school Long Beach Polytechnic. He was drafted by the Dodgers in the second round but went to UCLA instead.   The Dodgers traded their 13th rated prospect Darnell Sweeney to the Phillies.  Hopefully that was a good move.  Utley is bringing post season experience.  He also has played well with Rollins, our shortstop.  With postseason coming up, maybe what we need is experience.  Hopefully it doesn’t mean that they won’t bring Darwin Barney back up.  He hit a 3 run homerun a couple of days ago and has been playing almost everyday in Oklahoma City.

Thanks for stopping by to share my batting practice experience.  It was a fun event. GO DODGERS!!  Thank you Craig, Sara, Tess and Bobby.  See everyone soon. 


Meanwhile…in Oakland, the Dodgers are again in losing mode the score 2-4 in the 8th,  again at the mercy of the bullpen.  Back at the ranch the owners are trading for Chase Utley who plays second base. Howie Kendrick is almost ready to come back from DL or is his injury worse than we think?  Just wondering what is the reasoning behind this? Kiké Hernandez is doing a good job substituting for Howie. It does reunite former teammates Rollins and Utley for a smash up defense. Utley prefered the Angels because of his hometown of Long Beach and it’s closeness to Anaheim. Living in Long Beach myself, I can’t see that much a difference in miles.  But why all the energy for this trade?

Why isn’t the management more concerned about pitching?? That seems to be the reason for the implosion in the latter innings.  The bullpen. Maybe Utley can pitch?

We could always blame Mattingly as everyone else likes to do but does he go out and make the trades?  Is he responsible for the bullpen imploding? 

Our only recourse I suppose is to wait for September to come so they can bring up DeLeon, Urias, Seager, and Bolsinger.  Maybe we have a chance.

I still wonder about the less than stellar acquisitions: Latos and Wood. Yes, Jon Weisman, I know I shouldn’t judge Latos on his poor showings so far.  Let’s let him lose a couple more games. Never mind.

I’m easy to please…could we just at least win the western division?  Sad face. It’s distressful to be swept by any team but being swept by a last place team hurts a tad more. One positive…at least it was only a 2 game series and now on to Houston. As they like to say when the Dodgers lose, let’s just turn the page.

See you soon. GO DODGERS!!! 

The Bullpen Again!!

The nightmare of the bullpen raised it’s ugly head again in Oakland. With the game on the line in the 10th inning, two back to back hits gave Oakland the edge to bring the Giants closer to first, the Dodgers hanging on to the skimpy lead by 1 1/2 games. Oakland beat the Dodgers in the first game of the series. 4-5.

With postseason close at hand, and our doubts focused on Dodger pitching, extra inning games are important to somehow win. The bullpen has been shaky to say the least for a few months. Why do we have to hold our breaths when they take the starting pitchers out early on. We seem to only have a chance when they can last into the 8th. 

Everyone says we have the two best pitchers in baseball but is that enough to win it all? The owners acquired two OK pitchers before the trade deadline which was supposed to appease us. Brett Anderson has been pretty good but not consistently. As I’ve said before Latos is really not what the owners expected I’m sure.

Jim Johnson and Luis Avilan were supposed to make our bull pen formidable. Not so much. Johnson has been better but how can we forget the game when he imploded allowing 8 runs in one inning during the worst game this season. Ok ok so everyone has an off day. But now every game counts. It’s too late in the season to try too many experiments.

It looks like Puig hurt a hamstring just when he is getting hot. Just our luck. We’ll know more with the MRI tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by. Off to work now. GO DODGERS!

The Latos Experiment

  I’m just dreaming about Dodger Stadium today since they are in Oakland playing the A’s. I’m back at work. Sad face. 
I just found out from Jon Weisman’s blog that Latos would be skipped in the rotation and used in the bullpen since his last couple of games have not been so great. I had thought that Bolsinger could have been used this way rather than sending him down to the minors. Just my unbiased opinion.

It was interesting to note that 3rd base coach Lorenzo Bundy was replaced, especially in mid season. 

Tonight Clayton Kershaw takes the mound with best bud AJ catching. They had a day off yesterday so hopefully they had a nice evening in San Francisco, one of my favorite cities.

It’s nearing the end of the season so every game counts. Maybe that’s why Latos isn’t starting. Just saying.

My postseason tickets will be around $2700 which takes me all the way to the final game of the World Series. It’s hard to figure out what days off I need just looking at the postseason schedule which was just posted yesterday. Every game seems to depend on the one played before. 

I’ve been happy to just have the Dodgers make it to post season. It’s always fun to just win the west. Last year was exciting since they clinched at Dodger Stadium. That was about it since the Cardinals always seem to have our number, or at least Clayton’s. Darwin Barney included me in the celebration after the game giving me a hug and dousing me with apple juice. I remember years before getting sprayed with alcohol by Kershaw during the post game fun.

Hopefully we will be celebrating!! Meanwhile back to the game in the Bay Area in just a few minutes.

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The Greinke Show

  Sunday’s day game was definitely all about Zack Greinke, our starting pitcher.  He as usual pitched a great game but also hit the game winning homerun.
  It was a beautiful summer day in Los Angeles, a few white clouds flawed a clear blue sky.  It was already 82 degrees at 11am.  
  The crowd was gathering at the right field entrance.  It was also cheer day which brought many families to the stadium.
  I was already feeling the heat so I tried to distract myself by looking at some of the displays.  I hadn’t seen the Mexico sign before.
I stopped to get a cold drink at the club before I checked out the field.

  There were only a few pitchers on the field, one being Pedro Baez who always is practicing.
  Alex Wood was also out there in the heat 
  There wasn’t enough on the field to keep me there so I went up to the club to eat.
  During day games, they usually serve a sort of brunch which isn’t my favorite.  They had chocolate chip French toast casserole, a baked egg cheese spinach dish, vegetable medley, potatoes.
  They also had their usual array of salads.
  I went back to the field and saw Clayton Kershaw who was talking to some fans
  My friend Dennis’s family was there trying to get autographs

  Kenley was throwing a few pitches
  His baby mama had had a baby boy that morning around 10am so he was warming up before the game having missed the practice earlier.
  Yaz was geting his equipment ready
  Zack was warming up
It was hot, probably worse on the field.  Zack never looks hot.

  Yasmani had his quiet moment
  Kike, Joc and Jimmy came out to stretch
  and have a few words with one of the Reds

  Jimmy looks like a dancer
  Kike already looking hot
Can’t miss any of those muscles

  Joc, to the delight of the fans, took the time to sign some autographs
  Kike and JT played catch
  Yaz walked by himself to the dugout.  Zack must have used the underground passage to get to the dugout.
  The National Anthem
  Justin nudging Joc 
  Johnny Knoxville introducing himself to Kike
and sharing a joke or two

  The umpires who probably are already in a bad mood because it’s already 92 degrees.  Let there not be any reviews because the Dodgers are sure to lose any reviews anyway.

  The Dodgers took the field.  Andre signing for one of the special kids.
 The game started with the first pitch, a strike

I stayed in my seat until the 3rd inning but a decided I didn’t want to be a martyr so went up to the club.

  and watched most of the game on the television in the club
It was one of those games that you waited for something to happen, a pitchers duel.   Finally in the fifth innng, the Reds scored.  Billy Hamilton hit a sacrifice fly scoring Marlon Byrd. 0-1.  There goes Zack’s ERA.  I kept thinking at that point that Zack is so competitive, he doesn’t want to lose so I was hoping that the Dodgers could score.

In the bottom of the fifth inning, Joc hit a huge 450 foot homerun to center field tying the score 1-1.  I was happy for Joc who has had more patience at the plate but still is striking out.

Not to be topped, Zack came to the plate next and hit his second homerun of the season making the score 2-1.  The two homeruns were the only mistakes the the Reds pitcher Anthony DeSclafani made during the game.  Zack’s ERA is now 1.58 which leads the majors.  Zack lasted through 7 innings, allowing 6 hits and only one run, struck out 8.  Zack is amazing.  He was in the game 7 innings and was not drenched in sweat.  His long hair was perfectly in place.

  Meanwhle I was in the club eating my strawberry ice cream noticing that the temperature had climbed to 99 degrees.
  I had a nice fruit cup
  and the chef gave me some fresh baked cookies.  It was time to go out.  I had to finish my popcorn first.
  Adrian looked at me like, man, where were you all this time.  We’re out here suffering!
  We all be hot!!!  Haha look at poor Yasiel.  Latos and Carl look wiped out.
  My very favorite batboy Javier had made a fantastic foulball catch falling into the stands, some calling it the play of the game.  Love you Javy!
 New daddy Kenley pitched flawlessly

  And the Dodgers won, 2-1, thanks to the two homeruns back to back by Joc and Zack.
Kenley recorded the final 4 outs, his 24th of the season, 130 in his career, Eric Gagne being the only closer to record more saves.  It was a big day for him.  He named his baby Caden Isaiah.  He’ll always remember this day.

  Joc had a little bounce in his step
  Everyone was happy.  Clayton is probably wondering how he could top Zack. It was a good homestand.
  Everyone took turns being the hero
 We could all go home happy, hot and tired.  Most of us, that is.  They had Faith Day after the game.  I could not bear to sit in that heat no matter how faithful I felt.  They also had Carne Asada Sunday with Justin Turner up in Loge. Poor guys.

The Dodgers are off on Monday before they play Oakland with Kershaw taking the mound on Tuesday.  His ERA in his last 8 games is 0.87.  Wow!!!

I’m back at work after being on vacation this past week to go to all those home games.  There won’t be another home game for 8 days.  Hopefully I can be on the field sometime in the near future.  I have Zack’s knitted baby blanket all ready to give to him.  I have to get his attention which is a feat in itself.  He hardly ever looks directly at any fans.  

There is a batting practice for premium season ticket holders on Thursday and Friday.  It includes an exclusive stadium tour, batting practice on the field for those season ticket holders who like that sort of thing, and food, of course.  Norma, Pat and I like to go to these events for the tours.  We are going on Thursday which is my only day off this week.  I’ll let everyone see what one of those events is like.

We were all presented with postseason invoices.  Eeeeek!

Thanks for all your support.  Thank you everyone for stopping by.  Let me know if there is anything you would like me to write about.  I appreciate all your suggestions and comments.





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